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hi folks. I'm.

Ian Baker the product specialist here at American RV and gorgeous Grand Rapids Michigan today it's my pleasure to tell you all about the 2017 Thor challenger 37 TB this beauty behind me is in the all-new Riverside paint scheme let's go ahead and start up front here we'll talk a little bit about the chassis itself the Thor challenger is built on the ford f53 chassis and the powertrain boasts the triton v10 as well as the torque shift six-speed transmission this is a big improvement over last year which had the 5-speed and this helps maintain lower rpms at highway driving speeds. So, you don't have that loud whine greatly improving the drivability of this coach you'll also notice right down here they have some nice LED lights built in giving it a cool look and up top as your one piece automotive bonded windshields you don't have a big H gasket or anything like you may have in your coach now just one big beautiful piece of glass a little bit further down the side you'll see your bi-directional mirrors right here and built in you do have the camera there as well you'll of course have that on both sides. So, as soon as you turn on the blinker you'll go ahead and get that side view camera giving you that extra visibility making sure that you can easily switch lanes this coach also sits on 22 and a half tires both in the front as well as Dooley's in the rear you take a look up top here you will see the power awning on this coach one of the beauties of this floorplan is because you don't have a slide or anything right here that gives you great camping space.

So, you can go ahead and roll that slide out and as. I mention go ahead and set your chairs up right here, but that's not all, if you notice over this slide right here you have a second awning. So, this entire side of the coach will be covered in awning which is fantastic underneath the awning centered right here is your outside entertainment system of course you can see the speakers right there you want to listen to some music and then dead center here is the TV.

So, again set your chairs up underneath the awning you can go ahead and watch some shows. I do want to talk about the paint on here a second as. I mentioned this is the all-new River side paint for the for 2017 one it's a great looking paint color too this is sickens paint you're not familiar with sickens paint it's one of the top of the line paints in the industry they use it a lot on high-end sports cars the reason this paint never truly cures the issue with paint when it does cure is you know these coaches they're big they're long no matter how well you build them they're going to flex a little why going down the road what ends up normally happening you'll start to see spider craps spider cracks up along the roof where that paint will crack and start to peel away you won't have that with sickens paint again because it's never truly cures.

So, it can flex with it and that's the exact same reason to use it in high-end sports cars also right outside the entertainment center here you will notice you have two electrical outlets so, if you do need to plug anything in it is nice and easy to do. So, and of course they did go ahead and color match that. So, it doesn't stick out like a sore thumb let's move right up here to take a look at the door real quick.

So, this is very cool as you open the door is on a strut. So, it stays right there of course your power steps come out to help you into the coach and then you can always detach the screen here and, if you notice when you close the door the steps do go right back in. So, that way again, if you want to keep the screen closed you can go ahead and do that then when you open it up screen are the steps pop right back out for you let's take a look at some of these storage down below all the doors our side opening which is nice instead of opening up the big advantage of that is, if you are going down the road you never forget to shut the door the wind will naturally have a helped clothes rather than rip the door up and off also they out on struts which is very nice.

So, the nice slow open doors, if we take a look underneath here what you'll see is you actually have pass-through storage up top the reason for that is challenger uses a larger eye beam than most the competition rather than a standard seven inch they go with a 13 inch eye beam which again allows you to have that pass-through storage there and another cool thing they do on top of the i-beam they actually put a neoprene layer which helps take a lot of the vibration out while traveling down the road. So, very neat and as we continue to go down the side of the coach. I'll go ahead and open this one up for you you will notice right there you do have a ladder that is a - that is to get into the front bunk when we go inside.

I'll show you that a little bit later, but you can see again that passed through storage how nice and open it is both in this compartment and then this one here as well. So, we open this one up and again like. I said.

I mean look at the doors you see how they open and then you know it's here then at the very end slows right down that way it's not slamming love that they do that right here's your fresh water tank hundred gallon freshwater tank there, if you notice it has this panel here the reason for that and you'll see this is a lot a lot as we go through this coach as. I start to talk about it Thor tries to make the maintenance on this coach as easy as possible. So, they do a lot of things not only do they build it well, but they help you in the future.

So, when you, if you do have to fix anything things are right out in the open easy to get to and this is part of it. So, all of your tank levels are right here on the outside all of your probes and everything to read it so, if you ever do have to work on it you can just take this panel off get right in there and get to him very easy also because you have this big hundred gallon tank you need a big drain. So, they actually put a one-inch drain valve on there.

