23 original 2016 Jayco Designer 39 RE

hi folks my name's Tom Peterson. I'm proud to do a video presentation for you today on this Jacob product Jayco has been around for nearly 50 years great company they build lots of different types of products and all all types of rvs for you to go out camping with and everything this one here is going to be part of their ultralight package the J feather is going to be kind of more of an entry to mid type level there and in the feather series they do one in an eight-foot wide and they also do some in this unique design where it is only 7-foot wide so, if you're out there shopping around you're looking for a narrow slide-out model type travel trailer that's very light that's very roomy.

I tell you this is something you really should consider this model here is a 2017 23 Rd the rear dinette got all kinds of storage in that living area which. I'll share with you here in just a moment and you know, if you want light weight you've got itself a little light duty older half-ton truck maybe or an SUV and you want to go out camp and have some fun this is the one to consider let's start on the inside and we'll finish up on the outside when. I say storage.

I mean lots of storage and again Jayco doesn't skimp they do put the little chocks on there to help hold those doors open makes a lot easier when you're loading and unloading you also have doors you'll see over here for more storage - and again with the rear dinette you have your little booth here it makes into a small bed and then you got your window that you see on the back and the side there and then also a little fan this right here is actually more of a simpler type of fan, but it has a larger fan inside there it's kind of like a mid-range between your fantastic fan high-capacity and your standard type of shower fan. So, again that's something that Jayco has been offering now and will help a lot with ventilation through those stagnant kind of days and sometimes the muggy days that you get here in the northwest as well these right here of course gives you more storage. I mentioned to you and then you'll have your Haida bed couch here or at least a jackknife sofa bed this one right here is going to actually be one that simply lifts up and down and then go ahead and make that into quick sleeping fur for teenagers and.

Ingle adult maybe couple kids big window in the back that slides open for extra ventilation as well you'll see as we kind of go over here. I'll kind of show you entertainment center has more storage as well your big TV and entertainment center that will work together with this unit. I apologize because.

I've not seen this style so, if it is a DVD player. I'll have to verify that for you before you get too crazy here, but it looks to me like you know you do have your entertainment center and normally this will both take DVDs and CDs. So, we will double check that for you you have your microwave your two burner stove here again it's seven wide.

So, with that narrowness you're not going to put tons and tons of space in here they're going to make the best of that and what they're doing having some counter space and by putting a single sink. So, you notice that in many double sink areas that will leave no counter space at all. So, now you do have your counter space here single sink again for camping you've got storage above here that you can see there's a place up in this area for additional storage.

I also have a spare tire looks like erections might be a cover there for the propane tank outside. So, you've also got your refrigerator up here a little bit higher with the freezer that you can fold down for that that setting as well a couple drawers here. So, you've got to put the silverware drawers which are nice to have and then your store is just going to be down below the sink there so, but again any questions you have of course always give me a call at the end of the video, but you know what's nice about this and a lot of people like this and commented about it is that it is a pass-through bathroom and you end up getting your tub shower here skylight above.

So, you've got places to put soap and shampoos and everything and then over here across. So, again you have some storage there for some linen and then you've got a little opening door medicine cabinet there as well and then you've got also some space here for setting things on the counter your blow dryers and your various things you need for in the bathroom to put on top there and also stores down below your toilet has plenty of room around it and that's the advantage to a split walkthrough bathroom is that you have pretty good space around you also a doorway in separating both the bathroom from the living area as well as the bedroom from the bathroom and that's what you've got here you're going to have some storage over there again a little bit thinner because it's a 7-foot wide instead of eight. So, you've got a little storage in there you got storage above there you're going to have your LED light above and you're going to have this with the air shocks holding it up and storage and they separate that front storage area from the living from the bedroom area here which is kind of nice as well.

