2017 Airstream Tommy Bahama 27FB Relax Edition RV Camper

hello this is Patrick Botticelli with colonial Airstream Lakewood New Jersey behind me here a very exciting day we've got our first brand-new 2017 Airstream Tommy Bahama 27ft this is a special edition trailer check out this awning this has the optional zip-t power awning let's see here in the special sunbrella material a Tommy Bahama logo 27 FB is 28 foot from the center of the ball to the very back bumper this special edition trail is available currently on one floor plan 27 FB is one of our most popular floor plans. So, they decided to produce it on this floor plan exclusively to check out here the Tommy Bahama emblem there there's lots of elements as a vinyl applied to the front of the trailer with some of the Tommy Bahama logos.

I got it with the optional window awning package and we're gonna go inside pretty much right away. I just wanted to show you a couple things on outside, if we have time later we'll come back out and do the next year, but check this hatch out this has the hatch my chair stream is now reserving for all limited or special edition trailers so. I love to see that hatch here they have some grip, if you wanted to climb in and out you have the rear retractable screen as well look how beautiful it is inside this trailer very open very airy very bright very cozy it's got that Beach theme to it.

I love this thing you can see the construction this is a thick extruded aluminum structure for the rear hatch. I seem to see the same type of destruction for the entry door as well. I'm gonna beautiful cast aluminum taillight bezels these are LED lights as well we've got some drip tape here on the bottom so, if you were loading things in and out they don't slip, if you had to put your foot here it says the upgraded bumper latches now bumper here a storage inside has diamond plating absolute beautiful trailer pop inside and show you around now there's also another video you're gonna find a line from colonial and that's was our Facebook live video.

So, you'll see that separate YouTube video that's not a walkthrough video it's just an introduction video. So, the noise you hear right now. I have the four side air propane furnace on it's cold day here in New Jersey heat it up make it comfortable so.

I could give you a good video. So, one of the very very unique features of the Tommy Bahama is this wine bar it's got a Cory on top to it and there's LED lighting underneath it that you have the control to turn on or off when you turn it on there's a little delay that will glow it's beautiful looks like a block of ice this is the style laminate that they have on the trailer it has these leather cabinet pulls full extension drawers this plywood with a veneer on the side there's a J lash seven pound J latch to keep the door shut the drawer shut. So, it won't roll open when you're towing they have storage compartment here for the glasses when.

I come with the trailer down below we have an appliance that's included with the trailer this is an ice little ice maker ice crusher storage here for wine or. I brought this doesn't come with it, but. I brought a little thing a scotch in just.

So, you could see this is all glass panels here and then this area has a gourd on it that prevents your bottle of scotch or wine from coming out, but what you do here is you twist this rod pretty nice design. I pretty clever actually slide that across and then you can put your bottle in and they need when you're all done you slide this screw it in place and that will keep it in place when you're towing down the highway and then you can remove these glass pieces here. So, you can clean in there or reorganize it better for your use on the back here when you're plugged into electricity you have 12 volt outlets these are USB and there are both 2.1 amps max and then you have electrical outlets here and then this slides down.

So, when you're not using it's not in the way unique feature here too is this little ice chest. So, you could put some items in here there's also a drain that goes outside and there's little LED lights in there this is a really thick chorion there's a Tommy Bahama candle that comes with the trailer little bottle opener corkscrew tommy bahama on the rock solid red at drink chillers and these are each two set of two the etched glass tommy bahama hopefully you can see the part number, if you wanted to buy another set or you're interested in buying it for your Airstream travel trailer there's 26 cents samsung LED television standard and this is really the same exact floorplan and feature level with in regards to the layout the plumbing and electrical as the 27 FB Flying Cloud international signature and international serenity 27 FB, but instead of the sink coming out and a deep bowl sink here it's actually flush there's a little bit more floor space so, if someone's working at the little bar someone could be prepping food you won't bump into each other behind the cushion here there's another compartment to get to the back area and then there's wooden slat blinds you could control the light you could also slide them up and down there's a wooden valance on the top you have two 30-inch Vista view windows with sheets these side windows are two thirty inch stacked windows we'll try open it's a little cold today, if pop right open. So, you're gonna grab you're gonna twist these little handles and then lift you got to do with both hands left and right at the same time and then you just snap it in to whatever height on either side which.

