16 perfect 2016 Outlaw Class C

hi this is jon cryer with thor motor coach and. I'm here with junior huff who's one of our sales managers out in the field Jay our great to have you here today great to be here Jon thank you perfect.

So, we've we're going to talk about the outlaw 29 H the 29 HR Class C version here is the most affordable motorized toy hauler on the market. So, junior give us a little insight about this little coach well you know the great thing about this coach here as you said we've had the outlaw product enough for several years and we have finally really introduced back into the market the most affordable outlaw motorhome out there this is something that appeals to a lot of different clientele and pretty much anybody on the market looking for something with a garage in the back well when. I look at this motorhome it looks you know very similar to other products we build and.

I know we have a great story when we talk about how the foundation this motorhome comes together so. I think as we look at it more ride and that's the name of the company we use to put the foundation on correct yes it is in fact all of our motorhomes that third motorhome are actually sent to throw a more ride to have that chassis put on there and. I'll tell you what those guys can probably explain a little bit better than.

I can why don't we go and let them do it for us absolute let's go take a look at Thor Motor Coach we build many of the world's most recognized brands of motorhomes to make sure your new motorhome is the perfect fit for you and your family our engineers work with more ride international the leader in chassis modification to design and construct the foundation for your motorhome more ride provides the steel assembly that makes up the basement storage and support structure of the motorhome Raj Hasse's come to us from leading chassis builders like Ford Chevrolet freight liner and mercedes-benz computer-aided design models allow thor motor coach engineers to provide more ride all the information needed to make the perfect parts for each chassis a specialized steel cutting and forming process is used for each individual part the use of these metal forming machines helped create consistency throughout the build many chassis --zz need to be modified based on the floor plan of the motorhome these chassis x' will be stretched to provide the optimum combination of storage and drivability steel sea channels are welded in place to provide strength and rigidity the lengthening of the chassis requires a modified driveline new drive shafts connect to the transmission and rear differential specialized machines are used to create the correct drive angles and balance the new drive shafts before being installed on the unit steel cross members make up the largest section of the structure spanning horizontally from side to side over the main frame rails these cross members support the floor of the coach while evenly spreading the weight of the coach for better stability while driving with the newly formed structure in place the chassis is brought in for painting to protect the raw steel from the elements this special paint is formulated to help inhibit rust and corrosion special attention is spent to ensure only the steel structure is painted leaving all of the automotive components with the standard coating provided by the chassis manufacturer even though you can't see what is beneath the beauty of the motorhome you can be certain thor motor coach and more ride international have created a strong foundation meant to stand the test of time you know gr that was a really impressive look at exactly how these things go together in the foundation you know that we start the whole entire process on. So, now that we know how it goes together and how well it's put together let's talk about some of the things on the outside they're going to attract me to this motorhome well sure you know there's a lot to talk about on this motorhome out here you know just starting with. I guess what you see first and foremost is going to be the exterior of the coach sure we do something a little bit different it's called an HD max this gives you the appearance of a full body paint motorhome for a lot less of the cost this is actually a color infused fiberglass that is that's the same color all the way through so, if it does get scratched you can buff it out do whatever you need to and it's not going to show an odd color through there.

So, it's going to keep that appearance going for a long time yeah for what. I understand this is just like a boat haul right exactly you could actually go, if you get a little scratch in it you can just put a little filler in it you can buff it right back out and it has the same color. So, it's going to be good looking years from now - yes and, if you maintain it just like you would any other vehicle out there wash it do a light wax on a couple times a year it'll keep its nice glossy finish to it and keep that great appearance the entire for quite a while all right.

So, we're here in the campground area and of course if. I want a camp. I want to have a place.

I can go outside and relax cuz that's that's part of the whole camping thing going outside relax. So, what do we got up here to talk about get a nice power awning with the LED lights integrated into it which is also really nice you know sitting out here in the evening times you don't have to have your porch light on, if you don't want attracting bugs you can turn on that LED light for example nice blue glow just kind of gives you a nice ambiance, if you will to hang out underneath got an outside TV here as well to you know watch your race on it news in the morning whatever you want to do and, if you know didn't want to watch the TV you've also got speakers out here the great thing about these speakers is they're tied in with a Bluetooth radio in our garage. So, whether it be a radio station your Pandora your iTunes whatever it is you can Bluetooth your phone to it and actually sit out here under the awning listen to your favorite music adjust the volume whatever you want to do with it so.

I got the iPad. I come out here. I'm connected to the Bluetooth radio.