So, finish up on some of the features on the outside, but basically for, if you want a lot into a small space this actually does have quite a bit and you're going to love camping you're going to love the northwest we're from the Pacific Northwest here plenty of places to camp and you know guarantee, if you have any need to ask questions about where to camp or where to go we have lots of information about that we provide for our clients of course will come out through here and we'll see that inside that area of the bedroom there was a box and that's the barbecue grill that mounts on the back here and then it has a hook up underneath as well too for the propane which you see right in this area here. So, you'll be able to have barbecue out here you've got your push, button awning and the power awning out there and you see that, if you look at it the awning stretches pretty much the whole length of the coach what you like about that is more room to have guests more room to get out of the Sun and the rain and all that and the wind. So, bigger the awning the bigger the party.

I call it. So, it's a good opportunity for you we'll go out the back here. I'll show you you got your spare tire with cover.

I like this real well. I always tell my clients be real careful don't go getting up on the roof and running around trying to check things out without being either harnessed on yourself letting us do it for you is the best way to go because we do offer a free roof inspection for our customers not once, but twice a year. So, you want to take advantage of that and this right here though is convenient, if you want to get up there see, if any debris is falling on your trigger while you had a storm or something, if you live out in the rural area and also for those who again who carefully get up there new they can manage their own roof making sure they inspect them on a regular basis it's really a good idea these things are you know eventually we always talk about travel triggers eventually they probably will leak, if you just left them out in your field for four five ten years you know you're probably going to have some water coming in.

So, always keep an eye on things and you know Jake owes one thing about them they offer two-year warranty and that would be for the for the construction that they put into their coaches. So, back in it for two years instead of one that most companies do on here you're going to have your outside shower your cable hookup here this is your power supply that comes out about 25 feet that you're going to have your city water connection here and as we go along you'll see there's custom wheels. So, you have some attractive looking custom wheels on there instead of you're playing white rims and then you're going to have this which is a black tank flush.

So, that way you can help when you're dumping your sewer waste you'll have that spraying in that tank to help you clear that tank out better and keep a better condition of those probes that are inside they're monitoring your fluid levels. So, anyway that's a good thing they're your adjust your your grab handles therefore your black and grey water or going to be right there easy to get to heavy duty scissor jacks at all four corners all you do is you get yourself probably a 5/8 or 1/2 inch probably 5/8 nut on there and then that way comes with a manual one, but you can get yourself a power drill it's kind of convenient for you little easier on you put the jacks up and down be nice when you come around here on the front again this is a 7 wide it's an ultra-light trailer and they're going to come with just the one standard five gallon, but you can option in for some cost, if you wanted to get a single 7 gallon and it's going to have room for one battery and perhaps two we'd have to figure out some companies a little bit different and we can see what can fit in here for you, but you know obviously the power tongue jack over here is going to be nice and convenient when it comes to getting it on and off your vehicle it's also got a light on there to help as well and you look at the front up here it's nice and smooth anytime you get into an ultra light where they have a file on material they build and their vacuum laminated which we feel that Jacobs one of the best in the industry for their lab processes to help ensure that that you know lamination will stay there down the road and what they do is they take a longer time in curing and everything. So, that makes it better for longevity on your on your lamination.

So, that's a good thing again makes it also easy to clean and wash and durable when it comes to dings and dents. So, good good benefit there on this pass-through storage and kind of get an idea what it looks like now now we have a doorway on both sides. So, again more storage more place to put things taller height over there maybe chairs and the like.

I tell you you know it's a good opportunity, if you're thinking about getting into an RV the Pacific Northwest we were from over here it's got oodles of places to go of course, if you want to stay in more regional in Oregon whatever there's tons and tons of places to go as well, if you have questions about this product or anything else that we do carry here at guaranty. I've been here 26 years. I'd love to talk to you.

I'll be able to answer your questions call that number at the end of this video and ask for me Tom Nate Peterson. I'd love to help and you know what it's just uh interest rates are great the selection is still fantastic you know it's just with the weather being where it is yeah which seems that were getting a little more Sun out there in the northwest year later into the year. So, it makes it nice to go out and do some camp and extends that period of time that you can get out and have your trailer and have some fun and get away from sometimes the rat race that we have so, if you have any questions again about this or anything else give me a call Tom Peterson and remember at guaranty it's an RV show every day you.