22 innovative 2017 Lance 2285 Luxury Palm Springs

hi folks. I'm in Baker the product specialist here at American RV and gorgeous Grand Rapids Michigan today.

I'm here to tell you all about the 2017 Lance 2285 this is a beautiful couples coach great rear kitchen floor plan and it's under five thousand pounds let's go ahead and start up front here we'll make your way around then head on in the first things you'll notice is this right here just your power tongue jack very simple and easy to use just touch the, button that will raise and lower the tongue that way it simplifies the process of hooking up and disconnecting to the tow vehicle then right behind that is the propane tank cover easy to access this as well you have these two thumb screws undo those lift at the top here right there's your two 20-pound propane tanks Lance does put the switch over right on top. So, it is very easy to go ahead and switch between your tanks as well then behind the propane tank cover you can see the rails right there for your battery box this unit will come with one battery, but, if you do want a second there is enough room on the rails to go ahead and install two underneath that is your spirit tire you can see right there that even the spare has the aluminum rim on there and also nitrogen-filled just like the regular tires, but we'll get to that when we go to the back better eat is connect on there as well that's cool. So, that way instead of having to disconnect your batteries manually can just turn that switch and it will kill all power to your camper when you're done for the season also you will notice instead of going with like your diamond plating they went with a nicer wrought guard it has the fiberglass here has a really smooth look to it and of course that helps protect the front end and then lay it in here LED lights the thing.

I like that Lance did you'll see this throughout Lance when we're looking at Lance quality most manufacturers just take a sticky strip of LEDs slap them on there and throw some silicon on it, if you notice Lance is actually protected it has a nice plastic cover on here. So, it's not North worried about it falling off it's not going to get beat up on you. So, again just showing you that Lance takes that extra stop now, if you take a look at the gorgeous front end you'll see the nice curvature here to it it's nice and aerodynamic not only that, but they put a beautiful piece of glass right there nice curved glass on there as well frameless just like all of your windows on the Lance really helps give it a nice look on the front end and it provides a ton of natural light while you're inside when you come around to the side of the coach right here is your sewer hose so, if you're a nice convenient place when.

I'm putting it back in the bumper you can just store it right in there pass-through storage here. So, a couple things of Note one you'll see right here it does have a cupboard hinge that way not it won't get rust coming all down your door slam latch baggage door as well. So, nice and easy to shut and it has a magnet.

So, when you put it up it stays just like that now this one does have the bin which personally. I really enjoy this is an option you don't have to get this, if you don't want, but. I think it's phenomenal because this way you can access everything from the door side of the coach you don't have to go to the off camp side to grab anything everything can be right here nice and convenient so.

I personally really enjoy having that there to make your way back a little bit further as. I did mention frameless windows on here a couple big advantages to those one they're just way better looking to the way they open they kind of tilt open like this. So, that allows you to keep them open while it's raining lastly the seals themselves are actually behind this painted part of the glass.

So, you don't have to worry about them getting beat up by the elements meaning your windows will last longer right underneath here, if you take a look you will see a propane quick-connect so, if you want to put a grill out here you can nice and easily do that. I just pop it in there and it'll feed off your big bottles while we're down here a couple other things you'll notice in the C channel here what Lance has done is they actually have the cutouts you know this is a very lightweight unit under 5,000 pounds they've done a great job a lot of engineering went into their units to lighten them up without affecting the structure and that's part of it right there you know just taking some of the weight out and as we go through you know. I'll talk more and more about certain things they do, but that is certainly one of them another one why we're out here this does have as Dell behind your fiberglass.

So, again as Dells a little bit lighter than luan it's more expensive, but you know the reason Lance puts it in there it's a quality product they want quality build it helps with the weight it's a green material it doesn't have all the glues and stuff you have in luan and absorb moisture so, if you ever do get moisture in your sidewall you won't get the delamination from having any popping from your luan coming apart then as we move back a little further this coach does have two entrances the cool thing about it is both of them have the double steps as well as the easy grab handle most manufacturers again they don't do that they'll put just a regular handle here and a grab handle on your main entrance, but Lance went ahead and gave you a grab handle on both just because you know, if you do go in either way you may need that extra assistance. So, this one does lead into the bedroom the back when we go back there we'll see leads into the kitchen let's take a look up top real quick here you'll notice the carefree of Colorado armless awning this is a phenomenal awning you know you don't have the big arms coming down. So, it doesn't box you out just touch of a, button it rolls out touch of a, button it rolls back in with this particular awning.

