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hi folks. I'm.

Ian Baker the product specialist here at American RV and Grand Rapids Michigan today. I'm going to talk to you about the 2017 keystone montana 3661 RL this is a beautiful rear living unit they've done some really cool things with the inside and has a rear outside entertainment center that you don't see very often on a couples model. So, let's go ahead and start up front we'll make our way back and then head on in.

So, right here you'll see the painted front cap absolutely gorgeous nice streamlined look with the new graphics LED lights will be inlaid here on both sides which give it a nice aesthetic at night right in the center is a mirror. So, that way as you are backing up here to pick up it's easier to see the kingpin make sure you can line it up correctly speaking of the kingpin this is really cool the more. I'd hitch pin on here you'll see that this it actually has rubber in here this will give you three inches of travel which is phenomenal because most of your bucking and chucking you'll feel as you're starting or stopping the truck and this really helps take a lot of that out of there as that rubber is gonna absorb a lot.

So, really nice for the kingpin especially in conjunction with the suspension. I'll show you in a little bit take a look up front great storage out here you can see it's nice and clean over to the side is the battery box battery disconnect there as well and an extra door so, if you need to access the rest into the battery it's nice easy to grab you'll see right up there is a light okay so, if you have to get into it at night you can see what you're doing we come around to the side open this up thirty pound propane tank here another thirty pound on the other side 460 pounds of propane your hydraulic level up system right there this is going to be six point auto level the cool thing about that is this does have a memory. So, what that means is when you get to the campsite you push a, button at levels with the self out when you're tearing down camp you're ready to go home just push the, button again and it will actually the the fifth wheel will move to where you dropped it off at.

So, you can just back your truck in nice and easy really cool feature one of the other great features of Montana is this right here take a look at how big this garage compartment is a lot of that is due because the drop frame system that Montana uses they take an i-beam and then they set up running it all the way through they drop an eye another eye beam down well it together and it goes underneath and because of that it really opens this up giving you a ton of space you will see a heat duct in there as well as this is going to be heated storage and you have a plug in there as well as your central vac dump out the inverter is in there and a light so, if you need to see it at night you can easily do that right here's another electrical outlet so, if you need to plug anything in outside whether it's an electric skillet or whatever you want it's always nice to have that right there maybe. I'll hook up a Bluetooth speaker something you can do that or instead of a Bluetooth speaker, if you take a look up top you'll not only see a big power awning on there with an LED light, but underneath that are two outside speakers that's something fairly new from Montana they really only started putting them in in late 2016, but. I loved having him you know for obvious reasons you want to listen to music out here you can easily do that those will be controlled by your multimedia Center inside however it's going to be Bluetooth capable so, if you want to sit out here and you know get on your smartphone or iPad and be able to control the music you can definitely do that frameless windows on this coach as well.

I love frameless windows a couple different reasons one, if you just look at them. I mean they're just a lot more aesthetically pleasing a lot nicer to look at especially on a high-end luxury coach like a Montana and also the seals themselves are going to be behind the tinted glass that way you're not getting UV light beating down on them they're not getting beat up by the elements nearly as badly. So, that means the windows are gonna last longer less chance for any kind of leaks and the way the frameless windows open they're gonna tilt out the cool thing about that is when it's raining you need to get some airflow you can open those windows up you don't have to worry about a bunch of water coming in.

So, a lot of great features with the frameless windows speaking of getting in getting into your Montana wood can't be any easier you have four steps here they're gonna be all aluminum. So, you don't have to worry about rusting out on you also you have rubber strips each step which is gonna help you get grip. So, that way whether it's morning dew or it's raining you don't have three bolts slipping on there you also see a grab handle.

So, from the first step all the way into the last one nice and easy to climb into the coach speaking of you know being wet with steps and stuff, if you are one that likes to camp really late into the season you have to worry about snow or you know things freezing up on you you don't have to worry about that with the Montana this is a four season capable coach everything underneath is going to be heated and insulated. So, your lines aren't gonna freeze your tanks aren't gonna freeze you have tank heaters phenomenal for cold season camping these are cool things, if you're looking to go full-time Montana recognizes full-time our Viers as well a lot of people don't know this, but a lot of your manufacturers out there then find out that your RVing full-time in your fifth-wheel they'll actually pull that warranty right out from underneath you and you won't have a warranty not the case with Montana you're good for full-time living. So, phenomenal feature there let's shoot right underneath our slide here you'll see the tires those are gonna be aluminum rims on there which is awesome that's of course with less chance for any kind of corrosion and right in between that is the more ride CRE 3000 system that as.

