24 excellent 2017 Winnebago Spyder 28SC Black

hi folks. I'm.

Ian Baker the product specialist here at American RV in Grand Rapids Michigan today. I'm here to tell you all about the 2017 Winnebago scorpion 3480, if you're looking for a high-end quality toy hauler then this is the one let's go ahead and start off right here on the front we'll make our way around and head on in it's beautiful fiberglass front cap there you can see the Scorpion design front and center. I think they did a great job nice and aggressive kind of have the tribal look to it here on the front and you can see the blue LED lights there as well give it that extra little flare at night right up front is your trail air Rolleiflex kingpin helps take some of the bucking and chucking out of the vehicle when towing let's come running underneath here you'll see front and center is your Cummins Onan generator 5500 watt there.

So, you can go ahead and have power even when you're out boondocking plan with some of the toys right over here this of course is one of your jacks here does have six-point auto level you will see basically your entire hydraulic system is right there so, if you have to do any kind of maintenance on the hydraulic system that is the door you would get into, if you come over to this side here's another one of your jacks, but one of the things. I want to show you is you'll see right up there that little blinking red light that is the controller for your slide out it's for your bedroom slide. So, in the event that you ever have any kind of issues with your bedroom slide you can actually use that controller push it and hold it for about seven seconds and it'll flash a quick code for you.

So, that way you know exactly how to fix it that will put it in manual mode just making it very simple. So, you're not stuck. So, we take a look at the side wall beautiful side walls here one of the things.

I love about Winnebago towables is this is a true pour gel coat exterior this is top of the line it's what you'd expect at a high-end fifth-wheel like these scorpion is you can buff it and it'll keep that shine and luster for the life of the coach you take a look all the way up top there you'll see the rolled roof edge which is nice less chance for any kind of water penetration and because it's a bigger corner, if you do brush up against anything its last chance to tear that membrane open and you see a big power awning the cool thing about this coach we have option the second once you'll see we actually have two awnings here which essentially cover the entire side of this toy hauler. So, that way just push a, button they'll open up for you you have all that coverage LED lights under there as well. So, you do have light at night and you have the LEDs on both of the awnings, if you want to watch some TV that's not a problem either you'll see right here's your TV hookups.

So, go ahead and hook that up bill to watch some TV underneath the awning solar prep this unit does have it so, if you want solar not an issue just go ahead and buy the panel's plug them in right there and it will start to trickle charge the battery this right here shows this unit is equipped with the extreme weather package. So, you don't have to worry about being out in the cold everything below is heated and insulated. So, you know that way, if you get into those cold temps you won't have anything freezin up on you two propane tanks you have one 30 pounder on this side one 30 on the other side and, if you take a look right down below here you will see a propane Quick Connect so, if you want to hook up a grill and stuff go ahead and hook the grill up you have your TV out here half the awning over your life is good this is one side of the pass-through.

I'll show you real quick well we have a bar have a big box in here this is actually a zero-gravity chair you'll get a better view of this from the other side though we'll take a look when we go over there right over here this is your battery tray you see it as a tray that pulls out very large tray on there and currently only have one battery of course you want to add another that is certainly not an issue getting into the coaches very easy you have for aluminum steps with the grips on there easy grab handle right here two you have two entrances into this coach well three technically, if you include the party duck, but. I'll show you that a little bit later, but this one would be your main entrance into the home portion right here you see keyless entry so, if you do lock your keys inside you forget them it's nice and easy to go ahead and get in there frameless windows on the Winnebago scorpion as well frameless windows have a couple big advantages one they just look a whole heck of a lot better to the seals themselves are actually tucked behind the glass. So, helps protect it from the elements and three because the way they open you can open these up even when it's raining and still have a nice cross breeze coming through the coach you take a look underneath the slide you see your your rims there you have the aluminum alloy rims nitrogen-filled tires and in between you will see this unit is equipped with feet equal flexus pension this is the second entrance right here.

So, this will actually get you into the garage portion, but again you see the aluminum stops you don't have to worry about those rusting out, if you look up top underneath the awning you see some outside speakers. So, that way you can sit out here and jam out, but just wait till we see the sound system when you get inside it is quite impressive you have a vent right back here you'll have one of these on each side nice and easy to use that way any exhaust fumes in the back are vented out they'll come around to the back with me and take a look you have an awesome party deck here the more ride system is super simple and easy to set up the railing basically it swings out these last little ends here to extend snap into place here fold these in the stairs right here clip on to that and you have an extremely stable system you can see the steps you know they're not going anywhere this is nice and secured here and. I'm shaking that pretty good you know and again so.