I simply just go in. I'm connected you know over the web maybe the you know XM radio sure. I can take and.

I can use the volume, buttons on my tablet here turn it up or down your tablet will become a remote control there and you can do all that right there you don't have to worry about going in the house to change anything. So, you have complete control out you're under the awning at that point. I'll tell ya.

I'm gonna be in trouble because. I'm gonna be fighting my daughter's to find out who's going to be listen to this outside and whose music is. I hear you.

I would be too alright. So, as we kind of make our way back here you know we've talked about how we've got the big foundation well with the foundation. I think that gives us a decent amount of storage outside of just the garage area doesn't know it does you have large storage area here to put some extra things in some chairs rugs whatever you want to put in down here uh-huh nice big storage you know something you don't typically see in a class Motorhome, but because of that foundation at Thor Motor Coach we're able to offer this to you and give you that storage space you know another great feature about this John is it's made of a roto cast material we don't use any kind of carpets that are going to mold or mildew or anything like that we don't use any metals that are going to rust this stuff will stay nice and clean it's real easy to clean out and it's a very very durable material so.

I like because that the fact that it's rotocast and it's got these ribs in it even, if something spills in here something drips in here it looks like all my stuff will actually be above it. So, that way it's not getting soaked and then when. I get to wherever.

I'm going. I can just take some paper towels or a rag and just kind of wipe it out exacta nothing to mind got ruined on the way on the way to my destination exactly and very easy clean as you said all right now jr. now we've talked a little bit about the outside here, but.

I think what everybody's really wanted to see is to the garage area now this garage area like we said can do anything, but as we make our way around to the back of the coach. I'm trying to figure out exactly how. I'm gonna get my stuff up there because it doesn't look like the ramp goes to the ground.

So, we can talk about that we'll show you how to do it let's go take a look all right. So, jr.. I think this is pretty much what this whole coach is about is how do we entertain how do we have fun and what can we do back here in the back exactly you know and you notice first thing when you walk up not only do you have obviously the access of the garage to haul everything we've talked about, but once you're there and once it's loaded or unloaded you have this amazing patio feature with these railings that come up that again it gives you more versatility whether it be backing it up over a river and fishing or having the dogs run around out here to get fresh air, but be contained or just tailgating you know there's just.

So, many different avenues that you can go down with the patio option. So, what you're telling me is that this actually folds up and. So, this goes down to the ground and this makes my ramp it does and then when.

I'm finished with loading or unloading then. I put this in this position it's got some cables that hold it up and. I can pretty much put my whole family out there four or five people right you actually probably put more than that, if you want it to it's rated at 1,800 pounds and this position here and that's actually going to be a rating on the cable itself the door will hold more than that, but yes you're exactly right all of this stuff will fold out of the way okay these cables detach this ramp will go down to the ground and that is how you'll get all your toys in or out or your equipment barbecue grills rafts whatever you want to take with you all right.

So, now. I'm back here. I'm enjoying myself on the patio and.

I like the fact that we've integrated this awning because now. I get some you know some shield from the elements on the outside well sure definitely you know, if you want to be up off the campground and sitting back here and allowed to share something and just enjoying the scenery you can again have an awning over you to protect you from the Sun give you a little bit of shade whatever you want to do alright it looks like our lighting here must be dual purpose they kind of we can use it more backing up maybe at night or then also you know just to light up the patio area exactly you've got the two LED lights on both sides of the back up camera there like you said either as backup lights or as docking lights light up the patio whatever you want to use it for you know and there's a great new option that we're bringing into this progress actually introducing a bug screen and then not-too-distant future. So, now you'll be able to close off your whole entire garage area with this bug screen and it opens in the middle.

So, now you have plenty of access still get in and out and with its magnetic enclosures now you don't have to worry about trying to get up there and stand on a ladder to snap it at the tile that'd be great. So, hey we've talked about the garage. I think everybody's probably pretty primed right now for what comes on the rest of the coach let's move around to the other side and just take a look at some of the things we have to offer from a utility standpoint sounds great campers.

I think when they're looking at a coach like this. I want to make sure it's still all self contained. So, if.

I'm thinking self-contained explain to me what that means well the great thing about self-contained is basically you can go out anywhere you want to and have everything you need with you and when. I say that whether it be power water whatever the case may be you can literally go in the middle of a desert and be fully operational this coach is equipped with a 4000 watt generator okay supplies all the power you need to run all your appliances you need by all means not only that though you also have a thousand watt inverter in this coach so, if you didn't want to fire up the generator you could still run a couple outlets a few TVs whatever you wanted to do some 12-volt lights of course and not have to worry about firing at the generator alright this is 30 amp service correct or the amp service that is correct all right so. I'll be able to go quite a few places we'll find power especially one of the campground or maybe even national parks yes definitely and you know something else.

