17 wonderful 2017 Dutchmen RV Kodiak Ultra Lite 233RBSL

hey guys my name is Jorden Mulder with veering sar vCenter where we've been family owned and operated for over 62 years. I'm gonna go over the all-new KZ sportsman 260 BH le we are a dealer for this trailer sportsman and KZ products alike we also have other products under this roof.

So, feel free to give us a call we can be your dealer we deliver nationwide we take trades we do financing feel free to give me a call six one six nine six five nine six zero nine this sportsman 260 b HL e is a sweet floorplan it's 29 feet 11 inches overall and it can sleep up to 10 people and the best part about it is it's super light they've got an ultra light weight of 4,700 pounds. So, you can pull it with any midsize SUV obviously any truck and there's a lot of other vehicles on the market that are gonna be able to pull this. So, it's not gonna limit you to just having a big truck.

So, feel free to give me a call, if you've got questions about whether my vehicle can tow this give me a call. I'll look it up. I've got an extensive database that.

I can look through and see, if your vehicle can pull this when. I said all new floor plan. I meant all new floor plan first they've got the all new paint package on the exterior they also have all new cabinetry all new decor on the inside.

So, this is a very very nice floor plan they have a ton of overhead cabinet storage for the plates in your cups then you'll see you've got a microwave you also have your vent for your three burner cooktop this is new for this year as well they have an under mounted sink with the seamless countertop. So, you have a nice high rise faucet and just a very nice smooth looking counter top three drawers underneath here. So, you've got room to store your silverware a few more of those you know bags and stuff like that there's also a spot here that you can actually put a residential size trash can most trailers don't give you that option underneath the stove here you've got spots for bigger pots and pans.

So, again a lot of kitchen storage and then you've got a separate refrigerator freezer. So, you've got a six point three cubic foot or four some of the competition are gonna be a 4 cubic foot maybe a 5 cubic foot this gives you a little bit bigger refrigerator with a separate freezer we also do have a 13 v air conditioner it's gonna be bigger upgrade from the side mounted the 8 some people do a 10 or 12 this is gonna be a 13 5. So, it's really gonna cool this space down and it is a ducted air conditioner a lot of times on this similar floorplan and other makes and models they'll do just a drop zone this is gonna be a fully ducted air conditioner.

So, it's gonna go to your front bedroom the back bunks everywhere inside this coach is gonna get the air conditioning both of these bunks are upgraded teddy bear mattresses and their double over doubles. So, there are gonna be a lot wider than the old-style single bunk to me a lot more comfortable for your kids and this is really cool. I'm both bunks they have a window.

So, they can get some ventilation also some natural light and they're gonna have their own separate reading light so, if one kids going to bed down here the other one wants to read a book or something they do have that option to do. So, there's also a spot for a TV here which hooks up to your entertainment center it's an am/fm CD DVD player also plays NFC which is a non touch connectivity and bluetooth as well. So, this thing is the newest latest greatest technology and there's also spots for a USB plug in to charge your phones your tablet's anything like that there's overhead storage among above this dinette as well just to give you a little bit more storage and you've got a nice big picture window behind here this dinette is nice you can sit a family of four very comfortably this spot also breaks down as a bed, if you need additional sleeping.

So, it can sleep one to two kids as well underneath this bottom bunk you also have a ton of additional storage you've got your water heater right here and then the rest of it is just a spot to put extra totes clothes outdoor stuff you've got tons and tons of room. I've even had people put bikes down there this bathroom has a nice big shower. I'm a little bit bigger guy six foot.

I've got a nice amount of room in here. I can stand up straight and it also has an adjustable wand for the showerhead you have a foot flush toilet which is really nice versus those old hand style a lot more sanitary easier for the kids to use and then it's got a bathroom vanity with a lot of counter space again for spot for toiletries and you'll have a medicine cabinet as well just for a little bit extra storage now right behind the vanity here is a monitor panel this is really nice to use you've got a water pump right on here water heater electric and gas most other trailers on the market are just gonna have a gas water heater this has both and it has a battery check right here fresh water black water and grey water. So, you can see all your tanks monitor to that this also has the new convertible couch converts into a jackknife bed and it also has flipped down theater seating with a cup holder.