I love this once it is set up and it is quick and easy to set up and once it is it is very solid the ramp door itself is a zero gravity door. So, again super simple to drop down you know we did it earlier with just our pinky it really is that simple. So, it's not heavy at all which means one person can easily drop the gate down now of course the cables hold this up for the party deck on both sides also it is auto locked.

So, you have a key. So, it's powered to go ahead and lock and unlock those you don't have you know the big manual you know latches to have to latch them. So, again just making the process that much easier and when you shut this gate it automatically locks for you.

So, just one less thing you have to worry about, if you take a look up top you see that that's kind of tough to see, but there is a screen here. So, the screen drops down on the part. So, you can leave this out drop the screen down still be able to get nice air flow coming in above that you will see two LED lights.

So, you can light up your party deck at night you have a power awning on there as well. So, go ahead and open that up. So, that way you know you have some coverage you get some shade back here and above that you have the beautiful spoiler that really completes the back end completes that look looks absolutely awesome we'll talk about this the garage a little bit more and we head inside, but first.

I want to hit some of the things on the off door side here one is this right here it's your ladder nice and easy to use pull these pins out kind of pulls away and drops down that will allow you to climb up onto the roof it is a fully walkable roof right over here are your fills you had we have an optional extra tank on here. So, normally this unit comes equipped with a 40 gallon tank that the generator and the fill station would share, but we did opt for a second twenty gallon tank. So, you have 40 for the fill station and then 20 gallon is purely for the generator dedicated to that generator.

So, that's definitely great the controls are right here very simple to use, if you've seen a toy hauler to fill station this probably all looks pretty similar go ahead and drop this down and then right there is your pump to be able to fill up your toys detachable 50 amp power cord right over here and as we make our way up front last thing. I want to show you is this as. I promised go ahead and open this guy up and this is the other side of the pass-through.

So, you'll see you do have really good storage up here you know you don't see that very often on your larger toy haulers on your fifth wheels generally you know what you have in their side is running all the way through it's very narrow, but not the case here you have good storage this is a real for your power cord. So, when you're done you can put it in there use that reel to reel it up you'll really appreciate this on cold days, if you've ever had to fight with a 50 amp power cord when they get cold they are not very pliable. So, this definitely makes it a lot easier your Auto level system is right here light for your front LEDs there is top then right over to this side is your convenience center you can see here this is great everything you want it does have a whole house filter on here outside shower you know everything for your winterization there you can see your tanks there as well to go ahead and drain those out cable hunt satellite hookups are there too, but all right folks pretty much wraps it up for the outside.

I know it's gorgeous, but just wait till we get inside welcome to the inside the 2017 Winnebago scorpion 3480. So, as you take a look. I mentioned the big party deck right here you can see that coming up in the beaver tail here you do have some nice storage just very easily accessible and that.

I did talk briefly about having a screen. So, you see they have a handle right here screen pulls down nice and easy of course can take it all the way down that way you still get the air flow coming in and don't have to worry about all the bugs you have dual truck rollover sofas on either side. So, these are nice and easy just like.

So, of course you do the same thing the other side make a nice bed right here this is on the happy jack system and, if you take a look up top you can see there is another queen bed right above it. So, you have two queen beds here which allow for great sleeping capacity now these rollover sofas can either store in horizontal or vertical orientation depending on what you're putting back here so, if you want to put them both render Neath the bed you can have the extra width or you can put them both up against the walls giving you the extra height again depending on your particular needs of course you see your D rings all along the floor here you'll have nine of those this one does have the carpet back here as well so, if you want this more of a residential living space you can go ahead and roll that out windows on both sides here allow for a great cross breeze up above this bed there is a fantastic fan as well. So, again, if you want that cross breeze back here you know you open the windows up turn that fan on and you can make it nice and cool back here without turning on the AC ladder to get up onto the top bunk here you have good speakers you have your Sony speakers back here name-brand speakers for great sound LED lights a/c events up there to some storage right here in both corners kind of show you that TV here.

So, that way, if you're hanging out whether you're sitting on the couch is back here you know maybe at the table set up you're eating a meal you're on the top bunk you want to watch some TV whatever it may be you have that there and that additional DVD CD player right over here this is the second vent. I did mention there were two back here that is the other one right there Dyson vacuum. So, makes it nice and easy to clean up washer/dryer hookup, if you do want washer and dryer this is where it would go and then you have a couple controls in here like your bed lifts as well as that fantastic fan control one more thing.

I do want to say before. I head on in when a lot of people look at toy haulers they think of exactly that and that is you know the big toys whether it's a razor, if you have a golf cart you know Harley's whatever it may be, but toy haulers aren't just good for toys they're also great, if you have a big family you have two queen beds back here you have all this extra storage you know, if you, if normally you can't buy a bike rack you can fit six bikes on you can put all your bikes in here you roll the carpet out this is a great residential space where you have an extra TV you have the fantastic fan you have AC and heat. So, you know.

