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okay long day of videos is still going because the 2018 keep rolling in all you other new Mardi receipts are hard out we got okay based our sport a 2903 rolled in now this is kind of emphasized users like doing this big diesels, but. I know there's a great market for some of the smaller and certainly some of the less expensive motor homes this comes in at a pretty close to an entry-level price point, but the thing you got to drive home with the basestar sport is that it's not an entry-level Motorhome first and foremost it Newmar there's one assembly line you can have a million dollar king air go down the line and then right behind it can be a canyon starting right behind that can be a base to our sport and the same craftsmen that build that king air turn around and build the next coach whatever it is based our sport based our bent on event on Oh Elliott does not matter they have one assembly line one set of craftsman what never changes the way they built the floor the walls the ceilings the studs the insulation the box itself the most important part of your motorhome never changes with new mark so, if you want the quality of that king air, but maybe you don't have that million-dollar coach budget or at least right now maybe don't have that million-dollar coach budget you can do something like a base to our sport and you're still getting the Newmark quality.

So, many people people fall into the trap of well. I can't really afford a new mark so. I'm just going to go buy brand XYZ do yourself a favor and read about brand XYZ online before you buy it folks the informations out there and.

I see time after time after time people come in and they're like okay you got to get me out of this motorhome and get me into a new mark because of this laundry list of problems you don't have to make that mistake the informations out there do your own homework let me tell you about this base start sport 2018 this is a 2903 this is not a new floor plan one of their favorites it's absorb bus it's for people that don't want the behemoth maybe you're even considering a class C motor you're considering your class C motor off you should really look at this with a Class A you're going to get leveling jacks you're going to get more storage and get better view from the driver and passenger seats you're going we do this. So, we can go see the country you get a great panoramic view the class aged flat Drive better you don't believe me drive bolt we do with an open mind and. I think you'll agree you know this this is a very viable choice this isn't much more than a class C motor humming.

So, let's take a look at all the features just like the other good eight teams. I've shown you. So, far we have our flag post holder here.

So, flag post adapter goes there flagpole on the side of the coach that's wonderful same masterpiece finish great job that. I've done on all the other videos we'll just go out here they don't skimp on that stuff thankfully Berisha or Diamond shield rather that's on the coach here protective film to protect against bugs and rocks we have the backup camera we have the side cameras as well now other coaches that this competes with or doesn't really compete with them it kills them, but they're in the same price point they're going to generally be built on a lighter duty chassis now you know people think of ford f53 chasity is a ford f53 chassis it's not the case there's many different groups vehicle weight ratings for those and the beefiness and the ride and drive changed dramatically as you go up through there you can have a 16,000 an 18,000 pound chassis which is what a lot of those built on this is actually a twenty thousand five hundred gross vehicle weight rating chassis. So, a little beefier chassis than just about anything else in its size or price range that's first thing.

I want to take note of second thing to take note of this is full body paint this isn't just a colored fiberglass with some stickers on okay this is full body paint all over you can tell when you step back and look at storage wise as well you're certainly not going to have the storage on a 29 footer thing we go through when we see those 43 foot diesel pushers, but still there are some good spots here up front we have our freshwater tank and a little bit of storage next to it come back got storage underneath our great tan or our black tank here there are lookups out here for a TV, if you wanted to put a little table and up here and have a TV sitting out under your awning and it is a nice power awning you can certainly do that come back a compartment this is our 4k Onan generator and then our best storage compartment really is back here that goes all the way through to the other side it is a pass-through compartment and that's going to be our best storage box as we go around now notice these are still slam doors just like you have on yo the Dutch tires in the gears of the world these aren't going to be the class speed or you know. So, many of the motor homes that are in this price point after Ford's autumn like my total trailer that's your compartment door on a Motorhome really it to happen inch thick that's not what you want people don't spend a hundred thousand dollars to figure out that that's not what you want all right closing stuff let's move on around mistletoe 5,000 pounds that's 5,000 pounds tow hitch on it a lot of times on the less expensive motorhomes you just have a flat wall back here it's not an actual molded tab it's a laminated flat wall well anything laminated candy laminate. So, there's your first first problem there, but secondly when you have just have flat laminated wall like my travel trailers have you just have a corner piece of trim out here this is another opportunity for a leak this is a one piece of molded cap that wraps around your taillights are mounted up high.

