2017 Heartland Bighorn 3675EL Walkthrough

hello this is John from Tarrytown RV in Grand Rapids Michigan and today. I want to show you a brand new 2017 Heartland Bighorn 3 675 e L.

I think this is a newer floorplan. I couldn't find out a whole lot about it, but. I checked it out it's a really great looking Bighorn exteriors attractive the interiors attractive it's a three slide unit it probably sleeps four comfortably does have a double clear coated painted front cap.

So, it's not gonna fade as easily in the Sun and as some other great features too as lights on the steps coffered ceiling inside it also has a six-point Auto leveling system a Lippert pin box anti turn technology this is a really great unit from Bighorn 3 675 al. So, let's go look at some of these storage compartments and look around the unit all right here's the Lippert pin box is telling you about your front landing gear fully hydraulic here's the front compartment there is a battery all the already in here too, but. I think someone left the lights on.

So, it doesn't have any juice right now, but okay. So, some hydraulic fluid in there and also an inverter alright come on out here alright there's gonna be one of these doors on both sides those are to hold your propane tanks here's the pass-through storage which is really really big in this unit. I'll back up just you can get some perspective nice big drop down storage alright it does have a six-point Auto leveling system.

So, just punch a few, buttons it does everything for you um there's some kind of sturdy vinyl like material on the floor there. I'm trunk carpet liner on the walls LED lights in here alright these are your utility controls ok hot water heater exhaust none other one of those feet from the hydraulic leveling system around here the backside of the unit there's another little storage compartment and this is. I believe right underneath the entertainment center inside here it does come with a spool to wind up all that wind up that long electric cord look at the back here very nice-looking one piece back like something you'd see on an expensive RV or an expensive motor home comes with a ladder for your roof maintenance Ron back in the sunlight you can see how the the finish is really glossy get a little bit closer look at that all right let's go around at the other side and check out the main side of this Heartland RV okay see this does have tight turn technology you can read about that in heartlands website you know it also has some of the material taken off the front cap here to make the turning radius better to the Heartland logo does have exterior speakers of course and some power plugs on the outside also has a bunch of these UV frameless windows large power awning with LED lights here's the other side of the pass-through storage big hydraulic door on this one and on the other side too.

So, on both sides and you can see this side is even a little bit wider than the other side alright and. I forgot to say on the other side too they do have some of these little hooks too to secure your items in okay here are the aluminum entrance steps they do have lights on them which is really cool one of the things they tried to do in this unit is incorporate a bunch of lights everywhere. So, fortunately the battery has no juice so.

I can't show you, but you still get a great idea for this it's still a really great unit. So, alright here's the side door grab handle it is built for 0 to 100 degree weather. So, you can really tell that the insulation works well here are the wheels.

I'll show you that nice classic looking wheel, but you can tell the insulation worked. So, well because it was really cold last night and it's warmer today alright here's the other side of this slide out and you can see those big windows and. I'll call tension that when we get inside - all right, but it was colder last night is actually starting to finally warm up now, but when you step inside this thing it's like stepping inside a refrigerator because it just trapped all that cold air from last night it's not letting it go because of the insulation stepping into this 3 675 L dining room table lots of really big windows and all the windows have the daytime shades and the blackout shades okay this has Carrabba decor really big LED TV fireplace lots of cupboard space lots of solid surface counter space.

I'm gonna go back here just to give you an idea okay. I just wanted to give you a good idea of just how big this is in here how many details there are from the coffered ceiling to the light fixtures um there's there's even a fan not picture that's on the ceiling, but just everything in here has a really uniform feel and it feels incredibly luxurious will also feel a feeling cozy and comfortable. I feel like some of the Arby's in the luxury class you kind of lose that comfy feeling because they're just.

So, worried about making everything look high-end, but this looks high-end and is also comfortable. So, it's really great for that reason. So, let's get a closer look at this coffered ceiling and then get a closer look at the rest of the stuff here in the living area and in the kitchen and then we'll head into the back bedroom.

So, here's that fan. I was talking about and you can see the coffered ceiling. I love how the ceiling is segmented how it also has this would look in these panels it is.

So, awesome it's my favorite part of this come on down and we'll look at the floor okay this is one option from heartland you know you see. So, much of the would look vinyl in these nowadays, but this is more of a luxury looking tile vinyl. I'm not always a big fan of these, but.

I actually like this one it looks really good and it also helps tie this room together especially having that would look on the ceiling a closer look at this dining room table dining room table two chairs obviously these chairs are going to open up for a little bit of storage nicely textured - like. I said all the windows they have this shade and also this one doesn't let any light through. I'm and then there's gonna be texture above all these window sills as well.

So, all right check out this light fixture check out all the windows up here this is going to be power theater seating from heartland it's going to be a leatherette, but also its really cool is they do this massage thing. So, each of the chair has as its own operating systems its own light its own heat its own massage. So, that is cool this is a long trifold couch.

So, this is going to pull out same leatherette windows behind that big storage behind that are going closer. So, the light adjusts no lights on in here there we go and you can see this is a really classy look to it as that decorative designer glass look in there come on into this entertainment system and the fireplace really big TV honestly. I don't know what that is, if it's 50 inch or 55 inch or what, but it's it's large fireplace down here lots of storage in there oh they also have these double fluted columns which.

