17 innovative 2017 Airstream Sport 22FB Bambi Light Weight Tiny Small Camping

hello this is Patrick Botticelli with colonial Airstream in Lakeway New Jersey wow what a beautiful day here and what a beautiful trailer we have behind me this is the all-new 2017 Airstream sport 22 FB FB stands for front bedroom it's a Bambi model because it has one axle some of the new features for 2017 an Airstream has added our aluminum bottle cover this is a great enhancement to the trailer it replaces the old plastic style ABS. So, it matches now the rest of the model line Flying Cloud signature and serenity inside aluminum bottle cover we have 220 pound cylinders these are five gallons apiece also next to the propane bottle cover we have a zamp solar plug you could buy two Zant portable panel and plug it directly into this port here which is hooked directly to the battery for trickle charge that will allow you to position the panel to get the solar gain necessary.

So, that is there it's something you don't have to add now aftermarket one of the most obvious things you can see for 2017 Airstream has added an entry door window and nice feature about this is it brightens up this area right here so, if you inside Airstream trailer this air might have been a little bit darker in previous model years now it's a little bit brighter and now it matches the rest of the model line as well another great feature Airstream has added for 2017 is a deadbolt lock previous model we had one lock that the enter door lock which is a very secure lock now air stream has added the deadbolt which is also available on the other model lines up top on the trailer air stream added a port which allows technicians to install aftermarket solar panels a little bit easier there still is a little bit of work that has to be done inside the trailer with a control and display, but there's no need and a lot longer to drill holes in the roof to run wires through. So, we feel that it's in great enhancement you'll see that on the rest of the model line for 2017 mid-year and sick in 2016 model your air stream has offered a wireless backup camera option which is extremely popular it's a Voyager wireless backup camera with a monitor it goes in your vehicle. So, this trailer is equipped with that factory option rest.

So, the exterior has stayed very similar to last year's model, but there are some improvements inside. So, let's go around go inside the trail and. I'll pinpoint some of those as well okay inside we now have an updated stereo with Bluetooth capability.

So, you can sync your phone with the stereo there's a little microphone here so, if you get a phone call you could answer it there's a USB sync port here, but there's also USB charge ports next to only the little tips you want to know with a star like this it has a flip-down face. So, you can put CDs behind it and to turn it off you actually have to hold source in for three seconds and that will shut the stereo down completely we've got a lot of tech support calls of customers not able to shut their stereo off that's one of the things you have to know you do have to hold the, button in a little bit longer. I just push this in to drop this cabinet back down another great update upgrade is the blackout linings and the curtains all throughout the front air stream replaced aluminum blinds that with the head and foot of the bed at the head of the bed here we have a curtain rail and set of blinds that you could bump with your pillow and knock off the track or bend the bleeds.

So, the way this system works is a curtain rail up top there's a curtain rail on the bottom just on Velcro slide it across snap it in place and you can snap this side to tuck this behind and it gives you a very secure and private area and does not allow a lot of light throw and when you're done you just wrap these around just like that and you bunch them up. I like to put it right about here another great feature and last Myles here, if you wanted to get to underneath the bed you'd open this big door it's a detachable door and you can slide the bins out, but there's two bins all the way in the back. I were a little difficult to get to.

So, what Airstream did was they modified the mattress made a little bit smaller and now the bed lifts up. So, you gain access to all this storage from right here just by lifting the bed up this access panel is always here, but this allows technicians to get in to do electrical service you never want to store anything in this compartment it's electrical part, but you see here at the foot of the bed there's a little bumper as well as the head of the bed there's a bumper there that keeps the mattress away from this curtain rail. So, you could bring it up and down without disturbing it.

I like that feature another improvement was they improved the foam inside the cushions here all throughout the dinette for the 2017 model year another nice thing Airstream did there's always been an access door here to get under to dine out for storage there's always been access panels once you lift the cushions up, but they trim them out a little bit different they trimmed it out in aluminum with this plywood piece. So, you gain access here here on this side because the wheel well cuts in on half that compartment there's no particle board in any of the construction of an Airstream today so. I'll ply boobies lament see how thick the plywood is see it's laminated on both sides this joint next to it that's a pocket hole screws it's a very secure joint.

