22 amazing 2016 Springdale 270LE Limited Edition Coffee

hi folks ian baker the product specialist in american RV today. I'm going to talk to you about the 2016 montana high country 375 FL it's a beautiful front living floor plan you're going to have lots of great amenities on the outside like the luggage rack is well as a bunch of extra storage the pass-through storage is going to contain your convenience center as well as your control for your automatic leveling and then you'll have additional storage in the front of the unit which is going to be nice and clean and it allows your battery box you'll also have additional storage in the back in one of the slide outs it's a gorgeous coat from the outside let's head on in and take a look at the inside welcome to the beautiful inside of the montana high country 375 FL this particular one is going to be a 2016 in the Nutmeg interior color, but i love it up here you're going to have two opposing slides you'll have a couch on either side both of those are going to be trifled sofas it's gonna be a hundred inch wide frame.

So, you don't have to worry about having a jackknife and our air bed both it's going to fold out be very comfortable in case you do have guests that want to stay of course right here is going to be our theater seating this is going to recline you'll have a cup holder in the middle and this is going to be the perfect seat to right up here in our 50-inch TV. So, the beautiful TV of the sound bar underneath for great sound quality storage all the way around with the frosted glass you can see their DVD player is going to be tucked away here you'll have extra plugins in the back more storage down below you'll have the stone surround and then you'll also get your fireplace right here in the center. So, the great thing about the fireplace not only does it look nice, but it's actually going to be very functional it'll do a great job of taking the chill off in this room and that way you don't have to use up your propane, if you have short power definitely a great thing also right here is going to be our AC this unit is going to have to acs so, if you are going somewhere down south where it's going to be hot you'll be able to stay nice and cool when they're the things.

I love right here you're going to have roller shades you have roller shades throughout in all the living areas. So, you don't have a boat blinds bending strings breaking super simple and easy to use let's come on down we'll take a look right down here at our kitchen and dining room. So, as we step down beautiful kitchen countertop space solid surface countertops, but a ton of prep space which is great you're going to have your atwood stainless steel cooktop burner here that's just going to lift back up like.

So, they're cool thing it's actually going to lock into place to make sure it's not going to fall forward on you, but you're going to have three burner stove top there again atwood gives you great flame control and of course you'll have your oven underneath right up top here you get the stainless steel oversized microwave take a look of that huge microwave space in there which is great and you're gonna have a ton of cupboard space all the way around. So, you get good storage there you have storage all over here you're going to have the very decorative i really like they did this the frosted glass right here really just kind of makes it pop looks really nice and again very very usable space of course we'll have a plug in here which is perfect that way, if you do have coffee maker blend or anything you have one spot there another spot right here you are going to get your pull out stainless steel faucet and then you'll also have a double bowl stainless steel sink. So, nice deep sink in there of course you'll have your solid-surface countertops on there too again underneath great storage you have storage there right here you're going to get your trashcan additional storage right here and you're going to have a bank of four drawers with your silverware tray already included now over in the front right here you get this beautiful hot just a great again a great space nice shelving space you put a lot of cool decorations on there you're also going to get the shelf up top here the thing.

I like about it is it's not totally broken it doesn't go all the way up to the ceiling. So, that way you can actually talk to people that are going to be in the living room so, if you want to watch TV still get a perfect shot to the TV while you're cooking or you know maybe like. I said, if you're whatever you're doing the kitchen area you can still be part of the conversation, but you get excellent pullout drawers right here and underneath you're going to have some additional storage right there in our slide over to the side here is going to be our dining area.

So, we're going to have four chairs all the way around. So, plenty of space and the seats are going to lift up for additional storage underneath again you'll see the roller shades here LED lights of course of LED lights throughout the entire coach and one of my favorite parts is this right here our full residential Samsung stainless steel refrigerator. So, huge refrigerator you may even have one of these at home you'll have your crispers right here with humidity control you'll have your drawer freezer right there then of course this will go back.

So, you have dual level freezer space that will also have an icemaker built in there too. So, ton of food storage right there all right we'll head back in here. I'll show you the bathroom we're going to have our bedroom and then right off to the side, if you can see we're also going to have a door on the off door side that's really neat because that way it gives you greater availability of spots that you can park your our VX and get in from either side also you'll have your outside shower right outside there so, if you are coming back from the beach maybe you have sandy feet and quick wash your feet off and hop right in, but let's head on back we'll take a look at the bathroom our bathroom we're going to get great countertop space nice big sink there and you'll also have excellent storage underneath as well as mirrored medicine cabinet with storage up above you'll see here you're going to have a huge one piece fiberglass shower you're going to have shelves there and you'll have your hand wand and a ton of head room with a nice skylight up top which is going to let in a lot of natural light over to the side you'll see our linen closet we get great storage nice big linen closet it's also going to have access into the bedroom and then right below that of course is going to be our stool then right next to that is going to be our bedroom we can head on in here.

So, in the bedroom of our 375f al you are going to get a king bed. So, nice large bed here this will go ahead and lift up with huge storage underneath. So, you get great storage right there also, if you take a look you'll see your leather headboard up front you'll also have shelves on both sides one of the sides are going to have a charging station with USB ports as well of course windows on both sides you can allow a great breeze to come through again roller shades you'll also have storage all along the top of that slide with LED lights right in the back here is going to be a nice large wardrobe space we'll go ahead and take a look so, if you 0 f you look in right here.

So, you get huge huge wardrobe which is awesome you'll have hanging space right here as well as shelving space up top and you'll have a shelf on both sides right right along the foot of the bed. So, right here is going to be a hamper to get a clothes hamper right there. So, it has an app built in which is cool and it also doubles as a seats that way you can sit down help put your shoes your pants on whatever you would like and then right here in the in the surround is going to be our 32 inch TV so, if you do want to watch something before bed not a problem you can certainly do that their shelf space additional plugin as well as two very deep drawers right here as you can see them to be nice and deep just perfect for any kind of folded clothes also not last, but not least, if you look up top you'll notice on the sides here you do have air returns that's because back here you're going to have a quiet cool AC which is awesome that way you're going to be able to sleep nice and soundly are not going to have to worry about hearing that AC the entire time on those hot nights alright guys thanks for joining me again this is the montana high country 375f aldous is a 2016 model late 2016 we just got it in brand new floor plan absolutely wonderful you get the roller shades the beautiful front living room with the the big screen TV you're going to have the fireplace great floorplan you do have any questions or comments please go ahead and feel free to leave those on the video below or you can give me a call here at American ography and i'll be happy to answer them that way as well thanks for watching.

I me and Baker and. I can't wait to see on the road to freedom.