I was informed that that's what you call that double fluted columns which is a really rich look okay here's your multimedia player. I'm you're gonna be able to play DVDs in there yeah, but also you'll be able to hook that up to your phone to control the zones outside the zones in here the zones in the bedroom you'll be able to look up auxilary to this and control it with the convenience of your phone which is cool and this whole entertainment block just has a really uniform look to it okay and that continues that's all out in one big slide the refrigerator the middle section the entertainment center with the fireplace. So, there's a bunch more big drawers over here large oven really nice looking stainless steel top range three burner that looks super great and notice all the countertop space to the left right of that that's not something that you normally see all right window behind that large stainless steel convection microwave and some more storage space above that come on out here check out this island look how long it is they even give you a Dyson fan one of those crazy new technology fans all right solid surface countertops Himax by LG oops is a little splatter of the winterizing solution there open this up okay side by side stainless steel sink a big bowl on the Left smaller bowl on the right with that culinary style sprayer faucet okay then we've got a large residential refrigerator with ice maker and water dispenser and then on the back wall we have a really big pantry it even has a cute little note board on the front.

I'm a bunch of cupboards it's really big drawers pantry all right see all this pantry space here little tray that comes out there and then the cupboards above that which are bigger than they look here we go it's a better perspective on them sorry the shot is gonna be a little shaky all right well. I'm at. I'm just gonna show you the build quality on these drawers - okay first of all this look how big this drawer is even compared to my hand.

So, you'll definitely be able to fit some big things in there. I like it when these have usable space the build quality things not gonna budge and right as you walk in here's your control panel is for your awnings your slide outs and your lights and power as well as a battery checker okay and here's your thermostat as you saw from that sky shot there are two ACS in here as well they actually have a fantastic vent fan here's your fantastic vent fan controls okay and as you see up here they have a fantastic vent fan and this is gonna suck up the air really well it works more like a small attic fan. I'm also one more thing before we leave here they do have the cool lights.

I've seen this in other big horns on the molding as well it's cool blue LED behind that pattern and then on the walls here they do have chair rails with two different textured walls on either side. So, we've got that gray texture at the bottom and then this more white cream color texture yeah and that just looks really rich really good, but in a comfortable kind of way alright notice on the floor here they've got carpet over the steps they also have a cool little drawer in the middle our land likes to do that stuff up to the bathroom. I like the design of the store feels sturdy to step in here is plenty of light in here because there's two skylights there is a fan there is a fan on the ceiling and then there's also a skylight in the bathroom really big skylight it's actually huge it's like the whole space of the shower go down and you see that there's a one piece shower there's your sprayer faucet glass shower doors it's a linen open linen space in here more down here as well got lots of space in the vanity two big drawers in here too.

I'm really impressed with the size of the drawers and just the usability of this unit solid surface countertops in here look awesome and that up oh and they even use American stone cast sinks in the bathroom. So, this is gonna hold up really well you know to whatever abuse you want to give to it and then they've got your vanity and more storage space to the right of that yep and they still have the same ceilings in here or at least with the wood panel. So, that goes through all the way all through the bedrooms - okay it looks like we've got a king-sized bed in here okay and even on the back wall they've got wood they've got a would look paneling up that just looks really really great nice textured headboard go over here to the walk-in closet it's mirrored in the front to make the room seem bigger okay you can see that they have a Dyson vacuum cleaner in there it comes with the unit um you can also see they have a bunch of these shoe shelves which.

I think call a California closet or something like that, but they've also got an LED light in the ceiling there another little storage compartment here open this up oh it's actually a safe. So, yeah they have a safe in there and on this side for guess or spares with a dining table and we've got a clothing bar got a closing bar on the ceiling and one mid covered as well from the chairs and then right here this is your washer and dryer prep really really large space there's also a hanging bar in here as well and a shelf on top of that fun over here we just came out of this bathroom um which they have this this great French panel door sliding panel door. I mean here's the main door big dresser here at the end of the bed same quality drawers same hardware some more storage space to the right of that for your clothes and right here is where the bedroom TV is going to go.

So, yeah really nice bedroom this oh there's even a couple hooks here right when you walk in and your coat on that's cool like. I said this unit is it seems to be designed in a very cozy comfortable and practical way while still looking incredibly luxurious it's definitely a winner in my book it's a great-looking unit the Bighorn three 675 al you can come on down to Tarrytown, if you want to look at this unit any other heartland units Jayco units you name it we have a lot of stuff on here. So, feel free to come on down and check out anything we've got motorhomes to go is right next door as well.

I mean we'd be happy to show you around. I'm John from Tarrytown RV and thanks for taking the store with me and take care give Tarrytown RV a call today. So, we can put our buying power and experience service to work for you we look forward to earning your business Tarrytown RV don't forget to like comment and subscribe to our youtube page to stay updated on new content our facebook link and web sites are located in the descriptions below Tarrytown RV.



Beautiful 2017 HEARTLAND BIGHORN 3675ELBeautiful 2017 HEARTLAND BIGHORN 3675EL

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Beautiful 2017 HEARTLAND BIGHORN 3675ELBeautiful 2017 HEARTLAND BIGHORN 3675EL


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Wonderful 2017 HEARTLAND BIGHORN 3675ELWonderful 2017 HEARTLAND BIGHORN 3675EL