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I folk. I'm a baker the product specialist here at American RV and Grand Rapids Michigan and today.

I'm here to tell you all about the 2017 Winnebago micro-mini 1706 asked be the great couples coach has a nice front bat in here and it weighs a little over 3,200 pounds let's go ahead and start on the front we'll make our way around in that head on in. So, right up front here's your propane tank cover this cover is big enough for 30 pound tanks, if you want to upgrade, but, if we open this up which it is really easy to open just go ahead and undo these two thumb screws right here then you can lift the door and you will see that comes with the 220-pound tank right behind that you have the rails right here for your battery box and then coming up the front end is the black diamond plating this will help protect the front end from some of the rocks and debris to get thrown up by your tow vehicle that way it hits this doesn't scratch up the beautiful fiberglass on the front end the frames they use on here is a B al-haq bolt frame a huffle has a couple advantages over a welded frame one generally, if your frame is going to rust out the number one spot it starts to rust is where the welds are. So, by eliminating those welds it eliminates the chance for rot the other nice thing about it is, if you ever do get into an accident the Huq fold is a lot easier to replace these essentially they can cut those Huck bolts take a priest the frame out put a new piece back in rather than having to deal with a bent frame.

So, definitely some advantages to having that Huckle you come around to the side here. I want you to take a look at how massive this door is on your path through. So, an absolute huge door on this side which is great let's see fit in a lot bigger items like zero-gravity chairs things like that can easily slide in here then you'll see it is past due.

So, you have the doors in on the other side LED light here as well. So, that way, if you need to see in here at night you do that, if we drop down below a couple quick things one you do have a stabilizer jack on each corner and because it is the b al frame it comes with the b al Jack's which these Jack's take about a third of the turns as most of your competitors out there. So, definitely a better jack system a lot less work to setup and teardown you also notice right here you have a propane Quick Connect so, if you want to do some outside grilling you have that propane grill you can plug it right there into that Quick Connect interest use the 40 pounds off the front now this one is in the white exterior, if you take a look at the sidewall here you can see the shine and the luster in this side wall it's absolutely gorgeous the reason for that is because Winnebago total products use one of the highest levels of fiberglass out there this is an actual true poor gelcoat exterior what that means to you is that this has the shine in the luster you can buff this it will keep this for the life of the unit is the closest thing.

I can compare this to is like a bolt hole, if you are a boat owner you know that you can shine that and buff that and it has that luster this is the exact same thing generally to get this level of fiberglass you have to go into a seventy eighty thousand dollar fifth wheel or a really high-end motorhome. So, as far as the total product again one of the best out there you can see the power awning right here just touch of a, button that will roll out super easy same thing to go right back in it does have an LED light strip underneath that we don't have to get up there and hang up your christmas lights you can just use the one that comes with the coach you also have two exterior speakers so, if you want to sit out here and listen to music you can certainly do that now it is controlled by the multimedia center inside cover it is bluetooth capable so, if you have a smart device a smartphone tablet something like that you can connect to that via bluetooth to be able to use that device to control your music, if you like to watch TV outside they have you covered there as well you'll see they put a sticker right here because they went ahead and put a backer in the wall when they made the wall here for you do you know exactly where to mount the TV and then your hookups are right here and, if you will know that is underneath the power awning. So, that way you have the shade to help reduce the glare this one does have two axles on there which is great especially for a lightweight coach you see the aluminum alloy rims there nitrogen-filled tires as well.

So, you do get a better ride going down the road you will also see the axles on here, if you take a look at those those are torsion axles alright that's a better axle system as well as over your leaf spring just a better suspension. So, that again is one more advantage of the Winnebago product you can see right here your step to get in also has the easy grab handle makes it very easy to get inside the coach at this level with this size most of time they just have a little plastic one again just one more quality item that Winnebago is putting on here when you come around to the back we have a rear-mounted ladder this is a fully walkable roof that allows you to get up there, if you need to clean it off you need to check for any kind of seals make sure all of the thing is cocked up there this allows you to easily get up there without having to take up your entire path through by bringing a ladder with you you also notice right here you have an extra spare tire. So, you know hopefully you never have to use it, but in the event that you do you know it is riding right back here for you and it'll be in good shape when you do have to use it come around to the off door side couple more quick things one you'll see your outside shower here this has both hot and cold access thing.

I like about having the shower right here, if you notice right underneath that's where your termination is. So, the cool thing about that right is you're done you know emptying out your black tank you you know don't want to have to deal with that. So, what you do you take a shower wash your hands off your nice and clean you'll also see the black tank flush is right here what that does for you is instead of having to take a hose and put it down the toilet when you're done camping to wash out your black tank with this guy to take that same hoes hook it right up here and then it will go ahead and wash the black tank out for you now remember, if you are using the black tank flush make sure your black tank valve is open you are putting water in there and it's using a lot of force you want to make sure that's open.

So, it can flow out making our way up a little bit further last couple things you'll see your water filter up here both your potable and the forward you're filling your tanks as well as city also your 30 amps detachable power cord satellite hookup and cable, if you're at a spot that has it welcome to the inside the 2017 Winnebago micro mini 1706 FB this particular model is in the graphite interior take a look over the kitchen right here. So, you will see this one has a double bowl sink which is great for being a smaller camper and both of those do have the sink top covers when we take that off you see the double bowl stainless steel sink high-rise faucet there as well to make it nice and easy to wash and rinse dishes right next to that you do have the upgraded 17-inch 3-burner cooktop with a cover on there. So, that gives you extra prep space here you know without these covers you just wouldn't have a lot of prep space because you do have them it makes this kitchen usable 3-burner cooktop right there that would the front one here is high output and then underneath is your oven to do some baking to take a look at the storage underneath the countertop here right underneath the oven you see you have a little bit of storage in there you know you have some text lines running through there, but it's actually good storage area great spot for pots and pans underneath the sink itself you have the storage here, if it were me.

