20 perfect Jayco RV 2015 Precept 29UM Class A Motor Home

good afternoon this is real and Fox with Valley RV Supercenter your jayco RV dealer here in Kent Washington we are at 619 washington avenue north today we're gonna be looking at a 2014 jacob white hawk this is model 28 d sbh 28 footer with some big bucks and a big slide let's take a look at the outside trying here you got your electric tongue jack now your to LP bottles they have a place for your two batteries you got your big storage here with the slam locks and. So, you do a the white Hawk dust comes standard with the outside fridge nice big storage there the slam latches they work very well this white Hawk does have the electric awning with the LED strip all the way underneath and it does have the finest frameless windows those are very very nice now this white Hawk does have the glacier package.

So, you have enclosed underbelly forced up the heat. So, that is ready for colder weather we drove the nice upgraded aluminum wheels you notice those are spread apart that is the wide track axle this brushes the weight and gives you a little bit less tongue weight. So, these white hawks are made for half ton trucks in the back here you do have them out for the barbecue grill which it does come with mounts there now you do have the LP connect in the back there a spare tire you get the roof ladder there around this side you get your outdoor shower your city water connect on your black tank flush underneath this this is another storage area this is underneath that bottom bunk.

So, that's a that's a huge storage under here alright let's take a look at some all right walking in here you can see that this white Hawk has a dry weight of 59 60 for those all think about jayco once these things are going into the assembly line there Wade individually. So, that is an accurate weight that is not a base way that accounts for every option that this trailer has walking here in here you can see it has the couch there that is the jackknife sofa you have your dinette over on that side they both do you make a bed in the back here you have your 2 600 pound box those are actually rated a lot of our competition does not rate their bunks in the back you have your tub there your toilet you got your sink over here in the medicine cabinet. So, it's a little dark in here these trailers are parked really close together now that is a 6 afternoon that's an 8 cubic foot refrigerator there that is the bigger fridge you got your microwave stove a lot of countertop for this trailer there is your TV which that does swivel into your bedroom now for 2014 the end of 2014 Jake.

I'll switch to all LED lighting to the interior these trailers. So, this one does have the LED lights as you can see the roof is a curved roof that is good for water runoff up brought there there is that is the bedroom 2 connector from both sides as you can see this is a nice pillow top mattress this is a denver mattress that is a jayco exclusive very comfortable Dzeko does have a two-year bumper to bumper warranty that is the best warranty in the industry come see this trailer today Valley RV Supercenter new jayco dealer in kent my name is breelan this is at 619 washington avenue north i look forward to meeting you.