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hi i'm chris anderson i'm with mount comfort RV today we're going to take a look at a 2017 coachmen 5th wheel it's called a chaparral the models of the 360 i BL first thing we talked about whenever we talk about coachmen is their lamination process they do it differently than other companies and it is significant everybody tries to make a big deal out of how they laminate their walls whether they vacuum bond it whether they pinch roll it well coachmen actually does both, but that's not the point what we really want to know is what causes delamination the elimination is a big buzzword in our industry and it's not a good one and something we as salespeople own don't talk about that well we want to talk about it we want to talk about it head-on because coachmen is a company that back in 2008 started making some real strides in their motorhomes and it's eventually made it all the way through their lineup to where they don't deal with delamination now and here's what they did the weak spot in any lamination is underneath this fiberglass is a layer of luan and what happens is we take this beautiful sheet of fiberglass we cut up a whole bunch of holes in it holes for speakers we drill holes for magnets holes for TV mount holes for compartment doors windows awnings whatever we make a whole bunch of holes in the RV and then after going down the road and things twist and things shake and all that sooner or later water gets past one of those seals you know we talk around these screws we talk around those speakers we talk around as well, but there's a lot of openings sooner or later Moisture is going to get in, if you have wood right behind this fiberglass wood does what wood does which is it starts to wick up the water it'll pull the water in you we've all seen a baseboard or something where got water on the floor and then the water creeped up the baseboard well same thing happens around luan water gets past the fiberglass and starts wicking into the wall well once water pulls in now we've got wet wood well what would will turn the rotted wood will turn the swollen wood and when that happens it pushes out on the fiberglass causes the glue to fail or the wood splits or the wood rot doesn't really matter what happened the results is the same we've got a bubble in our coach that's really not repairable all manufacturers have dealt with you everybody laminates let me put it that way has dealt with delamination before and different manufacturers of taking different routes to try the lesson that coachman invested huge amounts of money in a composite material called as Dell that is what is underneath this fiber glasses the as Dell it's a composite it's not wood, if what, if and when water does get to it it won't hurt anything it's just like foam getting wet we have bottles of the stuff that have been said this as Dell composite material that have been sitting in jars in our dealership literally for years and they're just fine it does not hurt a thing. So, it does not swell it does not cause glue to fail it's just you know wet and then it dries and life goes on.

So, beautiful product. I always have to talk about that with coachmen because it does make a difference and 95% of fifth wheel manufacturers out there are not using it because it's more expensive it's about two to three thousand dollars more for an RV this size to do as Dell instead of luan. So, it's a significant investment both in your lamination facility and in each individual RV, but most customers would say that's worth it, if they can eliminate delamination.

So, that's a little about that let's move on to the actual features of this fifth wheel beautiful awning and it's a long awning goes from the very front all the way past the door stops just in front of that slide as you can see there's an LED light built into the just underneath the awning there this coach has six count'em 6 stabilizers they are electric and automatic. So, pretty easy there we even have the JT strong arms for added support on the front end makes this a very very stable fifth wheel instead of your little thumb latches and all that we have slam doors it's a nice thick door and magnets hold it up instead of the little leaks that just break off. So, good pass-through storage in here all finished all carpeted there's hookups for TV, if you wanted to put a little TV in there and watch there's also hookups on the outside for a TV and outdoor speakers and outlet here for whatever you want to plug in of course the bottom of this is enclosed and heated so, if it drops a little below 32° you're not sweating it you'll be in good shape there a big grab handle the bottom step is pretty low it's actually pretty evenly spaced between the four steps getting in aluminum wheels as we always talk about aluminum is better why aluminum dissipates heat better than steel aluminum doesn't rust and although one looks good.

So, that's that's a big thing let's keep walking here this is a fiberglass that is actually it's not a paint it's actually the the color is infused into this fiberglass the nice part about that is, if you do get a scratch or something it's the same color underneath as it is on the surface. So, it's actually better than paint in that regard because, if it was paint you got a scratch on it you can see the primer coming through on the back here something we did want to show we have a ladder which means we have a fully walkable crowned roof. So, we get good water runoff no water sitting up on top of the roof we have the little gutters in the top there you can get up here for maintenance there's a good shot of your gutter they don't all have that.