I mean you don't even have to hold it you just touch it and it does the rest on its own which is really cool also it does have an LED light in the barrel itself. So, when it is rolled out that will shine down on the campsite, if you turn it on also it's a quick proof a wind sensor so, if it does get too windy out it'll go ahead and roll itself back up you know you can of course always turn that off so, if you're at a beach where it's naturally going to be windy and you don't want it rolling up on you not a problem just turn that wind sensor off underneath the power awning you will also notice two outside speakers. So, that way, if you want to listen to any music you can certainly do that now that's controlled by your multi media center inside however it is bluetooth capable so, if you have a smart phone or a tablet you can sit right out here underneath your awning build up control your music from that device another thing about Lantz take a look at this right here this little badge shows that it is for season certified Lance is one of the best in my opinion when it comes to for season capability what they actually do with your tanks all right most manufacturers when they call it for season what they'll do is they'll put an enclosed underbelly which is essentially like a glorified cardboard they put underneath there which helps seal it in and then they just run a doctor too in there and that will you know try to fill the entire underbelly and heat up your tanks well Lance they expect you to go camping and colder seasons they want to guarantee nothing's going to happen.

So, what they do they actually take your tank drop it into essentially another mold Boal. So, they have you know a tank sitting within a tank it's a little bit of space around it and then they run air docks directly into it. So, those Ducks are blowing directly on the tanks guaranteeing they won't freeze that's a big deal especially, if you're doing colder weather camping that you know that definitely shows again Lance is going above and beyond taking that extra step for you another thing about construction real quick before we make our way back.

I'd like to talk about is when they do build these again most manufacturers and they put the walls on they put the walls here they run a bunch of screws to connect the wall to the floor. So, essentially what's holding your wall is the screws well screws aren't really supposed to be able to take that much weight when it comes to sheer force alright and that's exactly what those screws are doing what Lance does is they actually take a metal extrusion alright that extrusion then kind of has a channel in it and it sits on the floor then the wall sits directly into that channel that way the floor it's LR the those screws rather aren't taking the weight that CE channel is it's sitting right in there then they screw into it and that will help support the walls. So, again just a better construction method from the very beginning it's the things you can't see that make Lance what it is as far as a product right here you will notice this of course is your electrical outlet.

So, you know, if you're doing to plug anything out and out here you can certainly do that because we take a look down below again here so. I did talk about this on a spare tire these are your aluminum alloy rims that way less chance for any kind of rust or corrosion when you're buying a more expensive travel trailer you want that better look which is exactly what you get here to nitrogen-filled tires to will help form or even tire wear a little bit better tow experience while going down the road moving back again frameless windows here this is our main entrance as. I mentioned easy grab handle two steps to climb on in and you have the keyless entry here so, if you do forget your keys lock them in it is nice and easy to go ahead and get in one last thing on the axles before we do go around the other side these are dexter axles they actually have self adjusting brakes.

So, that's awesome because, if you're not aware and some people aren't that over time your brakes actually have to become readjusted with Glantz they stay self adjust. So, you don't have to worry about it you don't have to bring it in it just does it all on its own and again you know it's a little bit more expensive having those torsion axles having the the self adjusting brakes, but lance goes ahead and does that for you coming around to the back side here rear mounted ladder and this is not a wimpy ladder take a look it's nice and thick here. So, when you step on there, if you climb up you know.

I'm not a small guy on this ladder. I feel safe. I don't feel like it's going to tear out of the wall or bend or break.

I know that it's nice and sturdy for when. I climb up onto the roof beautiful-looking you know a half rear cap here you can kind of see they have the header up there as a real nice look kind of the same thing coming down the sides just helps protect a little bit from any kind of water intrusion then as we make our way around to the other side here a couple quick things one actually, if you take a look right down below you'll see the jacks. I like the jacks they use on here instead of the standard scissor jacks you'll see they kind of come down on an angle and, if you notice it kind of creates a triangle in there.

I like that as well that helps zero out the forces up you know there's a lot of static forces that are here and when you have triangles things, but like a roof truss helped zero out the forces it's doing the same thing giving you more stability for your Lance product then as we come around to this side right here this is your 30 amp supply detachable power cord that we don't have to worry about you know critters and stuff running up in there cable and satellite right here outside shower with both hot and cold access you can see that take a look at the slide out real quick now bear in mind this unit is under 5,000 pounds and you have this huge slide on here which is awesome. So, as we take a look at the slide you will notice the Schwinn tech worm gear on here which is phenomenal one of the best systems out there you know it travels from both the top and the bottom that way it pulls in and pushes out evenly also you can see the seals they have on here you have a bulb seal as well as your swiper seal it will have another one the inside too now one of the things that Lance does and again as. I said it's the small things that make Lance what it is most manufacturers when they have their they have their plates and stuff coming together here there's this seam this plastic seam well what can happen is when that constantly brushes up against that seal.

