2016 Thor Challenger 35HT Class A Gas Motorhome

hi folks. I'm.

Ian Baker the product specialist here at American RV right behind me. I'm going to talk to you about the 2016 Thor challenger 35 HT it's gonna be the shortest floorplan in the floor lineup by having three slides one of them the full wall slide more than makes up for it inside it's gonna be very spacious we'll check that out in just a bit, but first let's talk about some of the great things you're gonna have on the outside of the Challenger we're gonna start off on the windshield that's gonna be a very nice large automotive bonded windshield all one piece that way it's not going to have any leaks very easy to see out of that as well on the side you'll have your mirrors these are going to have bi-directional mirrors. So, you can get the two directions in there as well as right here you'll have your side view camera that way as soon as you turn on your blinker you'll be able to see what's next do check your blind spot make sure you're not going to sideswipe anyone now the Challenger is going to be on the Ford v10 chassis that's a triton v10 in there it's gonna put out about 360 horse right around 460 foot-pounds of torque what that means for you not only is this enough power to move the coach, but also gonna be able to tow 8,000 pounds on here that's pretty incredible given its size as we start to move along the coach.

I want to point out right here we're gonna have a nice long awning and all right big power awning and a span almost the entire length of the coach that way just touch the, button rolls out touch with, button rolls back in also along all the slides you're going to have slide-out toppers those are very advantageous you don't have to get up there and clean the top of your slides off before you put them in you can just put your slide in a v10 ething that's on top of it or roll off you're good to go also on the main slide here you're going to have your two external speakers this will be controlled inside there there is going to be bluetooth capabilities so, if you have an iPod or phone you can hook that up that way you can sit out here change the music right from your report or your handheld device as we look underneath one of the things. I love about the Challenger is going to be the storage. So, you have big nice heavy-duty doors as they swing open they're going to be struck controlled.

So, they stop right at the end and look at all that size folks you're going to get actual pass-through storage on top that's because they're going to use a 13-inch i-beam which is going to be considerably larger than then your standard in this class. So, that allows you to get that extra storage not only do you have the one compartment there, but you also get two and three here as well. So, huge compartments they're all going to be the rotocast.

So, that way it's going to be waterproof you know they'll have individual drains down at the bottom so, if you you know have a fish in there or ice or anything whatever it may be you can go ahead and drain that out also as we're talking about the frame one of the things that's going to be very important challenger pays a lot of attention to quality. So, one of the things they do when they are rigging this up is they have a special table built where the tolerances are going to within point zero zero eighths of an inch from the front corner to the rear opposite corner. So, that way when they're putting the chassis together it's not going to have any flex in there that's going to be a big deal along with that you're going to have this beautiful paint job this is going to be one of the best paint jobs in the industry it's going to be sickens paint, if you're not familiar with sickens paint let me tell you about it this is the same paint that they're going to use on Ferraris and Lamborghinis the reason is the paint never truly cures.

So, what that means for you is that you're not going to get any spider cracks a lot of your paints you'll see start cracking like up at the top along the roof line that's gonna be from the coach flexing over time that paint can't handle it because it's never truly cures that paints just going to move right with it you'll never have that problem excellent paint job that they put on here this will be a midship door nice easy entryway when we open it up of course we're gonna have power steps two steps come out nice and low for the first step you get an assisted grab rail right here to walk into the coach making it nice and easy for you here's going to be our freshwater tank this is going to be a hundred gallon freshwater tank a couple of great things that Thor does on here one you see this black panel this is going to cover up all your sensors for puts all the sensors on the outside of the tank that way they never get gummed up. So, you'll always have accurate readings and, if for whatever reason you do have to replace one again it's a lot easier to replace also you're gonna have a one inch dump valve a much bigger valve you have a big tank you don't want to have to sit there forever when you're dumping it. So, they have a nice big easy dump bail for you right above wouldn't be complete without an outside TV and there that is it's gonna be underneath your awning.

