Book Of 2018 Winnebago Winnie Drop 1790 RV Review In Ireland

hi folks. I'm.

Ian Baker the product specialist here in Grand Rapids Michigan and today. I'm here to tell you about the 2018 Winnebago when he dropped 1790 this particular model is in these stone interior let's start off right over here on the entryway as soon as you come in you see you have these two doors here some excellent storage located there whether you want it for you know hats and mittens, if you can from the colder weather or maybe use that it's extra pantry space that makes a great pantry with easy access as soon as you enter into the camper now this is a rear kitchen model you can see right back here you have great countertop space especially for being a shorter camper in part part of that is due rather to the fact you have a two burner cooktop and then the single Bowl sink, but they did give you the sink top cover here. So, again you have all this is great prep space you have some extra space back here for your coffee maker or toaster blender whatever you see you have two electrical outlets one on either side as well as a dual USB port in case you want to plug in your cell phone tablet things like that, if we take a quick look underneath massive storage underneath that cooktop take a look in there perfect for all of your pots and pans you know cleaning chemicals any other goodies you want to throw in there you have their face to do it and then directly underneath the sink you have three drawers here let's see the top ones a little shorter and the bottom two are a little bit longer you run into some plumbing issues the top one, but hey at least they gave you the drawer space they did and you still have plenty of room for your silverware and all your other bigger utensils like spatulas knives things like that and then right over here again great storage there you know you have a place to put all of your plates and your cups and everything else not to probably stuff it right in there moving over to this side we have a big slide-out right here well big for a small camper anyway, but in that slide-out you get the convection microwave we have the weight of the unit on there you can see it's under 3000 pounds that's really important especially, if you have a like mid sized to lightweight SUV then directly underneath that convection my - wave oven is your fridge freezer combo.

So, this drops down you have a nice little icebox there this one does run off both propane and electric and then you get over a little bit further and we have a huge you dinette again. I like this in this floorplan because this allows you to entertain, if you have some guests or family that want to stop in you can sit it on the table here have a meal together play a game together then, if they want to stay the night you can drop this table down you can take the cushions on the back put it on top here and this will be a bed that's large enough for two adults to comfortably sleep in you also see there's a window there to let in some natural light and then additional storage here up top also as far as storage you'll see right underneath take a look at this both sides open up here and you have good storage very easy access under both sides there just swing that door open now granted this table right here in the center this is a moveable table so, if you want to you know totally take this out and take it outside you can do that you know again just kind of get it out of the way and just have big u-shaped seating either way you want to run with it there's also an electrical outlet down there so, if you have to do were quite on the road you can plug in like a laptop or tablet you have access to that, but across the way here is the bathroom you'll see you have some controls on here to slide out control awning on there some lights as well as your tank monitoring panel and the thermostat right beneath that is a power vent fan that's actually the vent fan in the bathroom. I'll show you that in just a second, but before we do.

I want to talk about the doors here. I love the interior doors on the Winnebago they're phenomenal they're actually framed out in wood and they work the way they should they're true they're square they closed every single time they don't wiggle a whole bunch it's not going to pop open on you and again it sounds silly, but when you're out there shopping pay attention you'll see what. I'm talking about when we come inside here you see the the nice wet bass your floor is your shower pan you have your toilet right there up along the back you have some storage, if you want to put magazines in there you technically can because the shower curtain you'll see goes right in front of it myself personally.

I'd probably put shampoo and soap in there, but you can use it for whatever you want right up tops and LED light and again this is the power vent fan. I was talking about you see the hand wand it is connected right over to this guy right here then you have the sink. So, the hands on there kind of doubles as your shower head and then your faucet in there as well, but you know in a small space that definitely works in a pinch coming over to the side will open this up for you wardrobe hanging space again not something you get very often in this size of a travel trailer especially in this floorplan, but underneath that's a multimedia Center this is a CD radio and DVD player it is already pre water to the TV so, if you want to watch a movie you can just pop it in right there this one controls the speakers both inside as well as the ones outside and it is bluetooth capable underneath that you see three more large full extension drawers there God loves the extra storage now, if we take a look up front right here is the bed that box is your 20-pound propane tank.

I'll show you that when we go outside just the way the manufacturer ships it, but windows on both sides here allow for excellent cross ventilation you see you have a dual USB port up front casing to plug in a cell phone at night and then you have the Shelf going all the way along the top right over here is the TV this is on a swing arm mount so, if you want to you can undo it right here you can swing that out and around to watch it in the u-shaped dinette, but as. I mentioned that is hooked up to your multimedia Center now that we've seen the inside take a quick look at the outside features of the winning drop seventeen ninety right up front here normally you will have a twenty pound propane tank as. I showed you inside when they ship it they don't ship it attached we have to go ahead and assemble it yet, but we just got a big shipment of Winnebagos in and this was one of them right behind that you see the rails there for your battery that will tuck right underneath that's a spot for your sewer hose this one doesn't have the square tubular bumper on the back.