I mentioned we were talking about the hitch pin up front that's going to also give you three inches of travel and help take a lot in a bump side of the road with which in conjunction with that more ride hitch pin really makes for a smooth whole experience for your brand new Montana let's open this up again this is something you see on a lot of bunkhouse models, but very rarely do you see it on a rear living model so. I love that they did this because this is something. I want your outside entertainment center see right here you have 40 inch TV some very large TV plenty of room for everyone to sit out around and be able to watch it you have some cubby holes up top for storage additional room down here to plug in so, if you need to plug in any kind of components like a DVD player something you know you can go ahead and do that some extra drawers there and a fun you know full-size Dormer fridge you can see there plenty of room so, if you don't for all of your condiments any kind of beverages you have everything you need right there so.

I really love that they did this. I think it's really cool and the back of the coach is a ladder that way it's super easy to climb up onto the roof fully walkable roof there as well. So, any kind of maintenance or anything you need to do to get up there you can just climb this you don't have to worry about bringing another ladder with you.

So, that's a cool feature to also why we're taking a look up there you'll see a backup camera that's phenomenal this is a big coach you know it's x it can be tough to backup the backup camera really makes it a lot easier you have a little handheld unit with a suction cup D goes in the truck the two of course will talk to each other it's you're able to see while you're backing up big window in the back love the rear picture window you know this is the main area you're going to be hanging out. So, that way you're able to see out the back so, if you do have a beautiful view you can you know be able to enjoy that whether it's lakefront ocean view whatever it may be another thing that's really neat you have the outside TV and frigid. I showed you right under here there it is somewhere under there is your propane quick connect so, if you're do need to hook up a grill or something, if you wanna be able to cook out here you can easily do that too 50 amp detachable power cord on there.

I liked attachable power cords you know 50 amps can be a little bit heavier especially, if it's cold a little bit tougher to coil up with a really cool thing about detachable you don't have a big you know hole in here for critters or anything to crawl up and. I'm telling you shoving a 50 amp cord back into a unit is not easy, if you've never done it when it's cold. I'm telling you it's really hard.

So, being able to detach it and coil it up is definitely going to be an advantage all right let's head up front and. I'll show you the convenience center then we'll head in. So, one of the things.

I love Montana does is right here on the offshore side is the convenience center everything you need is right here centrally located you see you have outside shower with hot and cold everything for winterization your valves right there and of course those are insulated as. I mentioned for cold season camping battery disconnect light to see another cool feature right there this unit is going to be prepped for solar so, if you want solar life to do is buy the panels run it up here to plug it in right there you're good to go of course you know you can see everything can drop right down there run it through nice and easy another cool feature right underneath here, if you take a look this is going to be a storage for your sewer hose to rather than go to the back of the unit and you know always have it you know shove down into your bumper this makes it a lot more accessible just take it off right here you can see your determinations right there hook it up and you're good to go welcome to the inside of the 2017 keystone montana 3661 RL one of my favorite parts of this fifth wheel is right here you had this beautiful decorative trust going across it's absolutely gorgeous. I love this beam gives you the nice room separation just a really great look.

So, very cool that they did that this of course is the entertainment area, if we take a look right here in the center 48 inch TV plenty large. So, whether you're going to be on the theater seating on the couch you can easily see it sound bar up top for superior sound quality as well now right here's the multimedia Center. I did touch that briefly we were outside as this controls your outside speakers, but also this is a CD a radio and a DVD player so, if you do want to watch a movie you can go ahead and pop it right in there storage all the way around both up top here as well as both sides.

So, great for DVD collections anything else you want to put in there you can see you have the room to do it then down below additional storage on both sides there and in the center is the fireplace gorgeous fireplace you have the rocks around there and not only is it beautiful and give nice ambience, but also it's going to be very functional you can turn this on, but it will blow out some heat basically a big space heater cool thing about that is it runs off electric. So, it'll take the chill off in this area and you don't have to use up any propane take a look at the back of the coach trifold sofa extremely comfortable you see kind of have like the pillowtop on there cool thing about a trifold, if you're not familiar this is the preferred style of sofa sleeper in an RV because when you fold this out it's gonna be all cushion for the bed you don't have a big bar in your back like your standard pull outs and you don't have to worry about waking up on a deflated air mattress. So, extremely comfortable to sit on as well as to sleep on beautiful windows all the way around letting a ton of nap the light get their neat thing about windows in a Montana every window in a Montana open.

So, it doesn't matter where it is, if you see a window it's gonna open a lot of manufacturers try to cheap out there and they'll put in windows that won't open not the case here roller shades on there as well slow rise shades a cool thing about roller shades they work a lot better you don't have strings breaking you don't have blinds bending and there are nice beige colors they blend in well don't make it feel closed in both sides the couch you have excellent shelving space there and a plug in so, if you do need to you know plug in a cell phone or a tablet you can certainly do that now you have two opposing slides right here in this entertainment area which is why it's nice and open you can see the big floor space and in your off door slide here dual theater seating both of these will recline give their cool thing these are both going to be heated. So, again turn on the fireplace kick on the heated theater seating and it's just a really comfortable experience right here dual cupholders and you can lift this up you have nice storage right here in the center the neat thing is right in the front you do have extra plug in. So, you can lift that up it'll expose some USB ports so, if you want to charge your cell phones you can do it right there in this center windows all the way around that to take a quick look up at the ceiling some things of note one right here is the ceiling fan.

