24 excellent NEW 2018 Newmar Dutch Star 4002 Diesel

hi folks Chris Anderson with Mount comfort RV we just had another Newmar role in this is a 2018 Dutch star for 0:02 4002 lots of new things to talk about. So, let's get to it new for 2018 is the optional flag pole adapter we've been putting this on all of our models because then you just have to buy the adapter puts flagpole on you're in good shape masterpiece finished paint job over the entire coach and this is a beautiful coach we do have the 3m diamond 3m it's diamond shield front film that protects against bugs and rock chips not only is that on the entire front mask, but it's in strategic areas where you might have your keys in your hand and scratch your coach or and behind the handle here they put it in a few different places.

So, that your finishes is protected, but you don't even see it is the best part it's virtually invisible we did option in the mirror package on this the chrome all accents all the way down the coach. I just think it gives it a really high-end look you know when you get up to the Dutch star level you really start to look like a Provo bus and and that's the look we're going for here. So, we like that.

So, we option that in of course you have the Alcoa aluminum wheels here with Michelin rubber on there there's a 315 ATR 20 2.5 s for those of you keeping score at home those are the those are the big tires duel fuel filled fill from either side. So, you don't have to worry about which side the pump is on when you're pulling in and of course like all new Mars, if they flush fit slide system instead of having a piece of plastic or fiberglass here that is going to catch wind rainwater dirt whatever make noise the slides actually resets back into the sidewall they're just a better fit it's just a better design from the get-go as a standard Newmar feature of course we have frameless windows we've been doing this for 50 years Newmar that is. So, since 1968 they've been building RVs they get you a lot of a lot of experience now for this year this did change a little bit for the four double-o two series coach because they actually went to the more floor slide system it's an H WH slide system they went to it on both sides for the front slide outs that allowed them to make this compartment a little bigger this is a little taller compartment than it was now we've option in the Dometic refrigerator/freezer and.

I always like to demonstrate on here that's where everybody else's stops that's where the new Marwin stops they think well what difference does that make well none when the slides are in, but when your slide room is out it's nice, if your freezer extends beyond that. So, that you can actually get in there these are standard feature this year these compartments are all lit there's LED lighting in there and they do open up when you open the baggage doors now you can't see that during the day. So, you're going to have to take my word for it on that one these are this particular tray here this pulls out either side of the coach.

So, you can get this out the driver or the passenger side there are some extra tiles in there. So, that, if you ever had a crack tile or anything you could have it replaced with an exact matching tile from the same same dye lot and everything now this tray is not a pass-through, but it goes way back well past the halfway point back into there as well. So, your your storage that's over here you can definitely get in and out of it real easily we put the TV down here in this model there's simply the way this model is designed there's just not room for it in the sidewall without kind of screwing up the interior a little bit.

So, they put it in this compartment now this compartment usually isn't a real big compartment anyway this is where that pegboard usually is and. So, it's only a six inch deep compartment anyway. So, you didn't really lose anything, but we do have to pull out Sony TV and the Bose sound system the Bose sound bar and that's on the magnet.

So, it just tucks away some people like this. I get requests that you know you're sitting out here in the chairs you don't want your TV up high well for those people that feel that way TVs nice and low maybe a 4 mm is for you moving on of course we have a tag axle not just a tag axle this is a steerable tag axle on this coach now it's what we call passive steering and passive steering means that you're not in control of it the coach does it itself, if you're going forwards and below 20 miles an hour and you crank that wheel your tag axles will simply follow the rest of the coach much like, if you pull the grocery cart backwards the front wheels on the grocery cart would simply follow the cart well that's how the passive steer tag works what that does for you is it actually shortens up your turning radius your coach will turn a little bit sharper and you're not going to be scrubbing those tires sideways across the parking lot. So, this is something that Newmar worked out with freight liner and it's actually been very good the nice part about it is you don't have to do anything it's basically seamless it does it all itself.

So, well it's windy today. I hope that's not picking up on the microphone too bad, but it might be alright moving on okay we come back to this department we have a de F fill in here the wind is really playing with me today this is where you fill your diesel exhaust fluid diesel exhaust fluid is part of your after treatment for your diesel engine. So, that they meet emission compliance you don't use a lot of that fluid about one gallon for every 50 gallons of fuel.

