Book Of 2018 Winnebago Minnie 2401RG RV Review White Stone In Singapore

hi folks. I mean Baker the product specialist here at American RV and beautiful Grand Rapids Michigan and today.

I'm here to tell you about the 2018 Winnebago mini 24:01 RG let's go ahead and talk about some of the outside features here we'll make our way around and then we'll head on in right here is your power tongue jack this makes it nice and easy to hook up and disconnect from the tow vehicle you just flip a switch here and that will raise it up and down you also have a light here in case you are hooking up or disconnecting at night behind that is where your 220 pound propane tanks will go with the cover of course it's not here currently because when it comes to manufacturer they ship it separately inside then behind that you will notice rails for your battery box and coming up the front here is your black diamond plating this helps protect the front end from some of the rocks and debris that get thrown up by your tow vehicle that way it doesn't scratch and dent your beautiful fiberglass front end speaking of beautiful fiberglass take a look at this side here this is absolutely gorgeous this is one of the best sidewalls in the industry this date they use 80 60 fiberglass what that is the fiberglass actually comes in a sheet whereas most manufacturers come in a roll that's why you have this nice flat look you don't see any ripples going down the side wall and then on top of that they put a true pour gel coat again one of the best in the industry is what you see on half-million-dollar motorhomes this is comparable to how they construct a bolt hole and as you know you can buff those and it will keep that shine and luster throughout the life of the boat very similar to the Winnebago product here for outside storage we have this nice compartment here you can see the big pass-through storage area the box right there as. I mentioned is your propane tanks, but you can see how much room you have you also have a battery disconnect in the fire side there. So, that way when you're done camping you can just turn that disconnects rather than having to get up front and mess with the battery you have two entrances and exits into the coach you have the one right here and then the back one there is actually your main entrance you take a look underneath letting a couple things a lot of mentioned down here one you will see the propane quick-connect so, if you want to grill out you can go ahead and do that right there and it will just feed off your big propane bottles rather than buying the small separate ones you also have BL jacks which set up and tear down a lot faster than your standard scissor jacks and you have a hawk bolt frame on here the Huck bolt frame is advantageous because what generally when your frame well or rust out it's right at the weld point.

So, by eliminating those weld points you eliminate that chance for rust there and plus, if it ever does get damaged this Huck bolt frame is a heck of a lot easier to repair to make way back a little bit further you will notice the power awning here large power awning and one of the things. I really do like about this floorplan is look right here underneath the awning space you don't have any vents you don't have anything that will obstruct your campsite. So, you open that up this whole space here is campsite which is awesome also, if you do want an outside TV they did build a backer right here into the wall and then your TV hookups are here as well that's great again right underneath the awning there helps provide some of that shade that awning does have an LED light strip on it so, if you want to turn that on at night you can do that you don't have to get up there and hang up lights yourself and you also see outside speakers, if you want to listen to some music those are controlled by the multi media center inside, but that is Bluetooth capable take a look right over here at the wheels these are aluminum alloy wheels.

So, less chance for any kind of rust to corrosion on there and the nitrogen-filled tires as. I mentioned this is your main entrance you can see the foldable easy grab handle here three steps. So, it is nice and easy to enter as well as exit the coach a couple things.

I do want to point out on the back end here of course you notice your tubular steel bumper that is where your sewer hose can be stored you have the spare tire that is mounted on the bumper with a cover there to help keep it in Nice shape and a ladder. So, you can easily climb up onto the roof in case you need to do any kind of maintenance or just hang out up there whatever you want to do we take a look in the back right here on the off door side this is where the majority of your hookups are you'll see have an outside shower here with both hot and cold access a black / they're both of your water inlets whether it's going to be for sewer or to fill up your tank satellite hookup as well as your cable hookup also right up front on the offshore side up by the nose this unit does have your damp solar prep welcome to the inside the 2018 Winnebago mini 2401 RG this particular model has the white exterior Andy stone interior let's start off right here on the dinette. I like what manufacturers do this they give you a nice camp side dinette right here because this is a view you want you want to look out to your campsite while you're having your morning coffee or breakfast and it's a comfortable dinette here that also drops down into a bed so, if you need that additional sleeping space you can take the legs out here the table will sit right along these rails take the back cushions fill it in and it creates that sleeping space as you also notice you do have additional storage here underneath the dinette cushions you just have to go ahead and lift that up then above the window you will see the TV this is a great location because it directly across from the couch that way when you're sitting there you don't have to Crane your neck one where the other two straight shot there and then right next to it is the multimedia Center.

