American RV Takes You Behind The Scenes Making Of The 2015 Monaco Dynasty 45 Palace With New Green Accent

hi this is John mano Russo with American RV and today we're going to take a sneak peek at the Monaco Dynasty forty five palace at the Decatur. Indiana production facility will see some chassis comparisons as well as some of the construction advantages you get with monacle let's get started here we're looking at two side by side raw chassis notice the tires they're both 22 and 1/2 inch Michelin's the dynasty tires are 315 by 80 by 22 and a half inch giving you a much beefier sidewall a taller tire a higher tire rating and a smoother and softer ride with more tread on the road for superior handling the new dynasty Roadmaster chassis now offers independent front suspension this allows the front tires to move independently without giving the other side that rebound vibration whether it's a pothole or a steep crown in the roadway it's smooth cruising in the dynasty so.

I'm currently in the dynasty and. I'm going to demonstrate to Chad and John the 60-degree turning radius of this coat this turning radius is something that is very impressive and never been able to be achieved with our old Roadmaster chassis, but the turning radius. I just did a u-turn on a three lane highway and was able to do without backing up look how large the airbags are see where the front one is mounted it's on the outside edge of the chassis rail compared to the more common Diesel's where the airbags are mounted directly under the chassis rail mounted between the rails are two high pressure paint tanks these tanks will transfer air from bag to bag as needed now let's head inside and take a look and see what the Monaco team is doing to give you the best writing and best handling RV on the road here the temporary center rails are being removed and their place will be the monocle bridge to give the Roadmaster chassis far superior strength better handling and more exterior storage the preassembled monocle bridge is raised above the front and rear clips then lower down to the rear engine axle then the front axle that is attached using aircraft bolts and Huk bolts this creates a tremendously strong and solid foundation to build a home on some manufacturers cut costs by using inferior Kassie platforms that saves material and labor cloth with monocle no shortcuts monocle puts its reputation on the line when you get behind the wheel that's where you feel the confidence in the power from here we'll head over to the flooring process, if you like the idea of quiet insulation and strength be ready to get floored we have two one and a half inch aluminum studs welded together for three inches between all the welded studs three inches of closed-cell black foam insulation asutton flakes then a full layer of plywood and then another layer of plywood turn sideways for superior adhesion at the outer edges of the floor aluminum extrusions are laminated into the floor for the walls the walls will rest in the groove and lock into place when complete the main RV floor comes in at over four inches thick what a foundation to write on the double layer of plywood absorbs vibration creates more insulation offers a quieter ride and gives the floor tremendous strength to attach cabinetry and fixtures take notice of a sidewall aluminum extrusion it is laminated into the law see the separate grooves they're designed to fit into the extrusion of the flooring groups giving the RV a solid interlocking v this interlocking process will never loosen or separate over time and travel who goes through this expense and effort build an RV like this well as you can see Monaco certainly does as we continue looking behind the skin of the Monaco Dynasty take note of the entry stairwell we don't often get a chance to see under the finished materials here you can see the dynasty has a steel step platform most manufacturers build this area of what, if the dynasty moves along the beautiful porcelain tile floor has the heated blanket under it for a thermostatically-controlled tile floor as we continue you can see the top of the side wall there is an aluminum extrusion built into the top this is curved and grouped for the roof extrusions what a great concept a perfectly square structure that is built to stay that way the roof is protected by a one-piece molded fiberglass cap look at the thickness this is a roof you can count on for life the roof is fully insulated and four and a half inches thick take a look how far the fiberglass roof extends over the side wall no chance of water intrusion here now let's out over one of my favorites monocle its custom wood shop here no store-bought cabinetry this is true northern hardwoods crafted into state-of-the-art and stained cabinetry fit for a palace as you can see the hardwoods are being shaped into decorative headers styles and frames for slide rooms and other cabinetry before the staining process begins the woods will get sanded and checked for blemishes after sanding the cabinetry goes into the hand staining process the stained wood is brought in to a specialized to lighting tunnel to look the blemishes and flaws then the stained cabinet doors are placed alongside the styles for color maps the dynasty cabinetry gets its own glaze over the stain the final gazing process really brings life to the wood grain then the completed stained and glazed cabinetry is staged for each individual dynasty going through the production process Monaco is one of the few RV manufacturers that builds most of its own components assuring a level of quality control you don't normally get buying components from an outside vendor here we can see the exterior compartment doors without open-ended corners monocle wraps a one-piece band and dominate the corner gaps preventing water intrusion at the corners the compartment doors are an inch and a half thick and fully insulated as we jump towards a finished dynasty we can see the paint getting a final cotton buff for a mirror-like finish there we have it a brief look at the return to power starting with the all-new 2015 monaco Dynasty you.

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