I had customers put 1020 thousand miles in their Airstream a year that's a lot of miles it's a lot of road abuse and they're not going to have a common problem that some people have with RVs in regards to cabinets coming apart staples give up over time the pocket hole screw is a very robust secure joint for a long term. So, we're very proud that Airstream uses that construction technique now the sport is a very popular Airstream trailer for our dealership and. I for Airstream in general it's a lightweight it's an extra narrow body.

So, a lot of midsize SUVs could pull it easily the actual trailer length it's 21 foot 8 inches and that's from the ball to the bumper next year width is only seven foot three and a quarter. So, it's a little bit wider than an average SUV. So, you wouldn't necessarily need the extra wide mirror extensions the interior width is six foot 11 and 3/4 that's from this wall to this wall at the widest point it's your height to the bottom of the AC is six foot three that's from here to the floor it's six foot three you get a another couple inches to the highest point in the trailer so, if you're six foot three or over you just have to duck underneath that one spot the rest of the trailer is a little bit taller and the front hitch weight on this trailer that's the down pressure on the back of the vehicle that will be the dry hitch weight is 393 pounds and right now as the unit is equipped we don't have water inside we don't have our gear inside the actual weight of the trailer is thirty six hundred and thirty-four pounds the maximum gross vehicle weight that's the most this weight the trailer axle system floor structure is rated for is 4,500 pounds.

So, that's giving you eight hundred and sixty-six pounds of cargo you can put inside this trailer that's tremendous amount of cargo. So, you're really never gonna have to worry about going over the 4,500 pounds the freshwater tank is 20 gallons your grey tank is 24 that's your sink and shower waste your black tank which is your toilet waste is 18 gallons and the water heater gives you six gallons continuous production of hot water the service the service for the trailer that's electrical service is 30 amp and that would uh you need that to run air conditioning and other things inside the truck we give you an adapter here Colonials. So, you could plug the trailer into a regular household electrical outlet.

So, you can charge a trailer and run the television refrigerator and microwave the actual air conditioning unit it's a 13,500 BTU and the furnace system is a force had air ducted furnace their intake is over here and it's got a duct here one in the middle of the trailer down into your tanks and one into the bathroom that's 12,000 BTU the propane total capacity is 40 pounds that's a 220 pound bottles we spoke about earlier it's got one deep-cycle lead-acid group 24 series battery and this sleeps 1 to 4 people. So, you can put two kids here on the dinette and two adults here up front another improvement Airstream did for the 2017 model year is the new sink this is a rau regular Moen faucet versus the fold up faucet combination sink and now you get a double sink with covers which also double as a cutting board. So, utopia stainless steel sink it's a little bit thicker sink the most RV manufacturers use and it's very deep.

I like the depth of this most RV manufacturers are about three or four inches is about six to seven inches it's a great amount of storage below the sink you've got a drawer that rolls out it's a metal box drawer 3/4 extension give you a silverware organizer made out of maple all the hardware is detachable. So, you could take a door remove it adjust it premium hardware got some more storage on this side we spoke about earlier this is the cutout for the furnace there's another storage compartment here these are all jail ashes you need 7 pounds of pressure to open this door. So, you'll have to worry about it popping open when you're driving another one here now keep in mind this doesn't go all the way back because the wheel well cuts into the body right behind it this has a Cuisinart convection microwave it's just like a regular microwave, but it has an electric convection oven inside there's a electric element that glows cherry red and there's a fan that kicks long to circulate hot air around your food you can see the little coil up top then you could actually see the little fan in the back right now it's packaged for chowing chair burner cooktop this one's your high output left is low output just select which burner you would light on put it on put it on light press in press this, button and will ignite both of them and then turn it to you on high flame or low flame do not cook on top of the glass you want to make sure the glass is open put the pot on top of here well spice rack behind the cooktop electrical outlet this is GFCI protected electrical outlet this has aluminum blinds in the kitchen which you can roll up this window opens for ventilation is all safety glass and it's tinted this window opens here the bottom portion opens the whole middle window opens all the way out there's an insect screen on each one of the windows this doubles as an emergency exit.