So, you end up most most our beers a tank or two of de F every year. So, it's not a big expense for you they've changed back here there's actually a little more room back here because of that large filter you see down below that's also part of the engine after treatment, but there used to be two filters that size they've combined them into one which that's a little more efficient use of space these are our chassis batteries and this is our chassis disconnect moving onto the back this is a 450 horse coach 450 horsepower 1250 foot-pounds of torque 15,000 pounds of towing capacity. So, there's your specs in other words it's a big boy coach you want to pull a race trailer you want to really have the power in the mountains this is a coach that will do that one thing that people really like is that it is a side radiator coach our radiators over on the the driver's side as opposed to being right here when the radiators right here you virtually have no engine access you can only get to it from underneath or or maybe through the floor and it's no fun pulling up the floor now thankfully on diesel put coaches we don't need to get to the engine very often, but a lot of people like the peace of mind of knowing they can get to their engine without any problems all right let's move on we have a side radiator as.

I mentioned one thing. I always like to talk about on here is they stack the radiator the oil cooler the tranny cooler on top of one another instead of Sandwich ingham one behind the other that gives everything the same cool air flowing through it, if your sandwich someone behind the other only the outer one really gets the cool air okay this is de F fill again. I know we already went over this, but the de F fill on this coach can be done from either side that was a complaint earlier the diesel exhaust fluid was it it was on the wrong side of the coach in a lot of cases and and people would pull up to the places that actually have de F on the pump, but they need to back in because it was on the opposite side of coach.

So, this one just like the fuel fill you don't have to worry about which side it's on easy to get to this little compartment here. I forgot my key, but that's simply a little compartment where a nice sized sewer hose will fit into you don't want your sewer hose mingling with other items. So, that that's a good spot for that now when we come over here this is our wet Bay inside of our wet Bay first of all this is a fully heated compartment whenever your hydronic heating system is running you're pumping heat into this area.

So, you don't have to worry about things freezing up this is a very thick floor in here thicker than anybody else uses and it's full of insulation as well as nice thick baggage doors and a great heating system. So, you know. I guess nobody can absolutely positively guarantee you that a coach will never ever freeze, but how about this.

I guarantee is the new marble. II the last thing in the campground to freeze that's just how they're built. So, we do have a hose reel in here that we've optioned in.

So, you're not having to figure out where to where to carry your freshwater hose it's on the reel and it retracts at the press of a, button whole house water filtration system LED lighting in here hot and cold water and we even have a sewage tank rinse so, if our black tank, if anything ever starts to smell a little funky we can actually rinse out that black tank very easily and you've got your knife valves there actually in this heated area on some coaches they actually hang down they're exposed to the elements outside that's not good for. So, many reasons. I can't even name them all nice to have them completely protected inside this compartment this is a 50 foot 50 amp shore power cord.

So, most short power cords are only 20 25 feet long that's a 50 footer. So, that's good because, if you haven't priced a 15 amp short power cord extension cord you're in for quite the treat they're they're expensive and it's on a power rewind reel. So, that just makes life that much easier all right let's move on a couple of things to talk about here this is our Oasis system or our hydronic heating system hydronic heating is simply heating your coach and your water by using a closed-loop boiler system much like a boiler room in an old apartment building the boiler room was in the basement and then the apartments all had their individual radiators same concept only this works better first of all it's not water that's circulated throughout that's a common misconception it's actually a non freezing what we call boiler antifreeze and it circulates throughout the coach through little bitty radiators that have like little computer fans on the back of them you don't see them they're hidden inside the coach.

I can kind of show you where they're at, but the nice part it's quiet it's efficient it uses diesel fuel not propane. So, we can do an all-electric coach and get rid of that dreaded propane tank just a lot of benefits to this it will run off of electric as well especially, if you're on a 50 amp service it runs pretty well off of electric. So, that's that's a little bit about the Oasis system unlimited hot water.

