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hi my name is Shawn Pollard with V ranks RV sitter we're located in Grand Rapids Michigan or we've been family owned and operated for 62 years today. I have the privilege of showing you the brand-new 2016 Holiday Rambler vacationer 35k we are actually the longest standing Holiday Rambler dealer in the world and we want to be your premier choice for Holiday Rambler motorhomes.

So, even though we do offer this video for you as a free source to see some things that the pictures just can't quite show we are a dealer for this motorhome and, if you're interested in buying one we want to earn your business my number will be at the bottom of the screen throughout the video so, if at any point you want to buy one of these or want additional information give me a call the 35k is a 35-foot motorhome that's going to feature two slides one extended slide here in the living room that's going to house your sectional sofa and your dinette booth and a bedroom slide in the rear it's also going to feature one and a half bathrooms which is awesome for a floor plan of this size it's really going to give you the best of both worlds it's a gonna be a great coach, if it's just two people who want to travel the country, but, if you're gonna occasionally take guests the extra half bathroom and the additional sleeping capacity given here in the living room is going to give you a lot of versatility and make for an overall very functional and good-sized floorplan one of the great features in this floorplan is that every single light on the interior is actually going to be an LED light and the vacationer for 2016 comes to this brand new system called the. Illuma Plex multiplex lighting system it's really nice and easy to use and it's commonly found on your higher-end diesel coaches to turn the lights on and off all it takes is a simple push of a, button one of the great features about this is one of the, buttons actually turns olive lights on the coach on or off at the same time which is incredibly handy you can also dim the lights here in the living room and in the bedroom which is awesome and you're not gonna find that hardly any other gas motor home on the market. So, here in the kitchen we're gonna feature a beautiful solid surface countertop which is gonna make anybody's modern residential kitchen jealous it also comes with a gorgeous backsplash a pullout stainless steel faucet with sprayer and then underneath our two sink covers with the ergonomic handle which makes them really easy to pull on and put off you have a double bowl deep Bowl stainless steel sink which is really really handy underneath the sink it actually comes equipped with a spot for a trash can which is incredibly useful to have all of the drawers here gonna be full extension real wood front and real wood frame drawers that have stainless steel ball bearing drawer glides that are all gonna hold up to a hundred pounds which is awesome awesome awesome as you move into the main area of the kitchen you're gonna see we don't have an oven, but it's because we have the convection style oven this is a 30-inch wide whirlpool residential size stainless steel microwave convection oven which is a mouthful, but it's going to be able to cook a lot of meals reheat full-size plates and you can actually bake a turkey in this believe it or not it's a really really cool feature the fridge is actually going to be a residential Samsung frigerator this is gonna be 18 cubic foot it's gonna give you French doors on the top we actually just got this in today, but you have French doors on the top you have a pull-out freezer on the bottom and one of the nice things is that since this coach has the residential fridge it's gonna come equipped with a 2000 watt inverter.

So, off of the batteries you're gonna be able to run all the outlets inside the coach and the refrigerator at the same time which is gonna be great and give you a lot of flexibility behind the driver seat the first thing you're going to find is this really nice pantry this is a double door pantry the top portion actually has three drawers again with those stainless steel ball bearing glides and they're full extension. So, you can put a lot of canned goods bags of chips and boxes of cereal into them and underneath you're gonna find the bottom half of the pantry with an adjustable shelf again lots of nice storage space to take your guns down the road you can see that all of the hinges on both the flip up cabinet doors and the side hinge cabinet doors are all hidden hinges. So, it's going to give you a really clean modern look throughout the coach the dinette booth is going to give you not only an additional sleeping area for two people, but you can sit for people around it and it has seatbelts so, if you have kids or grandchildren that are gonna travel with you this gives them a great place one question.

I hear a lot is well what do we do with car seats one of the nice things about a seat like this is it gives you the flexibility for a forward-facing or a rear-facing car seat depending up on which side of the booth you want to put them up which is really very convenient this has a nice solid surface tabletop to match the countertop here in the kitchen and this is actually called a dream dinette or, if you look underneath the table top you're not gonna find pedestals. So, it's easy to slide in and out and will you just flip a handle and you can push the table down to make it into a bed which is really convenient. So, underneath the dinette on both sides you actually have pull-out storage drawers this is gonna make accessing your storage under the booth really easy and convenient.

So, you don't have to pull off the cushion pull off that piece of plywood and get to whatever's down there one of the things that really struck me when. I first came into this motorhome was how many windows were in the slide-out you lots of windows and the windows come equipped with both the daytime shade it's dusk right now. So, there's not a whole lot of light coming in here, but this shade actually lets a lot of light permeate through the window during the day and then on top of that you have the blackout shade that comes down as well.

