20 fantastic 2017 Coachmen Concord 300DS Luxury Class C Motorhome Linen

hi folks. I'm.

Ian Baker the product specialist here at American RV and Grand Rapids Michigan today. I'm going to tell you all about the 2017 coachman Concorde 300 DS it's a beautiful high-end classy great couples coach. I love the floor plan let's go ahead and start on some of the outside amenities and then we'll make our way in.

So, this particular unit is on the Ford e450 chassis and you can see up top instead of having your standard cab over where you have a bed the Concorde goes to a much slimmer design and they put an entertainment center up there which we'll see inside, but also they put some nice LED strips on there just gives it a really cool look at night while you're driving down the road you'll see on both sides you have your side view cameras that way as soon as you turn on the blinkers you're able to see the blind spots especially in conjunction with the bi-directional mirrors that really helps give you that extra visibility while driving a little bit longer coach where are the things. I love about the concorde, if you notice the cab itself is paint matched to the home portion this particular color is the toffee exterior paint it is full body paint absolutely gorgeous, but again. I love that it's nice and cohesive instead of just having a white cab it just gives it again a very solid look power awning take a look at how long the power awning is absolutely massive which is phenomenal you touch a, button that rolls out touch a, button that rolls back in it's one of my favorite parts about this floorplan is it's a very large coach when we go inside you'll see it's very spacious, but because you don't have a slide here you get huge awning space which is phenomenal that way you can set up camp around here, if you want to you know watch TV listen to music you can do that too right here.

I'll open this up take a look there's your TV you'll see your speakers multimedia Center and you have that right there, if you want to plug in some exhilarating components you can go ahead and do that too, but very neat one thing. I did miss right over here getting into the coach it does have a power step on the concorde. So, of course that will tuck up and under and then when you're ready it comes out that way you can step into the coach also right next door right here and they have the Furion solar charge this unit is already prepped for solar so, if you do want solar all you have to do is buy the Furion solar panels you can plug them right in here and everything's pre-wired you're good to go now storage on this unit there is a lot of storage on the outside you can take a look right here this will be one of the several compartments.

So, nice big storage and. I really like this because this is easy access you know right underneath the awning we're setting up camp things you need to get to really often you can go ahead and put right there, if you need to plug in additional items right here is the electrical outlet and again this is still underneath that huge awning so, if you want to set up like an electric griddle or cooktop put a table out here you can easily do that come around to the back here you'll see another storage compartment this one's a little bit taller all rotocast throughout here and you'll notice right down on the bottom is it drains that way any water that does get in there will drain right out as we make a way around the back of the concord i want to point out the beautiful rear cap that's on here again that's a sign of being a high end class see not only does that give it a nice complete look, but it also helps against any water penetrations you don't have a direct seam right there on the corner. So, fantastic to have that right on the back is a rear-mounted ladders you don't have to worry about bringing one with you now we can easily climb up for any kind of roof maintenance also we're located in the center right up top there is the back up camera.

So, as you're backing this coach up you'll have greater visibility frameless window right here in the back allows for a beautiful view, if you're backed up to lakefront or oceanfront you can really enjoy that and because it's a frameless window the seal itself has tucked behind the glass it's tinted glass. So, it's not going to get beat up by the elements as quickly which will prolong the life of your window seal right down at the bottom is a hitch a 5,000 pound towing capacity. So, you can easily tow another vehicle behind this, if you want something to take out on a daily Drive now this side does have dual slides you can see the curved wall and the slide this whole coach has that beautiful curved wall really gives it a nice look especially when you're inside feels very open and spacious on top of both of the slides you will see the slide-out toppers and it a lot easier for maintenance that way when you're up on the roof you don't have to worry about reaching over you know sweeping the top here slides off just roll them in anything that's on top will fall right off.