I did and then lift with two hands lower slowly and then lock it in place make sure you check these before you ever tote a trailer away check out the fabric that you get on the Tommy Bahama as well as the decor pillows really right like good foam inside of them and this has the desert tan ultra premium ultra leather in this trailer there's another pillow that comes with the Tommy Bahama package now these might might vary throughout the model year from trailer trailer, but this is what this particular trailer has check out the curtains the curtains are a little bit different they have a lining these are blackout shades, but they also have a little striping on them says the full Polk Audio system throughout the upper cabinets have louvered doors how thick they are think about how thick this door is it's impressive as backing to it that allows the light to come through very deep look at the premium hardware here they use four hinges as well as the assist lifts these are adjustable - there's a blu-ray player onboard you have a USB and aux in there's a USB port on the front of the blu-ray player this is an inverter circuit for the trailer that you could power the blu-ray you could also do that with the television next to the television there's an internal outlet you also have antenna booster back here that you could push the little, button in and boost the signal up on on the directional rooftop antenna for better reception and they hit auto program on the television you can pick up what stations are available this adds the full Polk Audio system just don't want to hit that music in the background YouTube will make me take the video down there's another pillow that comes in the Tommy Bahama. I know some folks are gonna comment in the video about the camera. I use well.

I use this camera. So, you can see my hand and what. I'm explaining is it's such a wide angle and also it's a small camera can hold it back really tight to my body.

So, you can see more stuff and also folks new to the colonial walkthrough videos. I'm pointing out these pillows which you know some folks might not seem important, but it's all part of that Tommy Bahama look feel so. I want to make sure you it's covered.

So, folks know what they're getting there's a laminate tabletop has a little design built into it these legs to remove the table you just push the, button on each leg and then you step on this one on the bottom and then you twist the legs and then table lays on top of the two benches there's a rubber grommet on each side to prevent from sliding side to side and then you take the backrest from here and the backrest from there and you squeeze them together and you make it into a bed for two kids or even two adults will fit there there's reading lights spotlight over to dinette and then these curtains pull across and they snap in to give you full privacy on the screen door there's a Tommy Bahama stamped into the luminol on the guard screen door guard look at the design that's stamped into the bottom beautiful this trailer is a 2017 Tommy Bahama edition 27 FB the base MSRP is 114 six this is equipped with the optional window winning package for 1350 the convection microwave three burner cooktop well instead of that being a gas oven which is standard with a microwave that slides out of the pantry this was upgraded to a convection microwave and then the pantry is larger. So, that is an option you can get this also has a second air conditioning option. So, it has a standard of 15,000 BTU Dometic air conditioning with electric heat pump, but there's an option to get a second air conditioner and that would go into bedroom it deletes the fantastic fan that will be over to bed and it deletes the generator prep port at the front of the trailer it upgrades the trailer to 50 amp service by bad options available for 2150 this also has the power patio awning which is out currently for 3700 back up camera has a wireless backup cam with a separate monitor for your vehicle for 675 and it has the complete solar charging system for 2200.

So, i'm the roof there's two 80 watt solar panels there's a solar controller there's a solar display and the batteries were upgraded from your lead acid batteries to an absorbed glass mat lifeline group 24 series. So, that's all part of that package there. So, the total MSRP with the destination charge of 13 34 is 126 for 84 sitting back a little bit further you can see the full view of the galley the flooring material is a vital woven mat vetted into a rubber membrane this is the same type of material that they use on the classic Airstream trailer very durable extremely durable it's using a lot of commercial applications, but it's a different pattern different design and different shade than what they use in the classic check out the bronze color banding here in the edge of the cabinets it's all apply Bluetooth laminate.

