18 popular Review Of The Swift Rio 320 And 340 Motorhome Models

you back in the naughties Spanish built benomar carved out a very nice niche for itself building good quality motorhomes attractive prices then the recession hit and benomar went back to Spain with its tail between its legs now however belly marries back in the country imported by multi dealer outlet marvelous motorized time here on the Caravan Club site at little Hampton doing a living test for a week in one of the new latest ones actually to hit these shores the my leo 201, if we look inside it's worth mentioning this is a 2014 model all of next year's models were actually built on the place that unit indicator where you get sharper external styling with new headlamps and in the cab a redesigned - with new clocks and some extra features. So, now.

I've got comfortable in the lounge and before we go on to actually talk about that there's one other thing that. I must mention that's very very important and that's the fact that the habitation door is actually on the UK near side this is something that markers have specified it's great because it's different to most other Continentals because, if you're parked in the street you can actually alight from the van safely onto the curbside the lounge itself is pretty standard at least you may think it is at first glance for facing double travel seat swivel cab seats and the table we might expect the table normally to be war hub, but that's actually not possible here because they did included a small L shape in the corner to make a bit of an l-shaped sofa table itself is pedestal mounted and multi adjustable you can start it to and fro and side-to-side. So, there's really great dining for people in here with apps no problems at all above there's a large sunroof blinds closed today because it's very very hot outside a mini Hecky as well.

So, there's plenty of ventilation there's also a very very good range of LED lighting to the rear the central kitchen is very well equipped the bathroom has curved walls. So, you don't snag yourself on it by moving around the interior and that's very nice nicely equipped as well. So, here we are in the rear and as.

I described earlier we've got the kitchen on this side the washroom here behind the tambour door which is really quite nice because you can leave it open at night. So, it's easy to get in to use the loo in the wee small hours transverse double bed of the garage in the rear the bed is a good length and a very good width as well, but first the kitchen one of the best features about this is the simplest one that's the fact that there is a large slab of work top available this again is a rare thing in Continentals and. I don't know where the marquess have specified it, but whoever did made a very good decision it's an excellent practical kitchen.

I've been using it for the last four or five days and. I've had no problems at all cooking you've got the standard sink here stainless steel mixer tap you don't get a draining board, but. I think the worktop surface more than makes up for this here you have again another thing not often found in continental motor homes which is a proper cooker grill oven 3 burner hob with a high speed burner for boiling kettle quickly first thing in the morning to decent-sized lockers above a large drawer below the cooker which is just out of shot a cupboard and a cutlery drawer just here is the microwave and, if you walk into the spam for the first time and you've got any kind of experience in motorhomes you're going to look at this and go oh no look at it it's far too high up it's going to be dangerous to use.

I can imagine boiling gravy running down my front however there is a solution the bed access steps which fold out are very stable and easy to use and great for getting you into bed at night and out again easily however you can also use them as a hop step up one step and the microwave is very easy to get up and very safe to use and. So, to the ablutions bathroom is typically Continental aside that is from the fact that it's actually got a window a lot of continental bathrooms done have a window and this one's obscured as well. So, you can use it to admit natural light and also provide ventilation in hot weather the rest of the room is a white clean situation you have a decent sized basin plenty of storage plenty of countertop places to for tales for soap also a well-positioned toilet bowl hole that's easy to use two downsides in here are the fact that the toilet is mounted a little bit high so, if you're short in the leg you might find it a little bit uncomfortable when you're seated the shower is integral it's got two outlets in the wet room floor and a semicircular rigid screen which slides around to enclose you when you want a shower there's also a Swing Out flap and the whole thing really is a little bit on the heavy side.

I found it difficult to use and indeed. I was afraid that it might break so. I think that design and also the execution needs a little bit more work aside from that this washer in is spacious easy to clean there is the use bright and well lit.

So, now we're back outside where we can take a look one of the reasons to buy this vehicle and that's the fact that beneath the double bed is a garage it's accessed through two doors as identical one the other side of the vehicle and quite easy to there's good access in here the spare wheels in here which actually does make the gerotor a little bit narrower, but it's probably nicer than actually having it underneath it's also good that they actually supply a spare wheel where a lot of the converters these days don't this is also the area where we discovered the milos party trick and that is the bed is actually adjustable, if you look here you can see a winder mishandle engages wind it the bed raises you get reduced Headroom inside and the beds higher armed we've now got a full-size garage which should be big enough to actually take bikes, if you want go away leave a smaller Locker write it back down again and then you've got a bed with far greater Headroom inside.