18 model 2017 Winnebago Sunstar 26 HE Class A

greetings ladies and gentlemen and welcome to guaranty RV Super Centers in Junction City Oregon my name is Eric Sachs dog and today we're going to be doing a brief tutorial on the four eight 29.4 there is lots to see and lots to love about this coast. So, come on inside and let's get started not many coaches at 30 feet or less are going to have a king sized bed like this one does other thing to note we've got our in Hope or our in bed entertainment system controls right next to the bed very very convenient and easy to operate we've also got plenty of great storage overhead from Jed you've also got speakers mounted directly overhead and life that turn off the flick of a hand just as.

So, noting this direction you've also got a gigantic wardrobe here this is great because you can store two maybe even three seasons of clothes look at how much space you've got there very very functional and very versatile store as you'll note there's a wonderful job with all of their cabinets in this director space right here you've also got full rails all the way through or full slides excuse me it's going to make it very very easy to operate and also make it last a very very long time also note you've got one additional gigantic drawer here. So, you can store a lot of stuff in we've also got a full charging station. I know a lot of you now like to charge cell phones tablets and laptops overnight.

So, nice full charging station with power and USB to make that task very very easy and let's not forget about late night movies with the 32 inch TV in the bedroom let's move out into the living space and see what we have to offer there first thing to note nice big pantry you've also got to slide out drawers to make access a snap even when we're going down the road from there. I've got a very nice sized refrigerator to store all that wonderful fruit in that we're going to be cooking when we're out camping then from there let's go and take it and cook look at the bathroom very nicely sized in fact if. I get on the inside of here you'll note that.

I've got plenty of room to move around in very very easy from there we've also got another collection of fours wonderful cabinets which will give you plenty of right space in here as well moving out into the rest of the coach as you would expect standard gas cooktop and stove gas, if you're a chef you know is wonderful to cook with makes life very very easy and of course you're not going to have to worry about burning up too much energy with that whole deep stage this is not your standard six-inch deep sink this thing is goes down away. So, you can fit a full-sized cast-iron pan in there or me. I like to cook a lot of pasta.

I can get my whole pasta pan in there to clean it out properly rather than having to manipulate move it all over moving out new lab space big 40 inch TV and of course you have a dinette which will readily convert into a sleeping area as well nice sofa which will also convert to another sleeping area nice little touch from Florida put cupholders right behind there which will make it very easy and especially, if you've got people trying to go down the road and take a load off. I won't have to worry about them spilling drinks at all either moving up into the cab both the seats swivel as you would expect you've got a nice entertainment system here this is going to have mirroring technology with it basically what that means instead of a standard navigation system that you have to keep updating over and over again this one you can actually attach your cell phone to via bluetooth and it will mirror what's going on in the cell phone. So, you can use Google Maps to go down the road your cell phone all automatically updates which makes it always up-to-date and you never have to worry about anything very low maintenance simple to use and very utilitarian this coach is of course going to come on the ford f53 chassis as you would expect 6.8 liter triton v10 engine on to the other side you've got a very nice workstation that Thor has brought in to this.

So, you can very easily work on your laptop from here you can have the kids doing their homework as they go down the road it's a very utilitarian station complete with AC power and 12-volt power, if you've got to plug in your laptop or tablet one other feature that is absolutely wonderful about this coach that. I want to show you is this overhead bunk now this is actually going to be a very very easy thing to use there you have it one, button touch fully operational another kind of unique thing about this is that as you can see we've got some storage that was made available by Bullock bringing down this bunk. So, this doesn't have a safe in it like you find with a big diesel, but by just simply removing this key you can turn the whole system off and you've got ready-made storage back there.

So, you can store wedding rings you can store your laptops whatever valuables may have while you're out enjoying the great outdoors and making memories at last that does it for the inside let's come outside and have a look at this wonderful exterior first thing to note look at the size of this awning you can get all kinds of people underneath this while you're out tailgating or enjoying the great outdoors makes for a great amount of shape also this is going to come equipped with an outdoor entertainment area as you can see the speakers are already built in going down just a little bit, if you look down that is a full pass-through storage area not many 29 foot coaches have that you can fit skis snowboards fishing poles all kinds of stuff in there we got another big size storage area here and which will easily fit though it looks to be a set of golf clubs you can fit all kinds of stuff in there as well AC power on the outside. So, you can plug in all kinds of good stuff you can also tap a DVD player into that television as well, if you wanted to do that now this is one of the best features this has an outdoor kitchen how many 29 foot coaches you see with an outdoor kitchen you've got a refrigerator you've got a nice little storage area there fully operational sink sponge tray and then from there another drawer store paper towels plates whatever the case may be and in addition to that you might have noticed the barbecue in that storage compartment that will plug in quite readily to a propane Jack right there. So, you can barbecue and have a big time hearty on the outside of the coach let's go around to the back side just a little bit telling it they're sore makes those standard eight thousand pound capacity you've got rear view camera as you would expect this is another nice thing you've got the you'll fill right on the back.

So, that way you don't necessarily have to go into one specific side at the filling station you can go in either way and pull that hose right around no problem as we go to this side you've got another wonderful sized storage area nice and big you can get all kinds of stuff in, if you look really close you'll see the necklace all the way to the back your outdoor kitchen. So, again lots of stuff that you can put in this another storage area up top that again has lots of space you can put wonderful things in do for cab are coming 4000 watt generator as you would expect on the coach like this let's take here very easy to use very simple and also complete without George our nation well-fed adults in Satellite bathroom. So, cool here's the other side of our full storage bay from the other side this is big it all time to create stuff in there and the last thing.

I want to point out about the four 29.4 is, if you've got the type new camera is mounted directly into the mirrors rather than on the side panel here. I'll take. So, you don't necessarily have to worry about any road debris clogging your view ladies and gentlemen that does it for our tutorial on the four twenty nine point four eight, if you have any questions about this note please feel free to contact me at the 800 number listed on the bottom of the screen or also feel free to contact me directly my phone number is five four one five one three three one seven one.

I hope you all have a wonderful day remember well with your help.