So, that's cool to have you know helps grub you know push a lot of air down circulate the air LED lights throughout the entire coach which are phenomenal that way. So, they're gonna be a lot less of a power draw. So, you know, if you are out camping where you don't have full hookup that's gonna be advantageous also even, if you do have full hookup the LED lights don't get near as hot.

So, still gonna be a benefit also you'll see the auxiliary lighting on the sides is just gorgeous really gives it a nice cool look which. I like and then, if you notice there's not a big white box right here for AC instead on both sides you have air intakes that's because this is going to be a quiet cool AC not only do you have the quiet cool here you also have the quiet cool in the bedroom that's gonna be a great thing that's me 30% quieter than your standard AC which when you're watching TV when you're trying to sleep that's a big deal also as. I mentioned about the heat yeah the fireplace you have the heated seats this quiet cool a/c has a heat pump too.

So, you kick that on it's all electric heat, if you have that full hookup that's free heat that's a big deal it's absolutely phenomenal let's walk this way a little bit again you get dual opposing slides here really opening this kitchen area up which also allows for a center island love the center island gives you great prep space of course you have some plugins you need to plug in a blender or anything high-rise pullout faucet here makes it nice and easy to do dishes you do have the sink covers solid surface sink top covers on there take a look at that undermount stainless steel bowl they can under mount it because you have this solid surface big bowl here which is awesome smaller bowl off to the right and take a look at this this is really cool too usually you have these big covers where do. I put them Montana's already thought of that for Tia they have this shelf built in right here. So, you can just slide them right in there talked away you don't have to leave them at home like you may have had to on previous coaches also additional storage on this side here and you have this pullout drawer and one of my other favorite parts take a look at that pullout trashcan don't have to where to put it you have a dedicated spot folder right there across the way again excellent countertop and prep space here you can see a plug in a perfect spot for your coffee maker toaster beautiful decorative backsplash Atwood cooktop and this cover is really neat too again you normally have the same problem with your as your sink top covers where do.

I put them not a problem in the Montana folds up just like that and not only does this make it nice and convenient, but also kind of doubles as a backsplash because this solid surface is really easy to clean three burner Atwood cooktop their front one is high output their neat thing about this cooktop you'll see the front is stainless and. So, is the top again another place some manufacturers try to cheap it out as they'll put a blacktop here not the case on the Montana big oven right there bank of four drawers very wide drawers take a look at that huge drawers here which. I love just gives you a ton of space you can see your silverware tray right there well plenty of room for everything you will need and an additional drawer right here underneath the oven up top you'll see additional storage there as well as on the side a great pantry sport pantry space love that in a huge convection microwave, if you take a look at that will open it up that's absolutely massive 30 inch in there.

So, you know, if you need to cook a Thanksgiving turkey you can do it big advantage convection of course is it's gonna cook faster also it's a lot easier to clean doesn't put out the heat that your standard oven does either. So, a lot of advantages to that or, if you just want to use it as a microwave you can certainly do that too Samsung residential refrigerator absolutely massive you can see all the space you have in here some extra trays down below is your freezer drawer this slides out you can see you have plenty of space there as well and the idea behind this is that you know when you're taking these big coaches a lot of times you're gonna have full hookup because you know the residential refrigerator only runs off of electric and. So, you know when you're apart of course this will run just fine when you're going down the road for those of you that don't know you do have an inverter.

So, this will run off the truck as well make sure your food stays cold while going down the road, but. I love having this massive refrigerator you know you're gonna spend a lot of time in here that's something you're gonna want right behind me not only do you have a lot of food for a lot of space for cold food, but take a look at that pantry huge pantry space there. So, you know enough room for all of your small fixings boxes of cereal Oreos whatever you want you can fit everything right in there and then right here in the hutch again great storage there LED lights make it nice and bright we have two decorative backsplash you can see you have two more full extension ball bearing drawers cool thing about this you know, if it were me.

I would use this kind of like and catch-all when you come in you know you can take your keys whatever toss them right in there close it just makes for great storage space storage underneath and then this right here this is the central back system. So, you can go ahead and plug your hose right in there and down below is the toe kick. So, what you do you're gonna be sweeping up dirt kind of like a hair salon right with your broom sweep it right over here lift that up it's gonna go right in there when you're done you just take your foot and kick it down and then that will close.