I just kind of want you to think about that too so, if you're looking for a bunk model don't necessarily rule a toy hauler out all right why don't we go ahead and head to the glass door and we'll go take a look at the entertainment area as well as the kitchen as we move into the main living area you can see the Black Widow interior right over here are your four theater seats. So, extremely comfortable all four of these do of course recline. So, when you're done after a long day you can sit back and relax MCD roller shades all the way around name-brand shades things are the same shades you will see in your half a million dollar motorcoaches also LED lights up top one of my favorite things though is the accent lighting in the sides here, if you take a look it has this beautiful infinity lighting it just seems like the lights are going on forever just kind of a very all aesthetic you take a look up top the garage you will see your bunk over right here there is a ladder to climb up here as well.

So, you do again have additional sleeping space. So, as. I mentioned you know big family plan on sleeping a lot of people you do have more space there AC duct up there as well, if you move over you can see some we take a look at the ceiling you'll see a couple speakers up here you have four speakers for that great sound quality as well as a subwoofer built into the center island.

I can see that right down here Sony Xplod subwoofer Sony Xplod system throughout again for that superior sound quality two ACS in this coach you have one right here. I'll show you the one in the bedroom when we head up there again fantastic fan right over here for that cross breeze through this main living area now let's go ahead and take a look at some of our prep space you have awesome prep space in here it is a very workable kitchen. So, you have all this countertop space here that solid surface counters you have huge prep space in this center island and they gave you a cooktop cover.

So, you can work over there as well massive double bowl sink come take a look at this this one side the sink top cover they actually had to give you two hand holds take it off. I mean that is huge and that is just one side, but you see not only is that large it sits very deep making it one of the biggest stainless steel sinks in an RV you can see a little bit smaller over there which is great for rinsing, but you know. I think that's fantastic they will to put that in there of course under mount because you're able to do that when you have the nice solid surface high rise faucet there as well of course gives it a nice look and is great for doing dishes up above that you see your wine rack right here as you put a couple wine bottles in there for nice extra look you have storage on the side you have the decorative glass here and additional storage right there in the center.

So, take a look underneath you know not only do you have good storage up top you have the same thing right down below here go ahead and open this one up you got a nice big drawer and this one underneath is really cool too this is actually a customizable drawer you can move these pegs however you want. So, you can fit your dishes in there. So, you know that way again it gives you an extra level of customization.

So, you can stack your plates in here nice and tall you don't have to worry about them breaking and. I mean this is a very well made drawer, if you look you can see you know the dovetails on there. I mean this thing is built to withstand the weight that comes with having all of your dishes stacked in there then, if you come right over here again got a little bit of storage right there underneath the sink.

So, let's take a look at the center island you can see the beautiful lighting here in the side and again you can turn all the lighting off it's all controlled by one switch to infinity lighting the light here in the countertop and then the backlighting here, if you don't want it on you can always turn it off. I think it makes a nice look electrical outlets there. So, on both sides, if you need to plug anything in you can easily do that and as you come around to the front here you can see you have a bank of three full extension ball bearing drawers bottom on there and then as we move over here get a little bit of extra storage right there to the cooktop this is a three burner cooktop go ahead and lift this up this does fold back of course the front one there is high output and you have the oven underneath, if you want to do some baking as well as another drawer right there beautiful backsplash here.

I think they did a really cool job they put that scorpion logo there you know and then it's kind of like a poly material. So, it's nice and easy to clean and again you can see that is backlit up above that's your convection oven. So, you know oven and microwave and one.

I personally like this even better than your conventional it's nice and big you can see you know 30-inch plenty of space you can always take this rack out for you to put taller items in there, but it cooks quicker than the oven and it's easier to clean your weights on here as well fourteen thousand six hundred pounds no surprise the toy hauler it is heavy right up top here some extra storage there and then moving over you get into the Dometic fridge freezer combo. So, the thing. I like about this fridge freezer this one is an RV fridge.

So, this does run off of not only electric, but also propane. So, again know when you're out boondocking you know you don't have to worry about constantly running your electric to make this guy work it'll run off your propane as well, if you. So, desire.

So, nice nice and big though plenty of space there beautiful lighting. I forgot to hit that. I don't know, if we saw it in the ceiling shot, but great lighting right there right above you know your main prep area here over to the side very large pantry and take a look in there good size you can see you have big shelves for some of your taller items and you even have some additional storage right up here on top you can see how deep that is most people are probably need a stepladder to get in there, but at least they're able to utilize that space then going across the front here again some extra storage there below that is your 50-inch jensen TV now.

