18 elegant 2016 Jayco Designer 39 FL

everybody is passing guarantee out in judge City. I just want to take a few minutes we are this is big news today this is AJ co-designer 2016 39 FL it's a new product line for us.

I was off over the weekend what a sportsman shows and this one arrived over the weekend. So, you and. I can discover it together, but let's take a few minutes.

I want to walk around the outside of this real quick point out some features and benefits of it and we'll go inside and learn about it together first thing. I want to point out is obviously it's got a fiberglass cap here this is a full body paint job. So, that's a nice upgrade from what you typically see with a standard paint job and decals more.

I'd hitch pin and here you've got a fully enclosed generator bay and your fuel station right there your battery pack is right there on a retractable tray the thing about Jayco is they are very very creative in design and engineering to make it as easy to use as possible. So, there's lots of things about this and make it very desirable like. I said full body paint here Schwinn tech engineering in the slides which is very nice for accuracy balance it doesn't come out of alignment you've got extra windows on the side of the slide here for not only cross ventilation, but also extra light inside the unit solar glass up here now these windows actually come out only about two inches this way the benefit of that here in the northwest is, if you leave the coach and they've got a window open you get some rain it's very unlikely you're going to get water inside the coach causing damage.

So, that's a nice feature there the solar glass also is going to deflect a lot of the heat out of the summertime weather. So, it's going to help keep the coach cooler for you. So, a nice feature there this particular model the 39 FL has five slots five slides that's a huge huge upgrade.

So, coming on through here you've got a pass-through storage area here look at this full body paint even on the inside of the slides very nice very well insulated year-round use great construction quality over here you got 17 and a half inch alloy wheels a little bit low oversize nice very sleek feature about it, but look at this paint job man this is this is three different color to paint layered over each other this is a very expensive paint job and you know we're not asking you to invest your time and money into this unit we want to make sure it's something you're proud of. So, this is something that is a very distinguishable about a Jayco product again you got side windows on your slides all the way back here you've got a hose reel for your 50 amp service makes it nice and convenient all push-button. So, very easy to use quick setup sold fiberglass cap here with a backup camera and you've already got your installed ladder here nice and safe and secure.

So, you can get up there and check your roof every once in a while make sure everything's doing what it should do full LED lighting system here tow hitch, if you wanted to put a cargo carrier here. So, you could have extra stuff to put your firewood for the fireplace out in the campground things like that this is a hook that will hold a table so, if you want to do outside barbecuing and things like that you could do that right out here very easy to use full sized awning obviously power extra connections for your belongings this is into the master bedroom area we'll see it from the inside. I haven't got it unlocked here, but a nice extra feature is that you can get in and out of the coach without having to go all the way through the coach look at the size of this window this is huge this is in your dining room.

So, you've got a full slide up window here nice added light extra wicking here keep the moisture out the wind and everything else it's a nicely nicely constructed coach again more solar glass and then we get into the cargo area here now a lot of people that use these units will have an optimal entertainment center for entertaining during the game or things like that this is a nice added feature this is something and nobody else is out offered that. I've seen, if you've got a 50 or 60 inch screen TV that you want to mount out here and then store you've got a very convenient safe place for it here. So, it doesn't fall down and crack the screen or anything like that you've got your cable outlets right here you've got an extra storage area here and then your fully lined basement here with more power central vacuum system pass-through storage easy access for maintenance LED lighting and then here another propane tank very easy to get to very easy to use 6-point leveling system all the way throughout the unit these are outdoor marine grade speakers.

So, you can entertain while you're out doing your thing on the road great added feature here look at this four steps very easy to use very stable very secure. So, it's easy to get in and out of the coach and this is what. I noticed first when.

I walked into this coach and literally it's been five minutes since. I walked into this for the first time, but the immediate thing to hit my my my eyes was the quality construction in the woodwork nice and accurate very very true to color very uh residential feel to it and then also notice the fact. I'm six-foot look at these ceilings.

I mean that's got to be a ten ten and a half foot ceiling with LED lighting in it. So, it's very spacious doesn't feel claustrophobic at all don't feel like. I'm closed in a couple of added features again Jacob being pioneers of engineering power station right there get that out of the way when you're not using it residential grade 7030 sink look at this this is incredible this is bigger than what.

I have in my own home solid countertops flip that over use it as your cutting board residential fixtures over here adjustable drawer pantry. So, you can do extended stay things that you don't use everything like maybe your rice cooker your crock-pot and pots and pans you put them up there, but very very nice fit and finish this is this is all residential grade construction Frigidaire appliances there's your convection oven right there something that's kind of new usually we use a propane this is an induction system. So, in ducted heat takes a little getting used to this is what.

I have at home it's it's a little bit different to cook on this use aluminum cookware you're going to get a little better result, but it's a it's a nice once you get used to it's very easy to use they're easy to keep clean too because you just wipe it down with a little bit of Windex and a little bit of diluted comment, if you got any spills comes up real easy solid surface back counter splash here versus just add a whatever word. I'm looking for a paper backing again very creative design of space very creative uses. So, you can put your utensils here your eating utensils up here your cooking utensils below soft touch drawers residential grade and then here other than the person that doesn't do the cooking you got an extra dishwasher.