So, you can get out of the trailer in case of emergency you have to have two means of egress and a travel trailer you have some storage over the bed do you have two lights over the bed beautiful panoramic windows you can see all the way around you could just lay in bed wake up in the morning and see the beautiful view of the campground you selected smoke detector in the bedroom next to the bed we have another ventilation window that opens, if you have an electrical outlet here down low the little mini nightstand an upper nightstand USB charge ports this is a premium pillow top memory foam mattress very comfortable no need to ditch the mattress that your RV came with and buy new one this one is the perfect mattress for you the decor inside is now standard with ultra leather you could pick black or tan and this is the decor pillows that come with the tan ultra leather and the bedspread that comes with this package there is a skylight in the galley with Shane this is an inner shell this is just just dust there's an exterior heavy duty shell which gives you a thermal break there's a speaker here there's also speaker here for the stereo system you have the controls for the air conditioning where you want the air to come out of you have the fan speed and you also have the temperature setting inside and you could have air come straight down or out of the side ducts and the filter here that you have to check periodically to get the lint out of it this little screen pops down you have a light LED light over to galley all the lights inside the trailer are LED some of them are switched your ceiling lights are switched and some of them are point of view. So, you can have one on or two you decide there is a fan system behind the refrigerator which you could decide to turn on or off depending on the temperature and the run will make the refrigerator run a little bit more efficient to open the refrigerator you push down this is a free cubic foot refrigerator it runs on gas electric and batteries. So, you decide which mode you want to put it on or you can just turn it on and then turn it on auto and it will check because we're not plugged in to see, if we have propane on, if we don't have propane it will then run off the battery right now it's trying to ignite you can also change your temperature setting in the trailer and go to a higher temperature, if you want to get this a little cooler LED light inside it has a removable freezer compartment so, if you wanted to put more items inside the refrigerator part you can unclip this top portion slide it out and you'll have more volume for a refrigerator shut it off you're just gonna hold this in first two seconds and that will shut down the refrigerator the Vantage to this refrigerator on this exact trailer is you can have it on when you're driving on battery all the other Airstream models that are made are either gas or electric.

So, you do have to shut the refrigerator off for safety reasons while you're towing, but there's no worry the items in your refrigerator will stay cool for six to eight hours of driving therefore you don't have to worry about high temperature and damaging your food, but this has the ability around a battery which is pretty nice to have on the trailer like this visitor converter charges converts AC to DC charge the battery has all your breakers your GFCI wreck reset they're all labeled here and here and you have your 12-volt fuses for your 12 ohms your fan your lights the stereo the water pump that's all 12-volt TVs on articulating arm you just pull down this little nylon strap and that will release it from its locked and towing position the furnace controls here you just turn the furnace on to turn the temperature up the blower will kick on it's a lot quieter now since we switch to the new furnace last model year and that uses your propane fuel and the battery to ignite it and to spin the blower motor television itself is plugged in here to the electrical outlet the coax cables plugged in here there isn't a tent on the roof you just have to turn the antenna booster on to take the signal from the antenna and bring it to the television when you are not using the television you want to shut the antenna booster off and, if you're plugged into cable at a campground you want to make sure that antenna booster is not on because it will distort your signal coming in from the campgrounds cable in the wardrobe we have stored here the awning tool and the stabilizer jack crank there just taping gather the wardrobe has a light inside the rod itself has these little ridges in it. So, your hangers don't slide back and forth it's very deep you have a shelf up top and the floor lifts up and it gains you access to maybe, if you had to repair to outside shower ten years from now, if you want to winterize it you get to the water pump from here you can see the furnace stocks that go straight down into your tank the actual black tank is in the body above the four. So, as long as you have the furnace on the reading heat from this will come up and prevent that tank from freezing as well, but everything is accessible here there's all the wires here some pre wire for solar all set up and ready to go, if you decided to get solar down the road this has the fantastic fan with a manual lid the bearable speed control one two or three and quick release for the screen here.

