20 model 2017 Coachmen Leprechaun 310BH Bunks Class C

hi folks seein big of the product specialist here at American RV and beautiful Grand Rapids Michigan today. I'm here to tell you all about the 2017 coachman leprechaun 310 BH it's a beautiful classy great bunkhouse ton of sleeping space in here let's go ahead and start off on the front we'll make your way back and then head on in.

So, one of the things you'll notice with a leprechaun right up top here this of course is your front cap. I love the front cap gives you better insulation less chance for water penetration and they also inlay some LED light strips in there for a really cool look this particular coach is on the Ford e450 chassis and, if you notice right here on the side you have side view cameras. So, that in combination with the bi-directional mirrors gives you great visibility to make sure you cover all of your blind spots Vic wave back a little bit further fiberglass running boards on there.

So, it's easy to step into the cab then right here is a power awning. So, super simple to use touch of a, button that rolls out touch of a, button rolls back in you want to watch some TV while you're out here that's not a problem either right now here you can take a look this opens up right there's your TV and entertainment center. So, you can set up some chairs around here underneath the awning and watch a show one of the things.

I love about this coach nuns that have great sleeping space also has a ton of outside storage a lot of separate compartments on here you have this one which. I love it's very easy to access right outside the door indoor side so. I love having that storage and as we go back you continue to see more and more one of the things.

I love about coachman as wells the construction of the Class C unit itself. So, one let's start on the outside skin right here this fiberglass this is a color infused fiberglass what that means to you is, if you bump up against it you have keys and you're you scrape it with a branch it's not gonna have this big white gash going down it because it's the same color all the way through. So, that's very advantageous also behind this fiberglass most manufacturers use luan which essentially is a plywood they use glues to hold it together sometimes those clues they can off gas it has Flamel to hide and stuff in there you know and also, if you get any water in that luan that's when you start to see bubbles you'll get delamination it'll pop right off coachmen uses as they'll composite panels back here.

So, a cool thing about that it's a green material doesn't have any harsh clues in there and also it's it won't absorb any moisture. So, we won't get any delamination from water getting in the walls into that substrate. So, that's really cool about the as cell right outside the door here as well right there's an electrical outlet so, if you do want to plug some things in right there you can and right here is Solar prep.

So, this unit is already prepped for solar all you have to do is buy the Furion portable panels plug them in right there and it will start your trickle charge the battery take a look at the slide on here real quick, if you look up top you'll notice this coach is equipped with the slide-out toppers those are great - really helps when you're breaking down camp rather than having to get up on the roof and sweep the top of the slide off all. I have to do is roll it in because everything will be right up on top there it'll fall right off for you. So, really does make things a lot easier then, if we shoot underneath here a couple quick things one this one does have air ride suspension you can see her Air Ride assists rather right over there that's the ride right system open this guy up right here you can see extra storage.

So, great extra storage right there and the same thing right here this storage actually goes through whoops actually goes through to the other side, if you take a look this is actually pass through right there. So, huge extra storage not a big access point on this side when we go around you will see it is excellent access on the other side come around to the back right here's the rear ladder this of course. So, you can get up onto the roof of the RV any kind of maintenance you need to do we can easily climb on up there also, if you notice right front and center there that is the backup camera.

So, that way as you are backing up you're able to see what you're doing you're not going to hit anything rubber mounted right here of course and then underneath is the hitch five thousand-pound hitch on there so, if you need to tow a vehicle behind you you can certainly do that with these as well then this is what. I was mentioning on either side take a look. So, right here you have huge access to this storage you have the storage up top great shelving there and then the pass-through down below the rotor line bins here as well those do have drains in them which is really cool so, if you want to fill one with ice put some beverages in there you can do that then as it melts that will just go ahead and drip right on out for you to move up a little bit further here of course this is our fuel fill water connections here and this is the outside shower this is both hot and cold access right up front and Lotus another slide again has a slide-out topper on there and then underneath the first one here is the generator go ahead and open that up there you go.

