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Ian Baker the product specialist here in American RV in Grand Rapids Michigan today. I'm here to tell you all about the 2017 coachman leprechaun 319 and B now this particular model behind me has some of the changes they're making for the late 2017 model year going into 2018. So, we'll get to see some of those as we go through our walk around this particular unit is built on a Ford e450 chassis and right here on the side you have your side view cameras that's great for extra visibility especially in conjunction with your bi-directional mirrors that way you again have excellent visibility to turn on the blinker and of course those function for you, if you take a look at the front end you see the beautiful cap on there.

I love the front cap not only is it very functional as far as insulation value and helping keep out water, but also again it has a great look to it you can see the LED lights that are inlaid in there as well. So, again really helps with that aesthetic you can go ahead and turn those on at night fiberglass running boards on this coach to get in. So, upgraded running boards again give it that nice aesthetic you know indicating a higher-end coach like the Leprechaun is very large power awning take a look at that awning it is massive covers almost the entire length of the coach just one touch of a, button that rolls out same thing to go ahead and roll back in then underneath you have an LED light strip.

So, that way, if you want to sit out here and hang out you can go ahead and turn that on at night of course easy are a grab handle right here and make it nice and easy to climb on in these are the badges right here something. I'd like to talk about a couple quick things on the construction one is this one right here this is a as Dell this user is equipped with as Dell composite panels, if you're not familiar with that. So, there's this fiberglass layer on the front here behind that most manufacturers use luan what coachmen does is they actually use SLE composite panels a couple big advantages one it's lighter weight to it won't absorb any moisture.

So, luan will absorb moisture, if you get water into the walls that's going to start to see the delamination because that luan is absorbing moisture as Dell will never do that the third big benefit is it is a green material. So, you won't have any of the off gassing and things that you often get with the luan also the fiberglass skin right here on the front this is colored all the way through. So, what that means, if you brush up against it with keys or you know you go by and hit a big branch and, if it does scratch it won't be white behind it because it's that same color all the way through the material.

So, very neat the other thing. I like to talk about is this badge right here which is the camp and cozy package here at American RV we're in Michigan it gets cold in the winter. So, there's definitely big benefits here the camp and cozy package gives you tank heaters it's that way, if you are traveling through colder climates or staying in colder weather you can turn those on to make sure your tanks don't freeze up on you the other big benefit in my opinion probably the most important is upgrades from single pane to dual pane windows, if you ever looked at a lot of your big classes your big expensive buses they all have dual pane windows why they just work a lot better with dual pane you won't have the condensation inside your windows and also it helps a ton for insulation value not only for heat and cold, but also for noise and that's both wired at the campground and while traveling down the road.

So, it's definitely a big bonus in that camping cosy package, if you take a look right down here by the door this is pretty cool - this unit is prepped for solar so, if you want solar all. I have to do is buy the Furion panels plug it in right there and it will start to go ahead and trickle charge the battery moving back a little further on the coach go ahead and open this guy up you can see right there is your outside entertainment center TV here of course speakers on the side your multimedia Center there, if you take a look there is an HDMI port underneath as well so, if you need to plug in any auxiliary equipment you can go ahead and do that too and of course this is underneath the awning. So, you do have that for cover and we'll open this up you can take a look that's one of our several storage compartments right there moving back a little bit further here electrical outlet, if you need to plug anything in out here that's not an issue you can go ahead and do that electric griddle or something like that you have your ride right right there your air assists.

So, again that's gonna help give you a smoother ride while going down the road open this up again another storage compartment. So, you have the one right up front you have this one here and then take a look at this one on the back this one is huge. So, this one does have a couple access points, but you can see right there very large storage area row to line bins in here which is cool because that way you know nothing's gonna rust out on you, if you look at the bottom the bins you'll see that there is a drain there.

So, that way, if it does fill up with water that will drain out meaning that, if you want to use one of these the giant ice chest you can put a bunch of ice in there you know stick a couple beverages in there as it melts it will naturally just flow right out. So, very cool coming around to the back side of the coach right here's your rear mounted ladder this of course makes it very easy to get up on the roof, if you have to get up there for any kind of maintenance or, if you had a sporting event you want a better vantage point you can go ahead and climb right up the ladder onto the roof fully walkable roof as well this of course is a second access point you can see there again how large it is makes it very easy to get in right down here is your bumper below the bumper is the hitch. So, that's a 5,000 pound hitch on their 500 pound tongue weight that way, if you need to have another vehicle that's hold behind you or a trailer a boat you can absolutely do.

So, one last thing on the back you'll see right at the top and center there that is your backup camera that of course helps give you that extra visibility as you're backing up or, if you're like me my wife isn't always the greatest spotter. So, sometimes. I like having that extra visibility make sure.