So, it drains out nice and quick that way it won't take three hours for your tank to drain out this is pretty cool too behind your rear axles here you'll see this little D hook that of course is, if you need to lock anything up you know unfortunately sometimes in this world that's what we have to do so, if you're doing to lock up a grill or bike or anything you have that to go ahead and do. So, move back a little bit further you'll see some extra storage right in there open this guy up here is the propane tank of course and then lastly, if you take a look right down beneath that propane tank actually before we check out this back compartment you will see the auto level this coach is equipped with auto level just touch of a, button it'll go ahead and level itself out nice and quickly and easily and then same thing to touch your, button it'll raise them right back up. So, you're good to go.

So, very cool as you come right back in here you'll again you'll see some extra storage now one of the things you will notice, if you can take a look right over here we do have a light here as we do in all the compartments, but this guy right here as well what that is is that it's actually a slide controller so. I talked about maintenance and tour trying to make things easy on you with the Challenger what that does any time there's a slide you will have one of those nearby the reason that it is, if you ever have to do any kind of work on it. So, let's say you're out camping and all of a sudden your slide won't work it won't go in you're stranded not a problem what you can do is you can come out right here you pop these two little guys off what that will do is that will actually release the brakes on the slide you can then go ahead and manually push the slide in put those right back on that will reengage the brakes that way the slide is in you don't have to worry about it coming out at least that way you can get to the the nearest dealership get it worked on whatever you have to do, but again they're just trying to make it easy.

So, you're not stranded out in the middle of nowhere to come around to the back side of the coach right here is your rear mountain ladder pretty obvious what that's for. So, you can get up on the roof, but the big advantage of having the rear mountain ladders that means you don't have to bring one with you freeing up that space the storage underneath also right front and center there up top is your backup camera of course that helps you see that way as you're backing up make sure you're not going to run anything over underneath here is your hitch that's an 8,000 pound hitch on there so, if you do need to tow anything larger this coach can tow up to 8,000 pounds now that being said don't load up the coach you know from front to back with stuff and then still be able to tow 8,000 pounds it just won't happen, if you're towing heavier has the capability to do that just lighten up a little bit on what you're carrying inside also right back here you will notice this has a rear fuel film that's very advantageous to, if you've ever driven a big Class A you know that when you go to fill up the gas station it can be pretty trying at times you know, if it depending on what sides are open trying to maneuver. So, you can get to you know the driver's side or off door side whatever it may be.

So, you can pull in and get gas having the rear fuel fill makes it very easy because you can pull in on either side of the gas pump and still fill up. So, you come to the off door side you will notice right over here you have drains you have black and gray here this unit actually has two sets. So, you have tanks right here you'll have some further up as well.

So, what. I recommend is getting a Y. So, you can just Y them both together and just have it dump out in one location, but this is nice and easy you can see everything's insulated there for years well and of course you have a light in there case you have to dump your tanks at night move it up a little bit further this is the Cummins Onan 5500 watt generator this is phenomenal of course runs everything in the coach the other cool thing about this and we get will get two more and we get up front as this has Auto gen start.

So, again. I'll hit on that in a little bit, but that's a great feature especially on a gas coach. So, you come right in here you can see you have your 50 amp plug in that is of course detachable power cord also in there you have the transfer relay switch to automatically switches power from your generator to shore power and then as we move up a little bit further you have the convenience center right here is your whole coach filter black tank flush right there that's great too so, if you need to flush out your black tank to screw a hose right in there and it'll go ahead and wash it out for you winterization can be taken care of a shower right here as well of course hot and cold and then, if you notice right here underneath this is your other dump spot you have another gray and black right here now, if you take a look you one other thing you'll notice is the water pump and one more time as.

I mentioned they're trying to make things easy on you. So, one of the common things to go wrong on a coach is the water pump very easily accessible in this coach. So, you know you know exactly where it's at very easy to work around and get in that way you can fix it, if it needs to be fixed and once again you'll see a light right there looks a little bit further.

So, again we have the storage same thing we saw on either side two large doors right here big pass-through storage then we come right up here. So, a couple quick things one you'll notice right there is your 1800 watt inverter and that another thing you will notice is this right up here that is the auto gen start. I was talking about that little module, if you see it has little knobs you can get in there and set different things for the auto jump start you can set it for temperature so, if it gets too hot in the coach you don't have short power generator kicks on which makes the AC kick on cooling down the coach, if you start to get low voltage due to your refrigerator running same thing generator will kick on recharging your battery that way the refrigerator continue to run.

