NEW 2017 Heartland RV North Trail 31BHDD

hello. I'm Chris Anderson with mountain comfort RV right now we're going to take a quick look at our North Trail this is a 2017 North Trail caliber edition this is the 31 V HDD floorplan.

So, first of all with caliber Edition you do get a nice front cap up here this is a real 5th wheel style cap one-piece molded cap one of the popular areas historically for travel trailers to leak was, if they had a window up front here of course you get going in a driving rainstorm that that would be a good opportunity or these very corner pieces where the where the water would hit and spread into those corners not with the more rounded design no edges no seams that really eliminated a good potential leak spot that travel trailers have had for years we have a power front tongue jack that's nice. I mean you know this can kind of get old after a while cranking your trailer off and on. So, power tongue jack there your bottles are of course behind the cover here your propane bottles and these are 220 pound bottles 20 pound bottles.

I actually have an advantage. I'm either you know there's obviously 30s available, if a customer wants them, but the 20 pound bottles have one advantage that. I think a lot of people miss and that's that those 20 pound bottles you can exchange them anywhere you can go to a Speedway gas station or a Walmart or.

I've exchanged it with CBS before you know even if. I'm in a town. I don't know.

I may not know where to get a propane tank refilled, but there's always a place to exchange the 20 pounders you can't exchange the 30. So, that's a nice benefit there all right we have a big pass-through storage here up front. I'll light it up for us and this is one of the biggest pastors at the front of a travel trailer.

I've ever seen. So, that's nice we have power jacks on this when your controls are kept inside that's what these little doors are right here okay drop those down that's actually control for your power jacks. I like this a little better just because the jacks are inside of the the jack switches.

I'm sorry our inside of the storage compartment. So, they're not out exposed to the weather obviously electronics and wet weather don't always get along. So, all righty now though.

I like this too this is on a magnet not a little enough a little plastic beak that always breaks off. So, when you're done here slam the door North trails always have an enclosed and heated underbelly on them. So, it is a good extended season camper now.

I'm not going to get that. I'm not going to make my cameraman get down on his back and film that for you, but we do have an enclosed underbelly and whenever your furnace is running on there they actually pump heat in there as well. So, it drops a little below 32° folks you have nothing to worry about all right aluminum wheels like we've talked about in other videos aluminum wheels not only look good guys like them because they look good, but there's other benefits they run cooler going down the road because aluminum dissipates heat better running cooler means less tire problems and.

So, that's a good thing, but also they won't rust and look nasty over time and that's always a good thing now they use this wide track suspension and by spreading out the axles on here it just puts a little less tongue weight on your camper a little less of that bouncing on the back of your vehicle you know it's one of those things where, if you have a one-ton dually truck it doesn't matter, but, if you have a half-ton and maybe a lighter Duty half-ton this is still towable by that and and having those spread axles will definitely help you outside kitchen nice one to get the refrig right here we've got hookups for a TV and or anything else you want to plug in you want to plug in the margarita maker hang on it thinking there should be a light in here. I just found it there it is that's better got a little sink over in the corner with hot and cold water this think is actually plumbed into the grey tank. I know that sounds funny, but.

I've seen a lot of travel trailers with the sink you just kind of pick it up and dump it that that's kind of that's kind of low-rent. So, this is actually plug plugged in. So, our plumbed in looky here two burner cooktop and we're right outside under our power awning and this is a good sized awning outdoor speakers you see there in between the speakers we actually have the stove vent advanced to the outside it's not one of them that just you know has a fan that makes noise, but doesn't really move any.

So, alright and what's this we have a second door now this is interesting and. I know a lot of times people are hesitant to to embrace this at first a door right into the bathroom, but you know this isn't how we would design our home, but this is in our home this is our RV this is our camper think about when hey. I just need to run in real quick and use the bathroom, but there's kids asleep on the sofa in there or in the bunks.

I don't want to disturb everybody you can go straight in and do that without walking through the camper most RVs you can. I do that with the other thing is, if you're a little dirty let's face it we've been out on the hiking trails all day it was a little muddy. I just want to go and use restroom we're not going anywhere near the furniture or anything we're just going in where there's vinyl floor and, if you got that a little muddy who cares.

