2018 33FB Classic Airstream Luxury RV Camper

hello welcome back to colonial Airstream this is Patrick Botticelli and. I'm in the all-new 2018 Airstream classic 33 SB well you asked Airstream listen Airstream reads the forums they check surveys as you go to rallies ask a lot of questions folks are asking for a large workstation this trailer now incorporates a workstation customers wanted a large projection TV well is a 65 inch projection TV that comes out of the cabinet also folks ask for a larger bathroom well Xtreme did check this out that is a bathroom this is a very large bathroom is actually the whole back portion of the trailer approximately 7 foot the shower is 36 inches by 44 it's one of the largest showers the darshan has ever come up with standard shower on a 25 ft 27f b28 rear bedroom and all the 30-foot miles is 28 by 30.

So, this is a considerable amount larger class shower doors here fiberglass shower pan it's got a tile membrane on the wall this has adjustable Hardware. So, you can adjust the height up and down residential fixtures and there's plenty of headroom in this bathroom you have the total height of the trailer for headroom toilet here is a residential style thematic porcelain toilet with a master baiter there's a heated towel bar on the wall also the shower floor is heated. So, the radiant heat the holdy system that's onboard it's propane boiler circulates glycol around the whole perimeter of the trailer allows radiant heat to come up they then circle the line underneath the shower floor to give you some heat while you're showering and through a towel bar here as well there's plenty of room to get dressed in this bathroom the Wardrobe is right in the bath and.

I think that makes a lot of sense a lot of people asked for that it's cedar lines. I happen to have the zip-t cherish there's two of them that comes with the trailer. I have them stored in here you can use them outside underneath the awning and lit wardrobe Airstream has had.

So, much success last year with the Firefly multiplex system to enhance they got larger touch screens now, but you can control all your lighting inside the trailer using this touch pad also you can turn the water pump on and off from here you can turn the tank heaters this that's 12-volt tank heaters it gives you a 7 degree boost in temperature you get an unexpected drop in temperature below freezing you press this, button turn the tank eaters on give you a little bit more threshold protection, if your cold weather camping and then this also has the all D flow it's a shower boost give you about 1 gallon per minute flow gives you about another gallon and a half of hot water gives you a temperature about 140 degrees at preheat the water before it brings it into the tank gives you a little bit longer showers that's an exclusive feature on the new 33 ft for 2018 little wardrobe there's some drawers they're all full extension they're deep enough for a socks and underwear it. So, it suggests there's a removable access panel to get to some of your breakers, if you ever had a breaker pop instead of a fuse these are resettable. So, that's what this control on this board here is covering the control panel for it this is the decor this is a con yet maple there's also the mocha cherry interior finish that you have to choose from and then you have two different choices of countertop now you have a light countertop and a dark countertop.

So, you do have that choice you also have a choice of ultra level you have a light and dark. So, it's a chocolate brown what a macadamia is like a light tan, if you have those choices residential fixtures a beautiful faucet very high quality the vessel style sink is actually sunk into the counter there's plenty of room, if you're washing your face or your shaving it up bumping your elbows and any cabinets there's mirrored medicine cabinet with adjustable shelves there's some gaps here left for some reading heat to come out there's an ocean air roller shade against the back window there's an area here to lay some of your belongings on when you're getting change get out of the shower and you have overhead roof lockers let's go through the rest of the trailer extra length of this trailer is 33 foot 2 inches out from the center of the ball at the very back over the exterior width is eight foot five and a half inches that's all 25 putting up air extremes built today have that same with the interior width is B foot one that's from wall the wall on the interior of the travel trailer and next year height with air conditioning is nine foot nine and a half inches gives you an interior ceiling height of six foot seven half inches that's a pretty substantial size ceiling height for a compact travel trailer the hitch weight on this trailer is one thousand one hundred seventy five pounds in a base way this is for factory options is for cargo is eighty to sixty one and they can do a gross vehicle weight rating of ten thousand pounds however you can get the sleeping of Pat's they have up to five is this sofa it doesn't pulled out into the bed, but there's plenty of room for child to sleep on this sofa here the dinette folds down and sleeps up to two kids and it's actually controlled through the multiplex panel here on the wall. So, we'll just toggle through.

I'll show you some of the features that are on here and then. I'll fold the dinette down. So, you could turn your your whole entire ceiling lights for the whole entire trailer on or off from here.