So, you can put out some chairs you know how everyone really sit around watch the game enjoy yourself it's always a great addition to have moving around to the back half of the coach will see here not only we're going to have a storage compartment there, but we're also going to get a very large storage compartment right here again a ton of storage in this coach it's always something that it's important to have the more storage the better and then on this side you will have your propane tank as we move around to the back of the coach you get the beautiful rear cap on here you're going to have your ladder this is going to make it. So, you don't have to bring a separate ladder which is always great going to be attached always going to be there and it's nice and easy to climb up on the roof it is a fully walkable roof of course. So, you can get up there for any kind of maintenance or maybe, if you have a beautiful view and you just need a higher vantage point you can climb up there and use it for that as well you'll also have your backup camera that's you know.

So, as you're backing up you can see what you're doing and you'll also have a nice large picture window while. I'm talking about the windows one of the things. I do want to point out this does have the frameless dual pane windows that's going to be important the dual pane windows are not only going to be better for vibration you're not going to hear them vibrate as you're going down the road, but they're also going to be a lot better for sound quality while you're camping and it's going to give you better insulation values definitely something of note you have your hot water tank here one of the things.

I want to point out the Challenger does, if you look this is going to be flat they recess this in. So, it's going to be flat and smooth all the way across really given it that fine look as we move down this side of our Bay's you'll see here we're going to have Cummins Onan 5500 generator. So, that generator is going to be able to power everything inside the coach we'll talk a little bit more about the power management system and the generator when we head inside here is going to be our power hookup nice big bay you'll see at the bottom you have a hole that way your cord can drop right down through making sure that you keep everything clean and neat here's going to be our termination again you'll have a hole in the bottom.

So, you can just drop that through his be able to close the door and as we move further back up the coach this is going to be our convenience center. So, have all our water hookups you'll see there you have a whole house filter also in the bottom right hand corner. I want to point out you do get your water pump right here so, if a lot of times, if something is gonna go wrong on your water system it's gonna be a water pump Thor made sure it's nice and easy to access right there you have your outside shower connections for hooking up for Ana winterization antifreeze everything super convenient here is going to be your batteries and also you will see you're going to have your hydraulic system here they are going to be color-coded.

So, you know exactly what each one is going to super simple to use and operate and again everything is gonna be in one place for you here we're going to have more storage and then same thing with the two upfront continuing the storage that we saw on the other side this is going to be the tundra full body paint beautiful color out here. I know it's gorgeous let's go ahead and check out the amazing inside welcome to the beautiful inside of the 2016 thor challenger 35 HT the 35 HT may be the smallest and the challenger lineup, but it's still gonna have ample space as you can tell you get dual opposing slides here one. I'm going to be a full wall slide which really really opens it up, but let's go ahead and start over on the main slide here which is going to have your couch.

So, your couch is to have your in kleiner as well as a trifold sofa. So, this will fold out into a bed giving you an extra sleeping space, if you do have additional guests and require an additional bed not a problem talk about it more a little bit later, but upfront you are gonna have a queen bed that's gonna drop down over your cab also as we take a look one of the things they did for 2016 has changed the woodwork beautiful beautiful solid surface our hardwoods in here you're going to have the the glaze that's going to be on top of it the brushed nickel pulls the hidden hinges all the way throughout just gorgeous they did a fantastic job on the wood in the 2016's also one of the things. I really like in the back here you're gonna have slow rise shades the slow rise roller shades work wonderfully just pull them down they go up super easy not gonna be like your cloth ones where you have strings you have to worry about them breaking they're gonna be extremely functional across the way in our full slide you'll see again we're gonna have our window with our shade here some extra lighting and this is where our TV is going to be.

So, the TV does have a counter top piece on top. So, that it can sink down into the countertop in case you want the view out the window otherwise you get this gorgeous TV perfect location straight across from the couch along with that you will have a sound bar and then tucked away in this cabinet you're going to have a DVD player here's going to be your main eating area now this does have an extension super-easy this pulls out you'll have an extra leaf that's going to go right here for any additional guests and of course you'll also have two foldable chairs that we currently have tucked away in the bedroom you're also going to get a cup holder here which is great you know just for extra placement because this chair is going to be mobile also the driver seats do swivel. So, you get that extra cup holder always good to have more cup holders as we move into the kitchen this beautiful kitchen look at all this room extremely open and roomy in here which.