I can start to cut and tear that seal Lance has put tape over it. So, that way it won't happen and again. I know it's minor it's nothing that's expensive, but it just goes to show you the quality and care they put into this and they thought that they put into their unit then it's on the in the slide right here they're not wasting any space you can see it also has a magnetic latch very easy to put up and take a look not only do you have that huge tray up front, but you have this excellent addition additional storage right there in the slide all right that'll wrap it up for the outside.

I know it's a lot, but let's just go take a look at the inside you'll be equally impressed welcome to the inside of the 2017 Lance 22 85 this particular model is in the Palm Springs interior let's go ahead and start off right over here. So, as you'll notice right up here you have great storage the doors do lift up and they are strut supported. So, that way it's just one hand nice and easy to get in there a couple things.

I do want to point out when. I talk about the Lance one is this is a light ply material which is extremely strong and lightweight again helping you get or help taking some weight out of the coach, but one of the things Lance does when they make their cabinet everything is residential grade and look at this, if you've notice there's no GIMP molding in there, butts right up to the ceiling most manufacturers can't do that the reason Lance can is everything is C&C cot. So, everything is precision it is perfect it is exact time and time again which again helps give them that quality the other thing about it when.

I said it was strong. I'm telling you, if you notice. I mean that strong stuff right there you don't have to worry about anything breaking on you everything's screwed and glued it just like it would be for your residential applications and they and you know they go ahead and knock it out.

So, on the back side of this there's a big notch that way the center piece fits right in there like. I said it's just a very quality build in all of the woodwork underneath that you can see here you have two LED lights you actually have LED lights throughout the end tire coach which is awesome because they use less power and they don't put out near the heat a clock over here that's free no problem Thank You Lance threw that in then right below that is electrical outlet so, if you need to sit on the couch here and work on a laptop or tablet you can easily do. So, large window which is awesome this will be on your camp side of course so, if you want to take a look out at camp just open that guy up and also obviously it lets in a lot of natural light as well right here you do have a key ring.

So, that way as soon as you come in just go ahead and hang your keys up then underneath this right here is your couch very cool actually this is has dual in Kleiner's. So, you have an incline err on both sides also not only is it a couch, but it's a jackknife sofa. So, this comes up and drops down into a bed.

So, that way, if you have additional guests need to stay the night they can go ahead and sleep there, but while. I have this up. I want you to take a look right underneath.

So, again Lance is thinking about you as far as winterization they make it nice and easy the water pump is very easy to get to there it is to switch over for winterization to put your glycol in here they're trying to make it very simple you know and again you see that time and time again they're trying to make maintenance and everything easy on you you come to the back side this brings us into the kitchen norcold fridge freezer right here. I'll go ahead and open that guy up you can take a look six cubic foot. So, plenty of space you have a cut out there, if you have anything taller like a half gallon of milk do you want to put in there you can certainly do that also on the norcold your thermostats right here on the outside it does run off of both propane and electric with automatic switch over and personnel like norcold it's made right here in the United States a couple controls up here this is your slide-out this is for your power awning as.

I mentioned you know has a retract and extend right here this is your on/off switch for the wind sensor. So, as. I mentioned, if you want to turn it off and turn it off or on just flip it up to on and some of your lights and controls will be right over here as well as your LED light for the awning as.

I mentioned that is in the barrel take a look up at the ceiling real quick here before we continue on in the kitchen you will see you have a vent right there so, if you are cooking you want to open that up you certainly can then you have a large skylight here too which does a great job of letting in all the natural light now the other thing it has again this is for season capable so, if you're going to be camping in colder conditions you'll notice these, buttons on here what that's for is you actually have covers to put on all of these that way it keeps all that cold out. So, that's definitely really cool keeps out the cold keeps out the light and you have that on all of your ceiling mounted guns. So, let's go ahead and take a look right over here this is the microwave you're way down there four thousand nine hundred and twelve pounds underneath that is your fully functional hood with the light and fan 3-burner atwood cooktop with a cover it did a great job you know you have good countertop space in here especially with the cooktop cover and the sink top cover there is well, but as you raise this up you'll see three burner cooktop high output there right in front and atwood has excellent flame control on it big oven underneath as well so, if you do need to do any kind of baking you certainly can decorative backsplash on there to gives it a nice look moving over you'll see right here electrical outlet so, if you do need to plug anything in you can do that there's also another one tucked right underneath this cabinet here.