So, you just want to pull all the lights on you could do that you can control your climate your heating and air conditioning from here you can turn the water heater as well as all the boosts on, if you need it to you can monitor your freshwater gray tank black tank and both propane tanks right from here you can also turn on the tank heaters which we saw in the back there's a separate switch, but you can do that from up here as well water pump you can turn on and off from here you can see your household egde when you can also turn on the inverter system as well and when you go through the rest of the panels you can have one separate just for heating and air conditioning the blinds are all controlled so. I can actually just hit one, button and. I could have nightshades go down behind the day shoes, but.

I could just follows it if. I wanted to you can control your fans from here your fantastic fan vent lid your bathroom fan and you can also control the morning as well as the dinette and front bed. So, we're off to the dinette now and we'll bring that down.

I'm just going to press this, button there's two extra cushions that come with the trailer that squeeze together and go in the middle and then the two back rests or velcro and they just come right out use some extra sleeping space it's Coriana top beautiful choreo top high polished the cushions now you have one extra sleeping spot two kids up front here there's a 60 by 75 walk around queen bed and the queen bed is adjustable by either that control panel over there or one over to bed so. I could bring the bed up by one or two read a magazine at night or if. I want to increase the space between the wall and the bed.

I can move the bed up and get it out of the way in the bedroom there's two overhead roof lockers this trailer comes with special specialty sheets each cabinet has a light inside premium hardware again this is all solid maple this is not particle board this is not a vinyl sticker wrap this is real wood here these raised panel cabinetry are all hardwood there's speakers on either side of the roof Locker as part of the whole sound system this has the Polk Audio and it also has a Bose system separate for a television system and then there's lights over to bed on either side they're all controlled from the touch panel here right over to bed beachside has a nightstand with a drawer electrical outlet and USB the blinds here are manual on the sides, but then their power and the galley area manual on the front and sides here as well. So, all the bedroom shades are manual all the galley shades or power except for they went over the kitchen sink we can really dark in this bedroom and sleep in, if it's a you want want to get rid of some of the light it also takes a lot of heat the land a very hot day, if you're camping out in the Sun you close down your shades helps your trailer run a little bit more efficiently there's a control panel here on the wall it allows you to control the bedroom seeing lights then you can individually do the Locker accent you can main lights for a whole ceiling and the whole rest of the trailer so, if you get at night when. I use the restroom you can press this, button turns a little rest of the lights throughout the whole entire trailer you can control a bed lift from here as well reading lights and you can open it and close your fantastic fan which has a motorized lid rain sensor variable speed control the polk audio you could also control from here is a main control panel over by the main multiplex firefly system you can see here on the ground how an extreme dressed up the radiant heat all the heating system really real nice looking the way they dressed it up to hide those pipes the whole entire bed lifts up to gain access to storage underneath there's force front and sides and then there's bulk storage on the corners as well as the middle and there's a premium system this has wooden slats that allow some spring action as well as airflow underneath your mattress so, if you're doing cold weather camping is very important every morning to give some airflow to your mattress to let it breathe.

So, it doesn't mold or mildew this already has that built into it it is a premium pillow top memory foam mattress these are great mattresses and Larry Stream owners are very happy with the quality of the mattress and the quality of their nightly sleeping either side of the trailer and the bedroom has Vista view windows with sheets or does that make a difference when you close these in regards to the heat that comes in then it has a bedroom television on articulating arm. So, you can angle it while you're laying in bed and then the electrical outlets for your inverter system your projector your main television system blu-ray player they'll run off that inverter system 1000 watt pure sine wave. So, this trailer is equipped with factory solar it's a highly recommended upgrade there's 280 watt panels on the roof that gives 160 watt total and they upgrade the batteries to absorb blast matter to group 24 series 12-volt batteries in parallel absorb blast met and that solar is charging those batteries, if we were plugged into electricity right now.

I could turn inverter on and use this television the other television a projector for a certain period of time right off the battery system very neat feature to have no longer need to switch the electrical outlet over from main outlet to inverter outlet it's all integrated now for these appliances bedroom and the rest of the trailer has ducted air conditioning. So, this has two air conditioners toll there's a 15,000 BTU in the galley and there's a second air conditioner in the middle of the trailer that's 13,500 BTU together you could run both of them on a 50 amp service or you could just one like one one like we are now these are adjustable. So, you can change where the air flow comes out what direction you want or you can shut one off completely so, if you wanted to get more airflow in the bedroom you can shut down all the rest of the vents in the trailer and have more air come into the bedroom, but there's there's a total of three in the bedroom here and there's plenty and the rest of the trailer pocket door is solid maple really gives you plenty of privacy while you're in the bedroom and there's a manic magnetic strip that keeps it shut so, if you're parked crooked your doors won't keep opening up this has a 9 cubic foot automatic to my refrigerator runs on gas and electric automatically switches between the two depending on your power source, if you don't have electricity it's going to want to run on propane there's storage above the refrigerator Meryem doesn't waste space cabinet doors cabinet handles and the hardware all cost money most manufacturers have a solid board here they're extreme spent the extra money and time to put a cabinet with the soft clothes on it.

