24 simple 2015 Sprinter 304FWRKS Peppercorn April Special

hi folks d and Baker the product specialist with American RV today. I'm going to talk to you about the April manager special it's a fantastic deal closed out model this is a 2015 keystone sprinter 30 for rear kitchen fifth wheel stick a quick look at the outside then we'll head on in and see the gorgeous inside put up front you're going to have your nice fiberglass cap here take a look at this you have an LED strip that's going to be built in really sharp at night you can turn that on gives it a really nice look we had underneath you can see right there the front storage compartments going to be nice and open the battery box off to the right there as well as the battery disconnect that way you can quickly turn it off without having to disconnect the battery spare tire is going to be right underneath as we come around to the side of the coach one thing that.

I like sprinter does we can open this up you'll see right here there's nothing here that's because on the other side is going to be 230 pound propane tanks, but they give you room for a third so, if you want you can bring 90 pounds of propane with you which is fantastic, if you're going to be doing a lot of camping off the grid or using a lot of heat take a look right here nice big pass through storage you can see this right here is actually a table this comes with the unit that's really cool indoor outdoor table. So, no matter where you're at you're always going to have that table even, if the campsite comes with one that way you'll get a second one right here is going to be a power awning nice large power awning their speakers are built into the awning the cool thing about that is when you extend the awning out the music is going to be playing down on top of the campsite instead of blasting out at your neighbor also underneath the awning is going to be an LED strip that way you don't have to hang your Christmas lights getting into the coaches nice and simple you have three steps getting in as well as a easy grab handle right there now this is going to be a four season coach they've done a great job of insulating this coach they've actually tested it it zero degrees in a hundred degrees just to make sure nothing's going to freeze on you. So, really fantastic feature there this is something else.

I like they've done this is a bracket for the TV you can actually take the TV from inside put it in right out here you can see there you have a hook up. So, you do have cable you get access to that right there and then this is going to be your electric that way you can have a TV here right underneath the power awning all right that's going to wrap it up for the outside let's go take a look at the inside welcome to the inside the manager's special this is a 2015 keystone sprinter 30 for rear kitchen fifth wheel it's a gorgeous law layout. I love the floor plan right over here you have two oversized recliners extremely comfortable you have a nice area right there to go ahead and put your drinks, if you have like a laptop or something we can put that there as well you right in between here you'll notice there is going to be a plug-in.

So, again, if you need to plug in your tablet or something you could easily do that also you get a huge window right here which is phenomenal not only does that let in a ton of natural light, but that's going to be a great view right out to the campsite now this is a rear kitchen. So, of course this is going to be one of the main features back here you can see you have a ton of prep space here which is awesome great storage all the way around you know starting right here you have a drop-down tray you're going to have to full extension drawers right there excellent prep surface right here 3-burner cooktop with an oven underneath you can see that there will go ahead and open this up take a look at the storage right there and you have a huge drawer underneath the oven this is perfect for pots and pans anything that's going to be really large you can go ahead and stick right down there kind of right along the same route here you have storage underneath the sink and then right here you're going to have another Bank of three full extension drawers also our sink is going to come with a sink top cover on here we can take that off you'll see you have two bowls large bowl and left smaller bowl on the right and you have a high rise pull out pull out oil rubbed bronze faucet we take a look at the storage up top you can see here excellent pantry space this is gonna have a couple entry points here here and then one on the back side here another thing to know all LED lights in here great lighting all the way underneath here. So, nice and bright in this kitchen microwave fully functional hood with the light and a fan open this up nice deep storage here as well and you have additional storage right there plugin so, if you need a place for a coffee maker blender you can certainly have that now this is one of my favorite parts in the kitchen this is going to be your residential refrigerator Samsung residential refrigerator huge fridge there a ton of space you have your crispers pull out freezer drawer right there.

So, which is phenomenal. So, you have to love that and of course that's going to run off a separate inverter and, if you take a look here great storage up top to you may have to have a step stool to reach this one, but it does have the self supporting hinges on there to make it easier to go ahead and access anything up there and over here in our super slide is the freestanding table and chairs you have four chairs here all four chairs do have storage underneath the seat again excellent window space lets in a lot of natural light and over here is going to be your sofa now this is a trifold sofa. So, it is extremely comfortable as a bed so, if you do have additional guests you do have a place for them to sleep storage up top here as well nice decorative glass on there then why are sitting here maybe you want to watch TV on a rainy day not a problem that's going to be right here that is on a swivel arm mount this will pull out nuts pivot.

So, whether you're going to be in the recliner is on the couch the table in the kitchen you can see the TV as well as be able to hear very well because it's going to have the sound bar their kind of for a theater like experience up top you have additional storage there and then right down below is going to be your fireplace the fireplace is great because not only does it look very nice give you a nice aesthetic property, but it's also going to be very functional as it's going to essentially be a space heater really cool thing about that is, if you pay for electric at your site that is essentially going to be free heat alright that's going to wrap it up for down here let's head up front we'll take a look at our bathroom and bedroom you have a nice large bathroom in the 304 right down here in the corner is the porcelain foot flush toilet plenty of legroom there and then right here you have a very large linen closet perfect for all the towels and all other bathroom accessories you're going to need right behind me is the shower you can see it's a one-piece shower which is great less chance for any kind of leaks nice big seat in their great shelving and a big skylight up top letting a lot of natural light and give you some additional head room right over here is our mirrored medicine cabinet right below sink and sink top and vanity there excellent countertop space plenty of room for everything you're going to need as well as some additional storage down below okay let's go check out the bedroom the bedroom and the 304 is going to feature a full walk around queen bed as you'll notice you have excellent storage there underneath and it's going to be nice and easy to access storage right over there and that's going to be right next to our huge wardrobe it is going to have a mirror on here, but you see you have nice shelving and a hanging rod going all the way across this side is also going to mirror the other side one of the things. I like about the Sprinter is this is going to be on a wide body chassis this is going to be a hundred inches wide. So, even though it's only four inches wider than most and it may not seem like a lot it does a lot of things like give you a wider hallway and it makes this chest of drawers here very very usable a lot of times you'll open these up and they're going to be half this size where you can't fit anything in here not the case in the Sprinter these are very useable drawers you have seven drawers here three big ones on that side and then for smaller ones over here also right up top you do have connections for a TV so, if you do want a TV in here you can certainly have that as well as this will be pre-wired for a second AC all right folks that's pretty much going to wrap it up again this is the manager special for April this is a fantastic deal it is going to be a leftover model 2 2015 one of the last couple ones we have in stock it's just a great floor plan you have that huge rear kitchen with a ton of prep space those oversized recliners are extremely comfortable great couch extra sleeping space a nice big bathroom you got to come and take a look at it before it's gone, if you do have any questions or comments please feel free to leave those on the video below or you can give myself ian baker a call here at American RV and.

I'll be happy to answer that way as well thanks for watching i'm ian baker and i can't wait to see you on the road to freedom.

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