NEW 2018 Coachmen Pursuit Precision 29SS

hi folks Scott Jones here at mount comfort RV. Indianapolis.

Indiana it's just on the east side of. Indy as always, if you have any questions please feel free to call me you can use the toll free number you see on the screen below or you can also call or text me at three one seven five oh seven eight two two six that's myself today. I'm gonna show you a brand new product we just got in this is literally the first day we've had it to debut product it's the coachmen pursuit which.

I'm sure a lot of you are going to be familiar with, but it's a new model called the precision this is it probably the most value packed RV you're going to find in a marketplace today fantastic sale price this is a 29 foot version and. I'm going to take you through some of the things that you get with this unit you would expect at this price point maybe for it to be a little more stripped down, but it actually is not. So, we'll start here kind of one piece windshield no divider in the middle and notice it's got a full RV class a windshield a lot of motorhomes to this price point have that little eyebrow type windshield where that piece drops down on the front giving you very limited visibility this is no different than any other class a Motorhome you see on the market full visibility good sight lines down to the ground you can see really well from the driver's cockpit you do have the stainless steel mirrors.

So, very attractive mirrors also note you've got side cameras. So, you have both a backup camera on the rear of the coach and you also have turn signal activated cameras on the side that when you turn on a turn signal you can see right down the side of your motorhome eliminating any potential blind spots really makes changing lanes on the highway of much simpler process very nice oyster finish you'll see here it's not the Plain Jane white of course like all classes today, but it is on a Ford gasp chassis Ford v10 plenty of power especially in this small of a coach it'll get right down the road with no problem one of the things you'll no note on this is a very unique for this product is it doesn't just have a slide it has a full wall slide. So, this flight out starts right behind the driver's seat and goes all the way to the very back bedroom.

So, you've got a tremendous amount of space on the inside also you'll see you got frameless windows. So, again you've got the most modern conveniences the most up-to-date stuff at a very very highly competitive price point lots of storage underneath and then. So, in a lot of these lower price point cloud phase you're going to be dealing with a small generator or single repair that type of thing this llll even though it's only 29 feet has got two repairs it's got 50 amp service and comes with an Onan 5500 watt generator.

So, it will power the whole code. So, you've got a lot of things that you would only expect to see in a much higher price motorhome than this coming on to the rear of the coach here again. I'm going to be kind of a good look at the rear finish very attractive coach has the backup camera mounted up high there.

So, you can see the traffic behind you or, if you're backing up into a high campground you can see right down the back of the RV there it is already set up to tow you can tow up to 5,000 pounds so, if you want to tow your car behind you that's not an issue now here's one of the coolest parts of the whole thing is it comes with a complete outside kitchen. So, you've got a little fridge here to keep your drinks cold or outside food supply. So, you're ready to put the hot dogs on the grill you got a grill here and you'll notice it comes with a what's called a Quick Connect.

So, this hose connects right down to this sitting down here which comes right off your main LP tank. So, your gas grill you don't have to carry a gas bottle for it it just connects right down there. So, a really really neat feature along with your kitchen and you'll notice in your kitchen your sink here is plumbed it does go to degree tank.

So, you a lot of them just have a cheap little plastic sink you have to pull out and dump when it gets full because it doesn't have a drain and this actually does drain down into your gray tank plus you got a little storage drawer here plus a cabinet up here. So, you can keep your cooking utensils out here you know 2-month some of your sauces and spices and stuff. So, really for the outdoorsman that likes to cook outside you got everything you need right here, but, if you're going to cook outside you're also going to want to have a full-length patio awning with LED lights, if you look up underneath the the awning metier you can see it's got lights that run the whole length of the thing.

So, even at night time this is well lit up you got a good visibility got your kitchen and then notice here you've got two built-in 32 inch flat-screen TV right in the patio. So, you can catch the race or the football game while you're out here making food for everybody. So, really you've got everything you need and for TV just in case maybe the kids are a little bored whether you got a DVD player.

So, you can pop a Disney movie in and then let the kids and drive themselves to. So, one of the thing that's kind of neat on this model is you do have what's called a doggie window and we'll see this inside, but this is in the footwell of the passenger area so, if you have a dog that likes to travel with you a lot of times they like to lay there and be able to see out when you're going down the road. So, we'll come on in this coach here.

I'll look you going first. So, one of the things that you need in a typical RV is a lot of sleeping space, if you want to be able to take people with you. So, you do have the bed in the back of this you also have a sofa that makes it into a bed it's called a jackknife works kind of like a futon just lay down flat and you have the booth here that also makes into a bed.