So, you could clean the fan blades you do have to remember to shut this down when you when it's raining and you'd never want to leave that open when you're driving there's a dry erase board it comes with magnets and a marker here is also some more magnets here you can take pictures these are code Hocus there's an access panel here cut in to replace the shower fluster repaired shower faucet, if you ever needed that in the future there's an extra heavy-duty grab handle here by the entry door there's a rubber bumper at the top of the door so, if you're on your way out and you don't dunk you don't skin the top of your head see the light switch here and there's a second switch here that is for the little step light on the exterior that is right below outside GFCI protected electrical there's this fire extinguisher here by the entry door which is rvi a code there's an access panel here to get underneath the dinette magazine storage rack in the bathroom there's plenty of room once you exit the shower to get dressed in here the toilet is a Dometic leopard toilet and it's got a foot pedal you just push down halfway you fill the bowl up to your desired height use the toilet and then push down all while flush directly into your black tank a little storage here maybe magazine rack you have an electrical outlet here for a hair dryer another thick stainless steel bowl sink Moen faucet old metal no plastic little mirror here with magnification another ventilation window little ledge here so, if you want to put some items here when you're not towing the trailer this is a furnace duct. I spoke about earlier it's inside the bathroom the water heater you could turn the switch on that will red light will come on to ignite the water heater, if you have propane on or propane inside the tank it will look night sometimes you get some air in the system you have to bleed it out using a cooktop, but it will try several times and right now we don't have propane. So, the red light came on to warn us that the water heater could not ignite.

So, keep trying until third time it's just gonna shut off with the red light staying on and you give about 10-15 minutes will give you a very very hot temperature what are about 130 plus degrees. I'm gonna be careful, if you have kids that you warn them. So, they don't scold themselves you can check your battery voltage your freshwater tank level and percentage zero our great waste tank which is just sinking shower level percentage in zero and the black tank.

So, the black tank was almost full its eighty to ninety percent you know you have to empty the black tank you can turn the water pump on from here and that will give you on demand water pressure. So, every time you turn on a faucet the system will already be pressurized and the pump will then see a drop and water pressure and kick the pump back on we have a little towel rack here on the back of the door and inside the bathroom it's very spacious plenty of room to maneuver little shower curtain that you pull it cross and that'll snap in just make sure before you tow the trailer that you do secure items like this. So, they don't move around shower diverter shower wand hangs up on the wall here, but you could bring it around and you could pause it once you get your desired temperature to conserve water and turn it back on and you'll still be at your set temperature there's a clothesline inside that clips in and they just spin the little dial here to lock it in place you want to hang light items on this.

I would not recommend hanging a towel or regular hangers just light items there's maybe a plastic wall there's one piece here there's another piece here and then it overlaps the bottom pan here there's a little area here to store some items and a ledge, if you wanted to shave your legs or actually sit down there is a legend side and this shower is actually 30% larger than the shower that's used in the 25 FB 27 FB 28 W and a 30 W and a. So, this is a very generous sized shower the storage below the sink here toilet paper holder here within reach of the toilet and the bathroom door is lockable the dinette will fold down for sleeping for two kids and. I've seen this demonstrated in some other videos, but what you do is you pull the clamp okay that will allow this telescope will need to push up and down and there's a release lever here on the back now.

I'm allowed a table to slide so, if you want it to get in this corner like that you can bring the table like this get in sit down and bring the tail right towards you this is a very clever design a lot of people. I see use this a many different ways, if you want to get on the inside here you can do that as well and now you're facing the television, but when you want to fold it down into a bed the best way to do it is to bring it out like this push down then you just lift up on the left and right cushions you get them above and this prevents you from having to undo all the cushions lock this in place you just grab this piece and this piece squeeze them in the middle okay to remove these little corners and the side rest and make this into a bed that easy did it with one hand, but. I love the new cushion material they did a big improvement this year it's a little bit better density foam a little bit of memory foam in it they did that improvement or a lot of the models and it's also now in the sport let's take a walk outside all the lighting is led on the exterior the trailer extreme recently achieved the Emerald rating for their trailers that's certified Green a tra tra certification they look at the production facility the product itself everything about and they rate it based on how green it is and it should've just got the highest achievement entry step lifts up pushes in the store when you're towing and there's stabilizer jacks all four corners of trailer that's going to take that bounce out of your walk once you're parked at a campground they're not used to level the trailer jus just use the stabilizer trailer LED tail lights license plate bracket with a light little reflectors here in the back and unfortunate you cannot use the bike rack accessory on the 16 J Sport Bambi as well as a 22 FB sport Bambi its accessory only available for Flying Cloud series and up because it has the rear structure extension for the back bumper that the bike rack is needs to mount on up top here that little dome that is actually the omnidirectional television antenna this is the city water connection this has a water pressure regulator built right into it.

