24 creative 2017 Keystone RV Hideout 281DBS 5th Wheel

hi. I'm Jason Harrington here with V ranks RV Center what.

I have today is the brand-new Dutchman Denali 335 rlk 5th wheel now we are a dealer for this unit and we provide these videos to help answer any questions you might not get in the picture so, if you have any questions or, if you want to see this unit or inquire about possibly purchasing it please do not hesitate give me a call my number is six one six nine six five nine six two two this Analia is a triple slide it's just under 38 feet long weighs about 10,500 pounds easily totaled by any 3/4 ton pickup an excellent rear living floorplan it gives you an island kitchen a side isle bath as well as a mid profile queen bedroom with a slide now all the slide outs in this will come with real wood finish on it compared to the MDF board and a traditional coach above the entertainment center you do have tons of storage up here it does come equipped with a 50 inch flat screen for you as well as a CD DVD am/fm stereo in the back that is already pre-wired to your TV for all your movies down here you are going to have a 5000 BTU fireplace that you can use it as some extra ambience or an actual space heater to heat up the back of this coach. So, a nice cool day in the rear of the coach you are going to have excellent storage up top tons of cabinetry all the windows in this thing do come with the pleated shades it's a nice upgrade as well as the large triple cushion king-size trifold soap on the back that is memory foam. So, you need to sleep a couple extra people you have tons of space to do it now across from your entertainment center you are going to have this great super slide with both your feet are seating and your dinette now it does have tons of storage up top as well as you get four windows here to provide plenty of natural light the theater seating in the back is directly across the entertainment center like.

I said they are reclining it does have two cup holders as well as a nice storage right here to put all your remotes anything like that now up here in the dinette it can seat four people comfortably as well as tons of storage you get storage both in your seats and as well as in the table. So, here in the kitchen you are going to have this X hutch tons of cabinetry as well as an excellent bottle holder you get a great use of countertop space back here with two plugs. So, you can plug in all your secondary appliances like your coffee pots or your toasters excellent storage down below with full extension ball bearing drawer glides over here in the kitchen area you have excellent stainless steel appliances with some storage underneath now this is an awesome illuminated area with a nice LED behind the oven you do get an RV reefer back here that's both gas and electric now the island is huge it is solid surface countertops with a nice high rise faucet when the telescoping end it is a nice 60/40 undermount sink there's some excellent storage down below as well as your opening end caps for some extra storage.

So, one of my favorite parts of this Denali is how they utilize their bathroom you get tons of mirror space up here as well as excellent cabinetry up top it comes with a huge countertop. So, you can put everything on here now down below you're going to have some shelves right here to put your extra toilet paper towels as well as their use of all this cabinetry down below now it does come with a flush toilet that is porcelain gives you more of that at home feeling the shower is a recessed shower that you step down into. So, it gives you tons of more Headroom with the skylight they do use a curved bar on here as well to give you more of that elbow room when you're in here trying to shower now here in the bedroom you do get a queen-size bed that is in a slide to give you all that extra walk space here in your bedroom it does come with a posing side window.

So, you get that nice cross-breeze on a nice summer day you get excellent wardrobe space right here as well as a huge closet to store all your clothes now right here this is an extra cabinet that we do option in for washer and dryer prep so, if you do want a washer and dryer it would go right here. So, in the rear of this coach it is going to come equipped with a spare tire and carrier as well as a ladder. So, you can easily get to the roof of this thing and wipe off your slides before you run them in the installation on this thing it is going to have our 40 both floor and roof which is an industry-leading insulation standard all your slide-out floors are going to be our 20 for all your sidewalls are our nine it does have two inch thick sidewalls on this coach over here you're going to have your entertainment center.

So, it does come with the TV as well as below you have an LP hookup for a nice gas grill go ahead and do some cooking outside out here in the patio space you are going to have this nice power awning with a nice LED strip to illuminate your whole patio as well as your outdoor speakers for listening to music while you're trying to enjoy some dinner you do have a nice friction hinge door as well as the nice large assist grab handle it does come with these new 3-step. Illuma tread entry steps. So, no more that steel you get the aluminum over here you're going to have a massive entry door to your underneath storage these are magnetic slam latch doors as well under here you are gonna have access to your central vac you have one in here and you also have one inside the coach it does come with a four-point auto level system and it does have hich memory.

So, you when you back your truck up it'll go right back to where you unhooked now most of this stuff is controlled by what we call our in command system and. I will be shooting a short video on that just click the link in the information, if you want to learn a little bit more about in command thank you for taking the time to watch this video on the new denali 335 RL k now, if you've made it this far in the video you are probably pretty interested in owning a trailer like this, if you have any questions or you want to stop in take a look at it and possibly take this thing home please do not hesitate to give me a call my number is six one six nine six five nine six two two we are a full-service dealership. So, we can take your trade we can work up financing we can get you out the door in this beautiful unit again this is jason at v-- ranks RV center and we would like it, if you went RVing with us.