I'm not going to hit anything again right over here that third access point to that same large storage now you will see it on this side there are two slides both of the slides have toppers on there that's very beneficial there's any pinecones or sticks or anything that fall instead of sitting up on the slide where you have to brush them off with the slide-out toppers they'll naturally just roll off as the slide goes in. So, definitely helps why you're breaking down camp, if you take a look underneath right there's your outside shower both hot and cold water connection there as well our dumps are right down below it does have the door here for a little bit easier access you can see that right there and then underneath this slide we take a look right under here. So, open this guy up see another storage compartment right here our generator right next door this is a Cummins Onan 4000 watt generator this one is gas driven and then last storage compartment right over here take a look at that again another very large compartment there alright folks that wraps it up for the outside let's go take a look at the inside welcome to the inside the 2017 coachman leprechaun 319 MB this particular model is in the parfait interior let's go ahead and start off right over here.

So, this is a great floorplan one of my favorites for a Class C you'll see we did go ahead and put the optional feeder seating in here that way you can kick back relax and watch the TV which. I'll show in a little bit, but both of these do recline they also both have seat belts. So, you can have riders here too while going down the road cupholders there as well and very large compartment right there in the center for the remote up above beautiful window letting in a lot of natural light as we take a look up top this is one of the big changes they made they've upgraded the woodwork you can see the beautiful glazed woodwork they have on here a different window pattern or glass pattern on there as well open that up you can see the storage right inside it does have a struts that way it's one hand operation LED light here underneath this coach does have LED lights throughout which is great because of course it uses a fraction of the power and doesn't put out near the heat.

So, you move back a little bit further this gets us to our you dinette again you can see the new parfait pattern all over the dinette here seatbelts in that as well again cup holders big window there too also new countertop design you can see that right here we'll see it more as we go into the kitchen you know this is a American stone cast countertop. So, it is guaranteed water proof which is great also this you dinette does drop down into a bed you can just go ahead and remove this of course the table will sit right along these rails here which and then again fill it in with cushions forming the bed there's an electrical outlet underneath here as well so, if you need to sit here work on a laptop or tablet you can go ahead and do. So, then take a look at the storage underneath look how easily this opens just slides right open.

So, you can access that storage there and then same thing on this side right over here. So, very cool then moving over we move into the kitchen you'll see right here fridge freezer combo open this guy up you have plenty of space now mind you the top is filled with stuff from the manufacturers we just got this one in, but you know again plenty of room there this one does run off both propane and electric also has automatic switch over additional storage there up top then moving over they give you a convection microwave oven that's really cool. I really enjoy the convection cooks faster easier to clean as well and.

So, that's really neat to have of course you have a cutout up top there fully functional hood with light and fan right down below and then this is also new they give you instead of having a raised cooktop they have a recessed one with the glass cover built-in which really helps maximize prep surface of course this just folds back opens up like. So, that way you can get to your three burner atwood cooktop their cool thing about this is this does kind of act as a backsplash which is great because of course glass is fairly easy to clean, but on the front burner here is high output. I do like the Atwood cooktops.

I think they have great flame control then underneath here you have your conventional oven, if you don't want to use the convection moving a little bit further again they have a not only do they have a cooktop color, but they give you a sink top cover as well as to maximize that prep surface go ahead and lift this guy off you can see right in there your American stone cast sink. I love these sinks they don't scratch nearly as easily as your stainless steel you don't have to worry about them burning either like you do with a lot of stone sinks it can withstand temperatures of up to 500 degrees and same thing with as. I mentioned earlier with the countertop this is guaranteed water proof right here of course your faucet is a pullout faucet which is great for washing and rinsing dishes as we take a look underneath open that up you can see very large storage compartment plenty of room right here for a trash can which is exactly where you want it right underneath the sink bank of three drawers right here go ahead and open those up for you you can see that.

So, nice storage right there the fireplace here as well you know. I really enjoy a fireplace now he doesn't give it a nice aesthetic and feel in this room, but also it does a great job of taking the chill off in the space and it runs off electric it's the big advantage of that is, if you are traveling somewhere and they have shore power you can hook up you generally don't have to pay for electric. So, instead of using propane, if it's not too cold just kick on the fireplace and you will really see the benefits there multimedia Center right above that this does have an HDMI port as well excuse me it has well which is right over on this side.

So, again, if you have auxiliary equipment can go ahead and plug that in, but that's your radio CD and DVD player so, if you want to watch a movie go ahead and pop it right in there and it will pop up on your TV now this TV is on a lift so, if you want to drop it you can go ahead and do. So, again the, buttons right over here very simple and easy to use you can see they have this nice surround on here when the TV comes down it actually covers that up. So, you can't even notice in again it makes it a kind of an open feel so, if you're not watching TV drop it down open this window at up letting a ton of natural light when you want to watch TV just lift it right back up and you're good to go also right outside of that is your power tower so, if you do need to plug anything else in you can easily do that two outlets here two USB ports also other electrical outlets in your kitchen you do have one right up here on the side of the cupboard so, if you need to plug anything in there you can you also have an additional one right over here.

