26 beautiful 2017 Jayco Eagle HT 5W 27 5RLTS

this is John from Tarrytown RV in Grand Rapids Michigan and today. I just wanted to show you a brand new 2017 Jayco pinnacle 36 K pts it's pretty similar to the 36 F VTS.

I made a video for maybe about a month ago, but it is different enough definitely doesn't have that extra half bathroom, but it is a true luxury 5th wheel a really nice looking fifth wheel from Jayco as it is a 2017 it does say pinnacle in the front now instead of just saying Jayco as one right next to it. So, you can see kinda in the corner of your screen now just says Jacob on the front otherwise this has a six-point Auto leveling system for sturdy aluminum entrance steps. I just has three slides sleeps four it's about 40 feet 11 inches long it's 13 foot 3 inches high this does have the extra six inches on the wit.

So, it is 8 foot 6 inches wide you can really tell especially on the storage on the inside the linen closets are going to be nice and big pantries big everything's going to seem a little bit bigger just because of that extra 6 inches other than that let's take a look at some of these exterior storage compartments alright first off this does have a more ride pin box and the search compartment the printer is nice and clean it does come with generator prep. I have a battery hooked up to it right now bring all the lights it's also this rubberized diamond plating inside and a little extra shelf there on top here's your front landing gear 2 for that six point Auto leveling system s talking about okay this is gonna be for propane tank storage. I think there's gonna be one on the other side too and that up you can see part of the hydraulics for the front landing gear 2 right here some nice exterior plugs.

I was actually able to put out the awning today to which. I'm not usually able to do, but the unit next to it is gone. So, put those up and you can see that there is kind of a multicolor pattern on there just you know pretty cool look makes it look a little bit more rich it was also you can also see the LED awning lights and there are two awnings.

So, there's just tons of awning space on this unit you can also see how glassy the finish on this pane is and that there's a bunch of these UV frameless windows and they're really big this is gonna be the dining area there's like to put a large bay window in the dining area and these luxury jegos all right let's check out the front storage forget to carry it away all right you can see how big the pass-through storage is in here it does have that rubberized. I'm inflating an in unit vacuum system. I just pre ride for solar -.

So, you can just buy one of those those solar dealies and plug it right in you can see part of the aluminum frame - and there's even some shelves back there's cart with cargo netting that. I'll show you when you go to that other side some exterior speakers in here who's your door doesn't that big grab handle to help you get in, but also has a keypad so, if you're going on a walk or whatever and you want to bring your keys it's always convenient for aluminum steps. I was talking about here are the wheels that come on this unit sharp and classic looking around the back see that there are lots of big windows on here and the back of this unit is almost like something you'd see on a luxury motorhome things of the ladder for the roof maintenance can't really show you this other side - well because it's.

So, crammed in, but for walk by all right here's your hot water heater the exhaust the other side of the pass-through storage this is also where you can control your auto leveling system from the outside just punch a few, buttons also you can control it from your remote though which is a nice thing, if you want to look at it from an angle far away you're able to do that although you shouldn't really need to and there's here's two more storage spots for uh propane tanks as well. So, there's plenty of storage for that here alright. I think that probably about does it for the outside let's check out the inside also as you can see in that front window this does have an amazing two year warranty from Jayco just like all their products they have a really great manufacturer's warranty towed it to be one of the best in the biz all right let's step on in here and you can just kind of you can feel that they tried to make this really luxurious it's got dark woods dark vinyl flooring it's got that rich leatherette furniture you can really feel it in here yeah and the interior is actually called mocha 2.

So, and this is gonna be part of that decor plane as well kind of a classy flower arrangements gonna be around all the windows too and. I like. I like the clash of the textiles and the and the leatherette are not the clash, but you know how they're kind of they're kind of contrasting to each other and that looks it looks cool all right it's come with these big fluffy recliners and as this says these are all made in the USA there's actually made at Jake owes facility they make all of their own furniture.

So, they really are USA made and you can also tell the difference in plushness between disks and one of the more entry-level luxury units you really get what you pay for in these and the furniture is really just fluffy and comfy yep and what. I'm sitting on right now is a trifold height of bed so. I'll show you that when.

I get up, but as. I'm sitting here you can kind of see how spacious it feels in here it's got big slides with solid wood on those fasciae is a really big island and those fixtures on the ceiling that you can see plus plenty of LED lights in here decorative ones that we've got LED lights running on the floor and decorative places on the ceiling as well is that trifold hide-a-bed and it is surrounded by those windows with storage above it with decorative glass with, but it's also that tinted glass. So, you can store things in there, but.

I don't worry about them necessarily being seen all the time all right here's the fireplace really cool stone Tyler on the fireplace. I that's a really rich touch. I prefer it over the faux stone that you see in some of them just because.

I think it looks a little bit more real, but also. I've got some nice hardwoods around here too nice big mantel top here and your TV is actually going to pop out right here a big-screen HDTV more storage above that and, if you open this up this is actually where multimedia player is going to be this is going to have USB auxiliary out it's gonna be able to play your DVDs you're also going to be able to zone with the speaker's with this the outside speakers the speakers in here and the speakers in the back bedroom as well okay look at all these countertops faces you can see there's tons of countertop space in here it's a really really big island bigger than you see in most they've have these storage spots on the end solid surface countertops Himax by LG they're really shiny there's a lot of contrast and design and a bunch of muted colors mixed together in there it's it's really sharp looking you can also see that they have a large side-by-side stainless steel sink pullout sprayer faucet they'll also be sink covers that come with this unit. I believe they're just not in here right now because.