So, that is a great feature to have. I love that challenger has that installed on this coach the last compartment here you will notice your two batteries as well as your hydraulic pump and, if you notice look they went ahead and color-coded the lines for you that way again, if you do have any issues it's nice and easy to work on you can you know exactly which lines that you know according to the manual which ones you have to get in there to be able to get your auto level back up or whatever it is that you have to work on. So, again very cool Challenger making it easy alright folks that will pretty much wrap it up to the outside let's go take a look at the inside welcome to the inside of the 2017 Thor challenger 37 TB this particular model has the new Westwind interior and the all-new pacific cherry hardwood beautiful cabinetry, if you take a look this is glazed cabinetry they actually use this same style of cabinetry in their high-end diesel coaches, but they put it in the Challenger because again this is a high-end gas coach.

So, let's go over some of the features of the kitchen here one of the things it's really cool, if you notice on the countertop you have this little circle should remove that it opens up to this section right here which is where your trash can goes. So, that way you can throw trash right in there we need to take the trash out just open this door up that way you're not carrying a dirty trash can through the entire RV, but great kitchen countertop space on here in the kitchen it is solid surface suits gorgeous you can see you have a little extension right here for a little more room and of course they give you the sink top coverage as well as a cooktop cover that way you can utilize all of this as prop space when you do want to get into the sink and just take these right off you will see it as a double bowl undermount stainless steel sink and you have the high-rise pull-out kitchen faucet in order to aid in doing dishes and, if you move over a little bit right here as. I mentioned you have a cover on the cooktop this is your three burner atwood cooktop here front one is high output then you have great flame control on the atwood as well now you don't have an oven on this particular unit because, if you look up top you have this huge Whirlpool stainless steel convection microwave, if you take a look right in there it's all the space you need it's bigger than any oven you'll find in an RV so.

I love that that they have such a large unit there so, if you need to cook a Thanksgiving turkey you certainly can plus the big advantage of convection elements at space-saving, but it also cooks faster it's easier to clean and doesn't put out the heat and. So, very cool while we're up here we'll take a look at some additional storage you will see this as strut supported. So, it's just one hand operation in there and then, if we move over again these brush nickel pulls on the beautiful cabinetry here you can take a look in there you will notice you have an adjustable shelf.

So, that way you can go ahead and move that to the height you want it LED lights throughout the coach make it nice and bright also they use a lot less energy and don't put out the heat that your standard in and the sand bulbs do you do have a window right here you'll notice it has a slow rise roller shade the coach does have both night and day shades roller shades of course work extremely well and again you'll see those throughout. I like the fact they use the beige on here not black for the for the night shades just because it helps keep it a little bit brighter at nighttime as we go down below here take a look at the extra storage open this guy up you can see you have great storage area right there and then to full extension drawers this one of course is full of goodies from the manufacturer including your rapid camp remote this is really cool too, if you're not familiar with this what this does it allows you to operate the slides the generator the awning your auto level everything from that remote. So, you can go outside go ahead and open your slides up make sure you're not going to hit anything definitely a cool system as we go underneath this one you'll see this a much deeper draw course again you have all your manuals in here they give you this nice bag as well, but you can see that's a very deep drawer.

So, that is very beneficial there as well now as. I mentioned because, if you don't have an oven that allows for two other large drawers right beneath your cooktop perfect place for pots and pans right there let's go ahead and move a little bit further into the coach this of course is your residential refrigerator this again is whirlpool beautiful stainless steel on here you can see to have the icemaker there as well so, if you need to quickly get water or ice for a drink you can certainly do that then as we open it up you can see all of the space refrigerator on the right here freezer on the left now because this is a residential model it runs strictly off electric, but as. I did mention we were outside because this unit has auto gen start, if the batteries do start to get low your generator you can set that to automatically kick on that way the generator will recharge the batteries letting your our refrigerator continue to run even when you leave camp then, if you look right down, but beneath again you have a nice drawer this is a perfect spot for your oven covers or your sink top covers, if you're looking for a place for miu can just grab and put them right in there right over here is the entertainment center you can see a have a great view right up top you have a little bit of extra storage this has a nice frosted glass you'll see your DVD player up here as well and then the TV is really neat what you can do is this actually slides out.

So, that way as you're going down the road you want to be able to still watch TV because that slide comes in you can still do. So, or, if you're sitting here this actually tilts out that way you get a great angle to the sofa right there you'll notice a sound bar underneath moves with it that way the sound is projected directly at you. So, really cool system.

