18 original 2017 Travel Lite 800X Truck Camper Mocha Swirl

hi folks. I'm in Baker the product specialist here in American RV and Grand Rapids Michigan today.

I'm here to tell you all about the 2017 vintage cruiser 19 RBS the cool thing about this one it has the crimson red interior as you can see, but also has the woody package which changes up the whole look gives it more of a cottage feel inside and you have that big piece of wood going across at outside look that you're used to seeing a lot of your older cars and you know got nicknamed the moniker woody. So, here we are inside let's go ahead and start off right up front on the bed you'll see nice large queen bed here a little bit updated bedspread here as well as the pillow shams and you have good storage underneath well go ahead and open that up you can see there your struts make it very easy to open up as well as closed back down and not only do you have your tank here inside, but underneath this is actually your spinner tired. So, they do go ahead and store that inside that way you know it'll be in good shape on both sides you see a little bit of extra storage here go ahead and open that up for you do have a hanging rod in there.

So, good wardrobe storage little shelf on either side to some reading lights right here it's pretty cool you have a couple different options you can have the blue light like this one right here or you can push and hold the, button and that will give you your reading light storage all the way across the front here as well you can see that and again because this does have the woody package as. I said it does have the different wood all the way throughout just a really great look you take a look up at the ceiling you will see LED lights going all the way through which are great they don't put out near the heat use a fraction of the energy also you have a vent right here above the bed so, if you want to open up some windows you can have a nice cross breeze coming through privacy curtain here and then your AC is also ceiling mounted you take a look right over to the side here you have your dinette again the vintage look here with the crimson red interior this dinette does drop down into a bed, if you need some extra sleeping space you have window. I hear a couple extra lights they're open this up and you will see some additional storage it is big enough you can go ahead and put some board games up there then you also have the shelving space right here up top couple LED lights to help brighten it up right over here is your media center your multimedia Center this is a radio CD player and DVD player, if you do want to watch a movie you can go ahead and pop it right in there and it'll control the TV over here which.

I'll show you in just a second extra light over here as well again to help brighten it up right here's your fridge freezer combo. I love the fact that they have matched the panel as the red panel on there you can see that there plenty of space for everything that you need unit does run off both propane and electric, but underneath here go ahead and open this guy up you see two very large drawers you'll see how nice and deep those are. So, this is really great spot for you know pots and pans or other large items that you would want to store in the kitchen, but over here is your mount for your TV this does come off.

So, you can take that outside hook it up outside, if you want TV out there all your hookups right here for your DVD player cable and satellite there and a couple extra electrical hookups and two USB ports moving over into the kitchen right here is your microwave stainless steel hood with a light and a fan there same thing with your cooktop that's also a stainless lid 3-burner cooktop there it is atwood the front one is high output great flame control on the Atwoods and then when you drop it down you see that you have an oven underneath or a little bit of baking going back up top LED lights here again open this up good pantry storage right there nice big storage area big door there double-bowl sink go ahead and take a look they're large herbal on the Left smaller one on the right makes it nice and easy for washing and rinsing dishes and then a high-rise faucet there too and then right underneath the sink you can see this is also a very large storage area the thing. I like about this is there is enough space not just for cleaning supplies, but, if you want to put a small trash can under there you can go ahead and do that too as we step into the bathroom you will see it is nice and big right over here is the neo-angle shower kind of has the tile look there to a hand wand and a Scott light on top you also have a nice big event right here and then over here you see you have a little storage area an electrical outlet there of course the rest of shower curtains tucked in there, but good storage there to plenty for toilet paper everything else you need and then right down in the bottom here is your foot flush lover toilet now as we take a look across the way here go ahead and open this up you'll see you do have hanging rod there nice big wardrobe some additional space down below, if you want to put you know trash can or something there you can towels whatever else you want you have your mirrored medicine cabinet right here with some additional storage your sink here electrical outlet down below and uh some additional storage beneath the sink alright folks that pretty much wraps it up again this is a 20-17 vintage cruiser 19 RBS this one is in the crimson red interior and has the all-new woody package equipped. I think they've done a great job having that woody package it gives the vintage of extra choice and extra design that you can have definitely something that is very cool for this year, if you are interested in you'd like price and availability can.

I give myself ian baker a call here at American RV or you can always take a look at our website which is American Art vcom for the most up-to-date information also, if you enjoyed this walkthrough be sure to join our YouTube channel that will be one of the first to see the latest and greatest from us here at American RV thanks again for watching i'm ian baker i can't wait to see you on the road to freedom.