So, very cool to have that let's take a look right underneath here now it's talking about storage look at how big this storage compartment is huge the whole thing is rotocast again there's drains to drain out, but massive storage area right there which is phenomenal make our way up a little bit further here outside shower both hot and cold access on this of course is our water connection and our cable inlets right there shoot under the slide real quick here again another storage area this one we mix the one on the door side, but nice and big right there you gotta love that just a ton of storage on the outside of this coach again another storage compartment right there as. I mentioned just storage all over the place and of course this coach would not be complete without your generator this is the Cummins Onan 4000 watt and that's enough power to power everything in the coach alright folks that's pretty much gonna wrap it up on the outside. I know it's a gorgeous class see you're excited to see the inside.

So, let's go take a look welcome to the inside of the 2017 coachman Concord 300 DS this particular model is in the linen interior let's start off right over here in our kitchen take a look at this huge countertop space perfect prep space you can set up a potato bar a taco bar margarita bar, if you want need to plug in a blender not a problem we have this convenient power tower right here with our standard 120 outlets and you have two USB port so, if you need to charge your cell phones you can do that as well when you're done just tuck it right back away then because we have huge countertop space down below you also have wonderful storage open it up here you can see a massive drawer there fully functional fireplace not is that aesthetically pleasing, but it also does a great job to take the chill off in this space and because it runs off electric that means you don't have to use propane which, if you have short power is essentially free heat also over to the side a bank of three full extension drawers electrical outlet tucked away right here as well. So, again, if you need to have a coffee maker something or whatever it is you can need to plug you can easily do that huge window right here a great window space lets in a ton of natural light into the kitchen and also when this window is open whether you're sitting in the couch dinette or preparing food you have a great view out to the campsite so. I enjoy that as well right here will of course be the sink larger bowl on the Left smaller Bowl on the right and a pullout faucet makes it nice and easy to do dishes it does come equipped with the sink top cover which is cutting board quality.

So, again you can flip this over you have plenty of space here and cut up whatever you need to when you're done just flip it right back over and voila stays nice and beautiful next to that is the three burner cooktop. I love what they did here the Atwood cooktop kind of has that residential look to it the front one is high output now instead of your standard oven underneath what they did is they put your convection microwave right here which is perfect you know it's a space savings the thing. I like about a convection microwave it cooks faster than your oven it's easier to clean than your oven and it doesn't put out the heat that your standard oven does so, if you need to bake something on a hot summer day it's not an issue you can go ahead and do that next to that right here underneath the sink huge storage area right there plenty of room for all your cleaning supplies large trash can in there as well, if you want to you know that way when you're done chopping up your veggies you can just toss everything right in there let's take a look up top you'll see here you know great pantry space they do have a shelf right there which.

I like. So, in my opinion it's a great spice closet area over to the side here again more pantry space and then right beneath that is the fully functional hood with a light and a fan, if you take a look up at the ceiling real quick a couple things. I do want to talk about one is this coach does have LED lights throughout.

So, it's it's gonna be a fraction of the energy use that your standard incandescent bulbs use which is phenomenal, if you don't have short power also it doesn't put out the heat either. So, same concept as the oven on those hot days right here is a max fan this does a great job, if you don't want to use the AC open up some windows fire that guy on it will really draw in a lot of air give you that beautiful cross breeze rounding out the kitchen right here is the Dometic fridge freezer you can see there plenty of space everything you need this does run off of both electric and LP it also has automatic switch over then over here this is our super slide huge slide here this is what gives you the space really opens it up. I love the you dinette.

I think it's great in its it's very versatile alright. So, what it does is, if you have friends over you want to play cards you want to play a board game you can easily do that everyone can sit around here or, if it's just the two of you you can actually turn this table like. So, that way when you sit here you have wider space a little bit more room and you can sit directly across from each other in half conversation the other thing.

I like about it, if you take a look at the base look how high this flange comes up big advantage to that this table is a lot sturdier than most of them a lot of the dinette tables you can just shake and rattle not the case here so. I love what they did and they didn't take away any functionality you can take this out this table does still drop down and this u dinette makes a huge bed where you can easily sleep two adults tucked right underneath there you'll see an electrical outlet so, if you want to work on a laptop or tablet you can go ahead and plug it in sit at the dinette and you're able to do that huge window there as well. I do want to point that out again beautiful windows in this coach.