So, cup holders on both sides give it a little bit more comfortable feel with the armrest and again this flips down into a bed which is super easy to do let me just remove these pillows it also has removable armrests. So, you can just pop these out really quick and easy as that you've got a spot for one to two people to sleep and there's also additional storage underneath the best part about this trailer is that it has a fully shutoff front bedroom. So, when your kids are asleep you have complete enclosure from them you can shut that pocket door it's not like those old-style curtains or the accordion you've got a nice solid door here yeah stores on both sides of the bed with hang wardrobe and a shelf above to give you additional storage and then there's an LED reading light above.

So, it gives a nice and bright light in here and on both sides of the bed you'll notice that there are plugs so, if you've got a phone that you need to plug in an alarm clock a CPAP anything like that you do have the ability to do. So, now under this bed they have what's called the double cubby storage. So, you've got storage on the middle on the inside right here and then you have two additional cubbies on either side spots to put socks underwear t-shirts anything like that you just have.

So, much more ability to separate your storage this all-new sportsman has a suite all new paintjob to go with the all-new floorplan. So, it's got a cool paint on the exterior you see that new on the front you see that new front decal that they have it also has a power front deck with an LED light underneath. So, easy up easy down you don't have to worry about cranking your arm out you also have your dual LP tanks they're easy to swap out 20 pounders.

So, you go to any gas station you can swap them out for new ones and then your battery will sit right on the front this one does have a stone guard on here as well to keep from debris popping up and dent in front of your trailer this one also comes with four stabilizer jacks you'll see the front ones up here and then two more in the back and this is really cool this year they change this baggage door to what's called the key alike system. So, one key is going to control this door and your main door as well. So, you don't have to worry about fumbling around with a ton of keys this particular trailer is also going to have the ultimate verax fury on package which includes solar prep it's also going to be back up camera prepped and ready so, if you wanted to install one of those you can and it has indoor outdoor speakers.

So, you can listen to your favorite radio station you can listen to the game inside or outside the trailer this trailer has the awesome power awning with the LED light strip and this is a new solar awning that has the pulldown to adjust the pitch. So, all. I have to do, if it's gonna rain let's pull one of these sides down it pitches the awning and.

I don't have to worry about it for the rest of the day it also has the friction hinge door the advantage this is you don't have to worry about the plastic Clips behind the trailer door you don't have to worry about them snapping off this thing will stay in place wherever you put it that is a really nice cool feature this is also the only trailer in its class with a triple step most of them are gonna have one or two steps in this class the disadvantage to that is you might fall off the steps or, if you have little kids this is gonna be a ton easier to get in and out of the trailer along with the triple step system you have the largest just grab handle most of them are just gonna have this little plastic handle here this is we're gonna be really nice and easy especially, if you have guests over again little kids or older folks getting in and out of the trailer this does have an exterior cable hookup and 110 outlet so, if you'd like to place a TV out here and watch you know watch the game or watch some TV under the awning you have the ability to do. So, with the 110 receptacle right here here are your outdoor speakers again indoor outdoor speakers you can adjust that why the radio inside and then your water heater is right here. So, easy access to the water heater, if you need to get in there for any reason you have this great that you just pop off this trailer is awesome because of.

So, many reasons we've gone over a couple already, but another one of them is that it's got the dual windows for the bunks. So, both kids on both bunks have a both kids on both bunks yeah you got four two kids unusable. I don't know what's going on all right.

I'll restart down okay a couple things on the exterior on the rear of this trailer that you'll notice is here's your backup camera prep so, if you wanted to set a backup camera you can back into your parking spot with ease because you're gonna be able to see everything behind you it also has two windows one on each bunk that way each kids got some natural light they can also open that up for a little ventilation inside those bunks we do equip it with a spare tire no one likes to get stranded on the side of the road without a spare tire we make it convenient and easy, if for whatever reason you do have a block you can get right back into camping there's also a spot to place your sewer hose that way you don't have to have it in your compartment with everything else you put it right in the end of this bumper here and get it out of the way the last thing that. I'll point out is the crowned roof on this it's really nice with that crown roof instead of the old-style flat roofs it gets the water away from your coach that way you don't have to worry about getting up there and wiping off it's just everything's just gonna flow off to the edges thanks for taking the tour of this sportsman 260 be hle now this is a brand new floor plan this year we've got a ton of new brand new floor plans, if you'd like to see this, if you'd like to see a couple different trailers feel free to give me a call six one six nine six five nine six two zero nine remember we do financing we also take trades, if you're wondering how much your trailer your fifth-wheel is worth feel free to give me a call six one six nine six five nine six is zero nine.