21 unique 2014 Coachmen Brookstone 334 RE

folks pad out of guarantee again fresh trade over the weekend. I wanted to kind of be the first one to introduce you to this because it's a really creative floor plan very nice unit as you can see off to the side here we are elkridge dealers, but also coachman chaparral dealers and this is a coachman brookstone.

So, it's a little bit more of the High Line this is going to go up against your products like your Montana's and things like that that you may be looking at and considering. I don't want to show you some of the advantages of the coachman product here first off we got the LED lighting in the fiberglass cap for ease of maintenance aerodynamics pretty much common anymore, but the big thing about this unit that struck me when. I walked up to it is you've got nice solid three-inch lamination flooring in your slides in your underbelly good quality construction for year-round use easy ease of use push-button leveling on your stab jacks up front of your level.

I zehrs up front easy access through your basement here with side to side doors versus an overhead door which is kind of nice water filtration system built in all your outdoor showers and everything like that like. I said this is a brand new trade. So, you know bear with me there's going to be a couple of things inside that haven't been addressed yet, but.

I think you'll appreciate it when we get done as you walk around here again smooth sides here on the slides for ease of maintenance frameless windows nice clean look the thing. I like about these windows in particular is, if you like to go out and go hiking or whatever and you have the windows open they open this way so, if you do get caught in the rain or the rain does happen here in Oregon you don't have a side to side opening window that the wind can blow rain into the coach. So, it's a little bit nicer and from that standpoint built-in ladder for your roof maintenance is periodic checking up there again lots of full-size split windows simple three-step platform aluminum alloy wheels nice touch gear very contemporary look we get inside you're going to see some interesting features here interesting use of spaces here you get the little corner place here where you can put your Curt coffee maker some small appliance we've got the glass front cabinetry here.

So, they've maximized the use of space while keeping it a very elegant streamlined look you've got the nice medium color cabinetry here very pleasing very warm earth tones throughout LED lighting. I'm 5 foot 11. So, it's at a nice high very old ceiling here.

So, it gives it a nice spacious feel solid countertops plenty of storage space you get adequate storage space under here you get your residential style stainless steel sink residents as well faucet and of course your stainless steel refrigerator nice clean crisp look then you get in here and you've got more pantry space right here within reach of where you're doing your food prep and again here nice deep cabinets here shoulder deep right here. So, you can do all your storage of your oversized pots and pans whatever every nook and cranny has been utilized to give you the most use of space that you can ask for then you get up here with your residential style Magic Chef convection microwave actually. I'm a correct myself it's not convection built-in wine rack for the entertaining that's always handy again you solid surface countertops for ease of maintenance again you can use your cookware from home or your plates and things like that with nice deep dish cabinets nice pocket space there for oversized things then you get into this nice warm ambiance here you're like.

I said you've got those nice warm natural tones here plenty of media storage up overhead for things that you need just periodically very contemporary look and feel with the stainless steel accessories and window treatments easy to maintain leather type finish here. So, it's an easy wipe down, if there's a spill and then you got your entertainment center here. So, ambiance is great with the electric fireplace again still more storage over top and nice little touches it kind of give it that homey feel for your knickknacks and things that you like to put on display when you're set up and staying for a period of time great extra counter space here for whatever you want to store, if you've got books or videos or anything like that, if you want to have that on display and then of course you've got trees each heirs here overstuffed residential style recliner style and then we get into your pocket dining area here.

I'm going to like about this is its compact its functional it expands, but you got all this nice window space to enjoy the scenery while you're out traveling. So, it's a nice use of space there thoughtful amenities not only do you have you your cabinet here it's just a shallow cabinet you got a cork board there for your notes and memos things you need to stop by and pick up. I shall a place there to hang some coats or something like that, if you're over on the coast and then all your setups and switches are right here very easy to use and again more overhead storage for things that you don't need period here, but periodically and then in here you've got a nice residential style tub shower sall good there.

I'm gonna get into the master bedroom again you get racetrack heat air conditioning venting. So, you can do zone by zone this is a memory foam pillow top mattress, if you've never slept on a memory foam mattress they're fantastic thing. I like about this is you got the side to side windows there.

So, you can actually have some nice cross ventilation, if you're over on the coast got that built-in hit rest right there, if you want to lay up in bed and read and then you've got a built-in night stand here on each side with your power source so, if you or your partner is using a CPAP machine or anything like that it's easy to put right there now. I don't know, if you noticed it, but in the kitchen there was that box and what that is is a splendid all-in-one washer dryer and this is the corner that it would go in in your walk-in closet. So, you're already plumbed for your washer and dryer right here nice deep pocket closet.

So, you get plenty of storage for an extended travel put a nice little stool here you've got a vanity something you don't see very often and you get a nicer place to hide your keys and wallet something like that out of the way then on this side you've also got your built-in entertainment system along with your dresser. So, it's a very comfortable coach for extended travel it's in a very competitive price point so, if you're looking for maybe an upgrade from something that's maybe more of a weekender into something a little bit longer term this would be a great opportunity to take a look of what coachman has to offer coachman is this is their 50-year anniversary edition. So, it's kind of a special thing there's a lot of nice upgrades in this one make it unique like the memory foam mattress and the recliners and things like that, but.

I would invite you to come on down take a look and see it for yourself you can reach me directly at 540 1968 3022 or adopt along at guaranty RV com thanks for your time come and see us you.

Unique 2014 Coachmen Brookstone 334RE ReviewUnique 2014 Coachmen Brookstone 334RE Review

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