I'd like to point out while we're in this compartment talking about going to campgrounds something that we offer on our coaches here that not everybody does is we also incorporate an auto transfer switch and then some customers may not be familiar with what that is, but the easiest way to explain it is, if you are in that campground for example at night and a storm comes through and you lose power to the pole well rather than have to come out unplug from the pole and plug back into yourself all you've got to do is get up go to your interior coach there where the generator switch is and fire up the generator that auto transfer switch will automatically allow that power to come through the house and you will never have to get outside the coach in that storm. So, you mean to tell me that if. I don't have an auto transfer switch.

I have to take my plug here and. I actually have to go unplug it from the pole on the outside and plug it into my generator in that storm that we're talking about that knocked out the power yes seriously wasn't like a 1970s when we introduced automatic transfer switches it was, but you'd be surprised how many people still are not incorporating them to the motorhomes all right well here a thor motor coach we've got on every one of our motorhomes. So, it's nothing to worry about everything we build junior up here the cockpit area.

I know the thing about class C's that makes people happy is it feels more like an SUV up front because it's got a more of a truck /ban you know chassis on it. So, as. I'm looking around the - they're just kind of run me through some of the basic things.

I'm going to see well sure like you said already it's a very familiar - system it's just like any other Ford truck Ford van out there that everybody's familiar with there are a lot of features though that come along with this coach for example over here. I have it the heated mirrors with the cameras in both sides how we we have mirrors have cameras on we have mirrors with cameras and. I'm not only the electric and heated we have got cameras integrated into them as well -.

So, anytime you hit your turn signal whether it be left or right you'll actually display in the monitor here on the radio and show you down both sides of the coat you know from that point again you've got your basic controls that everybody's used to your heat and air and everything else, but something. I'd like to point out they didn't corporator with the radio as well - or these two plugs right here okay you've got your USB charger plug which is pretty self-explanatory you can use that to get stuff into the radio charge your phone that kind of stuff the HDMI ports the one that's really been added this year that's added a lot of features for us sure by using that HDMI port you actually can get your Google Maps and everything on your phone to mirror to this radio. So, rather than doing a GPS system that's going to be outdated before the customer even purchases it they have to worry about updating continuously your smart phone is always updating Google Maps is always updating.

So, now you have a continually updated GPS system merde right onto your radio through that HDMI port, but. I think the nice thing too is that with that because you're mirroring what's on your on your phone screen you know you're passenger can be over here actually doing the program make sure. So, now you're not taking your attention off of driving and you're not doing the family let's face it hands-free is just about a requirement anywhere you go today and.

So, between the radio being bluetooth with the with the mirror function now you can make hands-free telephone calls you can get your mapping and of course with the mapping whether you know it is Google Maps or Apple Maps now you're getting that real-time traffic update also right and then you have of course the option where you you know you can download Sirius XM or you can download Pandora Slacker Radio you know use it through the cellular device that you're carrying already and now you get your album art and everything else and you know it's more like a true built in multimedia function than it is just a - radio. So, you know as we is we kind of move our way out of the cockpit kind of a thing here the pretty comfortable seats here you know these aren't the articular afford you know factory seats it looks to me like we've we've recovered these in a leather wrap material which matches the the rest of the coach. So, we kind of get that decor field going all the way through and and of course you know we haven't really talked about it yet, but you know all of our motorhomes were very friendly very pet friendly like you said with the leather wrap furniture throughout the entire coach that makes it, but along with a linoleum makes it completely pet friendly yes.

I mean. I don't see any carpet and the whole interior of this motor on that in the cockpit down the coach not nowhere. So, yeah.

So, we don't have to worry about you know we go in we fill up with fuel all of a sudden there's some fuel in the ground. So, buddy let there gum on the ground now we don't come back in here and get it all matted into our carpet exactly don't worry about it at all all right. So, you know we need to do we need to go back and take a look at this living space and see exactly what.

I'm going to enjoy once. I get to the campground let's go okay jr.. I'm taking a look and.

I'll tell you what. I think that sofa has called your name you know it really has John this nice residential sofa here that doubles also as a queen sleeper bed gives you a second queen bed up here in the front of the coach you've got the front overhead queen bed and you've also got another bed in the garage that we'll talk about when we get there alright. So, now.