So, colonial gives you an RV starter kit with a hose that hooks directly in here and you'll have to worry about when the campgrounds water pressure gets too high at night or blowing out your plumbing you're protected right there don't ever get this confused with this this is a black tank flush because your black tank when you pull this cap off here and snap on the leased hose that colonial gives you you're always gonna empty your black tank for your set your toilet waste you pull this straight out now you have toilet waste coming through your hose and discharging into the campgrounds dump station you're always going to fall through by pulling your grey tank straight out and that will be your sink and shower soapy water your toothpaste water and that will clean out your waste hose a good amount, if you're ever doing this at night there is a little light out here that illuminates this area. So, you can see what we're doing, but to take it a step further Airstream bills in a black tank flushes ass or flusher and basically you just have to make sure that your black tank valve is open before you ever hook up a garden hose to this fitting because inside the tank there's a wand under pressure that will spray the walls of the tank down to get the residual waste out you want to exercise that after you're done with your trip and you're potentially putting away in storage you want to flush the tank out to get rid of the tank odor. I've had many customers over my 14-year career with Airstream accidentally hook the city water connection to the black tank flush fill up the tank overflow to toilet or actually have water shooting out of the top of the trailer through the stack.

So, you just want to be very careful before you hook up to any of these to make sure you're hooking up to the correct one outside utility shower just has hot and cold water on the 16 J Bambi sport that has a door like this, but there's no flossing inside because they actually you reach through and grab the shower faucet that's the same faucet you'll be using to take a shower you could grab and pull through and use outside, but this one actually has its own hot and cold a little one that hangs up here has a TV satellite connection. So, you could hook up to campgrounds cable connection and hook a portable satellite dish outside of the trailer and then bring your receive them from home hook it up to the back of the TV and now you have satellite on the road 30 amp power cords include it's a 25 to 30 foot power cord and that actually just plugs in twists and there's a lock and whether it's a lock that locks it in place and that plugs directly to the campground service that's included with every Airstream travel trailer this is a refrigerator ventilation system that allows air to circulate properly behind the refrigerator there's a tremendous amount of heat in the absorption refrigerator that needs to be vented properly because this trailer has a half-height refrigerator there's two vents on a full height refrigerator you actually see another vent all the way up there on the roof and no circulator fan, but this one does have the circulator fan inside this has the goodyear marathon 225 75 or 15 inch load range d tires you want to check your tire pressure before every time you tow and you also want to check your lug nut torque it's very important to check your lug nut torque you also on a sports seriese you have to repack the wheel bearings every three to five thousand miles and it has the never adjust braking system which is self adjusting, but you still need to have the brake shoes clean periodically and inspect it for stress cracks there's a rubber torsion axle system. So, there's very little movement up and down and the trailer literally hugs the road there's less moving parts there's nothing that could potentially break or wear, but in the 20 to 30 year time frame you do want to have an axle inspection done to make sure the rubber torsion axle is working properly the whole underbelly of the trailer is completely enclosed wrapped up in aluminum completely sealed anything that's exposed is exposed because it's required to that is the actual propane line and they have PEX tubing that slid over top of it.

So, it's not actually a water line you're looking at this is actually the freshwater tank and it has a drain built into it to drain the tank down when you're done that's its below before, but it's actually heated off that furnace we saw inside this is the furnace discharge you want to make sure you don't park the trailer close to any conductor combustibles and the twenty gallon freshwater tank. I spoke about earlier is a lockable potable compartment that you could open up take the cap off stick your got your hose not your garden hose, but the freshwater hose that we give you a surgical Virant vinyl hose inside and when it's full it spits out the relief valve here on the side these are different windows that air stream has on the sports seriese then they would have the Flying Cloud series and up these are purchased windows as the manufacturer stream buys the window installs it when you go up to the Flying Cloud series and up they'll have a different style window which actually air stream manufactures themselves. So, there's quite a bit more cost involved in making these poor whole windows and a stacked window like this.