So, you can put some extra items on top there's also a little pantry storage here above a slide-out adjustable wire rack pantry there's a drawer below for additional items says a 3-burner cooktop with electric spark ignition just select which burner you went on you turn that four burner on to make sure you cook turn on your cooktop ventilation system exhaust excess heat and fumes outside. So, as an LED light above it gives you plenty of light source for your cooking needs a little towel bar here and then you have the oven this is a beautiful oven with a glass door there lights up inside has adjustable shelves that standard you do have options to get drawers instead so, if you didn't need the oven you could actually get a couple more drawers for additional storage there's a large drawer below the oven there's another large store below standard convection microwave. I have some of the remotes the quick disconnect for a barbecue grill you can use a low pressure grill, if you want a low pressure grill you can hook it right up to this hose right up to the front of the trailer and then the standard wireless back up camera.

I have it stored in here is a camera already on the back of the trailer turn on your parking lights on your vehicle put the camera into your 12 volt port and your tow vehicle make sure it's above the -. So, you get the reception that you need and you can see what's going on behind your trailer not only when you're backing up when you're driving down the highway you're trying to pass a vehicle you want to make sure you cleared them you can look in that camera you can leave that on the whole time convection microwaves the Cuisinart works just like a regular microwave when you remove this and turn on a regular microwave mode in convection mode you can take the tray out put this rack in there's an electric element on the top that glows cherry red there's a fan in the back that circulates hot air around your food allow you to bake and grill. So, it's people seem to be enjoying these and learning how to use them in a residential application.

So, they're very familiar with them in the RV application there's a good amount of counter space here in the galley when this is down you can use this for prep area as well this is the controller for the solar charging systems you can see how much battery percentage remaining how much battery voltage solar voltage solar charge amps and your charge status all four right here overhead roof lockers give you a good amount of storage and they don't have a divider in the middle so, if you wanted to pull longer items in you could pass it through, if necessary. I'm going to matter storage below the sink here is a silverware organizer even line the top of this cabinet so, if you did have something that was wet and you laid it down and wouldn't Mar to finish and then there's a good amount of storage underneath for additional items. So, maybe.

I put my garbage bags underneath there and we'll be really close to where the trash pail is when. I need to change it out Oriana covers is really thick quarter-inch chorion gives you access to a very large stainless steel Kohler saying this is a very thick gauge sink. So, you want to worry about heavy scratches or having dings and dents in it, if you drop things this faucet pulls out you could change the flow of the water.

So, it's depending on the way you want it to come out in the desk area there's a large drawer use for files there's another large drawer below the Bose sound chair has additional storage built into the little pop comes off. So, you can hide some litems in there maybe you can put some DVDs in there and then there's straps to come with this chair. So, when you're telling the chair is not going to roll around and actually straps in place pretty nice design and then there's a power center which runs off a regular electric that has USB and electrical outlets so, if you're on your laptop computers you could use this as a workstation that has some charging onboard two more roof lockers above this box here houses the projector screen that we're going to bring down soon and then there is an override just in case for whatever reason there was a failure with the multiplex which we do trust this system we believe in it we don't believe there's going to be failure, but, if it there was you still have a way to run your air condition you can just flip one of these two switches and that will give the air conditioner direct power that bypasses the multiplex each one of these sides of the sofa here have recliners in them.

So, kick back watch some TV add a little bit of comfort for elevated legs and then you have this little piece that you could use as armrests you can rest your drink there there's USB charge ports behind here some magazine rack off to the side there's a reading light above me and then with the remote control here. I can go in and. I could actually bring that screen down the projector screen viewsonic projector gives you excellent picture quality up top here we have our blu-ray player and there's additional storage in these cabinets antenna booster, if you decide not to use Park cable there's a built-in omnidirectional antenna on the roof step to make sure you just press this antenna booster in to give you power to the booster.