I did touch on this and we were outside that's your radio CD and DVD player so, if you do want to watch movie you can pop it in right there the opposite side you will see has some extra storage now this is a rear kitchen unit. So, we'll start off on the kitchen right here which is our refrigerator and freezer notice how you have a little cutout there for some of your taller items this unit does run off both propane and electric and also has automatic switch over right next to that is a cover for your control panel we open this up you can see your tank monitoring system in there your lights slide control and then your power awning there as well and then underneath the refrigerator you can see that real quick good extra storage there you know you can use it for whatever you want, if it was me. I also had picked some shoes under there just kind of get some out of the way of your main entrance here and then you get into the kitchen itself you do see you have a cooktop cover right there which is nice the nice needed to use this just holds back like.

So, which is kind of cool as it doubles the backsplash even though you do have a more decorative one right there, but you fold that back and that will reveal your three burner atwood cooktop and, if you're not using it of course that gives you the extra prep space by having that cover on there, but underneath this an oven in case you want to do some baking and then up top you have your hood as well as your microwave this is the weight of the unit five thousand one hundred and twenty pounds additional storage all the way around the top here you can see that there as well as the storage right over here double LED lights here underneath make it nice and bright at night and then you have this big window here to let in that natural light during the day you'll see you have an electrical outlet here as well as an additional one right over here and then you also have dual USB ports casing to charge some other electronic devices running right down here here you notice you have four full extension ball bearing drawers big long drawers able to fit some of these bigger serving ware spatulas big spoon things like that double bowl stainless steel sink with the high rise faucet some storage underneath here as well as your double sink top covers. So, again you know you have good usable countertop space because you have the sink top covers the cooktop cover and then all this extra space right in here let's take a quick look at the slide. So, this is the best seat in the house as.

I had mentioned the sofa is straight across from the TV there nice and comfortable gives you a great place to sit and also this is a jackknife sofa. So, it does drop down into a bed now you'll see they gave you a little bit of storage underneath here too something to put some pillows and blankets under there you're able to do that two windows here again letting in some natural light of course giving a little bit of cross ventilation there and you have storage right up top with an LED light. So, you can see at night the rest of the slide this is actually really cool take a look at how much space you have here.

So, you have a hanging rod going across the top there, but look how big that is. I mean that's awesome that's massive for storage the thing. I like about this is you can actually put like a laundry basket in the bottom.

So, you have a place to throw your close you know get changed right there it's directly across from the bathroom here. I just think that's a great addition the bathroom that 24:01 is nice and spacious you can see right down here you have your foot flush lever toilet porcelain bowl there. So, it's nice and easy to clean and plenty of leg room all the way around it also tiss you have two extras and exits one into the main living area the other one right here into the bedroom right up top is our vent fan to quickly help moisture escape dual LED lights here help keep it nice and bright you see your mirrored medicine cabinet there with storage behind it as well as some cubby holes here on the side right down below is our sink top and vanity and look stainless steel bowl mice upgraded Bowl in here electrical outlet there underneath and some additional storage underneath that the shower here is really nice new angle shower you can see the doors here in a roller track which is great because that way instead of opening a door and having all the water all over your floor it just drains right down into your shower pan as far as height.

I'll step in here just your point of reference. I'm about six foot and you can see a little bit of head space here even and even more if. I stand right here underneath the skylight also you have a hand wand right back here is well at some shelving right outside the shower.

I can show you this nice linen closet here. So, great place you can put your towels there your bathroom accessories a little bit of storage there even underneath and lastly you do have a rope hook right here on the door the bedroom the twenty-four one again is nice and open you will see right here is a full walk-around queen sized bed and you have some good storage on both sides the one side here you will notice you have good wardrobe hanging space especially with that huge wardrobe we head out in the hall you can really fit a lot of clothes in here you will see you have a nightstand there as well with an electrical outlet on this side you have a little bit better nightstand here and a big pullout drawer you will also notice the electrical outlet there and the dual USB port LED light here for reading some additional storage there right up top windows on both sides for cross ventilation the one is an emergency exit you see you have a vent right here as well as TV hookup and then a king Jack antenna right over there lastly as. I showed when you were outside you do have a second entrance right here now this is really nice, if you have guests down the night or maybe you have kids sleeping in the main area you can use this to quickly enter in and out enter in and leave the camper without waking up the kids all right folks that wraps it up against the 2018 Winnebago mini 2401 RG this one had the white exterior with the stone interior, if you're interested in this RV and you'd like price and availability.

I recommend you give us a call here at American RV or you can take a look at our website which is American RV comm thanks again for watching. I'm. Ian Baker and.

I can't wait to see you on the road to freedom.

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