I'm going to own a Motorhome and of course. I want the thing to look good and it really looks like we put a lot of time and effort into some of the decor features inside the living room here you know we really have as you pointed out again you know the balances that are pointed your roller shades here that come down for all the windows LED lighting throughout the entire coach you know we've really paid a lot of attention to detail and really spiffed up the insides of these units there's a couple different decor packages for our there are different decor packages and a couple different wood choices also two different wood choices as well all right. So, there's really as we say here at throw a motor coach we build motorhomes that are made to fit it really does look like you can spec this out to fit your lifestyle you really can between all those different choices there should be a combination that definitely fits what you're looking for all right.

So, we saw up here in the cockpit we saw exactly what we get as far as the dash radio goes, but, but. I think there's a pretty cool feature we have in the living room that kind of helps you take technology on the road and let's say keep it charged well sure there's actually a power docking station above our entry door there with two USB ports for your iPad cell phones whatever electronics you need to charge while going down the road as well - nice compartment right next to him to put them in. So, you have to worry about them dangling and hanging in midair very convenient and because we talked earlier this is fully self-contained obviously we have to have a kitchen that is you know big enough to support whatever we're going to be doing when we're out on the road you're right John there's a lot of area in this kitchen let me show you here just coming around and look in here first thing you notice is a nice big double sink with a high rise faucet gives you plenty of room to do all your pots and pans and dishes in without having to worry about running into that faucet also.

I like to point out big deep cupboards plenty of room for your dishes you know a lot of folks will give you shallow coverage you go to put a full-size plate in there it doesn't fit all of our cabinets here are big enough to accommodate a full size plate got a convection microwave here as well as a three burner stove here as well -. So, plenty of features to do all the cooking you want to on the road as well - and it looks like we've got plenty of storage down in the kitchen base so, if you want to bring your you know your silverware or anything like that you've got plenty of places you can put it you do all full ball bearing drawer extension glides here nice big deep drawers come all the way out big areas under here into the sink and of course not having the oven and having a convection microwave it gives you a nice big drawer here under that cooktop as well - well. I'll tell you what.

I'd sure like to see a little bit more area if. I want to take all my canned goods or spices or anything you got anything to help me out you know we do right here next to the refrigerator is a nice big pullout pantry wow that thing is huge tons of room for all your canned goods and then of course we've got our typical RV refrigerator correct you do runs off gas and electric both. So, and, if you're in a dry camping situation you can run it off propane not have to worry about using the battery power or anything like that or you can run it on electricity of course as well too, if you're plugged into the park yeah and we talked a little bit by on the outside, but you've got a 13,500 BTU air conditioner 13,000 1513 v air conditioner and living room here and then we also give you an independent 5000 BTU in the garage as well to which we'll see when we get there and.

I really like around this coach, if you got expect that where you've got the event in the kitchen. So, now you can actually, if you burned something in the kitchen you pull some of the fumes out right where it should be right above where the cookies gonna be exactly nice centrally located all right well you know now that we've seen the living room and everything we can do here let's move back to that garage area and show people what what this coach was made for sounds good now hold on John we can't get ahead of ourselves and go to the garage here we're about to bypass a very important part of this motorhome ok your control center here. So, to speak in the center of the coach here you've got your controls for your jacks fully automatic jacks all the way around this coach they're all self leveling not only can you control them here, but right next to this you have what we call our rapid camp remote system ah this remote control here really makes camping a lot easier you can control your lights your jacks your awning your slide outs.

I think you turn the generator underneath a generator on it off ok. I basically do all the important functions of setting up this coach all by remote control very very handy feature to have right down below that here you've got your monitoring panels ok this here will show you all your levels of your tanks and your batteries and your propane as well too. So, they add a push of a, button you can see what all your levels are okay of course all your, buttons down here for your water heater for your tank heaters as well too something we didn't discuss yet this coach has tank eaters on it huh so, if you get into that colder climate situation you can flip your tank heaters on and keep your tanks from freezing.

So, we're really talking about Four Seasons you use this motorhome for season within reason all right Four Seasons within reason perfect all right. So, now now Junior have we made it to the point where you look at this garage at this point. I think we have alright let's go back and take a look alright jr.

we're here we're finally to the point that. I want to see the garage now tell me all about what. I'm gonna see back here alright well let's start here with the entertainment section first you've got a 32 inch TV here in the garage ok.