I think that they have been winterizing these recently the winter is creeping up on us. So, it's a little dark okay yep you can see that there is tons of space underneath there usable space we can fit trash cans whatever else oh and they even have a built-in pullout trash right here. So, that space you can use for recycling or for big pots and pans or really anything like that okay and over here we've got a stainless steel oven three burner range-top with glass cover you can flip up that glass cover to act as a backsplash um.

So, you don't ruin your cool tile backsplash stainless steel microwave storage space above that more decorative storage here and now that. I'm closer to this check out the wood working on that fasciae it's real nice-lookin um also the ceiling from this way you can see there's a ceiling fan and a bunch of ducks as well as speakers. So, that way the air conditioning isn't protruding in here alright also the countertop space, but look how many drawers there are here there's just.

So, much storage in this unit it's a really smartly designed unit for all the storage it's really practical especially for you know full timer or something like that there's a built-in silverware organizer you can just feel the quality in these drawers. I'm sure you can see it too it won't really come across, but these they just feel super sturdy you can tell these are going to be able to hold up to traveling and to frequent use you can see the big residential refrigerator. I'll open that for you just for a second it does have a lock on it, if you're worried about it coming open while driving as well as an ice and water dispenser, but yeah that's just like something you'd have enough in a nice home alright open up this pantry space dual pantry doors with the shadow glass um another disposal bin here there's just tons of storage in here tons of shelves lights in there is your gonna show up here with a decorative LED light this is a dual door slider.

So, you do have two sides okay also on the ceiling we're gonna have this max fan and those max fans act more like. I can wear like small attic fans they really do draw out or draw out a lot of air. So, they really get the air circulating inside these RVs okay as you walk in you're gonna come upon your control panel first thing and it is behind the shadow glass.

So, you know what to be staring at this all the time, but this is where you control your slides and your lights and your master power and also your utilities okay there's a thermostat here as well and they have a remote too and you can control the slides and as. I said before you can control the auto leveling system as well with that on the steps we've got this composite material and carpet. So, those are going to hold up really well got a banister here and then right as we walk in to you see these big cupboards the one on top is just for storage, but this one is more like a coat rack.

So, you can put your shoes in here, if you want and also you can hang up your coat right here. I love it when these have the little built in coat closets. So, let's walk up the steps you can see that there's more vinyl flooring in here which.

I didn't even really talk about, but you can see that it's it's really dark and rich it's nicely textured and it's gonna stand up well you know to dirt and things while still looking great. I'm also all the windows are gonna have two shades on them they're gonna have these daytime shades and also a blackout shade as well okay you can see the door to the bedroom has the shadow glass as well nice decorative feature big bad king-size bed in here then you can lift up easily and as storage underneath as well as a safe all of these pinnacles come with a safe there is a reading light on each side as well as a window on each side of the bed your own thermostat back here for the second air conditioning you could probably see when. I did the shot on top.

I was also going to be a TV in here a built in dresser the same quality shelves that are going to be in the kitchen right here is the washer and dryer prep, but, if you don't use it for a washer and dryer and there's plenty of shelf space, but yeah that's the washer and dryer prep and right here with these mirrors you have your walk-in wardrobe it has a sensor. So, the light will automatically turn on it also has these cedar lined walls. So, it smells awesome and the shelves plug ins back here and spots to put two hanging bars as well as these shelves.

So, tons of space in there get back. So, you can kind of just see how big that actually is just kind of want to zoom around the room a little bit too. So, you can get a feel for the whole thing okay let's check out the bathroom last, but not least alright here's the bathroom it's cool about 2017 is they have these sliding panel doors oops.

I just forget they, button them on top they have these sliding panel doors. So, it saves on space, but it also looks cool it just slides right back into the wall porcelain flip flush toilet because this is a luxury 5th wheel got a towel circle cabinet up here mixer storage a max fan fan in here to a big one-piece shower with seat and ask these cool Bluegreen glass doors too looks like a nice sprayer head and a skylight as well as really deep linen cupboards and that's part of that extra six inches of width really helps with that too all right and more space on the bottom there as well as nice-size vanity here the space below solid surface countertops stainless steel bowl in here too and then a dual mirrored medicine cabinet. So, plenty of space there too all right and.

I think that about does it for this 2017 Jayco pinnacle 36k pts. I'm John from Tarrytown RV feel free to come on down you can check out this Jayco other luxury jegos we actually have luxury 5th wheels from a bunch of manufacturers or, if you don't want to check out something. So, luxurious that's ok too we have tons of stuff and motorhomes to go is right next door to.

So, so. I'm John from Tarrytown thanks for taking this through with me and take care give Tarrytown RV a call today. So, we can put our buying power and experience service to work for you we look forward to earning your business Tarrytown RV don't forget to like comment and subscribe to our youtube page to stay updated on new content our facebook link and websites are located in the descriptions below Tarrytown RV.