I love great for any kind of prep huge prep space on here you have the solid surface countertops we take a look at our faucet you're going to have a brush nickel pullout faucet you have a double bowl stainless steel sink nice and deep sink folks it's not gonna be shallow like you see in some coaches they didn't cheapen it up you're gonna have the undermount sink in there as well which of course is going to be better to prevent any kind of water intrusion great storage space up top of course. I have some some items in there currently, but a ton of storage space and what's better this shelf here and the shelf here both gonna be adjustable. So, that way you can go ahead and adjust them to what you would like to put in there also take a look at this this is a whirlpool convection microwave this is a huge convection microwave folks this is what's gonna take your place of your oven which is fantastic it's going to be larger you can put a whole turkey in there and because they do that it's also going to free up some space down below before we take a look at that though.

I do want to show you the burner on here our stove top okay you're gonna have a three stove burner with the covers the thing. I love that forward does normally you have these covers and look where do. I put these what do.

I do with these that are in the way nope not with not with the Challenger boom there they are has a spot for both of them to just sneak right in they're super nice and easy when you're done just pull them out and put them right back it's super simple this is going to be your atwood stove top. So, you do get better flame control on here than its suburban counterpart also underneath very large drawers because we want the oversized convection microwave it opens this drawer up. So, you have plenty of space here another large drawer here and another very large drawer right here though between those three drawers you'll have plenty of space for all your pots and pans that you're gonna need you're also going to need a place pride for some hand towels and some silverware yep no problem that's what these are going to be right here for check that out that's gonna be an extra filter whole house filter have that tucked away right there, but you do get that extra as well great space underneath here too plenty of space there, if you're looking for a place to put a trash can that's where.

I would put one nice and easy also. I mentioned that the TV goes up and down just your general knowledge this control for that is going to be right here just touch of a, button TV goes right down super simple last to round out the kitchen one of my favorite parts is going to be right here this is the whirlpool residential refrigerator now right on the outside we'll notice that has the ice ice maker and water dispenser which is great that way for making any kind of drink a cocktail maybe just put it right there good to go just like you would have in your home as we open it up a ton of space in here you'll have your refrigerator on the right side your freezer on the left side you get all these great shelves the shelves are all going to be adjustable which is fantastic and then right up here you'll see, if control both your freezer temperature and your refrigerator temperature and also it's going to tell you the status of your water filter now, if you're not currently aware one of the things with the residential refrigerator is that they are going to be electric only. So, this will have a dedicated inverter and battery which are going to help power that in the event that your battery does start to run low maybe you're you know going to be out for the day and come back and you're worried about everything your frigerator going bad not a problem this coach is equipped with an auto automatic generator start.

So, it has a couple different settings one of them is going to be when your refrigerator starts to get low your batteries start to get low a generator kicks on recharges the batteries back up they have additional things you can do like, if it gets too hot in here they'll kick on turn the AC on just a ton of great stuff or, if you don't have short power it's still getting it taken care of we're gonna have the bathroom which we'll go into in just a second one of the last things. I want to point out though you're going to have your control panel here this is going to be your generator to manually start it your water heater which is going to run off LP or electric your slide controls water pumps this will be your thermostat here and this unit is also going to be equipped with rapid camp this is a very very cool system it gives you a remote this will allow you to control your slides and let you control your generator your lights you can do all of that remotely huge advantage, if you're in a tight camping space you can go outside open up your slides Lecture awnings out make you're not going to hit any trees, if it's late at night you know and you can have it by your bedside turn the generator on to start up the AC just a great system all around there all right folks let's go ahead and check out the bathroom then we'll scope out the bedroom in the bathroom you'll see you're gonna have great counter space in here a ton of linen closet which is excellent you have a towel bar that's already going to be built in your stainless bowl that's gonna be something new for 2016 they upgraded your sink there which is excellent you have a mirrored medicine cabinet up top that does open up for extra space there and then you're going to have a very large shower enclosure. So, this will be a tri slide door on here, but nice big shower enclosure huge skylight lets in a ton of light and then also down below we're going to have our stool plenty of leg room there and of course this room will be heated next to our residential refrigerator you're also going to get a very large pantry now this is going to be multi-use, if you would like you do get some excellent drawers here as well as a hanging rod for clothing the other option is this back panel will come out and you will have washer/dryer hookup so, if you are looking to put washer/dryer in your coach this is where it would go also next to that you do get additional deep pantry space which is great more space the better and then tucked away right here you do get an additional cup holder great place to put a glass of water that way may, if you need to get up and use the restroom you have the glass of water tucked away right there for you also as we move into the bedroom you'll see you get great wardrobe space here.