So, that's gonna be a 4000 Cummins Onan generator right there that way you can power everything inside the coach and then right over here great storage compartment there and then the front is your propane tank alright it's pretty much gonna wrap it up for the outside let's go take a look at the inside welcome to the inside the 2017 coachman leprechaun 310 BH this particular model is in the cognac interior let's go ahead and start off right over here on the convertible dinette this is really cool of course you have some seat belts here for additional riders you can have it kind of in a u-shape like it is right now or this cushion does come out this part right here pushes in and then you have kind of a j-shaped lounge so. I like the versatility of it table here as well of course that way you can eat meals play games whatever you want to do and this will drop down into additional sleeping space also right over here very easy access to storage underneath you can see nice large pullout drawer right there that way you don't have to take a cushion to access anything also cupholder right up in the corner for any additional rider. So, when you're riding you can go ahead and put a beverage there also nice big window.

I love the window here it's exactly what do you want it that way is there sitting here you can look out the window enjoy the campsite that's a great view right there and lets in a ton of natural light also, if it is nighttime LED lights here. So, you can see what you're doing as well as all throughout the coach. So, LED lights are very advantageous one they don't put out the heat that your standard incandescent bulbs do and also, if you're running off battery power they use a fraction of the power.

So, really it's very advantage or advantageous because you will get more life out of the battery then right up top here great storage take a look at that deep storage very usable storage all along the top right there mounted underneath right here's your DVD and CD player. So, this is great, if you want to watch a movie on a rainy day pop a DVD right into there and then you'll see your TV right up here on a swing arm mount. So, you know this can be up against the wall for people that are sleeping in the bunk over here they can watch TV at night or of course you can swing it over watch it in the dinette here or in the couch just show you in just a minute or always from the kitchen while you're cooking there's also a privacy screen.

So, you can pull that across for anyone sleeping in the bunk over right up here. I get a lot of questions about these seat belts what those are this this cushion which drops in right here this cushion has a safety net on it. So, on this safety net the other end are the latches that will latch right into this belt that way your safety nut sits here.

So, no one rolls out and hurts themselves in the middle of the night also your ladders attached right there which of course will go here. So, it makes it nice and easy to climb up into that bunk over there cool thing. I love about this take a look at that that is a solid fan nice large fan so, if you don't want to run the AC you can open some windows up turn that guy on and get some good airflow for the people up here because obviously we're knows heat rises it's a little warmer up here than it is in the bed in the back and again window right over here.

So, for some natural light and a light up top to drop down take a look at the cab two-tone leather seats in here. I love this look. I think they did a great job.

I have the kind of wood grain - there are plenty of cup holders up front is very common on the Ford chassis then over on the other side this will be our slide out right here is the jackknife sofa additional seat melt in here as well. So, you can have riders here because this is jackknife this does fold down into a bed and, if you look you do have some additional storage right underneath above that again large window let's in a ton of natural light LED lights one more time running underneath the cabinetry and then beautiful cabinetry on here. I love the decorative glass and they're self supported hinges.

So, that's really cool makes it nice and easy to access anything right in there with just one hand to move back a little bit further and move into the kitchen and galley area one thing and. I know it's kind of minor, but one thing. I love that they did because you have your three burner atwood cooktop here they went ahead and put this piece of glass there that way you know anything that does splash up isn't going to get all over your sofa and of course this will be nice and easy to clean, but as.

I mentioned three burner atwood cooktop front one is high output then right underneath that is your oven for any baking then underneath your oven take a look at that nice deep storage. I love that no. I need all storage is always great storage continuing on right underneath here this is really cool too.

So, you have three finished drawers you can pull those out ball bearing full extension drawers running all the way down and then right here to underneath the sink is additional storage as we move up as. I mentioned here's the sink. So, you get a sink top cover which is fantastic because this really helps for the prep space you know between this and the space over here you have pretty decent prep space for having a smaller l-shaped kitchen and also this does double as a cutting board, but double bowl sink larger Bowl on the Left smaller bowl on the right and you have a pullout faucet which definitely aids in doing dishes right over here is an electrical outlet so, if you want to put a coffeemaker something there you certainly can't and then also you'll notice this this is a power tower which is really cool you can pop that up right there's your two 120s and then underneath two USB ports you need to charge any electronic devices when you're done just go ahead and put it right back down moving up a little bit further great storage space right here.