So, nice and easy to use just like being at home stainless steel wrap over sink just like in your own kitchen at home plenty of storage space there now while. I'm bent over here. I noticed the floor this is a very easy to maintain floor what.

I would do with this is this is very much like what. I have my own kitchen sweep it and then, if you need to mop it use a very diluted warm vinegar and water solution everything comes right up keeps it very very easy to use side by side residential refrigerator this is about what. I have in my own home.

So, again here we go to that home feel - frigidaire project product stainless steel with the dispenser more storage overhead again Jacob being very creative in their use of space and now over here this would be a perfect place to put your coffee maker or a crock pot or something like that extra storage here within and there's your control panel everything right at your fingertips everything from the generator Jen start all your tanks all your security all your extensions of your slide rooms things like that all in one spot now great features added benefits remote control for your overhead things nice grab handles here this is a this is great you know, if you get them out of here and you kind of have to reach for the handle and things like that you got an extra handle right here this is all nice polish Rock or finished wrought iron very solidly constructed up into the living area. I love this floorplan and the thing that. I love about this floorplan is when you go out on the road unfortunately in Oregon you know sometimes we get the bad weather and you're going to stuck inside you can still have your space you can still do your game day you can still entertain your friends and neighbors and not feel like you're all cramped into a little box here extra windows on the side very nice window treatments all hardwood construction MCD day/night shades all the way throughout the unit.

So, you can diffuse the light for privacy or you can they just black it out altogether, if you wanted to now this is a leather-like surface here this folds out into a sleeping surface and again Jayco doing that they do more storage. So, for your entertaining purposes you got your captains chairs right there to side chairs here residential carpeting your heating ducts to run throughout keeping your underbelly warm keeping your tanks nice and the secure nice high ceiling again you've got that arched roof or what we call a barrel ceiling there's two things. I want to create some more space inside the unit for you number two it sheds water quicker.

So, it's a lower maintenance issue nice big 60-inch screen TV flat screen TV right here with built-in surround sound media storage here now. I love this little feature some people like it some people don't, but this is the thing. I like about this this is an electric fireplace okay the beauty of it is is because this electric number one you're not burning propane, but number two it's also going to heat up to 200 square feet very comfortably very quickly.

So, when you turn this on first thing in the morning you just want to get that chill out of the air give this thing a few minutes and you're going to have a nice comfortable living space here you've got your Coleman Mach system here with racetrack heating and air conditioning up up top again your surround sound system LED lighting very spacious not feeling crowded. So, follow me let's go check out the rest of the unit for you okay wow this is just too much pass-through bathroom here this is a great feature too, if you got guests up front and you're here and they need to use the restroom you can do that. I'm going to trade places with you here real quick additional storage for your towels and and belongings creative things.

I mean this is little stupid things that make sense that some people don't do is you've got a place to put your robe and your your towels and things like that. So, you can reach it easily when you get out of the shower stall now look at this this is even higher than most residential homes ours for sealing lines. So, it's very open very spacious this is very much like what.

I what. I would hope to have in a nice hotel or even in my own home. So, privacy door here with a mirror and back here we got your private commode again more storage window treatments and ventilation very usable conveniently placed lighted vanity area then you get in the master bedroom usually the master bedroom has a tendency to feel like an afterthought because you got all your living area up here, but look at this like.

I said nice wide-open spaces not claustrophobic at all you've got cross ventilation coming in here and here LED lighting, if you're a late-night reader like. I am and then we get over here you got all this overhead storage so, if you're a person that likes to travel during mid seasons where you're going from summer to winter or whatever you can store your winter belongings up there in the summertime or your vice versa nice big media center here. So, instead of it just a little 20 22 inch TV you've got a nice 32 inch TV that you can enjoy while you're laying in bed residential style mattress extra storage underneath you saw how easy that was to lift up now this is a little bit different mattress instead of a pillow top this is a foam mattress.

So, this is a very very comfortable mattress actually we're upgrading to one of these in my own home again going back to my own home. So, very desirable things to have for comfort and convenience in this closet over here. I'll just sneak by here oK you've got even more storage or it's already pre plumbed take these shelves out they've come out very easily you can put a stackable washer and dryer in here too for extended use Media storage here, if you want to put in a video game system up here or a blu-ray player or something like that you can soft touch doors plenty of places to put your vegetables and unmentionables and then back here cedar line closet with a rod additional chairs for your dining area.

So, again Jayco is really kind of gone above and beyond to create a unit that is very very nice very usable very comfortable and functional all at a very reasonable price point. So, again my name is Pat la langue. I would invite you to give us a call check us out online, if there's anything.

I can offer you as far as information or questions to answer and things like that. I can be reached directly at five four one nine six eight three oh two two very excited about this product. I'd love to show it to anybody walks on the lot, but we carry many other fine products too so, if there's anything.

I can have Syst with any questions. I can answer new use free on whatever give us a call be happy to help you out again Pat la la at guaranty RV in Junction City thanks for your time you.

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