So, you have TV reception just make sure you shut that off when you're done using it. So, you look at any this sort the distortion and your cable quality as well as it is a 12-volt draw. So, you don't to drain the batteries down another fantastic fan here in the galley area and these are your intakes for air conditioner sort of thing takes there and there's intakes here there are filters in here that you get a check and change periodically.

I just want to bring all the blinds up. So, you can see how bright we can get it in here. So, all.

I'm going to do is hit. I got the day shades down now. I'm just going to hit them all up you can individually go through each one and change each one, if you want it to now.

I want to show you something really cool there's a cinema mode in this channel. So, you want to watch it movie you don't shut each blind there's a busy well you can just hit cinema mode and. I'll bring down your night shades for you and it lowers the lights it actually dims the lights for you.

So, it's easier to watch a movie we're going to dinette there is a skylight galley with shape it's a dual pane. So, it's going to outside thick layer inside thermal break there's a Vista View window over to dinette and then below to dinette is your breaker panel this has all the regular electrical breakers like you'd have at the house. So, you can reset the main for the trailer all your 15 amp and xx electrical outlets and your main GFCI connections all done in the battery converter charger box underneath here these are all J hooks here to keep this clipped in place.

So, you know you don't want to people pull it on, if they can it's storage over here we give access to our Aldi system there's the temperature mixing valve some of your low point trains here to access / winterization and again J hooks here this Clips right in place there's just a service access it is built the codes as a smoke detector carbon dioxide detect their propane leak detector and a fire extinguisher right by the entry door it's also code hooks here by the entry door. So, you come in is thrown right up there's a bumper a rubber bumper over an entry door. So, on your way out, if you forget the duck you don't skin the top of your head we'll take a walk outside beautiful screen door it's all aluminum TIG welded got six rivets on each stainless steel hinge this close the gap by fold aluminum step fold down another leaf you want or you're ready to put it away look how flush that is when you're towing down the highway there's nothing sticking out to get your way you want to bring it out just give it a kick and a lift it comes out to take your locks in place this is the discharge for the heat and exhaust for the old e system you have an outside GFCI protected electrical outlet heavy-duty lit grab bar when you come into entry door there's also a doorbell inside the trailer very clever beautiful aluminum finish here it is all clear coated aluminum extruder beltline protection these windows are all handmade by Airstream to making the window frames and a buck rivet 'im buck rivets are a lot stronger than a pop rivet.

So, it actually takes two people one guy an outside one got inside bucking the rivets LED running lights this has the Michelin 16-inch little LT tires these are light truck tires 225 75 are 16 make sure you check your lug nut work every 10 25 and 50 miles after you pull the wheel off this has electric drum brakes they're 12-inch never Lube hubs and never adjust braking systems there's a shock absorber on each wheel. So, the very smooth ride these are rubber torsion axles no moving parts they'll last you a long time it gives you a very smooth ride or the very low center of gravity most box-style trailers the floor is all the way up here got small tires on it we see the trailer rocking a little bit please hug the road well the whole entire underbelly of the trailer is insulated and it's enclosed an aluminum. So, underbellies protected the core is protected even the floor itself is a plywood floor has marine anti wicking substance painted the whole tire perimeter before so, if you over the entry doors pour rain water gets on top of that floor it won't when it rolls underneath it's not going to absorb it through the fourth section and repellant allow it to drain down the floor is a heavy duty vinyl woven mat this this floor is extremely durable it is one of the most preferred floors they actually use this in commercial environments actually has some cushion too it's very comfortable walk on and there's an extruded aluminum rail here it allows you to sweep the floor.

I say you clean this floor you can use a damp towel and wipe it down or you can actually sweep it out or vacuum it, if you need it to the door when it's open has a clip that keeps it shut. So, it doesn't blow around on a windy day and then it has a heavy-duty deadbolt built right into the door. So, this store has a beautiful sound to it when you close it very solid door this piece entry doors take one person at the factory a whole eight-hour shift just to make one door.