So, that way, if you have washer and dryer no need to worry excellent space you do have adjustable shelving. So, you can have shelves in there too underneath you get some extra drawers you get three drawers here the bottom one being larger nice and deep there and then as we move over in between you'll see we're going to have something very mimicked on the other side. So, you have another wardrobe here that we kind of have a his-and-hers wardrobe which is phenomenal this is where your stereo is going to be built in this is what controls the speakers outside, but again like.

I mentioned this is going through bluetooth capable. So, that way you can control it all remotely, but sandwich right in between you're going to get your TV here of course your slow rise shades which are nice and easy again to operate you have your rear thermostat control here which is going to control your second AC also you'll get some plugins one of them is going to be your charging Center which contains four USB s for all of your handheld devices also you'll get three drawers here in the middle just for additional clothing storage then as we look at that the bed you're going to have a beautiful king bed this will be on a slide out give you some extra room there you have that handcrafted headboard which is fantastic windows on either side nice big shelves plenty of space again, if you charge anything of space there and of course we have storage up top again with that beautiful woodwork that they put in for 2016 the hidden hinges you know that glazed wood it's it really is just gorgeous all right folks why don't we go ahead and take a look at some of the features in the cab in the cab of the coach both your drivers and passenger seats are going to be an ultra plush Flexsteel leather seats both of them are gonna swivel around to really utilize the space in between you're also going to get a spot for a table. So, that way, if you want to play cards maybe have a sandwich or something nice and simple you can go ahead and do that also as we take a look at our dog pit here one of the things.

I like to point out about this this Center module, if you notice that's gonna be a fiberglass surround. So, what they do there is they eliminate all that carpet which, if you have a Motorhome currently with the carpet they familiar gets really dirty and also they shrunk down the size and the insulator to extra well to help reduce a lot of the engine noise built into that console you're gonna have for cupholders which is excellent a non-slip mat you're also going to have a cup holders on either side in addition also in the center console you'll see here we have a couple extra plugs which just pop off USB is here and then our 12-volt there makes it nice and easy also an extra area to store you know wallet cell phone whatever you would like right there of course you'll have your thermostat controls above that you're going to have your radio as well as your backup camera built-in as we move over to the driver's side probably little tough to see with the sunlight bearing down there, but there's gonna be our cup holder next to that you're going to get automatic leveling of course you'll have other controls up here everything from your map lights to your fans additional charging and then over on your passenger side you'll see this beautiful desk this just lifts up makes it really convenient the passenger again wants to have a meal either on the road maybe they want to do some work you can put your iPad there or your laptop whatever you would like also under underneath on the on the passenger side here you are going to have a regular plug in so, if you do have that laptop need to plug it in not a problem you're going to have that 120 over there also up top you get great storage here you're gonna have your map lights and both your fans and then right above me this is going to be your drop-down bunk let me go ahead and go ahead and show you what that looks like when it's down. So, this is one of the beauties of the four challenger as they are going to be equipped with the overhead bunk there's a control right over the stairwell as you walk in it'll be on an electric worm driven gear.

So, that way it's just touch of a, button slides down as a spot for a ladder here the ladders currently tucked underneath your king bed in the bedroom, but super simple to get up and use a great feature the nice thing about this is even, if you can't see yourself using it, if you ever do go to sell the coach you never know the person is selling it to made it may need an extra spot to sleep and that will help your resale value alright folks. I really hope you enjoyed the tour it's a beautiful coach has a ton of great stuff in it the amenities you have the one of the best paint jobs the industry a ton of storage 36 foot long you can take this coach pretty much anywhere when you look inside you have the beautiful redone woodwork residential refrigerator Auto Jen's start just a ton of amenities definitely something you need to come out and take a look at, if you do have any questions please go ahead and leave your questions and comments on the video. I'll be happy to answer them as soon as.

I am able or you can go ahead and give us a call again my name is. Ian Baker. I hope you enjoyed it and.

I'll talk to you soon.

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