I say Jensen because this is name-brand TV for RVs that's super rare for having a TV this size and having it be a name-brand like that, but again it just shows you the quality components that they are putting in here, if you're not familiar with Jensen they are built for the RV industry to withstand these shakes and vibrations from going down the road as well as their temperature extremes from very hot to very cold and underneath here this is your sony DVD and sound system right there. So, that is what controls all of the speaker's here as well as your big subwoofer for the superior sound and you will see that you can go ahead turn those off and on right there a little bit of extra space here to plug things in you can see your electrical outlet charging Center in here too which is pretty cool so, if you want to put your cell phone in there go ahead plug it in let it charge you can do that the beautiful brick look around the fireplace and then of course the fireplace itself which not only gives it a good look, but that does put out some nice heat of course it runs only off electric, but, if you have your generator going you can run this guy and as. I said it'll help take the chill off in this space now as we head up the steps one one more last thing.

I want to show you is right here your control panel is tucked away which is nice it's not just you know kind of out in the open. So, you can see the majority of your controls right there your generator is right below it and then you or thermostat, but all right folks that wraps it up for the lower half let's head up the steps we'll take a look at the bathroom and bedroom nice large bathroom in the 3480 you'll see right in the corner here's your foot flush lover toilet great storage right next to it you have huge linen closet here with two nice pullout drawers there as well coming over you'll see your vent fan big skylight up above the shower and then your one piece residential style shower with the C sliding glass doors and a hand wand and then over here you see the sink top and vanity great countertop space solid surface countertop stainless steel bowl in here storage underneath and you have a mirrored medicine cabinet with storage up above when you walk into the bedroom of the 3480 you get to come through this beautiful door now one of the things always talk about with Winnebago are their doors they are phenomenal when you're out there shopping whether it's toy hauler 5th wheel travel trailer whatever it may be and you come across the Winnebago go ahead and take a look start opening closing the doors when you do compared to the rest of products out there you will quickly see what. I mean where it's the small things that make the quality of the camper every time you open and close it shots there's no play here there's no wiggle the door shuts nice and easily every time it's framed out in wood rather than plastic they just do a great job right here at the foot of the bed is your jensen 32 inch TV so, if you want to watch a show before bed you can do that nice and easily, if you take a look over this side you have big slide-out wardrobe here you can see you have a window there's for some cross ventilation adds a little bit of extra light they put an LED light in there too you have a bank of six full extension ball bearing drawers there and you can see they're very usable which is nice and then right over here open this up you will see the big wardrobe right there walk around queen bed you can go ahead and take a look they're very comfortable this is an ice i cool sleep system that it's a nice comfortable memory foam you know.

So, you don't have to automatically go out and replace a mattress you will be happy with this one you can see the good storage across the top here, if you take a look in there and that in the sides you'll see additional storage there below that they have nightstands you know a nightstand on both sides electrical outlet both sides as well so, if you need to plug in you know like our phone or CPAP machine you can go ahead and do that and you have storage underneath you'll see that one side you have a single door there the other side here you kind of have like French style doors that open up great storage right there speaking of storage the bed itself does lift up go ahead and lift this guy up you'll see it is strut supported very easy to access this right here is the table that goes in the back in your garage section between the two roll overs well-built American stone cast sink the last thing. I want to talk about, if we take a look at the roof here you or the ceiling rather you'll see LED lights your AC vents the second AC right here and you know one thing. I wanted to mention.

I was out there. I forgot this is a barreled ceiling, if you take a look you know beautiful barreled ceiling which is great for a couple reasons one it gives you more head space in here and it gives that that you know bigger feel. So, don't feel quite as closed in and - because the exterior roof has the same curvature as the interior roof you have the same insulation going all the way through until you get to the very edges.

So, whether it's right here in the center or over here it's the same insulation value versus having a flat roof where of course it pinches off and tapers off a lot sooner. So, definitely some advantages there beautiful crown molding going across here too. I want to add as.

I said just those couple finishing touches that show the Winnebago quality, but alright guys it's pretty much going to wrap it up again this is a 2017 Winnebago scorpion 3480 this is a gorgeous toy hauler, if you're looking for something you know you want to take out a toy holder that you want to last this is perfect you have plenty of space there in the garage you have the fill station as well as the tank that's dedicated for the generator and as. I mentioned you know, if you just want something that's big enough to sleep several people, if you want to sleep a small army then don't pass up a toy hauler this is definitely one you want to take a look at, if you aren't interested you'd like price and availability can give myself. Ian Baker a call here at American RV or you can always take a look at her website which is American RV comm for the most up-to-date information also, if you enjoyed this walkthrough be sure to join our YouTube channel that will be one of the first to see the latest and greatest from us here at American RV thanks again for watching.

I'm. Ian Baker and. I can't wait to see you on the road to freedom.