So, this the bathroom like this can also serve as like a mudroom not to mention this is an easily ventilated bathroom just far down that road as. I'm going to go by the way our North Trail 31 B HDD weighs in at just under 70 100 pounds. So, most half tons can tow this pretty easily one thing you have to talk about when you're talking about a North Joe is that there's a fairly lightweight camper especially for its size and for having a huge slide it is a very lightweight camper however one thing that gets neglected is it's a well-built lightweight now those two words don't generally go together.

I'm oftentimes not a huge fan of light weights unless that's all you can tell usually heavier is better because it's not like most of the time they're using really exotic materials in the RV world they just tend to make things with less support and center that is not the case with the North Trail it's the only light weight. I know of that is built just like the heavy trailers and what. I mean by that is this is a full two inch thick sidewall all my motorhomes have two inch thick sidewalls on them not all motorhomes do, but all of our motorhomes do and and that's something typically reserved for your high-end fifth wheels and your your motorhomes it's not something you typically see in a lightweight the other thing that comes into play in here is the floor Google RV soft floor sometime.

I mean that'll that'll keep you busy for hours and keep you up at night when you get to buy an RV it's not the sexy part of what we talk about, but it is something we want to talk about why do our V floors get taught because a lot of them the floors that they use is one of the key places where they cut weight they don't put studs in there every 16 inches on center they use these laminated floors laminating is just gluing different materials together they will try to make a big deal out of how they laminate it and all the manufacturers do this whether it's vacuum laminated or it's controlled they'll argue which ways better, but the truth is lamination is simply gluing layers of things together when they laminate a floor they put spends every three to four feet apart in between the studs they put that white styrofoam in between them and then on a lightweight trailer nine times out of ten they put down luan luan is basically paneling they'll put down two layers of luan and glue them together and call that a floor well it is lightweight, but it's a little spongy out of the gate and two years down the road it's very spongy and five years down the road you need a new floor in your camper it was a cheap floor to begin with one of the things. I like about North Trail is they don't use the luan floor they still put a real structure wood floor in the camper and use that instead of the two layers of luan. So, that's something you won't hear most lightweight companies talk about they don't want to talk construction okay they want to talk about it's light it's cheap it's the floor plan you love and there's more to it than that.

So, north trail in my mind best built light weight in the industry let's go inside real quick. I want to show you something construction wise, if you want to see how well built a light weight is. I'm going to give you the real keys instead of listening to a salesperson like me tell you how well-built it is use your own eyes okay all of these door frames the RV manufacturers don't make their own door frames okay they buy these and and they're all two and a quarter inches that give or take the door frame itself okay.

So, when you see a door frame like this look at how close the wall is to being as thick as the door frame that's going to give you a real clue. I can tell as soon as. I walk into a camper how thick the wall is by looking at the door frame, if there's a big gap right here okay and or they used a big piece of like cord around or.

I've seen them used some some big pieces of trim molding to hide the fact that okay that's a pretty thin wobble, if we use this big piece of trim here nobody will notice this is just simply a little seam hider here that's not a big piece of cord around or anything. So, this wall is nearly as thick as this doorframe this is a full two inch thick sidewall. So, that's a real good shortcut you can you can do on any camper to see what you're dealing with now like.

I said, if you've got real extreme towing limitations you're going to have to go with a thinner wall camper there's nothing you can do about that, but, if you're you know okay three four hundred pounds. I'm going to make a difference by the one with the thicker wall it's probably the better camper alright hi folks Chris Anderson and in the 2017 north trail 31 B HDD we're in the master bedroom nice master bedroom first of all you have pocket door here and that's a hard door not a curtain. So, when you want your privacy you have your privacy secondly it's a true walk around queen bed there is room to walk around this queen bed.

I love it a lot of the mattress actually touches or gets really close to touching this wall right here at the foot of the bed anybody over 6 feet tall awesome that's not a very comfortable way to sleep. So, this is truly a walk around queen bed there's room in here to stand up get dressed. So, really really bright lights.

I notice when. I turn those reading lights on there when you stare directly out of they're pretty darn bright. So, you're good reading light in here there's this backing location right here where you can mount a second television some people want a TV in the bedroom some people don't.