So, as opposed, if you've got a coach now that has a 6 or 10 gallon water heater you'll really appreciate that little things you look at the bulb seal that we have here it's not some seal that is stuck on these of the 2 years later it's going to be laying on the ground this has actually got a spring steel clamp Ling in it. So, that it actually grabs onto those doors and and there's no adhesive needed whatsoever the seal literally holds itself on. So, just a much better way of doing things there's the other half of that pass storage tray and then over here we have our battery bank we have eight house batteries on this coach they are on a pullout tray everything's labeled with a wiring diagram see, if you ever need to change out a battery you can easily get to it and you'll know what you're doing alright there's the other fuel fill and here we have our chassis fuses and we also have the ripcord for the generator all right a front we have an eight kW diesel generator you know it's running right now and it's not loud that's the nice part about it is you can talk right over it it's not like having a lawnmower running right next to your anything our air horns are in here instead of being up on top and the nice part about that is they're protected in here and you're not poking holes in your roof for your air horns and they're every bit as loud in here as they are up there and then that little red knob next to the air horns that's actually an option called hot water line to generator area.

So, it's just exactly what it sounds like they're actually coming straight off the hot water side of that hydraulic heater and getting hot water out here where we can watch the bugs up our windshield or, if we want to wash our car or motorcycle whatever you know with hot water that's a feature. I want at home okay before we do the inside change the plan. I want to show the Girard awnings real quick that's a little breezy today, but.

I still want to show them and. I'm glad. I did because these are the Nova awnings the Nova awnings come out and then do that little break over in the middle.

So, not only do they give you the entire side of the coach is awning for crying out loud especially, if you'll open the over the door awning, but they come down at enough of an angle that even, if the Sun was setting it's going to give you shade for just that much longer this is an expensive package, but. I think they're. I think the Gerard's are well well worth it what it's one of the things that make a Dutch star dead star now.

I'm going to retract them. I want you to watch them go back in because when it's done you're actually you don't even really see the awnings they're molded into the side of the coach as opposed to being bolted onto the side of the coach. So, let's run them in now.

I like that you don't have to sit there and hold the, button and you can run two at once okay. I think we can all agree that's just a much better look than an awning bolted on the side of the coach mold it into the top certainly is much better and it's a more functional awning. I let's go inside all right we are inside the 2018 Dutch star for double-o to 4002 this one of the roomiest coaches we have with the slides in well you've got 18 inches through here easily okay back up not tight through here.

I haven't had to turn sideways yet right here still roomy you can get into the refrigerator and the freezer pretty easily okay if. I want to go to the restroom because the door is located on an angle here it's actually wide open entry into here as well. So, plenty of room, if you want to get back to the bedroom lay on the bed you can certainly do that.

So, yeah no restrictions here all right let's get the slides open and do this again all right our 2018 Dutch star 4002 is all opened up she's beautiful thank God the air conditioners are on it's feeling pretty good in here we were kind of starting to sweat a little bit outside. So, nobody minded get into the inside of this one yes Tony backs up and. I'll back up you can kind of get an idea for just how big this motorhome is we have a full wall slide over here this side is a slide is well not the entire wall, but all the way back to the half bath and then there's a bet there's a bed slide as well.

So, well laid-out coach and very very large obviously we have the cherrywood package in this one we'll take a look through the cockpit area up here. So, we can kind of show you around there as we look in here starting with my left drivers left yep a little USB a WSB right there a fully automatic leveling system right here. So, we can pull into the campground you set your brake you hit Auto level and that's pretty much the end of that it does it all itself you've got your switch for your being able to manually dump your tag axle, if you have questions on that let me know power window your engine brake and your engine brake is actually a three-speed brake on this one low medium and high now your engine brakes what slows you down when you're going down a big hill.

So, you don't you know over speed the coach and sit there and ride your brakes which eventually cooks your brakes and they stop working and that's not good. So, your engine brake helps you control that, but most of them are just kind of on and off this is actually a three stage one that's good six speed Allison Transmission dual cupholders up here power and heated mirrors you're just very feature loaded we have smart wheel. So, if.

I want to control my wipers or my headlights as far as turning my high beams off and on or flashing my life and somebody. I never have to take my hand off of the wheel of course like all new bar Diesel's this is equipped with comfort drive, if you're not familiar with comfort drive please watch the video it's probably right next to this one on our website that talks about comfort drive it is absolutely a game changer all diesel pushers drive pretty well this drives better talk is cheap come drive one and two for yourself all of our controls here are very easy to get to from dome lights to the adjustable pedals and these are automotive style pedals not that not the truck style pedals to battery boost obviously generator overhead fans high medium and low for the fans that type of thing our visors and and privacy shades around here all of that is controlled right here within the drivers easy reach. I can reach my radio which is bluetooth and Sirius XM capable.