So, you know, if you need to put a coffee maker, if you want to hear it over there you can certainly go ahead and have that done then as we open this guy up you have a bank of four drawers you know. I get asked a lot about these drawers because you know there as you can see plastic drawers and. I say you know everyone says well high-quality product why do they put in plastic drawers Lance does this for your convenience alright the cool thing about the plastic drawers you can take these out you can wash them you can rinse them, if you need like a separate wash basin you can go ahead and use it for that you can take it outside, if you're out fishing and you want to fly your fish you can you know throw your fish guts or whatever in here whatever you need to do it gives you that versatility.

So, that's why Lance does it personally. I think it's great they do. I think it's a really neat system and then also our underneath here as you'll see right there you have some additional storage these shelf is built in moving back up top this is our sink as.

I mentioned does have a sink top cover this is cutting board quality, if you want to use that as a cutting board very large a single bowl American stone cat sink American stone cast makes a fantastic sink it doesn't scratch nearly as easy as stainless steel it's not as loud you know it's nice and thick and it can withstand temps up to 500 degrees a lot of people they think stone think it's going to burn not the case here. So, you know, if you're cooking something you put a hot pan in there you don't have to worry about it it's not going to turn black it'll keep that nice white look there windows on both sides here as well. So, as you're doing dishes you want to look out you can and again during the day lets in a lot of natural light whereas at night you have the LED lights here storage up top Strutt supported as well.

So, again one hand operation go ahead and lift it up grab what you need to and then additional storage right over here as you can see that does also have a built-in shelf then, if you move over this is the slide. I showed you on the outside. So, one of the things.

I love about Lance is again the students under five thousand pounds and take a look at the size of this slide it is huge you get an awesome u dinette nice and large beautiful Palm Springs interior on there in the corner here you can see the pillows that's that's kind of a neat feature too that way, if you want to you know sit back put your back against that you can do it you know these are long enough you can have your legs hanging off especially on that side it's great to have a good view to the TV which we'll go over in just a bit windows all the way around here day and night shades on there as well this light is actually on a dimmer switch which is really cool that's right here so, if you know you want to turn it down a little bit, if it's in the morning and you have guests sleeping out here, but you want to see to be able to make coffee you can go ahead and turn this down. So, it's not blaring, but just very neat up here you'll see some axillary lighting as well. So, you know kind of gives you some secondary lighting gives it a very nice aesthetic another stable has not only very functional as you can see it is pretty sturdy obviously you can set it as everyone around here to have a meal, but, if you do have additional guests not only can you sleep on a jackknife sofa, but this actually drops down you can remove this leg right here you'll see the rails the table sits right along those rails fill it into the cushions and this makes a nice large bed the other great thing about this, if you take a look underneath the seats super easy to access the storage this is all nice and finished off ball-bearing drawers on there gives it a really great look and again very easy to access that does have locks on both drawers as well.

So, when you are traveling you can go ahead and lock it. So, after what everything flying out on you another thing. I get asked often you know not just on the drawers, but is why this is.

So, high you know why did they raise up the dinette it's quite simple actually the reason for it is tow ability. So, as. I mentioned this is a lightweight unit it's under five thousand pounds.

So, they don't expect you to be towing it with you know a 3/4 ton pickup, if you have one you want to tow it by all means you can do so, but you know they're trying to think of the purse with a smaller vehicle maybe like a midsize SUV like a trailblazer something to that nature and, if then, if and when that is the case you want this to be as light as possible and sitting as low to the ground as possible because the more it sits up over the top of your vehicle the more wind resistance you're going to have you know the worst tow experience you're going to get. So, you know when your winks are when you're towing something like this you want it to sit low and in order to do. So, all right they have to have a raised slide when you have a flush floor slide and an RV essentially what they do they take this floor right here they raise it up to the level of this slide you have dead space underneath, but it has the appearance of a flush floor when they do that when you raise this floor up you're raising the whole unit up which is going to raise your ceiling heights which again is going to give you worst oa bility.

So, instead they keep it low raise up the slide and. I'm telling you once get used to it it's a very nice easy step up in here you won't even notice. So, definitely worth it in my book then right over here as we move further up this is the entertainment center as.

I mentioned Jensen TV on here this is a 32 inch Jensen TV and you have a Jensen multimedia Center the multimedia Center does run the speaker's outside as well as the speakers in here it's a radio CD and DVD player so, if you want to watch a movie go ahead and pop it in you can certainly do that and as. I mentioned we were outside it is Bluetooth capable now the thing. I'd like about this is that it is Jensen that may not mean a lot to you, if you're not familiar with the RV industry, but, if you are gents electronics is one of the top name brands in the RV industry the reason is they're built specifically for RVs they can take and withstand these shocks and vibrations from going down the road as well as the temperature extremes from very hot to very cold.