So, again, if you need to plug in anything over by that you can go ahead and do. So, last thing. I want to talk about in the kitchen is this right here which is your pantry space huge pantry again you know.

I love the upgraded woodwork you can see they have a shelf built-in as well, but you know just great space for the pantry alright and that'll wrap it up for the front half here let's go ahead and move up we'll take a look at the cab. So, of course you have your cabinet right up top they did upgrade this material as well they went with a different color. I think this is much better than what they've had in past years.

So, definitely an upgrade on the color pattern same type of system as far as usage of course this drops in right here which forms your bed for the bunk over they have the seatbelts, if you haven't seen you demonstrate that before what those are for is this section has a safety net this is something we option in because you don't want you know children or friends rolling off and hurting themselves in the middle of the night. So, you have this safety net these just buckle right into here when of course this is in place and that way again no one's going to roll out and hurt themselves ladder right there to climb on up window on one side there as well as an LED light then you can see right up here you have a max air fan that's great too because, if you don't want to run the AC you can open up a couple windows turn that guy on and get a great breeze coming through here, if you take a look down below you'll see the upgraded seats they did change the color here. I think they did a great job that kind of has three different tones that they're pulling in just a very very good-looking seat and then same thing with the wood grain they changed that up a little bit as well.

I think it's a little more modern than what it has been in the past just kind of helps again fit in with the entire color scheme. So, great job there as well okay let's head on back we'll take a look at the bathroom and bedroom the bathroom was a 319 is a split bath setup, but they have done something really neat. So, in order to make this one big bathroom you'll notice right here you have a door that does come across of course for privacy and then same thing right here this door actually opens all the way up swings locks into place right here it's that way, if you close both of these off you have this entire space for a bathroom now, if we move right over into the bath here you'll see a couple things toilet paper holder right there right down below is your foot flush lover toilet you do have sufficient leg room.

I'll show you here as you sit down plenty of leg room there good room here up top as well. So, no issues there great countertop space in there too. So, you have to love that.

I'll cut out underneath the countertop so, if you have you know magazines or something a book you want to put there you can certainly do that of course the bowl right here your faucet some extra storage you can see good size. So, you know. I'd use that as a medicine closet personally then right over here some additional storage, if you want to tuck away a couple rolls of toilet paper whatever else you need you can do that right over here you have to rope hooks and then of course a fan up top now cross the way is the shower, if we open this up you can see the rain series door there and as.

I stand inside you goes notice right here you do have good room it's not the largest shower in the world by about six foot. I do still have you know good head clearance here because of the skylight. So, that definitely gives you some additional room and lets in a lot of natural light okay let's go take a look at the bedroom the bedroom of the 319 you'll see right here in the center is your queen bed very easy to walk around -.

So, easy to make the bed and easy to climb on in over to one side you can see there you have a very large window hanging wardrobe space there - all right underneath the Wardrobe you see a charging Center. So, that's cool because that has your 12-volt as well as two USB ports there to go ahead and charge electronic devices nice big nightstand underneath and you have a drawer storage here across the top you can see that right there max fan right there again so, if you don't want to turn on the AC you get you can go ahead open windows up and as. I mentioned same thing with the front get a good cross breeze coming through here larger wardrobe on this side a little bit bigger than the other.

So, good hanging space a drawer underneath here too and then you have the kind of cash shelf that this is going to act as your night table right there now, if you need more wardrobe space you are in luck because this unit does come equipped with a slide-out wardrobe so, if we open this up you can see right here you have a shelf up top nice hanging space there all the way across and then on the other side you can see right here you have a great spot for your shoes and again just great hanging space additional shelving right there. So, very large wardrobe in this coach which is cool, but all right folks that's pretty much gonna wrap it up again this is a 2017 coachman leprechaun 319 and B this one is in the new parfait interior this is a great coach for you know for me in my opinion as far as a couples coach, if you're looking for a nicer Class C this is definitely one of the top in my book you have a great layout with a theater seating directly across from the TV nice big countertop with great prep space especially because they use you can utilize the sink top and cooktop covers big you dinette for entertaining, if you want to have any guests over or family and of course that can drop down for extra sleeping quarters as well as the sleeping quarters up top here this bath you can make into a very large bath huge wardrobe space this is just a winner hands down, if you do have any questions or comments please feel free to leave those in the section below or you can always give my selfie and Baker a call here at American RV and. I'll be happy to answer that way as well, if you have particular questions on the specs of this unit or, if you're looking for latest price and availability.

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