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hi folks my name is Tom Peterson and. I'm proud into a video presentation for you today here at guaranty RV centers on this 284 bh SW and it is a bunkhouse with a big super slide out on it it's got all kinds of space inside it's got lots of room which will cover that on the inside first and we'll get out here to the outside to finish up, but.

I tell you it's a great opportunity i hope you guys that are watching this video love to get out there in camp we wouldn't want to really help you with that guarantee here we have everything from a little folding tent trigger and the a-frame type of hard sided traitors all the way to a luxury motor coaches in the probably half a million dollar range or higher we've been in business again for 50 years we're celebrating now and we're very proud of that again. I've been here about 26 of those years and again have have really enjoyed the working here and having fun and. I tell you when you have an opportunity to ask a question you don't know who to call you'll see there's a number at the end of this video and just give me a call anytime and we'll make a connection and then you can kind of reach me directly after hours even you know with my clients.

So, again we'll start on the inside here and then we'll finish up on the outside on the inside here you'll see that with a super slide and what. I mean by that is that it includes the couch and the booths in this case the more current booth design which is a u-shaped booth design you can sit and gather more people around that. So, it's a very popular layout and it gives you tons of space and lots of room in here to gather him especially, if you have pets as well as children it's nice to have a lot of force base in here gosh you can sleep there here the two big double over double beds here.

I've got with a nice mattress. I mean you've got a lot of space to sleep. So, there's the area therefore for even maybe two adults, if you need to on the top bunk over here.

I'd have to look and see what the capacities are for you, but. I can find that information out and let you know this right here is going to be a closet for your wardrobe hanging space and you'll see all that and then you're also going to have drawers you see are several drawers that go underneath here. So, you've got that and there are a nice deep cycle roller glide metal roller guide.

So, you know the most current type of drawer systems are real nice and they use real for all the backers on your on your drawer design inside underneath that big huge television set they have here is lots of storage what do you use it for, if you don't have a lot of TV stuff to watch you know what it's great for pantry. So, either way you've got lots of storage in this kitchen area and that's down below the counter to the right and then overhead here with door storage and an opening over here for some other softer items that you're not concerned. So, much couple paper towels and have you some napkins in here your norcold refrigerator of adjustable temperature settings it's nice to have you've got your place in there for your meats and sandwich meats and stuff like that and your vegetables inside the kitchen area your three burner stove and your oven microwave above you're going to have storage that's also going to be here above with a little window looking out onto your patio area double sink with a nice high rise faucet and some counter space here on the left and on this backside with plenty of plug in space and you've also got these nice drawers here for silverware right here in the kitchen area and then we'll look at this it should be some good storage and off as well underneath that area in this area when you come in you're also going to have this little storage area inside there so, if you wanted to put some shoes and things over there you can do that as well place for the kids to sit and tie their shoes and what have you additional storage inside here too which is nice, if we go back and look in the bathroom here and we'll see what we got in there.

I think you'll find you'll love it it's got a lot of space for the larger folk out there that need a little more shoulder space and everything and you're going to see that that shower is a nice big square shower design. So, it's got lots of space. I skylight above area is to put your shampoos and soaps and everything and the sky on again another vent fan above when the camera guy backs up you'll do the see it's got a place above the rat rustam there when you're showering for keeping up keeping the water out and moisture out and everything you'll have a place to hang a towel there and by the st.

going to play storage down below. So, again big bathroom lots of space you know you'll love it and you you know can you get too much room in a travel trailer probably not it's nice to have as much you can get as we look around here there's going to be also some storage that. I can see that's above the couch there.

So, also having that's nice the big window that opens up here for extra ventilation this is a more standard model. So, Jacob builds the SLX series you're in and they build those to be more affordably priced. I mean all this you see in this coach over here for you know under thirty thousand dollars it's got a lot to offer individuals especially those with families and stuff and extra extra children you're going to have the shirt closets on both sides your storage up here for soft goods you got your push, button on your on your LED plugins up here and on the interior they're all LED.

So, it really uses partly any energy at all when you're dry camping. So, you can really stay out longer and out there enjoy your camping experience without having to find a plug in space right away there'll be storage underneath the bed over here and we'll see some of that pass through storage when. I go on the outside again.

I always try to point out as much as. I can in the way of a patio space most of us guys and gals that like to go out camping we like to be outside, if not right here, but under the awning you know relaxing and chair or maybe out by the lake or out hiking. So, again the bigger the space you have here it's nice good-sized patio space your doorway is covered for a side wind and stuff like that's nice you're outside speakers will tie together with your interior inside entertainment and we'll have a triple step on the way getting in and out we're going to also have your standard rims and everything these will there's two models basically you have a 28-foot SLX series from Jake oh this one being the 284.

I believe. I'll be able to show you a 287 model here begins and you look at the models, if you're trying to compare similar sizes out there this year has the entertainment center which is pretty cool and you've got a two burner that's all tied to the propane that you have on board it's nice to have those your sink that's tied to your plumbing system hot and cold water and these are on a shock system which helps to push it in and out and hold it in place so. I like that and then your refrigerator here that you can have you know and.

I've had people say well you know. I don't really need a refrigerator outside, if you don't what's nice about it is that you can just take this out leave it at home or something like that give it to one of the college kids whatever for a little dorm and then be able to have this for additional storage do that outside here you'll have your spare tire and ops on the back here outside shower your city water hookup and then of course your your black and gray tanks up there easy to get to this has a super slide out and it's a it's reinforced and run in and out on the heaviest type of system and that be the rack and pinion type of electric slide system so. I like it really well that will be very durable and very reliable for years to come and then you've also got this storage area here which is on the side and the one on the other side there for getting items inside and out and all that linoleum runs throughout the whole coach.

So, it's nice to have that layer of protection there in the event you come in and out of wet weather we can see again this is kind of the other side that we have here you may ask for see awnings are all power awning most of the traders are all that way nowadays of course jiggle is no different. So, you got that push-button awning on the side awning there you're also going to have standard dual five gallon tanks with room there for two deep cycle batteries we put on our slide systems to deep-cycle marine batteries that you'll get with that purchase and we can also upgrade tanks in the event that you feel you need to stay out longer dual five gallon tanks actually surprisingly last a long time with cooking on a regular basis breakfast lunch and dinner you know you're still going to be able to have an extended weekends and sometimes a week or two depend on how you use that and what the temperature outside is a lot of consumption for propane might come from your actual furnace in that cold weather camping. So, be aware that you know what it's a good time to consider buying an RV guarantees a great place to consider doing that.

I would love to talk to you, if you have some time give me a call that number you see at the end of the video and remember here in Junction City Oregon at guaranty it's an RV show every day you.


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