So, that's what keeps the price level down on the sport drastically the water heater that says an access panel. So, you could drain it down and perform service inside here, but you never want to store items inside that compartment this is a VIN plate with the tire pressure recommendation at tire size rim size frame is powder-coated black has a quick disconnect for a low pressure grill one group 24 Series battery LED acid battery manual hitch jack up front a coupler that slides forward and lifts up to release trailer breakaway cable in case the trailer ever comes disconnect from their truck this will pull out and activate the brakes never never never. I've seen it happen.

So, many times never use this as a parking brake it will drain the battery very quickly it could burn the magnets out on the brake drums and, if the battery then drains the trailer will probably roll down the hill that you were trying to prevent it from rolling down on the top of the trailer there's a white coating on top of the aluminum which reflects the sunlight and you allows a great adhesion point for the seals that Airstream has to put all the protrusions on the roof there's also a 3m film here on the front of the trailer it protects the trailer from rocks and dust and sand as you're driving on the road and because it doesn't stick out much further than the vehicle itself it's not necessary to have the heavy-duty stainless steel rock guards that the other larger models have you could put them on as accessory, but it's not a common upgrade that people do Solar stone guard on the front lifts up once you get it to the height you want you could spin the knurl knob and lock it in place now allow you to open up the window behind just want to make sure you put your tethers on before you ever towed the trailer prevent them from flipping up and these curved pieces actually have a Phillips head screw that you could twist and turn and slip this open and then you can lift the whole entire rock art out of this slip hands so, if you wanted to clean the glass, but you never want to tow the trailer with those off this compartments lockable it's got a pressure lock. So, yeah it squeezes it nice and tight up against this gasket here it's weather seal lockable vinyl flooring throughout there's a light inside this compartment. So, you can see at night here's the power cord that comes with it and look how far it goes it goes all the way to front you can see they didn't skimp here either this is all plywood construction pocket hole screws very very secure this part here it's carpeted there's a sport medallion that comes at the trailer the awning goes almost the whole way from cap the cap is bail wrapped and there's a very specific procedure that we're gonna teach you when you get your colonial Airstream formal orientation we do a hands-on orientation with every single one of our customers on site right out of our dealership after you purchase the trailer we'd have it set up plugged into our building we'll have water on board we're gonna have technicians spend a great amount of time with you showing you each and every item how they work make sure you're satisfied with every specific item the trailer and pleat understanding how to work before you can leave before you leave the dealership we also welcome our customers after they purchase the trailer and after they complete the orientation to stay that night try everything out any questions that come up we could answer them and and take care of them for following morning for you this little device here is the entry door latch this keeps the door open and keeps them swinging around on a windy day put a wax a trailer at least once a year keep it away from road salt as much as you can clean the road salt off as soon as you can, if you're parked by the ocean you want to wax it several times a year clean the bugs off the front of the trailer after you're done with your trip those acids inside the the bugs they'll go right through the clear coat, if you leave them on for a long period of time.

I'll do that to your car it will do that to your trailer this beautiful extruded aluminum Beltline protection gives a trailer a nice touch it also protects that centerline of the trailer heavy-duty aluminum grab handle here on the side of the trailer love the screen to wear. I love showing the screen door off its all TIG welded the hinges are stainless steel hinges they have six rivets on each hinge it was very secure as long as you don't use this as a crutch to get into the trailer man-hours there's eight man-hours in every single one of these doors a lot of time spent putting this door together, but this door is designed to last a lifetime at the trailer have a heavy-duty gasket here look at the hardware they use look at the size of the rivets a very secure very robust inside is all clad and aluminum its insulated and listen to the wow. I love that.

I just love how sturdy this door is and see the frame here to frame is all TIG welded and very secure this is all extruder them in a very thick gauge this little ramp here allows you to sweep the trailer out and get the rid of the debris you pick up to the camp ground they also have grip tape here. So, when you're on your way out you don't slip out of the trailer click extruded aluminum gutter rail right over the door that prevents sheathing rain sliding down and potentially getting inside the door or light rain, if you just want to leave the screen door open in this door this way this is all weatherproof. So, you don't the worry about that getting wet, but that would prevent the water from getting inside the trailer because of that little gutter rail there's a lot more we're gonna share with you in the formal orientation, but.

I hope you enjoyed this video this is the 2017 sport Bambi 22f be here at colonial Airstream our website is www.miamikettlebell.com.

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