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hi folks. I'm in Baker the product specialist here at American RV in Grand Rapids Michigan today.

I'm here to tell you all about the 2018 coachman Freelander 26 RS this particular model we're going to go over is on the Chevy chassis it has the stone mist interior let's start off right over here on your dinette basically its setup you have this nice l-shaped or J shaped dinette right here the cool thing about this is, if you want the extra seating you're able to get that right over here you can leave it like it is. So, you know you have a little more room and be able to walk through otherwise. I just pull this little part right here out you take the extra cushion stuff it down in right there and you have some more seating this dinette does have a couple seatbelts here.

So, you can have some additional riders there as well and obviously it's where you're going to you know play games or have meals together right in the corner you will see you have a cup holder there in a nice little place to put a drink and then underneath you also have an electrical outlet so, if you need to plug in a laptop or tablet you know you have a place to do that right there also this table does drop down into additional sleeping space so, if you need to make a bed remove the table legs drop it down it'll sit along the rails there you can then take this cushion right here put that on top of the table it will actually replace this one here as well, but that will then create to that additional bed space nice big window right here likely manufacturers do this because this is the view out to your campsite this is what you want to see and it also lets a lot of natural light in during the day right up above you have a couple LED lights you actually have LED lights throughout the entire coach which are really nice because, if you're at a place you don't have shore power just run off the batteries and the generator the lights here don't not only do they not put out the heat they also don't take near the power that your standard incandescent do right next to that DVD player this is hooked up to the TV here so, if you do want to watch a movie you can just pop a DVD right in there you know we'll get the TV a little more in a second, but that is on a swing arm out. So, you are able to turn that around. So, whether you're sitting in the dinette here on the couch you have a good view to that right up across the top good storage going all the way through you can see that there three different doors in order to access that big storage area you know it's nice and tall.

So, they did a good job they're utilizing this space up above your dinette. So, back up here as. I mentioned no TV connection right there everything is right up here you can see that.

So, there are your TV connections that sort of plugs in that your little signal booster is there as well and again, if you're up here you want to watch TV you can leave it just like it is or you can go ahead and swing that out and around right up top you know your your cab over here this is your bed it's pretty easy to make up basically you take this centerpiece just drop it right down in here it's super simple and easy what you'll notice is we do equip this with a safety net the way the safety net works here in the Freelander you basically utilizes seatbelts. So, and this is in place you just clip the seat belt into the ceiling on both sides that way that Nets nice and taut. So, no one rolls out and hurts themselves in the middle of the night also on this centerpiece it has the hooks for your ladder.

So, when this is in place you can set your ladder up here. So, you can easily climb into the top bunk you do have window right over here you can see that letting some natural light LED light right up top there and as you'll see this one does have a 350 pound weight capacity, but underneath me is this Chevy chassis one of the things. I do like you'll notice it's not a very big step down in here you know it's pretty short which is good the cab itself they have the rubber mat all the way along the bottom.

So, it is nice and easy to clean up to you have plenty of cup holders there in the center console another thing that's nice about the Chevy is you do tend to have a little more legroom than what you get in the Ford right here is your radio as well as your backup camera monitor. So, as soon as you put that in reverse it will show you know the picture behind you from that rear backup camera. So, take a look at the other side you see right here you have the jackknife sofa this is great you know really nice for entertainment value, if you have additional guests that are coming along you know you're facing each other while you're sitting here.

So, it just naturally is good conversation you'll also see that you have additional seat belts right here so, if you do have additional passengers they can ride there and then this does drop down into a bed what you will see right underneath you see there your your extra seatbelts basically have three extra seatbelts there, but also really good storage. So, whether you want to put pillows down their blankets whatever else you want to throw down in there it's very easy to get to and as. I mentioned this does drop down into that additional sleeping space.

