17 awesome 2017 Sabre 27RLT 5th Wheel Espresso

hi folks. I'm in Baker the product specialist here to American RV in Grand Rapids Michigan today.

I'm here to tell you all about the 2017 vengeance 381 touring Edition toy hauler this is a great floor plan you have a 12 foot 6 garage as you can see plenty of kitchen and great amenities let's go ahead and start off right over here we walk into the kitchen you have great countertop space here, if you want to use this as prep space you can your sink is right here you'll see who have electrical outlets on both sides there as well the sink top covers our nice solid surface just like the countertop itself very large single bowl undermount stainless steel sink. I really do like the sink in here it's almost like a zero-tolerance sink. So, your or zero radius.

So, at the bottom you almost don't have a radius meaning you can get more sink usage out of it industrial style high-rise faucet here to beautiful decorative backsplash take a look at some of the storage you can see you have storage here same thing all the way along the top. So, great extra storage area there plenty of lighting here too which. I really like sometimes you know these little hutches over here don't have the lighting not the case in this floor plan you can see you have a couple of drawers over here three full extension drawers over here nice and big right underneath.

I'll go ahead open that up for you can see you have plenty of space there for tiny cleaning supplies or anything else you wanna stick under there whirlpool residential stainless steel refrigerator take a look at that beauty you have a ton of space in here both down in the freezer section and up top you have a couple pullout trays there as well, but plenty of room for all the food you want to bring along you can see you have some additional storage up top there kind of have this fluted glass look storage here as well oversized 30-inch microwave you can see that nice and big as we come down you have a backsplash here you have another electrical outlet over to the side cooktop with the glass top here nice and easy to fold back, if you want to use that and of course this kind of doubles as a backsplash there too, but recess 3-burner cooktop with your oven down below also underneath the oven you will see you have an additional drawer we move in a little bit further this is really cool too. So, you kind of have this peninsula just a ton of again great prep space here, if you want to entertain you know he can put snacks up here, if you want to plug in a blender maybe have a margarita bar take a look at that you have a pop-up power tower there with a couple electrical outlets two USB ports there as well underneath here you can see you have good additional storage and take a look at the lighting not only do you have under counter lighting on here, but you also have the AL floor accent lighting which is really neat something you see a lot in a residential application, but not very often in an RV then right here you have six full extension ball bearing drawers. So, just a ton of storage throughout the kitchen area right up here a little bit more so, if you want use this for pantry, if you want to put DVDs.

So, you can do that there too, but. I think this probably better storage right over here before we get to that right in front of your peninsula you can take a look at that again just great storage throughout here of course that's access you know that is passed through the other side there, but again just great kitchen set up another electrical outlet right here. I do want to add that you have the power tower as well as that one there storage up above your entertainment area right there you are solid bar here for great sound quality nice large TV this is on a swing arm mount name-brand electronics you have samsung tv samsung blu-ray player here as well, if you want to watch a movie as i mentioned it's on a swing arm.

So, you can go ahead and turn that however you want underneath you have this nice brick surround around the fireplace there not only is this fireplace very great for aesthetics, but it also does a great job of heating up the space in here another thing. I do want to add you do have a max air fan the control for it is right back here that's above your kitchen there. So, that way you know, if you want to get a great breeze coming through here, if you don't want to turn on the AC not an issue open up some windows turn that guy on.

I might, if why we're looking up at the ceiling, if you take a look you can see all the blue accent lighting they have in here really nice look same thing you have these couple hanging chandeliers here LED lights throughout the whole coach as well last thing. I'd want to point out you do have some extra storage right over here. So, a nice deep storage area there and then a little bit more storage up top and then right over here is the law.

So, you do have a loft in this coach is great ladder to go ahead and climb up there it does have an LED light you can. I don't currently have it on and also some TV hookup so, if you want a TV up there whoever has to you know whoever wants to stay up in the loft you can hook up a TV for them there as well, if you take a look right over here this is your theater seating extremely comfortable this of course is a straight shot right across to the TV they're heated theater seating which is phenomenal slow rise roller shades all the way around and the other thing. I like what this floor plan is this right here you have a free-standing table and chairs you don't see this very often in a toy hauler floorplan most of the time you have for theater seats going all the way across.