So, really cool and easy to use just a great feature to have and the slide across from the kitchen is the freestanding table and chairs you'll see there are two chairs here, but it does come with two foldable chairs as well that look identical to their cool thing about the chairs you will notice you have storage right here underneath, if you do have additional guests you need more table space not a problem table pops open just like. So, you'll have a leaf right here you can go ahead and insert it. So, you have plenty of room excellent windows all the way around to lend a lot of natural light and again because those windows open allow for a great cross breeze it's come up the steps here a couple quick things.

I want to show you one is this grab handle this is nice they will already went ahead and put it in for you it really helps you have to go up the stairs or down the stairs especially at night to make sure you're not going to trip then right over here we'll open this up you'll see there is the coat closet. So, perfect. So, when you come in you can just go ahead and hang your coats up right there then this is the control panel this is great it's very well laid out everything is going to be labeled from your tank heaters to your lights just very convenient everything right there and it has a door centrally located, if kids come in here don't have to worry about messing with the controls anything like that we're gonna go into the bathroom here a couple of the cool things about the bathroom one is the door itself.

So, most of times and your 5th wheels the doors either gonna swing out this way which is gonna block you off in the main area or it's gonna swing out this way blocking you off from the bedroom not the case here what Montana has done is they went ahead and put in a pivot door. So, the way this opens is just absolutely phenomenal you can come on in and take a look, but. I just love what they've done you can access it that way from either side right down here in the corner is your porcelain toilet foot flush lever plenty of leg room above that is a massive linen closet you can see right there you have plenty of room for towels everything else that you're gonna need and then big one-piece residential shower there you can notice you have plenty of shelving space they'll hand wand with the shower arm which is awesome and a big skylight up top you'll also see a seat in there so, if you need to sit down you can do that mirrored medicine cabinet with storage behind that and then down below is a huge vanity great countertop space with additional storage the bedroom the 3661 features a full walk-around king bed that way it's nice and easy to make as you can walk up onto the sides also plenty of storage underneath we can lift this up you'll see there are the chairs.

I was mentioning a little bit earlier, but just a ton of storage and this will be struts supported. So, it's nice and easy to lift up as well as lower back down both sides the bed feature a large shelf you'll also see the cubby holes there which is wonderful that way, if you have glass of water, if you charge a cell phone you have electrical outlets on both sides you can do that too one more cool thing about this king bed this is the ice. I relax sleep system it is extremely comfortable it's a memory foam that way when you buy this RV you don't automatically have to replace the mattress right away it's something you can sleep on right from the factory up front is the leather headboard which is great not only is it beautiful, but it's also functional, if you want to sit up and read you can do that a couple LED reading lights windows on both sides allow for great cross breeze let's take a look up at the front of the coach this your wardrobe plenty of space here you'll see that you have great shelving space up top is hanging space mirrored doors on the other side here's a big shoe rack, if you have electrical outlet in there too now, if you want washer and dryer in this coach you can see right here you have the vented door and that is exactly where your washer/dryer would go you can just take these shelves out go ahead and put it right there, if you don't want washer and dryer however you do have two very large additional shelves and additional hanging space across the top let's take a look at the foot of the bed another big window nulli does it's letting a lot of natural light, but as.

I said this will open. So, you can open up the two windows and by the bed open this one up have a nice cross breeze coming through right here's the TV you'll see this has nice frame it's absolutely gorgeous an electrical outlet right there so, if you need to plug in you know an alarm clock or auxiliary equipment you can do that and a bank of two drawers underneath for any clothes that won't fit up front in the wardrobe one last thing. I like to talk about as.

I mentioned we were out there, if you take a look right up here you'll see once again you don't have the big box you're just gonna have the air intakes right there and that's because again this is a quiet cool AC in the bedroom and. So, it's gonna be much quieter you can sleep without having to feel like there's a hurricane right above you a really neat feature alright folks that's pretty much gonna wrap it up again this is the 2017 at Keystone Montana 3661 RL this is a fantastic couples coach one of my favorites you know outside. I'll.

I do you have a superior construction with the Montana in the awesome convenience center, but you also have that outside entertainment area that's phenomenal you don't see that very often in rear living coaches usually it's on a bunkhouse so. I love that they have that inside they've just mastered you have that beautiful decorative beam and you have a great layout with the couch in the back theater seating directly across the TV huge kitchen with large pantry residential refrigerator you know everything about this coach is phenomenal, if you have any questions or comments please feel free to leave those in the section below or you can always give myself. Ian Baker a call here at American RV and.

I'll be happy to answer that way as well, if you have particular questions about the specs on the unit such as length or weight. I recommend you visit our website which is American RV comm and you'll find all the answers you're looking for thanks again for watching. I'm.

Ian Baker and. I can't wait to see you on the road to freedom.

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