So, you have kind of a bed here bed over here now the dinette will make a much larger bed, if you have two adults you know you can probably get them to fit here this one will be a little bit tighter big window across this side as well and again you know to let in that natural light and LED lights on the bottom over on this side they gave you the decorative glass rather than the wood you know kind of helps break up the look a little bit. I really like it when we open this up again you can see all the storage inside good storage here all the way through moving further back in the RV we step into the kitchen now you don't have a huge kitchen here in all honesty you know you have a little bit of usable prep space right here, but they did manage to give you both a double bowl sink as well as the three burner cooktop on there. So, we'll start on the cooktop to the three burner Atwood the front one is high output you also notice they put kind of this piece of glass on the side there that way you know, if you're cooking bacon or something hopefully it's not splattering over onto your couch right underneath is your oven case you have to do some baking and underneath the oven small little pullout drawer or you know it's definitely better than nothing you can certainly utilize that some items in there you know maybe some small cookie sheets or hot pads things like that to full extension drawers here presumably for silverware and some other utensils like knives spatulas things of that nature underneath the sink.

So, you have some storage here as well again not huge, but you know it does allow for you know plenty of cleaning supplies that you're able to fit down in there double bowl think as. I mentioned the left one is your large bowl the smaller one here the right also a high rise faucet on there make a little bit easier to wash and rinse those dishes window right behind you electrical outlet over to the side as well as an additional one right over here. So, you do have two electrical outlets they're able to plug in you know coffee maker blenders things like that LED light there at night of course right up top good pantry storage you can see that right there and then over to the side here some additional storage up above the microwave the microwave itself here and then the fully functional hood with a light and fan.

So, we start to make our way back into the bedroom hope you will notice your thermostats right here - that controls your AC unit ducted AC as well as your furnace and take a look right over here this is the rest of your pantry. So, you have good extra pantry space in here plenty of shelving there two more nice pullout drawers here for anything else you want to stick in there you know you want to put a toaster or something in there nice and easy to get to whatever else you want to have stuff in there you have the space to do it rounding out the kitchen across the way here is the Dometic fridge freezer combo we'll open that up for you. So, you can take a look you'll see you have good space in there cut out here for some taller items couple of drawers that are down below this unit does run off both propane and electric and also has automatic switch over then right next to that, if you do a little step up here into the bedroom, but this gets into your large wardrobe take a look at that there nice hanging rod going all the way across great wardrobe space and they did that because you don't have the side wardrobes they kind of put it all in one and honestly.

I like this more anyway it's easier to get to you have a little bit of room here you know, if you want to get changed you can head right in the bathroom which. I'll show you in just a minute also right underneath you have a pullout drawer you know for your socks underwear whatever else you want to throw in there right in the back here is the bathroom you'll see your foot flush lover toilet right here in the corner plenty of leg room there up above that is your linen closet. So, you have a place to stick your towels all your other bathroom accessories you know your perfume or extra toilet paper whatever else you need to stick in there over to the side is your hand towel ring you can see that right there nice mirror.

So, you can check yourself out in the morning and then beneath that you have your sink top with some additional storage you'll also see the toilet paper holder is already mounted for you and there's an electrical outlet right next to that you know case you have to run a hair dryer curling iron something to that effect you see the Tri slide glass door on the shower there you know good shower right up top you have your skylight we also have some shelving in the shower itself a hand wand there as well the bedroom of the 26 RS has a slide-out bed now this bed is a folding mattress it's really the only way you can get it to work with the space we have in here, but take a look at the mattress itself it's an upgraded mattress you can see how incredibly thick this mattresses make sure it has good support. So, you get a good night's sleep their thing. I like they do is they take this top layer right across that seam.