So, you can see them over your towed even, if your toe taillights are failing frameless window your camera's moulded up into the cap it's a great looking motor foam this does not look entry-level whatsoever it's simply they left some features off. So, that you don't have the huge price tag what they did not leave out is the quality that makes it a numark that's really not missing anything take a look in there we have a 30 amp Shore power cord 29 foot motor home one air conditioner is more than enough on here truth is on our 34 foot new large we don't have to do two airs we typically do at that point, but you don't have to on a 29 footer this coach will pull off in 10-15 minutes and one air conditioner is more than adequate on there. So, now let's just go to a 30 amp service and it lets us go to a 4000 generator instead of a 5500 that saves us some money again we do do some things on here to try to save a little bit of money, but they're not in quality instead of aluminum Ram stuff does have the steel wheels with the wheel liners on that's a great place to save a buck how does it affect your camping trip doesn't affect how easy it is to heat or cool the coach or anything like that certainly doesn't affect where it rides or drives it just you know saves us a buck all right come into this compartment you can see they still do the pro blues tank monitors.

So, there's tank monitors on the outside of the tank instead of on the inside that way you don't get gunk on your broke so. I'm using the word junk there you don't get dunk on your on your probes that give you an accurate readings on your on your black tank in particular you still have a black tank flush here you still have your city water hookup out here some of these up to do some more storage you can see your low point drains you can see here your clear who's there that is for one or zation purposes and again nice Slams there's our propane tank and look at that they did a full wall slide out on this couch just like they do on those big ones huh. I also did a recessed wall instead of that piece of plastic at Highclere sloppiness in Flex rain and dirt and wind relief and all that same recessed well that's on my debt stars in my Ventanas and, if you bought it came here nothing changed.

So, it's just like. I said it's a little smaller a few less features like aluminum rims we went to steel rims instead in order to save a little bit of money and bring this down to a price point where anybody can afford a new model oh yeah we went to a bonded windshield just like the big bus was on it a lot of coaches well it's about everybody in this price point going to be using a gasket. So, all the windshield in that's not good thought of uncle bun all right and up to the outside let's go take a look at the inside all right we are inside the 2018 2903 based star sport these slides are in.

So, real nice here put it out nice wide space is easy to get through. I hope you like the change with the slide then okay easy access to the bathroom. I can get to the refrigerator obviously.

I can go back take a nap on the bed get all the way through this coach anything in this floods that. I want is easily accessible. So, now you've seen it with the slides in let's go clear up and see, if with the slide out base star sport 2018 in addition all opened up and ready to show.

So, let's start at the front one of the things with the smaller motorhome you probably are going to want to spend the driver passenger seats around some of these you know 4345 putters by that matter that you spend the seats around, but these will be part of your living space especially, if you have guests over. So, it's nice to actually utilize these these are very comfortable there flex steel chairs. So, even though we're a much lower price point that a lot of the other stuff that we we sell your again you're certainly not skimping on quality you've got am/fm/cd stereo up here you still have nice speaker JBL speakers up at the top backup camera side camera 12 volt ports here little cubbies little drink holders you know heating cooling jacks heated mirrors power mirrors that's actually something a lot of manufacturers leave off a little cubby table it's hard to see right now, but the passenger side does have a little cubby table over there that when you're going down the road woodwork to hold your laptop and it has little hookups for charge and said laptop and that type of thing.

So, not missing we're not missing out on the creature comforts now here's one. I did want to show you this is a Newmar deal okay. So, our couple are actually pulls out a little bit that my phone in the little cubby here okay and then see.

I think this has to happen there we go that actually stands up and this stands up that is a little rubber over here to cool check that how slick is that those crafty Amish and Mennonite people very handy again with these 29 foot type motorhomes you need to utilize your space wisely and this is a great way of utilizing that space we still have MCD shades up front the front one is a power shade you have your exhaust fans to help with defrosting the windshield. So, all of that is just like a canyon stock is. So, nothing really changed dramatically up there as we come back into the kitchen area here you see you know what it's still Newmar is still them do another chorion they do a great job in years past they didn't necessarily do chorion in in the base to our sport, but you know they can do it.