So, we don't option it in, but, if you want one it's an easy add the hookups are all here there's a backer right there. I can feel it when you screw your TV right there and you've got it for your bedroom alright storage in the bedroom on both sides. I'm going to have him open that cabinet you go switch hands here sorry make it make my cameraman work they're identical so, if you've seen one you've seen them all you have two of those for hanging hanging clothes and then up above we have nice storage here as well.

So, more more clothing there each little nightstand here has little cubbies built into it and then okay here this lists up for storage and there's tools there for a central vac so. I'm guessing somewhere in this camper we will find a central vac we have nighttime privacy shades in here not little mini blinds which is nice this is ducted heat throughout the coach ducted heat and air. I should say.

So, when you do close off the bedroom at night you will still have air flowing in there this is very unique. I love this there's usually no place to hang a jacket you come in you've got a jacket you want to take it off where do you put it on a camper it usually ends up throwing on a bed or something and that's why convenient at bedtime nice little hooks here everybody has things that charge these days we all come in and. I need to get my phone charts.

I need to get it plugged in how about a nice little tray and a plug right there where we can we can plug into this is a place to sit down and kick off your shoes which is nice or put on your shoes and then look underneath there's a cubby hole to put your shoes, if you're like me and you have lots of kids there's always shoes you're tripping over, if we can get them their own little place we're in good shape all right since we're on this side let's look here. I wonder what could possibly be behind this door what do you know it's a pantry big pantry. I hear a lot of times on bunk models well you lose.

So, much in the kitchen you don't get a decent pantry well guess what in this month model you get a really really nice pantry lots of shelves big space at the bottom for big things they space at the top for big things and lots of input in between spaces alright we'll move into the kitchen here in our kitchen we have solid surface countertops we have a double bowl stainless steel sink with a pulldown sink sprayer that makes cleanup. So, much easier storage above and those are deep and wide we have the undermount stove here it just folds over twice okay and then we've got access to our stove storage below the sink and drawers we'll try to get all of them there you go same drawer down below we have an oven in this camper they didn't make you suffer with just the microwave six cubic foot do matic refrigerator this is a gas and electric refrigerator something that's kind of subtle in here is the ceiling first of all this is not a normal ceiling material these are like a grainy. I don't know, if it's going to show up in the video, but it's like a grainy pattern ceiling it looks really cool a lot of times you just have that that textured panel up there that doesn't really bring anything to it this brings a little bit to the table so.

I like it speaking of table we have a wraparound booth that does make into a bed and plenty of seating here for the whole family we have a loveseat or a small sofa whichever you want to call it we'll call it small sofa that also makes into a bed. So, we have sleeping galore in this camper because of course we're not even back there yet we'll get to that in a minute look at our entertainment center here now if. I'm going to sit down in a very comfortable spot right across from the TV my viewing angle couldn't be better.

So, many times in an RV you're you're looking all over the place to get to the TV this is pretty straight on it's a real good sized TV. I'm guessing 36 or. So, we've got am/fm CD DVD all built in there you can plug in your favorite toys and stream Pandora through there, if you want to and look at the storage.

I'm just going to go through and open these up and let them film you always run out of storage space with bunk models. I don't think you're going to run out of storage space in this bunk model ridiculous amount of storage alright closing doors all day all right and then we've seen the bathroom from the outside let's take a look at the bathroom from the inside. I'm going to let him film in there you do have a small tub for the kiddos toilet with adequate room little corner sink and then medicine cabinet above and below all right and then.

I found the light switches to the bunks let's take a look up here first of all we have the teddy bear bunk mattresses in here these are very soft that's a very firm foam most of the time the kids are kind of suffering with really cheap foam and mattresses these are pretty nice look at this top bunk here 300 pounds you can put in there. So, two good-sized kids can go in there no problem or one adult it should be just fine bottom bunk has no such sticker so. I think it would hold even more here's your thermostat for controlling your heating and air conditioning throughout the camper it's all thermostatically-controlled inducted and folks.

I really think we've pretty much covered the 2017 31 B HDD from North Trail. I hope you enjoyed the video don't forget to ask for me my name is Chris Anderson. I was not comfortable Oh.

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