So, you've already got sleeping for six, but on top of that, if you look up at the front here and. I'll push the, button cc' it here this has a built-in queen-size loft bed. So, really you can sleep up to eight people and this RV now a lot of them use you're going to look at they have the bed over the cab or manual you have to pull them down or flip them over they're awkward or clumsy this is full power anybody can operate it you can just run it up and down no big deal as.

I mentioned you got a Ford chassis v10, but again it's not stripped down you have the power mirrors with the defroster --'s you have a backup camera system am/fm/cd stereo you even have fully automatic hydraulic levelers. So, when you're ready to level the coach you just turn the pad on tell us the auto level it'll level the coach up and you're good to go now these chairs also do turn around. So, you can spin these around and use them as part of your living area and you'll notice the little base plate in the floor what that's for is this comes with a little pedestal table.

So, you have a pole that you set there in a little round table that sits right here makes a secondary eating area away from the booth or a place for somebody you know a couple people to play cards or whatever really kind of a handy thing to have in the living area here and notice too that it comes with this TV this flat screen that's on a nice swivel mount. So, you can pull it away from the wall and move it to whatever angle whatever viewing angle you want to have as a user very versatile handy easy to use and then it locks in place with a simple mechanism. So, when you're going down the road it doesn't come off of a wall.

So, you'll notice you do have storage underneath the booth you'll have little doors on both sides that open up. So, you can easily access your storage underneath. I'd also like to point out the flooring itself, if you notice a very high-quality looking it is a laminate, but it has a would look it looks very high-quality very nice very attractive along with the high-gloss cabinets, if you get a good look at these cabinets they have a lacquer finish on them that gives them kind of a shine really really nice looking cabinets and you also get the roller shades.

So, no metal mini blinds to clanging clock going up and down the road and, if you want to open them all you have to do is pull down let go and they retract up. So, very nice to have notice the big. I've heard this term as a country sink country style sink.

I don't know what that means, but it is a big oversized sink and you have a pullout sprayer faucet with a spray nozzle attached to it. So, very versatile easy to use a lot of kitchen counter space and you even have a little tile backsplash tile a little wallpaper, but an actual little tile backsplash at regula is all the way around the kitchen very attractive you have an oven along with a three burner range and a microwave. So, you've got everything you need to prepare food just like you would at home.

I'll open the door here and let Tony get a shot of this everything you need for the bathroom putting a space nice shower with a little sliding type rounded door okay you do have fully ducted air in this as well. So, these little vents here not only do they distribute two air conditioning front to back, but you can also aim them by turning this or you can open and close the vents. So, you can really control how you want the air flow to go you got pears in the back that want to be cooler off and you got a teenage kid up in the bunk that wants it to be a little warmer then you can direct how you want the airflow to go throughout the night.

So, very easy to use two door refrigerator. So, you got the separate fridge from the freezer again there's no shortcuts in this coach and you can kind of see this whole slide that. I was talking about that goes from the very very front all the way into the bedroom.

So, really opens up your space it also gives you a huge amount of wardrobe back here. So, you got plenty of usable space at the back end of the coach here and then this is a really cool feature to the bedroom TV opens up and you have storage behind it something you don't see in a lot of brands looking back in the bedroom here you'll see again you got lots and lots of cabinets all the way around the bedroom along with all this wardrobe you got at the foot of the bed. So, you've got a tremendous amount of storage and only twenty nine feet and you have a real pocket door for your bedroom you don't have an accordion door or curtain or something silly like that you have an actual wood door and then looking at the bedroom here one of the things.

I would point out is you know part of the reality of life is a lot of people nowadays have to use a CPAP machine and most motorhomes, if you look at the nightstands by the bed they're too narrow for the machine to fit, if you notice this is wide enough that a CPAP machine will sit here and there's an electric outlet down in the base of the bed. So, you have power close by too. So, really well-thought-out design kudos to coachman they put a lot of thought into this product and even though they're giving you an entry-level price point it's not an entry-level coach one of the more modern touches.

I'd like to point out to is, if you look on the side wall right there you'll see you've got a USB charging Center. So, you've got plenty of USB ports and plenty of electric outlets. So, whatever you need to charge or use cell phones etc you've got plenty of that available.

So, again 2018 coachmen pursuit precision new to the market feature loaded got everything you could possibly want in your first class a Motorhome you can call me with any questions, if you have a trade you need to know the value you want payments whatever it might be my name is Scott Jones this is mount comfort RV you can call us at the toll free number below and just ask for me or you can also call or text my personal cellphone three one seven five zero seven eight two two six thanks. So, much for taking some time to watch this exciting new video Oh.

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