So, inexpensively it doesn't really add that much to the price to actually do it. So, they added it. I'm happy they also went to a padded vinyl ceiling on the basestar sport that used to be a hard ceiling.

I competitive vinyl sensitive number one they look better number two they actually cut down some sound. So, makes a coach even quieter, if you get your seat covers included in here an undermount stainless steel double bowl sink we do have an actual oven in this coach a lot of times people one in the oven instead of that convection oven. So, this is a gas oven and a three burner cooktop and a microwave.

So, kind of a very residential setup. I don't know everyone wants to see the kitchen storage and even though it's a 29 footer they can very sure okay cameraman get busy on that. So, for decent sized rumors a fake cabinet below two big cabinets above that well oh that's deep a storage space up above the microwave that's very usable space big cabinet above the fridge.

I call that pantry space there okay you have six cubic foot gasps an electric refrigerator this is a fold and tumble high to bed this makes it into a very comfortable sleeper in fact we can show you how that works on the closest kitchen cabinets. I'll show you how the fold and tumble sofa works because it's a little different you know usually and quite frankly and in this price point you're going to get a jackknife sofa and jackknife sofas do not make large or comfortable sleep that pulls straight out this folds down now obviously. I didn't work up too much of a sweat doing that this is still shortened up it's long enough for people to come to sleep comfortably on its short enough to be able to walk through wood even when it's open that's a self inflating air mattress there and when you're not using it when you're done folds here you lift here tuck that straight down in and we're done.

So, how easy was that we also have a booth dinette that folds into a bed so, if you have some extra grandkids. So, want to come with us we can take them along and that is the dream dinette. So, you simply hit the lever and it pushes down easily it's not something that you wrestle with tolls or anything.

So, that's nice very little carpet throughout this coach is a little in the driver passenger area we still like it up there carpets still a great sound deadener you know and. So, anything we can do to cut back on on engine noise maker it's a little quieter they're going to do it back through here all through the main walkway somebody coming in going to the bathroom go in the refrigerator they're not going to set one foot carpet. So, that makes it nice when you get up in the morning you do have a nice soft carpet to put your feet on we come back here we have a full wall slide on this side the bed also slides this way this is a queen bed and it's a true walk around queen bed and get all the way around it there are plugs on either side of the bed pedestal.

So, anything you need to plug in. I know some people have CPAP machines and stuff like that or even just a cell phone it needs to charge you you certainly have a place to do that you have little nightstands on either side Vizio televisions in this one six drawers down below the bed does lift up for storage also now this is an interesting closet because it's shelved out. So, you could use it for stacking folding clothes or there's a hanging right at the top so, if you want to take the shelves out or put them down low you can certainly use it as Hanks closet as well here's a tall wardrobe closet and you call that a pantry called a linen closet, if you buy it.

I don't care what you put in there all right and next let me get in here had somebody call me out on this already today we didn't show the bathroom storage. So, let me get in here and get these open and that's going to about do it let me get out of the way and let the cameraman go to work got storage down below got a deep medicine cabinet and then one this door opens up here these two doors that you see right here those are not storage that's actually your electrical panel you've got your 12-volt fuses and your circuit breakers in there let me open up the shower here nice new angle shower it looks like. I missed a drawer down low let's see what's behind that oh the cool drawer wonderful.

I didn't even have that open yet this is neat because that actually lifts up it serves as a step stool, if you've got small kids or grandkids that go with you they have trouble stepping up to the sink to be able to brush your teeth so, if that's the case they close this and they use it as a step stool it's designed to hold them, but you knew my good. So, you didn't even lose the drawer space you just flip that up and it still works as a drawer as well. So, sharp idea alright.

I think that about covers my base star sport now. I'm sure. I forgotten something.

I know what. I forgot don't forget to ask for me number one don't fit click the like, button number two that does help us out as a dealership the more likes would get the faster we come up when somebody searches for a Motorhome we're in particular knew more motorhome in this case will come up towards the top of the list and that's what helps it's not like we make a buck every time you do that or something. I wish that was the case.

I haven't figured out how to monetize that just yet thank you for watching my name is Chris Henderson. I'm about comfort our realtor to see you.

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