23 model 2017 Compass New Features

Who says change can be scary? Hi –. I’m Steve DuVal from Thor Motor Coach with the 2017 Chateau… it’s full of wonderful changes to make your road trip even better.

These new L-E-D entry lights brighten the way to some great new features... and they can be controlled with the all in one systems panel. One of the first thing you’ll notice is the amount of natural light coming in.

That’s due to the larger windows behind the couch and the table. While were hanging in the kitchen - take notice of all the new places for storage. Up top, it’s an adjustable shelf, there’s room for plenty of mac and cheese above the microwave, and the pantry has been redesigned – giving you 2 drawers and three shelves.

There’s even a place to store your trash in the new included waste basket. The new back splashes makes the kitchen just as pretty as it is functional… and the dream dinette makes turning the table into a comfortable bed a snap… or in this case a quick pull and push. Your other bunks in the Chateau have a few new bells and whistles… and led overhead reading lights.

You’ll find an extra drawer in the closet… along with an extra storage drawer under the lower bunk. Quick note… we were able to add the extra drawer in the closet by moving the power cord box to the dinette. One guess as to what you’ll find in the front bunk? Give yourself two cool points, if you said new storage compartments and a redesigned cab up top over the mattress.

You can do more than sleep and store your gear in the Chateau... this 32 inch TV with DVD player is new… and you have the option of adding TV to the outside – on a swivel-for great viewing wherever you decide to sit. While we’re out here… down below we’ve changed things up.

So, you can fit “the big suitcase” under the bed, there’s also a bigger trunk box… and new tray capable of holding 4 batteries. There’s even more to see on the 2017 Chateau - such as new interiors, new colors and floorplans… and you can find it all on Thor Motor Coach.com.