I mean it lets in a ton of natural light. So, during the day time of not only is it open, but those big windows help make it feel very airy and open as well across the top here is storage beautiful decorative glass. I like what they did rather than just going with like a frosted or tinted glass they have this nice decorative glass and excellent storage there you'll see these are also struts supported that way it's one hand operation you don't have to hold the door open with the hand LED lights in here as well help brighten it up and then right down below this is your ultra leather jackknife sofa extremely comfortable this is a great spot not only to sit to watch TV, but this also forms into a bed.

So, you know, if you have guests and they want to sleep on the you dine at their kids want to sleep on the jackknife sofa you can accommodate a lot of guests that you have to tell anyone, if you don't want them to stay, but, if you do it's a nice feature to have, if you take a look up front here this of course is the cab over instead of the bed as. I mentioned they went with an entertainment center. So, you have your TV right here in the center the speakers are built into the side right here which is really cool and then your multimedia Center is off to the side here.

So, this multimedia Center of course will control your speakers in here not only is this a radio and CD player, but it's also a DVD player so, if you do want to watch a movie you can go ahead and pop it in and you're good to go talked away right up here essentially is a component storage space you have your auxiliary outputs and everything right here so, if you do have additional components you can possibly tuck them away right in there which is cool and that on the other side right over here a couple shelves. So, again great storage perfect for the DVD collection now when you're sitting here you know watching that movie want that feeder like experience that's what this right here is for this is a sound bar does a great job of filling this room with that feeder like sound of course LED lights here as well make it nice and bright and this is really cool - they put a dimmer switch on. I mentioned this a little bit ago, but, if you look right up top here what looks like a skylight this is actually on a dimmer switch.

So, the neat thing about that is whether it's day or night you get that bright light feeling so. I love it they put that skylight in there just a really cool effect now let's take a look down below here you'll see both the driver and passenger seats are also ultra leather. So, extremely comfortable that nice clean look with the linen interior of course the - you know not much has changed in here your Ford e450 it's going to be the same as it generally has been, but it has a nice wood grain look there plenty of cup holders and it has this right here this is the big foot Auto level system.

So, this coach does come equipped with Auto level of course touch a, button and it'll go ahead and level everything out for you alright that's pretty much gonna wrap it up for the front half let's go take a look at the bathroom a bedroom the 300d s has a split bath, but it's actually very innovative what you can do is this door right here which closes off the stool and sink can actually open all the way up and then locks into place and when you are in conjunction with the bedroom door. II can close this off and this gives you a very large bathroom space right here kind of the all-in-one over to the side is the shower you can see great space in there excellent shelving the hand wand and up top you have a skylight letting it a lot of additional light and giving you additional Headroom over to the side here as. I mentioned this is the toilet you can see foot flush lever there and big vanity great countertop space stainless steel bowl there of course is your mirror light up top and then you have excellent storage across the way here some rope hooks and of course your vent fan alright let's head on back we'll take a look at the bedroom the bedroom of the 300d s is also very spacious and that will be due to the slide-out queen bed allowing full walk around space great shelving there as well you can see right above the bed you have a lot of very large window letting in a ton of natural light reading lights and storage all the way across the top of the slide in the back right here as.

I mentioned we were outside is also a very big beautiful window letting in a ton of natural light which is awesome then at the foot of the bed right here you'll notice dual wardrobes kind of a his-and-hers wardrobe in them it will both be mirrored. So, you can you know take a look at yourself after you put your outfit on and right in between right here is location for a TV underneath you have three large full extension drawers there and lights all the way across again LED lights just brightening up this space alright folks that's pretty much gonna wrap it up again this is the 2017 coachman Concord 300 DS this one has the toffee full-body exterior paint and the linen interior this really is one of my favorite class C's it's absolutely gorgeous you know the outside of the full body paint and the curved walls you come inside it's bright it's open its Airy you really just have to come and check it out, if you do have any questions or comments please feel free to leave those in the section below or you can always give myself. Ian Baker a call here at American RV and.

I'll be happy to answer that way as well, if you have particular questions on the specs of the unit or, if you're looking for price and availability. I recommend you visit our website American RV comm for the most to date information thanks again for watching. I'm.

Ian Baker and. I can't wait to see you on the road to freedom.

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