I like that they went ahead and did that then underneath right here you'll see some additional storage perfect place for your DVD collection and underneath that of course is the fireplace not only is that beautiful and give a really great aesthetic and feel in here, but it also is essentially a space heater it runs off electric and it'll do a good job of taking the chill off in this space right here is your couch very very comfortable this is a trifold sofa. So, not only is it comfortable to sit on, but it's also comfortable to sleep on it was up a little bit there and you also have seat belts back here. So, you know this is a legal place for riders to go ahead and ride along and.

I'm telling you once you sit in here you will see exactly what. I mean it is very comfortable big beautiful window here same thing with the dinette we'll see in just a moment let's in a ton of natural light during the day and as. I mentioned you do have both the night and day shades right up top here again great storage you see on once again you have the struts.

So, it is just one-hand operation there gorgeous woodwork. I love the woodwork and the challenger's let me move over a little bit further here you move into the dream dinette. So, you have the lights on the side there one up top picture frame right here which is really cool too you have a little space there.

So, you can start making memories for the family go ahead and put it right there seat belts along the one side there again. So, you can have legal riders on the one side and this dream dinette is not only a great place to sit and eat and play a game, but also easily drops down into a bed there's a little lever right underneath here you just flip that lever over and then this guy pushes right down just like. So, of course you move these cushions out and it rests right down below, but again it is very easy to get to also, but underneath here take a look at that talk about easy storage rather than having to lift these cushions up and get underneath here these drawers just slide right out full extension ball bearing drawers very easy to access let's take a look upfront you will be spending some adequate time up here.

So, you want to make sure that this is going to be up to power 40 as well let's start off right here in the center. So, a couple quick things one you'll notice you have this that is for a table. So, both the driver and passenger seats are there Flexsteel seats again very comfortable both of these do swivel.

So, you can have a table right there, if you want to have snacks or play a game or just fully utilize this space when you are camping also, if you take a look right in between here you'll see this excellent fiberglass shroud that has a couple of huge advantages to one being the fact it's a little bit smaller than most of them the other because it's fiberglass and a lot of times you go to step across here and you accidentally you know kick it and then your carpet gets all dirty not a problem the fiberglass is easy to clean also they have went ahead and insulated it very well. So, it helps reduce a lot of engine noise you can see you have several cupholders in the center there as well as a non-slip mat perfect place for your phone or wallet then as we look over to the side here again you have a cup holder over on the driver's side you can see your auto level right up here you have some other options the everything from your emergency start your power shades are over there as well the front shade here is power the two sides will be manual gen start of course up front here as well and then some extra plugins for you so, if you need to plug anything in you have your 12 volt there and you have USB and HDMI the purpose for the HDMI is this unit does have mirroring. So, you can actually plug it right into there and it will mirror right here on your screen that screen is your radio as well as a DVD player and also your backup camera so, if you do need to go ahead and backup you can just turn that guy on as we move over to the passenger side again a couple great features one is this right here.

So, is the passenger sitting here whether you're riding or your part you have this that comes right up this is really convenient one, if you need a quick place to eat you don't want to set up the table it can have a nice snack here or, if you're doing any work perfect place for a laptop or tablet then, if you look right down here you do have your 120. So, you can go ahead and plug that in. So, it's able to charge then cup hold it over here couple non-slip mats there as well now as we move up a little bit of course you do have your map lights here some fans extra storage up along the top which is great again that struts supported, but one of the things a lot of people don't know about especially, if you haven't seen this before is the fact that this right here is a bed yep that's right it tucks away you can't tell it's absolutely wonderful 500 pound max on here.

So, it can easily sleep 2 adults the control for it is actually right over here right above this door this one here is storage this one has the control let me go ahead and lower it and we can take a look that's all there is to it. So, as. I said it's very easy to touch, button that drops right down you can see it has a mattress already in here.

So, you don't have to worry about blowing up an air mattress or trying to find one already comes with it that just tucks right away and you have the netting although all the way around. So, you know this does add extra sleeping to the coach which is phenomenal especially from being a bunk coach you can sleep a small army in here their cool thing goes even, if you don't use it when you go for resale this will definitely help the resale because even though you didn't use it someone else might, but that will pretty much wrap it up for the front half folks let's go take a look at the back half as we move back a little further into the coach we make our way to the bunks this is really cool to the thing. I like about this is that it gives the you the ability to have the coach grow with you.

So, as your needs change the coach can as well as you can see right now the way it is set up you have two bunks here TV on both top and bottom grant to the bottom one is a little smaller. So, you know you may have to work that argument out with the kids, but you know it does at least give them allow them to have a TV to themselves just very cool now what is the reason. I say that it grows with you okay a couple different things you'll see that it does have doors on here.