So, like we talked about before garage being very versatile you've got double couches that fold into a bed as well - you've got an entertainment system this can actually be a bedroom, if you want it to be sure or a hangout for the kids or whatever doesn't necessarily have to be just to the garage above the TV here we've also got that Bluetooth radio we talked about. So, you've got your Bluetooth radio you've got a radio back here you've got a TV back here, but not only that you've still got to keep it as a garage so, if you've got your toys in here we also give you a nice cool jump station right here as well - with positive and negative hooked up to our battery so, if your cycles or something or back here and they are dead you can actually jump them straight off the Koecher to get them out of the garage oh that's perfect that's Bert and. I see a couple light switches on there so.

I know one's got to control my ceiling lights here, but what's the other one - the other one controls your spotlights on the rear the coach that we talked about longer route all right. So, docking lights or just you know patio party lights are all right there and then look what. I got over here yep you've got a little tool chest over there, if you will a place to keep your paper towels oils anything you want a nice little storage area for the garage here not as nice as the aluminum and not you know the core panel or something like that.

So, have. I spilled something it looks like it's going to be yeah pretty much self-contained and it's not gonna have to leak into the garage exactly. So, um you know we've got our sofas back here which you talked about it.

I see that you can actually take and flip this down it looks like we get a couple of cup holders that are actually inside there so. I can enjoy a beverage out here yeah, if you're using this tailgating like we talked about before you've got that same setup again here on this side of the coach. So, for people very easily very comfortable with cup holders on both sides and we talked earlier about the bug screen and.

I think that bugs going to be great because when that comes across and closes off now you truly do have a like a little screened-in patio back here exactly so, if it is raining outside or something of that nature you can hang out inside the coach and still enjoy nature all right well. I also see down here on the floor. I see some tie-down rings which.

I'm assuming that what. I have toys and. I want to bring with me now.

I got a place. I can actually make sure they're secure you exactly you know the nine-foot garage back here you have a 1500 pound carrying capacity you've got your tie downs for your motorcycles or four-wheelers or whatever you want to bring back here as well -. So, of course it is always a toy hauler at the end of the day sure well and.

I do like to you as we talked about the air conditioner bovver here you know. I get a separate air conditioner back here. So, if.

I want to turn this thing into a meat locker you know my my wife and kids can be up front and they can be 80 degrees up there the way they like and. I can be back here. So, sweating it down.

I can turn it down back here actually yeah this is the perfect or guys like. I kind of deal in it perfect alright well also. I'm sure this is a is a big selling feature too for those people that maybe have a dog grooming or a dog kennel, but they bring in their outlaw.

So, now they can be sure that the dogs are kept nice and cool especially, if they're on the show circuit and you know they don't have to worry about and be up in the living room area exactly or we've got a lot of clientele that use these as mobile offices as well too. So, they can can keep this area nice and cool and have a secluded from the rest of coach yeah and it still feels though like it's part of the motor does it feel like it's a sterile garage type area at all you know we do the same appointments as far as your decor panels we've got the same wood that you've got the further coach with big storage areas same decor balances on the windows. So, you're right it feels just like the home does up front.

I think this is a great junior it's been a fantastic talking to you today. I love what we're doing here with the outlaw product and. I can't wait to see it out on dealers loss and see what customers have to tell us thanks.

I've enjoyed it all right thank you all of our motorhomes are engineered using the best combination of aluminum steel and fiberglass the walls and roof are constructed from aluminum which provides a strong yet lightweight skeleton to support the overall house of the motorhome our floors are built from steel the heavier steel construction helps lower the overall center of gravity of the motorhome while providing an excellent platform to help insulate the interior of the RV from road noise the insulation within the walls roof and floor is low-density polystyrene foam the insulation is form fitted to all structural areas to provide protection from the exterior elements the sidewalls are finished in fiberglass large flat sheets or rolls of fiberglass are laid upon a lamination table to be prepped and bonded to lay aluminum structure a large glue applicator runs beads of adhesive every inch down the length of the structure to ensure 100% coverage now the lamination process takes place the entire walls roof and floor are inserted into an individual lamination bed where air is removed and pressure is applied causing the adhesive in the walls to flash also known as vacuum bonding this flashing permanently bonds all the layers together providing an optimal structure to build a motor home with a lamination process complete a final routing of all cut outs in the structure is performed all openings in the walls and roof are framed in aluminum while the floor is all framed in steel this extra step ensures the openings are always sized correctly. So, items like windows vents and entry doors will fit each and every time you.

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