I'd pride slide some cleaning chemicals in the back maybe get a small trashcan right underneath here as well electrical outlet here for anything you have to plug in then to full extension ball bearing drawer. So, you have enough room for silverware you know then things like spatulas big spoon serving spoons stuff like that, if we take a look up top right up here with your hood with the light and fan microwave there nice little pantry storage over here to the side LED light here underneath this coach has LED lights throughout which not only use less power, but also put out less heat. So, you move our way up a little bit further into the coach you see the six cubic foot fridge freezer combo you can see you have good space there nice cut out this also runs off both propane and electric and also has automatic switch over right underneath here is the furnace a coach this big you know having a direct vent furnace there is actually probably more efficient than having ductwork so.

I like to have that and it's nice and close to the bed here then same thing with the AC you will see that is right up top now right behind me is the front bed that's the FB stands for take a look at this you have to really good sized drawers here that's your rear tire covered make sure your spare tire stays in good shape then even larger drawer right here underneath. So, great storage there you saw the massive pass through and we were outside you see you have a plug in right up there so, if you need to charge cell phones, if you have a CPAP machine you can plug it in and there's enough room right up top there where you can go ahead and put those devices windows on both sides here for natural light also. So, you can get a nice cross breeze LED lights here to brighten it up storage right out top for some folded clothes their privacy curtain over here so, if you do have additional guests you can close that off and have some privacy one of the things.

I really liked about this floor plan is the fact that it is a camp side dinette. I say this in a lot of my videos, but. I love when manufacturers do this because when.

I wake up in the morning. I want to sit here. I want to eat my breakfast have a cup of coffee and enjoy the view at my campsite not out of my neighbors as.

I mentioned this is the graphite interior right here this table also does drop down into a bed so, if you need additional sleeping space you can just go ahead and take these two table legs out the table will sit right here along these rails fill it in with the cushions and that will create your extra sleeping space they're just storage underneath here to you can see they have a nice big cut out there. So, it can easily lift that up and access the storage under the dinette also, if you take a look right over here you will see an electrical outlet so, if you need to plug in a tablet or laptop something like that you can sit it to dinette and do work you'll also notice an LED light right up here to make it nice and bright at night time and some additional storage you can see both of those there you do have a king jack in this coach as well TV is right in the back. I'll get to that in just a second, but the nice thing about a king jackets an upgraded TV antenna the big advantage is you don't have to worry about raising it and lowering it.

So, all you have to do to find signal is just turn this. So, that last chance that you're going to forget lower it or totally eliminates that chance rather. So, that's one less thing that can possibly break you will see this event right up here.

So, again you want to open up some windows open this guy rather than run the AC you can do that again to help some get a nice breeze coming through here and the very back right up top is the multimedia center this is a radio CD and DVD player. So, it is connected to TV, if you want to watch a movie this is what controls the speakers outside as well as the speakers in here and as. I mentioned previously when we were outside this unit is bluetooth capable you have good storage right here as well you can see that running all the way down, if you want to put shoes in here you can do that you want to use it as a pantry you can certainly do that too, but Justin ice storage right back here you can also see you have some controls here for your lights as well as your awning and your monitoring panel is there too.

So, this is the TV kind of went over that hooked up to this guy the multiple media center as well as the King Jack they're right underneath that take a look at that great storage running right down here and go ahead and take a look God love that and then right in the back here is the bathroom. So, one of the things. I talk about with Winnebago towable products are the doors.

I love the doors they use one it's actually Framed out would most manufacturers you see out there use plastic this is thing about a Winnebago door it works each and every time you're going to shut it it's actually shot there's not a ton of slop it doesn't pop back open it actually shots the way it's supposed to. I know it sounds silly, but. I'm telling you when you're out there shopping you will see what.

I mean, if you compare the Winnebago door to the rest it is easy to understand the difference when you come in the bathroom right down here is your foot flush lever toilet you do have sufficient legroom in the front there you will also notice that, if you take a look up top you have your events right up there as well as a nice big skylight above the shower hand wand there to you have some shelves down below and then, if you take a look over at your sink top and vanity you can see you have an upgraded stainless steel bowl plug in underneath as well as storage and then your shower head actually hooked up to the faucet mirrored medicine cabinet right up top there and then right here on the door is your robe hooks that way as soon as you're done showering go ahead and toss that on all right folks that pretty much wraps it up again to the 2017 Winnebago micro-mini 1706 FB this one is in the graphite interior this really is a great couples coach you know you have the front bed here the camp side dinette good storage in the back you know a nice bathroom there as well in plenty of kitchen space with a double bowl sink in all this at just under thirty two hundred pounds, if you are interested in this coach and you'd like price and availability go ahead and give us a call here to American RV or you can always take a look at our website which is American RV com for the most up-to-date information also, if you enjoyed this walkthrough be sure to join our YouTube channel that will be one of the first to see the latest and greatest from us here in American RB thanks again for watching i'm ian baker and i can't wait to see you on the road to freedom.

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