I can reach that see my camera very very well from my backup and my side cameras or the easy access there and then my climate controls up front or right here. I have a pullout drawer here for some basic storage and then this drops down that's a 12 volt charger, if there's anything you need to put in there to charge up. So, the drivers really got things pretty sweet everything is just within very easy reach.

So, what this ends up being going down the road is just kind of driving with two fingers that's it all right let's move on in the passenger side over here there's actually a nice step well cover here they've moved the switch for that to actually to the passenger control here before it was on the dashboard, but actually the passenger should have control over this how slick is that that's all chorion as well. So, it's very nice and this is you know fully capable of being stood on and all that it's very very firm this is an electric seat with a political footballs forward and flips over and pulls down there's even a little spot that's a little bit of a cup holder they're shallow cup holder. I think is the key word you don't do this when you're on the windy roads just on the straight ones.

So, driver also has controls for the basic ceiling lights when you walk in the coach you can see we can turn those on from right inside the door there patio light all that good stuff and. I can lock and unlock my baggage doors right here all my baggage doors with the press of a, button also you can do that on the key fob on the outside this has keyless entry and a doorbell on the outside or the coach will do it itself when you get ready to drive this coach you hit the D for Drive you release the brake. So, you release the brake all the compartment doors lock.

So, it was a wonderful safety feature there one of the things new for 2018 was this cabinet has been completely redesigned now this was a huge thing for me. I had been kind of bugging new maura and. I'm sure a lot of other people had as well about this because this this cabinet had a one real problem to it that's it it held that sony home theater system which there's a great system that.

So, many home theater system was wonderful, but it was. So, big that they had to make this cabinet deeper in this corner right here stuck out to about right here it was a head knocker and a half getting in out of the driver's seat you had to remember. I always make sure.

I put my hand on it getting in and out so. I wouldn't do it because. I had done it.

So, many times. So, by getting rid of that Sony system they were able to recess this cabinet back a little bit make it a bigger nicer cabinet and we'll go over some of the stuff that's in hand then we'll go over the replacement for the Sony system our entrance door awning and light are built right in here by the way those Girard on these do have lights building LEDs built into them. I think everybody's doing that now, but.

I definitely won't mention it we have driver and passenger security lights block heater the exterior steps which to control whether or not it opens every time you open and close the door or whether it stays out once camp is set up that's what that switch is for your exterior LED lights below the slide folks they're just pretty you know it's one of those where they put a nice little strip underneath the slide room they shine down on the ground they look great at night that's one of the things. I'd love to show on the videos that just can't do it it's too bright this does have an in motion satellite dish on the roof and that's the control for that this controls our burner when. I say our burner.

I mean our boiler room we talked about our Oasis hydronic heating system, if we want to run it off diesel fuel we turn that one on, if we want to want to run it off electric we turn that one on pretty much that simple your the generator or you may have heard the generator rev up there when. I flipped that switch because it knew. I was calling for more power over here we have the power control system that tells you what type of power is coming into the coach what systems are on that type of thing right now we have two lines coming in at 120 volts that basically means that your basic 50 amp service from the generator generator that we're running.

So, that's telling you what's coming in right now this also helps you manage the system, if you're on a 30 amp service it will help keep you under that 30 amp service. So, you're not popping breakers and everything at the pole this is their new tank monitoring system where you can just hit touch the screen like. I did and see to an exact centage what exactly is in your holding tanks and and it's much more accurate you know ten percent 14 percent of twenty eight percent whatever as opposed to being a third full two-thirds full or full which is what we had in the past this is your antenna for your over the year television that controls the up and down of that antenna this is your inverter this coach has a 2800 watt one of magnum inverter in it that runs pretty much everything except your air conditioners will run off of the inverter you can run your TV's your microwave your outlets in the house directly from the inverter the inverter takes the the eight batteries that.

I showed you on the outside that's 12 volt current 12 volt DC current and changes it inverts it into 110 volt AC household current and. So, that will run like. I said all your entertainment systems and everything off of that for for limited periods of time and when you're going down the road you would have that on running your refrigerator that type of thing also has auto generators start which you can program to start your generator automatically, if your coach hits a certain temperature that's warmer than you want or, if your battery voltage drops lower than what you want it'll come on and recharge your batteries for you.

So, that's neat these are the controls for the girard awnings outside that you saw me open and closed and this runs your slide room in and out so. I want to show you what was in this panel because that is the main control system for your coach all right moving on this is one of my favorite setups for living room setups. I like the two chairs.