So, you can see the workmanship craftsmanship and love that goes into each one of these products this has the power zip the awning that standard goes the full length cap the cap of the trailer has Sunbrella material same material we saw on the zip-t chairs is on the awning as well validity is beautiful the hardware for the door to hate the hinges there's there each one of them is a work of art there's also a porch light LED porch light over to entry door has a heavy-duty aluminum housing on top of it that illuminates the top of the door here at night it looks brilliant the awning itself when you bring the awning out there's an LED light strip that's dimmable that illuminates the whole underside an awning also and then under the underbelly there's compartments here you can put wheel chocks blocks of wood inside of these compartments these are very handy they're exclusive to the classic series and then this trailer is equipped with power stabilizer jacks on the other side of the trailer is a control box you could bring down the jacks just to take that balance out of your walk around back beautiful aluminum taillight housings. I love the way each one of these is made and the craftsmanship and love that goes in these two LED tail lights built into them polished aluminum rear bumper with rubber caps and then. So, you don't scrape yourself and walking around rear bumper the lid lifts up to gain access to storage diamond-plated on the bottom has holes drilled into it to allow water to drain out good for wheel chocks extra waist hose most people think that's where you put your waist toes you could, but action Airstream gives you a separate waist hose storage to standard with all Airstream trailers lockable insulated and weather sealed rear storage compartment the thickness of the door to gasket the views, but there was a little bit of space that was left over.

So, Aaron decided to put a truck access that's great, if you want to separate your thing. So, you don't have them all one compartment now you have an extra spot for play some play bracket with light large rear window comes with a window warning standard just pull the awning down by the strap swing these arms around both sides roll this up this tucks away some velcro really shades that side of the trailer down the whole side of this side of the trailer there's a lock mechanism it comes as a warning tool. So, you could easily twist that and reach it and there's a strap you can use your owning tool for also.

I could reach to pull it out and hook it right on man does that make a difference on the inside of the trailer really helps shade it keep the tent interior temperature down a lot cooler the roof of the airstream has a white coating on it which reflects the sunlight and allows the interior temperature be about 7 degrees cooler than outside ambient also it allows a good adhesion point for all the holes of the roof for your skylights your vents your fans your air conditioning your antenna. So, it's very important it's a white coating on top of the aluminum. So, it's not anything else, but aluminum this is your weigh station this allows you to empty your your own jewelry wash which is your gray tank and your main which is your black tank it's always good practice once you take the cap off and put your waste hose on to use a rubber doughnut at the campground also - there's a light that illuminates this area at night just in case you're trying to do this at night you're always going to empty your black tank first that has old toilet water and toilet paper inside of it that's going to now flow through your waste hose probably gets some debris stuck in there when you're done with that you can close it put your tethers back on and then you could open up your grey tank and that's your soapy shower water in kitchen water and that will allow discharge and clean out your lace toes for you to take it a step further airstream built in a high-pressure black tank flush.

So, when you're all done with your trip you're going to put the trailer back in storage the last time you empty your black tank there's a separate fitting. I'll show you when we get to it you can hook a garden hose to inside the tank under pressure it cleans the whole walls of the tank out gets all that residual waste out cleans out your waste oh it's good practice to do that after you're done with every trip you can do it every day, if you wanted to, but you can do it at the end your trip before you put it back in storage for a fee a power cord comes as a trailer it's 25 foot long a shrim gives you a step adaptor it brings you from 50 to 30 amp just remember you can only run one air conditioner when you're on 30 amp colonial gives you a premium RV starter kit with a premium waist hose and a premium power cord adapter then we can adapt that to bring it down to 15 or 20 amp. So, you can plug it at home to charge the trailer or run your refrigerator you wouldn't be able to run air conditioning when you're on 15 or 20 amp just remember that this compartment here houses where your city water connection fills into the trailer.

So, that will supply endless supply of campgrounds water pressure tool your plumbing fixtures on board bypass is your 54 gallon freshwater tank and anytime you turn off faucet you'll have their water pressure to campground there's also a low point drain here outside for winterization you have your black tank flush. So, you're never going to hook up your campgrounds water connection to this one is clearly marked sewer flush. So, you want to hook up to this connection which also has a water pressure regulator built right into it then you can neatly coil the water hose around or run it through the hole on the side.

So, you could close the department and all you'll see is the hose sticking out the bottom pretty clever the water dripping here is not plumbing it's not what. I'll have a week in the plumbing system that air conditioner on the roof most trailer is the water run down the side of the trailer we'll leave marks on the side air stream runs it through a drip tube. So, there's one here for the rear air conditioner and one here for the front air conditioner this trailer is also equipped with power stabilizer jacks all four corners to sit extend those are designed to take the bounce out of your walk it's not necessarily designed to lift the trailer or level the trailer.

So, once they hit the ground. I just have one more step and that will take the bounce and walk. So, when you're inside the trailer it's not going to be rocking around just make sure you check for obstructions you want to pinch your power cord on the way down this is a stainless steel compartment the outside shower which is below it is also stainless steel the wand pulls right out hangs up here hot and cold waters to clean your waste hose off, if you want it to wheel chocks boxwood your feet your dog whatever it is you can use this outside shower not even have to go inside the trailer let's make sure every when your which arising that you do remember there's water in here.