So, even though manufacturers pay a little more for knit it is definitely worth knowing that your TV and multimedia center are still going to work when you start camping the next season there underneath here you have some exhilarating connections you'll see right over here you do have a couple of ports who satellite right there and then you have plug in so, if you need to plug in on your equipment you can easily do. So, again another plug in right down below my opinion that's perfect, if you're sitting right here you need to work again on a laptop tablet something you can plug in there or, if you can always utilize that one, if it's not being used and you can see there you have additional shelving for DVD collection or whatever else you want to throw in there now as you move up a little bit this will move into the bathroom you can see you have a privacy curtain here to close it off as well as a curtain here to close off the bedroom space, but as we move up you can see this as your sink now, if you do have to get ready in the morning you will notice that you have a countertop extension right there so, if you need to set your hairdryer something on there your curling iron you can definitely do that plug in of course for it's right over here otherwise sink top you do have some good countertop space even without the extension there not bad you know enough place to at least put soap toothbrush whatever you need up top here is your mirrored medicine cabinet beautiful light open this up you can see great storage there two hand towel ring from your done washing your hands and then underneath you can see there some good additional storage now the bathroom itself will be right over here you can pop on in and take a look you'll notice the right down below is your foot flush lover toilet there you do have good leg room then up top you have right here of course your towel bar nice magazine rack up there too, if you need some reading material and then over to the side is your shower. So, the shower you can see have a shelf nice big hand wand and in skylight up top as well as a vent in there is bent in there too now close this guy that cool thing this has is this right here, if we open this up take a look at this huge wardrobe space.

I love that they have this so, if you have a lot of clothes you can go ahead and hang them there's enough room there for laundry basket or two, if you want. So, you have a place to put your dirty clothes, if you want to use this as you know a coat closet you can do that too you have the entrance right over here for your bat room. So, you can come in that door, if you want to and hang stuff write up whatever you want, but.

I love the versatility of being able to have that let's go ahead and take a look at the bedroom itself. So, the first thing. I want to point out is this right here the bed this is at one it's extremely comfortable, if you take a look you can see this is a certain mattress it has the pillow top on there it is nice and comfy and this is a 60 by 80 residential queen-size bed so, if you are a taller person you don't like your feet hanging off a bed no problem come lay down on the Lance you won't be disappointed on the sides they do a beautiful job with your night nightstands here you can see you have good countertop space there drawers on both sides are underneath nice deep drawers also you can see have electrical outlet this one actually has two USB ports and a 12-volt as well so, if you need to charge you know cell phones via USB you can do that, but.

I like the fact that it has the electrical outlet so, if you do have a CPAP machine you want to use you can go ahead and plug it in on either side of the bed then right above that you have your wardrobe space as you can see here again hanging rod to have that on both sides then moving up a little bit this is that big beautiful window. I showed you when you were outside currently we have this down again for lighting quality, but when you open that up it lets in a ton of natural light up top you have a shelf there with some auxiliary lighting as well two reading lights here in case you want to do some reading, if you take a look up top this is really cool fantastic fan directly above your bed so, if you don't want to run the AC you can open up these two windows turn on that fantastic fan and. I'm telling you you'll feel the breeze come through it does an awesome job same thing is out in living room this does have the latch covers on there as well for winter and speakers up here too.

So, again, if you wanna listen to music back here you can do that, if you're more of a TV person not a problem you will notice your hookups for TV right here satellite connections HDMI ports here just like out at the main TV and then again your additional hookups and, if you notice this is able to take a 120 or a 12 volt. So, either TV you have you can go ahead and utilize either one all right folks that's pretty much going to wrap it up again this is a 2017 Lance 22 85 this one is in the Palm Springs interior, if you're looking for a great couples coach this one has a beautiful rear bath setup you have the dual end Kleiner's on the sofa you have the large u-shaped dinette the bathroom space is nice and big excellent additional wardrobe so, if you're looking to spend some time in it you have enough storage for your clothes as well as your food this is one you don't want to miss out on, if you do have any questions or comments please feel free to go ahead and leave those in the section below or you can always give myself. Ian Baker a call here at American RV and.

I'll be happy to answer that way as well, if you have particular questions on the specs of the unit or, if you're looking for latest price and availability. I recommend you visit our website which is American RV comm for the most up-to-date information also, if you enjoyed this video make sure you subscribe that will be one of the first to see future content thanks again for watching. I'm.

Ian Baker. I can't wait to see you on the road to freedom.

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