I like the televator TV across from it, if we look at who usually buys high-end diesel product it's usually just a couple one to get away it's not grandkids everyday or kids everyday it's usually a retired couple hey. I want to go do winters someplace nicer than where. I'm currently at and and that's what this is all about.

So, it's designed for two people now the bed will fold out to sleep two more where the sofa pulls out to sleep two more people. So, you do have extra sleeping, but instead of putting another sofa here which is what they always used to do the two chairs are just. So, much more comfortable to sit here relax of an evening.

I've got a great spot for my favorite icy cold beverage. I got a, button here on the wall that raises my TV this is not a bad setup. I love the viewing angle on this because typically you used to have to either be looking way up there at just that TV or back here to watch TV.

I don't know about you, but at home. I don't sit there and watch TV like this yeah. I much prefer to have it straight in front of me they still put this TV up here in case you do have guests over because, if obviously, if you had people sitting on your sofa the elevator is right behind them that's not an optimal setup so, if you did have guests and we're entertaining you do have a TV up front for that scenario, but most of the time you wouldn't even use that overhead TV you just use this one alright this does fold out into a bed this is a hide-a-bed sofa with an air mattress in it okay as we come back here the dinette this is a freestanding dinette there is a leaf that goes in here as well and there is storage back here against the wall all the way underneath that our shades are all power in here and they have the the MCD style night day and night shades.

I should say and right now this is the daytime setting that they're on it you can see out, but nobody can actually see in at night, if we want to change things. I can darken the whole front of the coach by just hitting all night and then down and then all of the shades in the main living room area here go to my blackout shades now that's true privacy there nobody can see in or out at any time of day. So, how easy is that and that remote comes off the wall you can take it bed with you, if you want to.

So, alright now one thing here you might notice everybody else's coat you're looking at has carpet or a step up there one of the other well that's a flat floor and there's no carpet that's called more floor that is a new Marx collusive with the slide systems are using they had to completely redesign their chassis to do that, but when you look through this coach there's no carpet there's no this is another more floor we're flat on both sides you don't even really see the transition strip. I mean it's very subtle and why not have white hand all that carpet your carpet gets dirty carpet gets smells in it wears out tile doesn't do any of those things. So, much better setup alright let's take a look at some of our storage Oh all solid hardwood cherry this cabinetry is an upgrade, but it's gorgeous and it's high gloss for this year all the new more woods this year have the option for matte or high gloss on the door.

So, high gloss it is that's what's really popular right now everybody wants to see the kitchen storage. So, without further ado. I can like rough on my cameraman to get all these in trash cans new for this year so.

I'll let him capture all the kitchen storage that's a crazy amount alright. I know somebody is probably out there thinking well it doesn't have much pantry space we'll get there undermount induction cooktop that is removable you can take that outside with you, if you want to plug it in outside and use it by the campfire this is a 30-inch whirlpool convection microwave now it cooks as an oven or as a microwave either one which means you don't have to waste the space down here that you would have for having a separate oven those gas ovens aren't great anyway Plus this coach doesn't have gas on it no propane. So, this is just a better setup somebody mentioned something on one of the comments that they didn't see the outlets new more puts the outlets up here there's plenty of outlets in their kitchen they're up under alright we do have a large single bowl stainless steel undermount sink and a pulldown sink sprayer this is trending both in home design and in motorhome design, but one big sink as opposed to two small ones, if you have that big item you can you can get it in there.

So, that's the idea beautiful backsplash all chorion Newmar does all that themselves of course we went with a residential refrigerator. So, banana and. So, those of you who suspected that we skimped on the pantry guess again first of all new for 2018 that lights up when you open the door secondly those shelves are all adjustable to pull out they're on ball bearing drawer glides.

So, you can see what's in there and you can get to it alright this is the bath and a half floor plan which means we have a half bath right here we turn some lights on in here and let me open up the cabinets now that we're just going to do this real quick this is our circuit breaker in fuse area okay. So, this is kind of a service building that this is definitely not a storage panel although new for 2018 they're always giving you spaces where you can keep spare fuses and they come with spare fuses. So, you don't have to scramble through your toolbox looking for that the rest of this will be storage and.