So, you can close it off and also need to close with kids off you can, but the other reason it has those is because when the kids grow up and they decide they no longer wanna camp with mom and dad this actually turns into a closet. So, what happens is. I went ahead and lifted this up you'll see right over here yeah these guys just put those up on both sides just like that this actually swings right down just like.

So, and what this does is then this creates a couch. So, this gives you an extra area to sit, but more importantly it becomes a closet. So, extra wardrobe space you can use this whole thing hang it up you know close the doors here you have a huge closet.

So, very cool like. I said that way that never goes to waste as you get older and like. I say your needs change this can accommodate everyone then across from the bunks is the half bath you'll see right down here have a foot flush lover a toilet plenty of leg room it is a porcelain bowl you also have your toilet paper holder there as well very large counter tops all the way around of course your plugin is underneath you need to plug anything in and a stainless steel bowl.

So, nice high end Bowl in there really gives it a nice look then as you move up you can see the mirrored medicine cabinets and additional storage over to the side above your towel ring and then vent up top plenty of LED lights in there make it nice and bright moving back little bit further right here is your main control panel this is how you operate your slides you do have Jen start here as well as up in front all of your monitors are here as well as generated hours one of your two thermostats is right here this will control the front half the other one is in the bedroom and the rapid camp remote sets right there the one. I showed you a little bit earlier now as you come back into the bedroom you will see you do have a privacy door here as well this of course closes off the bedroom, but very large gorgeous door and again the woodwork in here is pristine, but that of course gives you the privacy make your way back into the bedroom here we'll start off on the king bed not only is it a large king bed, but this is extremely comfortable, if you take a look it says a pillow top on it it's a memory foam mattress you won't have to replace this you'll be very happy with the mattress that it comes with charging center off to the side there you can see all the USB port. So, anything you need to plug in you can easily do.

So, you have the big leather headboard there as well couple of reading lights speakers underneath too. So, that way you can go ahead and play music right there and windows on both sides now of course this isn't a slide-out which really give a lot of space here to walk through which is great then right over here at the foot of the bed what you will notice is you have a ton of wardrobe space. So, we open this guy up you can see a hanging wardrobe right here now, if you do want washer/dryer in this unit you can actually take this panel out and this as well this is where the washer and dryer will go.

So, you'll put a combo unit right in there, but not to worry because as we move down of course you have your TV here as well as a multimedia Center there underneath, but when. I open this guy up take a look at that no space is wasted huge wardrobe right there and you also have mirrored wardrobe space right there with an adjustable shelf right here you can see you have this guy. So, in a nice drawer there and then three more all along the bottom here for excellent space and to plug in over there too now right back here is the full bath your master bath as we come on back we can take a look here so, if you take a look right down here you will notice your foot flush lover toilet again it is a nice porcelain bowl same thing you can see your toilet paper hold it off to the side as well as your towel rack there you do have a window back here.

So, let's in a lot of natural light which is great a little bit of storage up top there too of course we have our vent then as you move over you can see right here mirrored medicine cabinet great storage all behind there again big counter top and a master bath as well one more time they put in your stainless steel bowl your hand towel ring right where you'd want it additional storage right over to the side here same thing there and underneath you have a little bit of storage there too, if you take a look over at the shower here you will see that you have ample space in there you have the hand wand the cascading series try slide glass door some shelving in the back and as far as height Heights not initially there. I'm six-foot. I, if you can see right here they have a nice skylight which lets in a lot of natural light also gives you a lot of headroom.

So, it's not a problem for me to go ahead and shower in there either alright folks that pretty much wraps it up again this is a 2017 thor challenger 37 TB this one has all the new features you have the Riverside exterior you have the Westwind interior with the Pacific cherry wood all that are new offerings this year because the 2017 you have the six-speed transmission which. I'm telling you, if you drove a challenger last year you want to drive one of the 2017 s they are phenomenal you'll really appreciate it especially when you're cruising on the highway, if you do have any questions or comments please feel free to leave those in the section below or you can always give myself. Ian Baker a call here at American RV and.

I'll be happy to answer that way as well, if you have particular questions on the specs of this unit or, if you're looking for latest price and availability. I recommend you visit our website which is American RV comm for the most up-to-date information also, if you enjoyed this video make sure you subscribe that way you can see all future content thanks again for watching. I'm.

Ian Baker. I can't wait to see you on the road to freedom.

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