I love this like spices and pantries you know great place to go ahead and put those right over here additional storage up top there. So, a nice big storage space and you know again this is where. I would put your cereal your potato chips Oreos s'more fixings whatever else it's a great spot for it there convection microwaves now.

I do have your standard oven, but right here you have the microwave and it is convection so, if you want to put stuff in here you certainly can big advantage of convection is it's going to cook faster than what your standard oven does and it's easier to clean as well. So, that's definitely a big advantage of having that right there then rounding out your kitchen right over here is the Dometic fridge freezer combo go ahead and open that up for you. So, you can see plenty of space in there cut out there for taller items this unit does run off with both electric and propane and also has automatic switch over what that means is, if you are running it off of propane through you plug in to shore power automatically gonna switch over to electric for you saving you on your propane gas and take a look right here will open these guys up again additional pantry space they really do a good job of giving you pantry space here and now they do have it on the sides, but also a little bit of storage for right here up top all right, if we take a step back with me here.

So, this is where we get into the bunks this is really cool of course you have your bunks right here, but, if you take a look right across the way this is your entertainment center. So, how sweet is this kids can lay in bed they can watch TV you have your entertainment center right here this is a DVD player. So, again they can watch something separate then you're watching upfront and you have storage both up on the top great space for a DVD collection up here or really whatever else you want to put in there and you have additional storage right down below to then as.

I was saying over here are the bunks top bunk this one does fold up, if you want to fold it up so. I can go ahead and do that LED light in the top as well as a window and then right down below here take a look at this you have a sofa you actually have seatbelts here which is really cool. So, you can actually have additional riders here and then this folds down into a bed as well and you'll notice the bottom bunk also gets an LED light as well as your window for daylight alright let's head on in we'll take a look at the bathroom in the bathroom is the porcelain foot flush lover toilet plenty of leg room all the way around and then right next to it is actually a magazine rack which is really cool.

So, a great storage area there and then, if you take a look next to that you have huge storage underneath the sink and of course our sink top and vanity huge sink top which is great a mirror as well as a medicine cabinet next to that. So, you move over you can see the robe hook there and our shower with a sliding glass door then right up here of course is the hand wand as you enter into the bedroom you'll notice a pocket door that you can slide all the way across for additional privacy then, if you come on in you'll see the queen bed full walk around of course both sides do have nightstands with drawers down below one side you'll see right there you're 120 outlets as well as a 12 volt and your two USB ports the other side also has an electrical outlet, but it's on the side of the bed the big advantage of that is, if you do sleep with a CPAP machine you can sleep on either side of the bed which is really cool mirror wardrobe space you have hanging space there you have that on both sides of the bed as well as great storage going across the top LED light there as well once again you have another fan here. So, you have one in the cab over one in the bedroom.

So, as. I mentioned, if you don't want to run the AC open up some windows run your fans right back here's a very large rear picture window which is great. So, again, if you have a beautiful view out back, if it's lakefront ocean view you can go ahead and see that first thing in the morning as we take a look at the foot of the bed this is awesome you have a ton of storage right here.

I'll go ahead and open this up for you you can see more hanging rod storage you have that on both sides here and then in the middle on the top this folds up. So, the way it's set up right now is this is great extra storage, but you do have TV hookups there so, if you want a TV you can just remove this panel here and go ahead and put a TV in and then to full extension drawers right there take a look at that great drawers, but not only that where most manufacturers would leave this paneled off leprechaun did not coachman did a great job look at that huge storage you have three of those going all the way across and all are equally large all right guys that's pretty much gonna wrap it up again this is the 2017 coachman leprechaun 310 BH this is a beautiful coach, if you're looking for a Class C with some of those higher-end amenities like the front cap the gorgeous woodwork one has a ton of storage inside and out and it can sleep a small army between your bunk over the couch the dinette the bunks of course your main bed here this is gonna be the coach for you, if you do have any questions or comments please feel free to leave those in the section below or you can always give myself. Ian Baker a call here at American RV and.

I'll be happy to answer that way as well, if you're looking for particular specs on this coach or, if you want price and availability. I recommend you visit our website which is American RV comm for the most up-to-date information thanks again for watching. I'm.

Ian Baker and. I can't wait to see you on the road to freedom.

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