So, you have a lot of flexibility that most coaches don't offer there's also tons of storage in the top of the slide up here these cabinets open up they're all carpeted and finished. So, they're easy to get to and you don't have to worry about putting that padding down to keep stuff from sliding around and they're quite deep - they're deeper than you would think. So, this is gonna be great for storage of plates cups bowls whatever you'd like.

So, one of the great things about this sectional sofa is the flexibility that it offers you, if you want a wide open floor plan you can absolutely do that and then you just call this a nice chaise lounge or, if you want a sectional wraparound sofa you can do that too. So, when you're traveling down the road and your slides are in you're gonna leave your couch like this, but when you want to actually sit and use it as a couch this whole section slides out and then there's a seat that actually flips up and sets up quite easily to make your extra seating area and one of the cool things is that the entire seat stores into the sofa Lots and trains it. So, you don't have an extra cushion just sitting around and then this offers you an extra bed for sleeping for two more and then an also nice wrap around comfortable area with seat belts.

So, that you can actually view your TV and a nice comfortable direct access shot the living room comes equipped with a 42 inch LG name-brand flat-screen HDTV which is really really cool it's also easy to get at, if you need to adjust anything the cables the store opens right up and you can get to all your wiring here very very easily the coach also comes equipped with a 32 inch TV overhead that's an option. So, you want to make sure that, if you buy one from us it comes with that option or, if you don't want that let us know and it also comes with a 32 inch TV in the bedroom as well they're all lg tv. So, you can actually control every single TV inside with one remote which is awesome and over here to my left there is actually a 3d blu-ray player built into the coach.

So, the blu-ray player will run to this TV, if you ever wanted to upgrade it to a 3d TV in the future already set we're ready to go so. I normally don't stand in the shots in the bathroom because there's not enough room this bathroom in the front portion of the coach is actually incredibly spacious it's gonna feature a large medicine cabinet behind me with tons of storage you're gonna feature your solid surface countertop and stainless steel sink in here and then nice storage underneath as well behind me the coach is gonna come equipped with a porcelain foot flush toilet with sprayer. So, it's gonna be a lot more sanitary than a plastic commode easier to flush than something with a hand flush in cleaner because of that sprain awesome we do also have a secondary medicine cabinet behind me as well and a multiplex lighting panel in here that's gonna control not only the lights, but the vent above me and you can also turn the water pump on from in here so, if you're traveling down the road the water pumps not on and guess what you need to either flush the commode or wash your hands you're gonna be set up and ready to go the bed is actually gonna be in one of the slide-out boxes on this coach.

So, it's gonna extend out and give you plenty of room back here this is a queen-size bed with a memory foam mattress. I actually laid on this mattress just a few minutes ago when the coach got him a lot. I was blown away with how comfortable it is normally.

I don't say that this was surprisingly comfortable. I think you're really gonna like it there's also windows on both sides of the bed for nice cross ventilation it does come with the pillows and nice sized nightstands on either side this is really cool too underneath here not only do you have reading lights, but you also have speakers that are tied into the dash radio something you normally only see on your higher-end diesel coaches which is kind of a theme throughout this video this is a really higher-end very nice gas coach for a really reasonable price. So, you can listen to your radio here at night and you have plenty of storage up above the bed as well.

So, the bedroom has two closets this front closet is actually cedar-lined which gives you that really nice smell and that nice hint again of a higher-end coach you've got hanging storage up above and then here's all the goodies that the coach comes with including actually a cutting board and a silverware tray which is really cool underneath this closet there's storage as well six more drawers here in the center and this is awesome this is our 32 inch bedroom TV and this actually opens right up and not only is there storage back here, but there's fuses for the lighting panel there's your hookups, if you wanted to do a your blu-ray player DVD player or satellite receiver back here that's all hooked up here and ready to go there's also a nice window this coach is actually washer/dryer prep it does not come with a washer/dryer in it, but it is prepped for it, but this is one of the coolest things. I've seen in a Motorhome, if you don't want to use this for washer/dryer you can actually hang your clothes up here and then pull this right out and you have your own nice High Line closet where the clothes actually come to you how cool is that. I just thought it was really neat.

I getting their storage up above here and storage below as well. So, the master bath here in the rear of the coach is going to feature a double door medicine cabinet with plenty of storage here up top again solid surface counter tops on top another multiplex lighting panel. So, you can turn on the powered vent and the water pump and the lights here in the bathroom you can also turn the bedroom lights on and off from the bathroom as well we're gonna feature our second porcelain style foot flush commode hanging towel rack behind me and in this huge linen closet this is actually gonna offer quite a bit of storage with four deep pullout drawers this is an awesome rear bag.

I was blown away when. I first saw this shower. I'm 6 foot 2 and.