I'm going to open it up and then get out of the way. So, Tony can get in there is a beautiful vessel sink nice fantastic fan above your head there's actually really good legroom in here. So, many of these when you have the half bath you close the doors and your knees are up against the door that that's not the case in here this is a room a little half bath all right moving on to the master bedroom all the way around almost forgot lookee here one of my favorite features the central vac with the power dustpan if.

I'm sweeping this floor okay. I probably wouldn't be sweeping this, but if. I was sweeping this floor we would work the dirt right up to there kick that it comes on you sweep the dirt in you never even had to bend over.

So, pretty good setup and there's also right next to there's a hookup for attachments that do come with the coach. So, you have a central vac that extends to both ends of the coach all right this is a double pocket door for privacy in the bedroom area very smooth operation and it locks itself in place just by opening or closing it it clicks itself in place now we do have a king Sleep Number bed with storage underneath there's your two extra chairs for the dinette it's up on struts here. So, it's actually really easy to to get into there oh one thing you can kind of see with the bed, if you can get a good view of the outlet there and those outlets do have USB ports built into them and there's a little bit of storage might as well show it to you in that nightstand you're given RV or storage and they'll find something to put that and that's on both sides and then storage above the bed.

I love the headboard this year that is gorgeous of course the cherry woods my favorite wood anyway so. I think there's. So, much depth to it we have nice wardrobes on either side of the television here and then six stores below.

So, good storage in the bedroom and then of course like. I said it is a bath and a half floor plan. So, we step back here beautiful shower they change this.

I think they call it central on the walls they change that this year much more marble you look in there it's just gorgeous teak wood seat that used to be an option the standard feature now, but nice to be able to sit down in there over here we have more hanging space you see the leaf to our table as promised and there's a safe in there and. I always forget to show it the videos, but. I should a couple years ago they actually went to a crowned ceiling in here to where you get because we step up four or five inches coming into here they made the roof crown.

So, that it doesn't feel like you're losing any height when you step back into this area and then over here these high-gloss doors are just gorgeous you can see our stackable washer/dryer that's optional now you could do it without this and have dual hanging rods you could do the all-in-one washer/dryer and have a single hanging rod you can do what we did which is the stackable washer/dryer most people really like the stackable washer guy and then last, but not least look at what we have here we have our egress door okay now our egress door is as opposed to what everybody else is using which is an egress window where you jump out and land on your head in the event of emergency it's not the best scenario Newmark came up with the door last year and it was a big improvement over other offerings because you know jumping out feet first is certainly better than going out the window headfirst, but always looking to improve upon things you march up this to the next step now that door opens up pretty nicely and then you've got this little panel right here and it pops off it comes out of the way and then. I can take this it's just velcro and. I can just let this down take a look at that now how much easier is that then jumping out on your head.

So, the egress that that might be my favorite new feature it's certainly one of them for 2018 the egress door with a built-in ladder what a wonderful idea okay. I think we've seen it all this does this this doesn't the heated floor option. I remember.

I looked. I saw that on the sheet. So, you can use that either just have nice warm floors or, if it's not real cold out it'll actually, if it's 50 degrees out you can heat your coach with the heated floor options.

So, that's nice as well. I think that covers it any questions don't hesitate to call me. I'm glad you're everybody's catching up on these videos please, if you don't mind hit the like, button that helps us out as a dealership and then you'll be, if you like our page you'll actually get notified, if you follow us to whenever we come up with a new video you'll get a notification that is there.

So, thanks for watching my name is Chris Anderson don't forget to ask for me. I'm with mount comfort RV on this.

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Model 2016 Newmar Dutch Star 4002 Class A Diesel Tucson AZModel 2016 Newmar Dutch Star 4002 Class A Diesel Tucson AZ

Amazing 2015 Newmar Dutch Star 4002 Class A Diesel Grand RapidsAmazing 2015 Newmar Dutch Star 4002 Class A Diesel Grand Rapids

Model 2017 Newmar Dutch Star 4002 Class A Diesel MotorhomeModel 2017 Newmar Dutch Star 4002 Class A Diesel Motorhome

Luxury 2016 Newmar Dutch Star 4002 Class A Diesel Tucson AZLuxury 2016 Newmar Dutch Star 4002 Class A Diesel Tucson AZ

Amazing 2016 Newmar Triple Slide Class A Diesel RV Brand New  EBayAmazing 2016 Newmar Triple Slide Class A Diesel RV Brand New EBay