So, they give you this nice convenient storage spot right here up front coming up the front you also have the black diamond plating which helps protect the front end from some of the rocks and debris that get thrown up by your tow vehicle. So, you come around to this side here we can take a look at the pass-through it does have a magnetic latch on there and, if you look in there you'll see how nice and big that is again especially for a smaller trailer you'll see you have a battery disconnect right over here to the side that way you don't have to constantly get into the battery just flip that switch and that will kill all power to the coach he also saw a hose hanging out that's for winterization purposes it makes it a lot easier to get to things. I promise it's not just a random hose they forgot about, if we take a look underneath real quick here the frame that utilized is a Huck bolt frame now the advantage of a Huck bolt over a welded frame is that generally when your frame starts to rust out on you it starts to rust right at that weld seam.

So, by eliminating that weld seam you greatly reduce the chance for the rust to start there also, if you do get into an accident the Huck bolt frame is a lot easier to replace and repair meaning it will cost you less money in the end you also see they have B Al stabilizer jacks they'll take about half the turns to put up and down and that's what you know that's what you want you don't want to spend all your time setting up and teardown camps you want to get here drop your stabilizer jacks nice and quick and start enjoying a cocktail right over here is your propane Quick Connect the reason. I like this. I myself like to grill outside.

I like to cook outside be outside is one of the big reasons. I go camping. So, rather than having to buy the small little green bottle to hook up to a grill you can take your grill just plug it right into this quick connector right here and it will feed off the big 20-pound bottle up front nice large power awning on here and touch the, button to roll that out same thing to go right back in again on your teardrop shapes now granted this is a very large teardrop shaped trailer, but most your teardrops don't have a power awning at all, if they have an awning at all, if they do it see that a bag awning or manual awning.

So, having a power awning on there is quite nice and also you see it has an LED light strip underneath to that light strip is actually sewn into the material itself. So, it doesn't matter, if the awning is you know rolled up like it is right now or, if it's fully extended either way you can use those lights and it shines right down on your campsite rather than mounting it on the wall where it shoots out at your neighbor underneath that you have two exterior speakers as. I mentioned we were inside those are controlled by that multimedia Center and that you it is Bluetooth capable take a quick look at this sidewall here besides the awesome graphics they have beautiful sidewalls on all the Winnebagos horrible products the reason for that and the way they accomplish it it's rather than using a Lambo luxe rolled on fiberglass like both you're fiberglass especially in this class comes on a big roll it's a really thin sheet that they roll out that's not the case here this is t60 fiberglass is the big rigid sheet they use.

So, they actually are putting the wall up there and then on top of that you have the Trude pour gel coat exterior that's what gives it that shine and luster and you're not able to see any fibers in here, but you can see a reflection. I'm telling you when you're out there shopping go up look at the Winnebago wall you can look at yourself in the side go to another one you know another competitor that is of this similar size and more than likely you won't be able to do that. So, excellent sidewalls you can buff them you can shine them they'll last like that for the life of the coach right down here is a black tank flush this is nice and convenient to a lot of manufacturers and are starting to put these on now purely out of convenience.

So, rather than having to take a hose run it all the way through your RV and sticking it down your toilet to wash out your black tank now you can just take that hose put it right here that black tank has spreaders built in and it will wash it out for you take a look at the wheel there it's aluminum alloy wheel not only does that look great, but it won't rust helps prevent corrosion and you have a nitrogen filled tire that way it'll hold the pressure longer, if you take a look at the axle on here it's the upgraded suspension system it's a torsion axle that means it's going to ride really nicely while going down the road. So, you know chances are you probably towing this the mid-sized SUV maybe a smaller pickup and having that smoother tow is definitely something that will be an advantage to you get against the RVs nice and simple one fold out step with this foldable easy grab handle right here to that way from the first step you know into your last step out makes it nice and simple you have that control right there right back here electrical outlet you need to plug something in that's where you do it make your way around the back you see the window right here that's nice let's some natural light back into that kitchen the other thing. I want to mention is, if you notice this is one piece fiberglass from the back here all the way up and over down the front that's nice to have too as far as from a construction standpoint because the number one place you have any kind of water issues is on the roof and the less steam the last hole is you have in the roof the better now granted yes you still have vents and stuff up there you're going to have some holes regardless, but they don't have beams going across and, if you could look at the shape of the roof the water naturally wants to run to the front and back and not having those seams there will help reduce the chance for water penetration, if we take a look right down below you'll see our spare tires mounted right down there hopefully you never have to get at it, but in the event that you need to use it you know it is right there for you, if we come around to the off door side you see you have a cable inlet right here 30 amp detachable power cord right here is our slide and then, if we come along around to the front a couple quick things up here you see your gravity fill for your freshwater tank did he fill here outside shower with both hot and cold water access and then you also have the solar pre wiring so, if you want the solar.

I like to do is buy the damps system plug it in right there and it will start to trickle charge your battery alright folks that wraps it up again this is the 2018 Winnebago winnings Rob 1790 this one has the Platinum exterior with the stone interior thanks again for watching. I'm. Ian Baker and.

I can't wait to see you on the road to freedom you.

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