I'm telling you when you're laying on here you don't even realize that it is a foldable mattress probably the most comfortable ones you'll ever get a chance to sleep on right over here to the side you have a couple electrical outlets there well standard electrical outlet and your charging center that has both your 12 volt as well as dual USB plugs their shelf along the one side. So, you know, if you want to set your cellphone up there while you plug it in you can do that or have a glass of water there whatever window right at the head of the bed LED light underneath the cabinets then you see the cabinets going all the way across the top of the slide for additional storage right in the back here is your rear picture window. So, you know, if you want to be able to take a look out the back and enjoy the view you can do that otherwise it just again helps let in some light TV hookups right up top here so, if you're one likes to watch TV before bed you know or maybe you want a couple TVs in this coach one for you one for pretty significant other or whatever you can have that installed here in the bedroom then right down below there you have some additional storage now that we've seen the inside take a quick look at some of the outside features of the coachmen Freelander 26 RS as.

I previously mentioned this one is on the Chevy 4500 chassis there you know the Chevy gets a little bit better fuel economy than the v10 Ford you know a little bit smaller engine a little bit better gas and it does have actually more horsepower than the v10, but a little less torque either way you know it's generally a personal preference, if you hit, if you haven't driven them both. I do recommend getting out driving both chassis is kind of see which one you prefer the both the driver and passenger side have divided reactional mirrors here. So, it is a little bit easier to see you know help cover those blind spots getting into the RV is quite simple as well you've seen that they have gone to the large mud stop here.

So, that way you know it's rather than a small fiberglass one you kind of have to put your foot on sideways you know these may not look quite as nice, but functionally it is a lot easier to get in and out right back here on the motor home portion itself as your power awning you'll see it covers pretty much the entire home portion which is great just touch a, button to roll that out same thing to have it go right back in then underneath the Germain camp area here is an LED light strip. So, that way you have light at night you don't have to get up there and hang them up these awnings do have a pitch as well so, if you need to dump water you want to set the pitch. So, it naturally dumps water you can do that too right here's some additional storage you know you can see underneath you have decent storage there, if you want an outside TV this is where it would go that is why you have the plugs there accordingly so, if that's something you want that's something you can install yourself or we can have installed for you right back here some more storage you have to love when you have storage on the camp side you know this makes it nice and easy to access you don't have to walk all the way around your camper you know things you're probably going to get into fairly often this is a good spot to put them a couple things about construction here the Freelander one this outside skin this is a color interview fiberglass the reason.

I like that is you know again this is your campsite, if you accidentally brush up against it you know you have a metal bike handle or something that scrapes it or your keys that are dangling from your pocket whatever it may be when you get that scratch on here most coaches you know when they're colored like this it'll. I leave a big white gash because this is color infused the same color all the way through it won't be quite as noticeable they're a cool thing about a construction about the construction behind this skin rather than using a luan panel coachmen uses as Dell composite panels. I'll tell is a more expensive material, but it is definitely a better material for a couple different reasons one it's lighter weight anytime you can lighten up the weight in any RV is a good thing it's less strain on the motor, but more importantly it means you can carry more stuff in your RV second it doesn't absorb moisture that's a huge deal too, if you've seen a lot of the older RVs you'll see where they start to bubble that's what they call delamination the number one reason that happens because water gets in that sidewall and again most coaches use luan which is a plywood when that plywood gets wet this outside skin pops off and that's where you start to get that bubbling because a cell won't absorb moisture you won't get the delamination due to water in the sidewall the other really nice thing about it is the fact it is a green material you know that plywood when they bond all those layers of wood together it tends to have some off-gassing some aldehyde and other things that you know, if you're really sensitive can upset a lot of people's allergies because as Dell does not have any of that off gassing again it is a green material it's a lot better for you to be able to sit inside the coach because there are no fumes that you were inhaling entrance right in here pretty self-explanatory now this one does not have a step it's not a huge step into the Freelander, but you know, if you find that it is too big you can always buy a portable stuff to put there then you will have two right here inside the coach your batteries out right underneath this second step really easy to get to just undo this it comes with one battery, but there is enough room, if you want a second one installed we can install a second battery for you right outside here is for solar so, if you want solar this one has the Furion plug right there all.