I love the tailgate storage back here this folds down while you're going down the road you can put coolers back here you can put extra camping gear back here see people hook bicycles on here some people take firewood some campgrounds call that a no-no. I'm not getting into that, but whatever you want to put on here and take with you you certainly can. I've seen the little scooters that people buzz around in through the park before you Harley guys ask no you're not putting your hog on here taking it down the roads are gonna happen will hold a thousand pounds or anything, but it is a nice nice rack for small things okay let's go inside and check this chaparral out okay we're inside of the 2017 coachman chaparral 360 this is kind of the fifth wheel that started at all for a few companies who've tried to copy this, but nobody really does it quite as well as they do in this package believe it or not we're looking at this RV and look at the space we have opposing our opposing slides we have an island kitchen we have great storage Tony do a 360 here and try to get all the shot in look at your storage look at your sink nice for Table four chair dinette theater seating these of course kick up you've got your drink holders and storage in between now here's what's different about this RV this is a bunk model now normally bunk models and air we're not going to have nice furniture theater furniture back at the back we're not going to have a TV a fireplace an island kitchen bunk models they take away from all that by encroaching in on all that space well we'll get to the bunks here in a minute, but keep in mind while we're looking at this this actually has room for extra people in it.

I like these little bar stools and make it nice there's two of them. So, two people can sit here. I'm picturing kids in the morning have a nice little Bowl bolster or something for breakfast while the adults are at the table good good good use of space there this is a really long sofa it does fold into a very good sleeper for two and that's also.

I like it because. I could stretch out and take a little siesta on that this furniture is extremely comfortable. I love the contrasting stitching on it it looks good this is very residential look as we look forward here you get a get a scope of the size of that.

Island kitchen on line our left here. I'm going to go for them oh let me rotate it around here if. I be easier good sized pantry a little bit of countertop space over here and a plugin up top.

So, blender toaster whatever you want to bring under mount three burner cooktop you get the microwave and the oven they don't make you choose between the two you've got storage here storage here storage here these are drawers that pull out we might want to come around here Tony because this is significant look at that that's great storage three of those oh look you got the plate dividers. I didn't even know that was there every now and then you can actually do this for a while you get surprised that's awesome okay close all this up we've got a big RV refrigerator believe this is a ten cube by eyeball in it it's at least an eight. I can tell you that.

I'm not looking my spec sheet. I think this is a 10 cube. So, all right look at our countertop space look at our outlets mounted into the wall that's nice pulldown sink sprayer undermount solid surface sink and this is a double bowl sink great storage up top room for glasses room for bowls room for whatever you want to put in here great lighting in this camper look how well lit this is of course it's all LED nice lights over here oh we forgot this one there we go it's even better now you'll buy it nice pulldown night shades here for the living room, but the windows are tinted.

So, you don't really need shades during the day can. I come with me Oh what with this get that for storage in the chairs our viewers they always need every every every little bit of storage now normally you find a door here you're probably looking at a bathroom or something, but what do we have here chaparral came out with this a couple of years ago just to put an extra little room in here an extra little bit of space on its own slide out with good storage there sleeping for four in here easy there's storage down below there's storage up here in the top right this hookups for a TV it's heated it's cooled it's got its own little spot and what it didn't do is more important than what it does do what it didn't do was take away from all of your living room and kitchen and bathroom space it did not encroach upon those. So, it's its own little room and who wouldn't prefer privacy, if you take another couple of you doesn't always have to be kids we take another couple of you would never going to have privacy and they can close their own door as opposed to a couple bunks shoving you back in a corner all right right this way gonna have to come past the door and go back in there we go residential size shower it's got the built-in sink or built-in seat excuse me for sitting down and shaving your legs of course you've got the solid surface material sink porcelain toilet good room around the toilet you've got a medicine cabinet above storage below and storage over next to the shower built-in towel rack come into the bedroom we've got a true walk around queen bed they do make this floor plan it's a little different model number, but they make the same concept with a king bed it's just a little longer unit instead of a 36 4 goes to 39, but we can definitely do that as well we have a second air-conditioner in here.

I know that because our cameraman just about lacked his head on it descent, but. I don't think on a 36 foot you really need the second air, but it was a kind of a inexpensive add. So, we went ahead and added it it's always good to have redundancy you know, if one air conditioner dies you've got a second one that's never a bad thing good hanging storage here there are lights in there.

I apologize as you turn them on we have a chest of drawers at the foot of the bed this closet that. I slid open actually has hookups for washer/dryer in it and there's more hanging space here and hookup for a television on the wall there's your basics of my 2017 coachmen chaparral 360. IBL.

I hope you liked it please don't forget to ask for me my name is Chris Anderson thanks for watching.

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