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hello. I'm Joel grim National Sales Manager thor motor coach joining me today is sales representative John Pierce we're going to talk about the all new 2016 freedom Ally welcome John thanks Joel it's good to be here yeah John's going to go through some items today with us and first of all.

I want to talk about what makes this thor motor coach freedom elite. So, safe and strong when going down the road well there's several features that do, but the best way to do it is just to show you great thanks John all of our motorhomes are engineered using the best combination of aluminum steel and fiberglass the walls and roof are constructed from aluminum which provides a strong yet lightweight skeleton to support the overall house of the motorhome our floors are built from steel the heavier steel construction helps lower the overall center of gravity of the motorhome while providing an excellent platform to help insulate the interior of the RV from road noise the insulation within the walls roof and floor is low-density polystyrene foam the insulation is form fitted to all structural areas to provide protection from the exterior elements the sidewalls are finished in fiberglass large flat sheets or rolls of fiberglass are laid upon a lamination table to be prepped and bonded to the aluminum structure a large glue applicator runs beads of adhesive every inch down the length of the structure to ensure 100% coverage now the lamination process takes place the entire walls roof and floor are inserted into an individual lamination bed where air is removed and pressure is applied causing the adhesive in the walls to flash also known as vacuum bonding this flashing permanently bonds all the layers together providing an optimal structure to build a motor home with a lamination process complete a final routing of all cut outs in the structure is performed all openings in the walls and roof are framed in aluminum while the floor is all framed in steel this extra step ensures the openings are always sized correctly. So, items like windows vents and entry doors will fit each and every time at Thor Motor Coach we build many of the world's most recognized brands of motorhomes to make sure your new motorhome is the perfect fit for you and your family our engineers work with more ride international the leader in chassis modification to design and construct the foundation for your motorhome more ride provides the steel assembly that makes up the basement storage and support structure of the motorhome Raj has come to us from leading chassis builders like Ford Chevrolet freight liner and mercedes-benz computer-aided design models allow thor motor coach engineers to provide more ride all the information needed to make the perfect parts for each chassis a specialized steel cutting and forming process is used for each individual part the use of these metal forming machines help create consistency throughout the build many chassis --zz need to be modified based on the floor plan of the motorhome these chassis x' will be stretched to provide the optimum combination of storage and drivability steel sea channels are welded in place to provide strength and rigidity the lengthening of the chassis requires a modified driveline new drive shafts connect to the transmission and you it's with the standard coding provided by the chassis manufacturer even though you can't see what is beneath the beauty of the motorhome you can be certain thor motor coach and more ride international have created a strong foundation meant to stand the test of time well thanks John that's great hey whether.

I'm gonna weekend getaway or traveling across the country tell me and show me about all the storage that this motorhome has to offer oh it's great the freedom Lita storage for days starts with this rear entry here so, if you're parked in a tight spot you can get in to all of your stuff without any challenges and then your side entry gives you access to all this space Wow solid rotor cast down here there's no rusting no Mel do nothing in here and in addition you have storage areas for ice you can put your cooler in here you can put your sodas whatever you want in there additional camping tables anything you want to take with you you can take with you in this. So, this table here just pulls out right you just pull the table out and you have your camping table ready to go wow that's a super makes it nice easy nice and easy now if. I'm looking at towing a car or vehicle or a trailer or something behind here do.

I have the capabilities of doing that with this motorhome you certainly do Thor has a industry-leading 8 K hitch on the back of this rated for 8 K 5 achtung weight and a 7 pin plug ready to go make your camping and traveling a lot easier for you well that's super. I also notice up top here is this a rear view monitor system that you have it is a backup camera when you put your car in reverse the camera automatically comes up makes it it gives you a great peace of mind when moving around the camping area wow that's super John. I'm fuchsia show me some other items on the camp side of the Motorhome.

