26 perfect 2017 Newmar Bay Star Sport 3013 Class A

morning folks mark gelson here today guaranty RV Super Centers in Junction City Oregon to present to you newmar based our 3113 2017 model beautiful coach why don't we go inside and see what this bad boy has offered this coach will have all the bells and whistles been it's a basestar you come in you have extra sleeping right here this couch that folds out you have the extra slide out over here on this side. So, it opens up gives you a big area here this is easy clean up on this floor too.

I might add, but you do have the chorion countertops very stylish chairs with two additional ones in the back this pulls out for seating to more people you have the TV at an angle. So, it's easy viewing from there there wherever you're at you have the nice cabinetry. So, again this is Sienna maple up here European hinging very nicely built right here you're going to have the entertainment center with the surround sound system in there coming over here got the chorion countertop the moen faucet this that pulls out you're going to have the dual sink stainless steel very sturdy nice full extension drawer guides on these.

So, you can pull them out a long ways and get to the stuff in the back yeah the stove top in this one. So, it gives you more drawers down below which also gives you the convection microwave which is a very nice unit very forgiving, if you've never cooked with one it's very nice coming to the back got the full 8.1 refrigerator by nor cold and. I believe this has the icemaker in it it does with this nice area right here pantry a lot of storage in this coach coming over here to the other side you have a full-size bathroom and the corner shower the vent up above nice skylight sorry.

I didn't turn the light on, but it's a very nice bathroom in there a lot of room elbow room coming to the back features a king-size bed full-size king-size bed with the two windows on the side with vents on either side. So, you can get some good air in here nice stylish headboard and then to the back is the window for the bluid viewing pleasure you're backed up against the ocean or something of that nature you look out the back and it's just a real pleasure now over here you do have the 32 inch screen sony TV looking down as you're laying here in bed you'd have room for all kinds of wardrobe clothing and then underneath you've got the bank of drawers to put your socks and your underwear and whatever you have in there. So, let's go up to the front look at the cockpit coming up here you're looking at flexsteel furniture right here these are very comfortable very stylish and they do spin to add to the living area, if you have more people over again you have more cabinetry up here for storage and then you have everything up here in the cockpit you got the really nice stereo CD player.

I don't know what all it does, but that thing is pretty complexed right here you have the backup monitor which shows you the side cameras and the rear camera and also well that's what it shows right here you have the bluetooth you do have a total haul on this unit battery boost you have the automatic levelers over here and you have the, buttons right here for your cruise control just everything at the touch of a, button it's very very nice oh the other cool thing is this over here. So, the copilot can read maps easily and and you just get things done with that little stand right there let's go outside and see what it has to offer this base star sports full body paint on it and. So, it will never lose its luster very nice you also have this which is a outside TV coming here you'll have the side hinge baggage compartments which is very nice you won't bump your head you're under there doing this you just this will have a 50 500 watt own and in it also right there's your storage tank for your water.

I believe this is the Onan generator right here yes it is and there's the 5500 wat Onan right there you have to air conditioners on the top. So, this thing will power anything you can place before right here you have a storage compartment it does go up and over to the other side other thing i want to show you i don't know, if you can see it, but you do have the awning that comes out the side along with the slide toppers have come out with the slide out coming to the back you have the rear camera up above right there you do have these frameless windows which really add to the style of the coach you have the ladder going up to the top. So, you can access and do all your you know your sealant and everything you do have your receptacle right there hook your car to coming around the side it is a 50 amp service on this coach there's your blooming bay you do have 22.5 on the on the tires right there a bigger tire the bigger the tire the smoother the ride and you got more storage over here we've got your sign cameras right here can illuminate the sides you're going down the road the tires again let me get back to that you do have alloy wheels on this coach.

So, that's the upgrade that's very very nice you know a lot of stuff on this coach the very brief time we had together any more questions please feel free to contact me mark kelson is my name by 4 12 85 87 91 or the number at the bottom of your screen. I thank you. So, much for taking time to watch this you.