So, you want to make sure you run some antifreeze or some compressed air through these lines as well there's a cooktop ventilation here this is made out of stainless steel make sure you open the tab before you turn your cooktop anse and allow some air flow out another window awning here over the front window why is it longer why would that make sense that there's just the window here, but the warning goes the whole length well it's actually shading the aluminum as well. So, it actually run flies your trailer to run a little bit more efficient this is your refrigerator ventilation this is a compartment that allows fresh air in there's an exhaust vent on the roof don't store things in here the refrigerator has a dream too. So, once you shut it off the water that drips into the pan will drain right outside this compartment here houses another space for wheel chocks and blocks of wood maybe work gloves or tools you can put there remember that this compartment not weatherproof.

So, it could get wet this is where your waste those would store there's the storage tube. So, this goes almost always through the underbelly of the trailer this compartment here is another spot for wheel chocks and blocks wood. So, there is a good amount of storage on this trailer compared to some other models of similar size, but the biggest store is the largest amount of storage is up front here this is a lockable insulated weather sealed compartment just like the back with a light inside diamond plating on the floor, but it goes the whole underside of the bed when we lift off of the bed that front portion that you couldn't see that's where your storage is.

So, right now. I have 250 F power cord stored inside this is a three-piece solar stone guard the front piece lifts up allows you to lock it in place using a neural knob on either side and then you can open up the window from behind there's three different heights for each window this rock guard and the side rock guard you take a Phillips head screwdriver turn a quarter turn these will swing out and lift off. So, you can clean leaves and debris and clean the glass as well the stainless steel wrapped protectors protect your body against road debris that might come up the aluminum cadet pretty easily this is stainless steel a little bit more resilient and it's gaps in the body allow some deflection.

So, it doesn't dent the body behind, if you hit something there's three nuts you can take off swing them out, if you want to clean leaves and debris out from behind those as well aluminum bottle cover houses your propane tanks which have gauges inside, but there are standards propane bottles with the valves on the top there's a wing nut here that clamps the bottle cover down clamps the bottles down you need to remove that to remove the cover to take the bottles out to get them filled there's also psyches that allows you to see that the bottles empty are full as well as a regular gauge here like a fuel gauge in a car and then you can manually switch from left to right, if you didn't want, if you wanted to use one bottle at a time does have an auto switch over. So, they're both bottles are on, if one was empty would automatically switch to the next one the batteries are in this compartment here it's actually lockable because colonial gives you a lock for it. So, standard would be a thumbs Sun lock this is a keyed lock these batteries in parallel we talked about them earlier their lifeline absorbed glass mat group 24 series 12-volt batteries the port for where you hook your low-pressure barbeque grill up to there's a quick release here with an on/off shutoff valve.

So, you would find a grill that runs a low pressure not a grill that requires its own regulator because this propane that comes out of this port is already regulated after the tank, if you have a high pressure grill you can hook that right into one of your propane tanks two and five-sixteenth is ball colony ole gives you a hitch lock. So, this coupler can't slide forward and lift up that no one can get their bowl underneath it that is included with all colonial Airstream transactions there's a trailer breakaway cable don't pull this out use as mergency break this is just for emergency purposes, if the trailer became disconnected from your tow vehicle 11,500 pounds safety chains make sure you crisscross them take slack out by twisting, but you don't want it too tight the trailer does have to turn black high-gloss frame paint we recommend make sure you touch that up clean the bugs off the front of the trailer keep it away from road soil, if you do get road salt on it clean it off as soon as you can and don't forget the underbelly between eight frames there's a spare tire two full-size spare tire this is a steel wheel just pull the pin the release slide across and lower down and to get to it just lift your electric hitch jack up that allow you to gain access just a little bit easier it just cradles in there it's not bolted in. So, you can just grab it and go Electric hitch Jack also has a light that illuminates this area at night and there's a manual override tool just in case the hitch malfunction a battery system a trailer malfunction you could still leave the camp around and raise and lower the trailer this is Patrick Botticelli with colonial-era extremal a clean new jersey.

I hope you enjoyed the new 2018 33 FB classic here at colonial please like this video comment share subscribe. I love it. I'll see you soon visit us on the web at Colonial Airstream comm you can call us at you.

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