I have to do is by the Furion panels plug it in and that will start to trickle charge your battery another great option we generally equip on our classes this right here which is the camping cozy package this allows you to have we'll take this in cold weather camping whether you're traveling through you know a region that started snowing gets really cold or, if you're staying an extended period of time there does a couple things one it gives you heated holding tanks you don't last thing the world you want is for your tanks to freeze up again especially, if you're staying overnight somewhere in it's colder these are great just electric heaters flip of a switch that is all you have to do the other thing it comes with and probably the most important for me is this right here which are dual pane windows dual pane windows not only provide excellent insulation and help from the cold of the heat whatever you're trying to keep out it also helps with noise insulation and that's whether you're at the campground or going down the road this will certainly help keep the decibel level a little bit lower in the RV right here electrical outlet need to plug anything in while you're outside this is the place to do it outside storage we saw that the back was raised up a little bit a lot of that reason to that is to get more outside storage now this one right here is not huge, but when you go on the other side you will see the really large storage compartment where the majority of the storage on this coach is first though let's take a quick look at the back end here right underneath the bumper you'll see this one does have a five thousand-pound hitch so, if you need to you know have a tow vehicle behind it you can certainly do that or a trailer boat whatever else you want to pull with you rear mounted ladder this obviously allows you to get up on the roof you can certainly get up there and hang out, if you want you're at you know like a NASCAR different sporting event you want a higher point of view sure get on up there, but you also want to get up there for maintenance reasons you wanna get up there once or twice a year as you would with any RV just to make sure everything's in good shape, if you don't want to do it yourself feel free to bring it down down to American RV here we'll get up on the roof and take a look at it for you for free right here's some great extra storage this is what. I was talking about you can see this opens up into the much larger one we'll see in just a second on the off door side this is all rotocast right here too you don't have four about anything rusting out on you and these large compartments we'll take a look at a little bit further in just a moment you'll see they actually have drains on the bottom which is really neat also right up top built into that rear light right there you see the back up camera talked to briefly bolt that when we were inside again pretty self-explanatory when you put the coach in reverse that camera comes on and just make sure you're not going to hit anything or more importantly anyone while backing up coming around to the side this is a slide-out bed this is the only slide on the coach, but it does give you that extra room in the bedroom and still has a small form you know being a 26 foot coach it definitely allows you to park in a lot of places where you can't once you start getting into 30 31 32 foot RVs well open this up for you as. I mentioned this is your main storage take a look at that it's absolutely huge back here which is awesome these the rotocast bins us talking about and you can see right here there's the plugs at the bottom.

So, what you can actually do which is kind of neat, if you want to fill this hole thing with ice and we can fill it up to here with ice all the way across this basically is like a giant cooler then as it starts to melt great the ice naturally does the water rather naturally just runs right on down into the onto the ground. So, it just makes a you know for a really cool space there neat thing about it, if you you know get it really dirty let's have a bunch of wood back here or something you want to wash it out cool you know wash it out obviously clean it out then when you wash it out the water drains out same basic principle, but. I do like the fact they have the drains there right down below or your terminations black-and-gray valves there.

So, that makes it nice and easy and then we come around to the side a couple different things you have your city water connection right here this is for your tanks you want to fill your tanks cable and let there, if you will obviously right down to the side water heater right here this is your propane open that up for you. So, you can see quick and easy to access that you know so, if you need to fill your propane definitely not an issue to get to there's a couple bit further some additional storage right here and then over to this side you have your generator compartment open this guy up for you. So, you can take a look Cummins Onan 4000 watt generator there this one just runs off your gasoline alright folks that wraps it up again into the 2018 coachman Freelander 26 RS this one is on these chevy 4500 chassis and has these stone mist interior you're interested in this RV and you'd like price and availability.

I recommend you give us a call here at American RV or you can take a look at our website which is American RV comm thanks again for watching. I'm. Ian Baker.

I can't wait to see you on the road to freedom.