So, certainly sure can well John this coach looks really great on the outside it looks different from other motorhomes that. I've seen in the market give me a few ideas of why this coach looks. So, different well one of the neatest things store it does is they use HD max which is a poured fiberglass finish the advantage of that it gives you the look of a full body paint coach that's money in addition, if you ever scratch it it's the same color in the middle on the inside that's the outside.

So, really that's not going to show that kind of wear and tear another nice thing is you know electric awning and look LED lighting all the way down and it's blue tinted keeps the mosquitoes away it's kind of nice to know and another nice feature they have on the freedom elite, if full fiberglass cap on the front reduce water leakage wind noise make it a real tight solid coach for you wow that's great now John. I heard the term self-contained used a lot with motorhomes, but never really hear it with travel trailers can you explain to me what self-contained means in motorhomes sure the main thing about it is you can you generate your own power you have your own water. I mean you have a 4k generator here for your electricity in addition tents don't have AC s you know yeah you have your AC here with you you take it with you down the road how about a hot shower you know when you're camping you have your water heater set in here you have a furnace.

I mean it's just it's fantastic because everything you need you take with you it's all self-contained in the unit Wow that makes a lot of sense thanks John John now we're sitting in the cab of the all-new 2016 Thor Motor Coach freedom elite feels very comfortable up in this area also seems very manageable to drive can you go over some items that we have up here in the front cab area that make this coach. So, easy to drive sure one of the things that makes this coach different from any other coaches arm or right up pet makes it one of the straightest truth' chassis in the industry and really it helps the write on this coach well in addition to the more ride we have independent front suspension in this coach nice smooth ride for you and Triton v10 engine in this coach gives you 305 horsepower 420 foot-pounds of torque wow that's a lot everything you need you know to drive this coach easily and have the power that you need to get up those mountains Hills also know this is backup camera here a nice color display can you show me some features that this offers us right what with this hold when you put it in reverse your back up camera will show on the screen, but in addition you're driving around the country and hard sometimes you need GPS sure well what we've done at Thor is upgraded to this radio system where if. I plug my HDMI cable here into my phone and.

I hit link now what is ever on my phone. I can put it down here will show up on the screen. So, my GPS pictures from the vacation we just had we wanted to share them with people it's real convenient feature and then in addition safety features 3-point seatbelts in the front seat airbags driver side and passenger side and additional seatbelts in the booth area in the back wow that sounds like a lot of nice features that you offer up here in the front cab area it's quite a quite a bundle and a great little coach well thanks John well John the cab has a very comfortable feel to it.

So, does this living space feels very residential to me it does doesn't it. I mean everything from the materials on the chair and on your dinette to the colors on the walls to the wood choices and the colors it feels like a home and it should this this is going to be some people's homes for their vacation in their house nice thing about the dinette here is it actually table drops down becomes another sleeping area. So, you have your living room area with you have an extra bed up above an extra bed here your bedroom in the back with your Denver mattress very comfortable mattress, but all of these things play together to give you that residential feel that you were talking about well in addition our flooring here is, if you notice it's linoleum all the way throughout.

I did notice that when you're out camping you know you have pets and the kids running in and out you don't have to deal with carpet and vacuuming and all that this makes it very easy and very hygienic you just sweep it out wipe it down and you're good to go again it has a residential feel, but we never forget that we're out enjoying our vacation on this a job we talked about the residential field in the living area, but in addition to that you also have your kitchen area you have microwave stove top oven sink your refrigerator which you can set to automatic runs off gas or electric you know you have to worry about it anymore and even the the other features that are really important you have your bathroom and it goes with you porcelain toilet very easy to clean a very durable medicine chest fan in the bathroom and a walk-in shower it's actually platformed up very secure gives this coach that homey feel durable feel and just makes it a real good value for our customers wow that sounds great well thanks John. I appreciate you joining me today and going over some of the nice features and at the 2016 Thor Motor Coach freedom elite has to offer my pleasure thank you you.