I personally like having a table here so, if you want to sit down have a meal together to play a game you have a place in which you can do it okay that wraps it up for the kitchen and living space this is a toy hauler. I'm sure you want to see the garage let's head on back and take a look the garage and the Vengeance 381 is 12 foot 6 inches. So, it is nice and large, if you have some bigger toys you want to put back here right above me you have to bed systems it is on the happy jack power system you'll see the top one is an actual bed right below it you have to roll over sofas the nice thing about these sofas when they come down of course they make great seating area, but when you put them away you can have them in one of two different orientations you can have them up like they are right now which will give you additional width here in your garage or you can have them swing down and sit along the wall which gives you additional height depending on what you want to have back here take a look at the very back this one does come equipped with the party deck right here which is great this is nice and easy to set up and they also have the door system back here this is really cool cuz it makes it super easy to get in and out you know instead of having to worry about lifting a screen up and dropping it back down all you have to do is take the handles open it up right here close it when you're done now you will notice that this one has the the extra attachments that go on the door to help keep rain out you know what helps give you extra privacy here as well or, if you want you can go ahead and take those off their velcro and then you will have the screen.

So, that way you get a nice big breeze coming through on a much nicer day. So, definitely a great system they have their windows all the way throughout you do have the hatch covers here again that helps with extra privacy because you know when, if you're hauling toys and you take them out you have people sleeping back here or, if you're just using this as an extra big bunkhouse you need the extra sleeping space do you want the extra privacy and. So, that is what this allows again remember toy haulers have multiple different uses you will notice the ladder right here and then you will also have the extra carpet in this one that is an option.

I really like the carpet again especially, if you're using this more as a bunkhouse right up top you will see some additional storage go ahead and open that up for you. So, you can see that you have your netting here as well for additional storage electrical outlets on both sides. I have your sound system up top there you can see the sony speakers and then right up front here you have an additional TV, if you open these up what you will see is your inlet for your speakers.

So, right underneath here you have your portable speakers you can take these outside as well they go right here attached to this system you have your amp here as well as your multimedia center. So, definitely a great system underneath you have washer hookup so, if you do want washer in here not an issue and then off to the side is your half bath. So, you take a look right down here your foot flush lever toilet their electrical outlet sink top and vanity and then up above is a mirrored medicine cabinet the bathroom of the 381 is gorgeous, if you take a look right here you see the nice big vessel bowl with the high-rise faucet and the under lit countertop that really sets it apart from a lot of other fifth wheels out there additional storage underneath and you have a cubby hole off to the side as well as additional storage here, if you take a step into the shower you notice you have excellent head height as well as a skylight up top for even more height right over here you have your shower bar as well as the wand that way you can go ahead and adjust the height to however wherever you want to set it shelving here as well and you have the try slide glass door right outside of the bathroom is your foot flush lover toilet and then up above the toilet you have additional storage the bedroom with a 381 features a full walk around queen bed.

So, it is nice and easy to get up here and make the bed also you have good storage underneath and it is strut supported. So, it helps you lift the bed up and makes it go down nice and easy both sides you have nice big shelf area there you'll see an electrical outlet as well as dual USB ports so, if you have a CPAP machine you need to plug in or, if you have on a charger cell phone at night it's nice and easy to do. So, and you'll also see you have good storage underneath wall sconce on either side gives it a great look as well as some reading light additional LED light right up here on the top and you have good storage all along the top you can see that great extra storage headboard there as well now right over here in this slide out you have a slide-out wardrobe mirrors all the way across here, if you take a look you do have the hanging rod right in there.

So, you can hang clothes very easily and underneath you have plenty of extra drawers full extension ball bearing drawers there the bottom three are actually a little deeper than the top three, but great additional storage for any clothes some more storage right over here, if you take a look. So, good extra storage right there cubby hole right here underneath and you also have an electrical outlet there lastly, if you like to watch TV before bed that's not an issue you have a samsung TV right here at the foot of the bed. So, you can go ahead and watch a show before you go to bed for the night, but alright folks that pretty much wraps it up again this is a 2017 vengeance 381 this is the touring edition it's the highest line of the vengeance and it is a great toy hauler, if you're looking for a toy hauler with high quality nice big garage you know it's 12 foot 6 plenty of space in the kitchen for prep and you have not only of space to sit down relax, but also a spot to eat a meal the bathroom is phenomenal this is a toy hauler you just don't want to miss out on, if you aren't interested you'd like price and availability you know give myself ian baker a call here at American RV or you can take a look at our website which is American RV com for the most up-to-date information also, if you enjoyed this walkthrough be sure to join our YouTube channels you'll be one of the first to see the latest and greatest from us here at American RV thanks again for watching i'm ian baker and i can't wait to see you on the road to freedom.