I've been in the RV business for almost 10 years so. I don't say that very often, but this shower gives me plenty of height especially with the skylight above me in diesel pushers gas motorhomes trailers or 5th wheels. I hardly ever see a shower this nice it also comes equipped with a triple sliding glass door a one-piece integrated fiberglass surround with a seat in here so, if you want to shave your legs or, if you just sit down while you're showering you can you also have the adjustable height shower head so, if you're tall like me or short like someone else you can set that up however you want and the integrated soap dish this is one of the best showers.

I've seen on the market today. So, the cockpit is going to be an incredibly functional cockpit you can actually see one of the nice options this coach has is the coffee table that can go here between the driver and passenger chairs. So, this is going to give me an extra seating area you can actually see both the over a head TV and the TV in the living room area from the front so, if you have extra friends over you want to either play cards enjoy your copy in the morning you're set and ready to go the driver's seat in this coach is actually going to be a six way power seat which is really cool and it's gonna have the really nice Holiday Rambler logo embroidered right into the back of the seat which is really nice you're gonna have a powered shade here in the front two fans to get air flow going you're gonna have a touchscreen backup camera Bluetooth radio that's Pandora reading generator control this does have a 5500 generator by the way your battery boost setup pretty much your standard fare for a gas coach here in the front you're gonna be able to run your automatic leveling jacks have your cup holders and what's really cool is this also does have 110 outlets and twelve volt outlets on both sides so, if we're driving down the road you need to charge your phone charge your laptop or tablet you're gonna be set and ready to go now on the outside this particular motorhome is featured with the Waterford exterior paint this is actually full body paint on all 35 feet of this motorhome which gives it that nice exquisite touch typically found on your hire and diesel coaches this coach is gonna be featured with an exterior entertainment center with a Sony TV and Sony speakers.

So, while you're under your large LED lit patio awning you can actually enjoy watching the game or listening to music outside one of the nice things about this awnings, if you look to the side there's no arms coming out of the side wall. So, you're not gonna bump your head walking into the things this is actually a Girard style awning, but it is a powered carefree awning again with the LED power lights one of the great things about holiday Ramblers they actually manufacture their own baggage doors these baggage doors are all gonna be side hinged so, if you've ever seen those lesser expensive motorhomes where the hinge is actually on top you have to lift the door up and crawl under it that's no good and we don't want you to have to mess with that. So, this is gonna be side hinged made in-house and fully insulated baggage doors all the way around the coach which is really really nice on the exterior of the coach you're gonna see lots of storage space again all those side hinge baggage doors are gonna open up and reveal a large storage compartment there's even a nice pass-through storage compartment in the rear for your longer items such as a ladder broom any things like that one of the really cool features this coach is actually going to come equipped with side view cameras on the left and right side and the back camera these side view cameras are going to be activated by a blinker.

So, when you turn your left blinker on this camera is gonna light up and give you a complete view of your blind spot which is gonna make merging and getting it out of tight space is really really easy one of the great features of the Holliday Ramblers is that they actually attach their front and rear caps to the motor. I'm different than any other company on the market most companies will actually bring their front cap right up to the sidewall and then they'll screw it together or weld it together and then they'll run a cover over this area to hide a handful of screws which doesn't look very good it looks kind of like a cheap travel trailer one of the nice things about Holiday Rambler is they actually run the front cap over the sidewall and actually fiberglass it together and then seal it. So, it gives you a much cleaner look a much more durable build we're also going to feature frameless windows throughout the exterior of this camper which is really nice that's going to give you better insulation on the interior they're gonna come with an 80 percent UV tent.

So, the Sun isn't gonna heat up the inside nearly as much they're gonna look nicer from the outside seal better and you're not gonna have those shrieks that run down the side of the motorhome when it rains. So, they're gonna be overall a much better window for the buck the vacationers gonna be powered by a 6.8 liter Triton v10 engine it's gonna come equipped with a 5,000 pound towing hitch. So, for a gas motorhome it's going to give you plenty of pushing and pulling power and 5,000 pounds of towing capacity this also comes with an automotive fit flush mount one-piece panoramic windshield which is gonna give you an uncomfortable view when you're traveling the United States again my name is Shawn Pollard @ bearings RV Center in Grand Rapids Michigan remember that we are the longest standing Holiday Rambler dealer in the world so, if you have any questions about this coach.

I want you to give me a call and for sure, if you're interested in buying one of these motorhomes we can ship them all across the country. So, give us an opportunity to earn your business because he ranks RV Center we want you to go our being with us hello my name is joel tucker and i'm the pleasure of giving you a video tour of this all-new HIDA Rambler Admiral XE it's a 20-foot class a Motorhome with a single slide it's not a Ford chassis you can find this fabulous motor home in beautiful granite Michigan at Barings RV Center are you look for one of the most unique rear living luxury fills on the market today my name is Shawn Pollard and click this thumbnail for a full review of the 2016 Durango gold 381 re f @v ranks RV center.