So, there's not one bit of particle board in this trailer nor is there any sticker wrap. So, this is not a vinyl sticker this is brick little laminate you have some key slash code hooks, if you wish comes with it this is all backlit you have the decision whether to have it light on or you can shut the light off it gives you that beautiful glow you can see the Tommy Bahama relaxing style logo there's also the slogan make life one long weekend and look what happens when you put bright items behind here you know kisses that glow. So, you can put yellow orange green plates back here and we're gonna look beautiful let's all lit up there's a lot of light switch controls here underneath the chorion countertop leaf extension look at this nice smooth edge on the top there's a doorbell this trailer that comes standard that's the housing for it, buttons outside you have your ceiling light switch and these lights are dimmable and then you have your awning light the light underneath the awning that's outside you could dim that down too that's a switch right here and then you also have your outside patio light and your lighting for in the cabinets backlighting there all control from these switches here the zip the awning first you have to turn it on to boot it up and then you can hit open close and once it's open you could hit tilt the front down or rear down, if you wanted assert an angle just use your discretion, if it's a really windy day or there's an unexpected storming you think that might something like go on you want to put the awning away do not leave it unattended the battery disconnect allows you to shut down the battery to store when you're not using the trailer put it to use before you plug the trailer in to your truck put it to use before you plug the trailer into electricity or just put it to use, if you want to come in and trailer and turn on some lights listen out electrical outlet here it's GFCI protected fire extinguisher now let's get some of these stores now we're down here on the ground there's a drawer here for storage very large drawer Airstream uses a high-quality foam for our cushions.

So, it's a very comfortable seating there's an open storage area here you can kick your shoes off and put them in the corner every stream has this aluminum lip here that allows you to sweep the trailer out easily, if you get a broom it's very easy to sweep this floor down or vacuum it another bit of storage here this store flips down gain access to this storage compartment again all plywood with laminate there's a furnace duct here that's your Forsett air propane furnace which runs on 12 volt you have a USB charge port here and then you also have an inverter circuit so, if you wanted to sit here on your laptop computer you plug it into electricity the inverter is 1000 watt purest sine wave that will run off your battery system and the solar charging system to give you up to 1000 watts of electricity. So, it's not recommended for a toaster or hair dryer, but small electronic devices would work great there's another storage compartment this cutout here is your furnace return size where it's bringing air in blow it out of the register surround the trailer little leather straps here see how you could pull them in different angles it really adds a little bit of rustic character to it and then this trailer comes with an inline water filtration system that you could put in the water filters away right now because the trailers winterized, but you could bypass it right now. I have a line where the filter would go so.

I could still use the water if. I decided to and then behind here some of the controls that's blocked off for your power awning and battery disconnect this comes off and allows you to bring the trash pail out you can see the edge drain of it's all plywood with laminate these hinges are all detachable. So, you get to pop them off take a door off you can also take the caps off and adjust the angle of the door, if you ever need to cut down the road this pulls out you can put a sponge or a brush in there this one flips down full extension drawers here silverware organizer storage here why does it not go all the way back well the wheel well cuts in just like in the bed of a pickup truck visitor stream has such a low center of gravity the wheels have to cut into the body.

So, that's what is behind there's also a furnace dock that runs through there this is a Cuisinart convection microwave upgrade option that. I expect this trailer out with. So, think of it as a regular microwave when you want to do regular microwave activities, but there's an electric coil on the top here that, if you decide to put it in convection a roast mode or bake mode or grill you can also do a combination of microwave and convection, but, if you decide to just do convection that will glow and you pick your temperature and there's a fan in the back that will kick on it circulate hot air over your food actually does a very good job cooking it's actually preferred for a lot of people some trailers you have a choice of either a gas oven or microwave some people will go with this instead of the gas oven this model you can get a regular microwave and a regular oven standard, but this was an upgrade three burner cooktop this has a glass lid this is similar to what they use on the classic and then you just check which burner you want to turn on and you turn it the light actually you push down and then when the propane reaches that particular burner ignite there's still a little bit of air in the line to do it just the propane in this trailer today and still working some of the some of the air in the line out, but once that ignites you want to turn on your cooktop ventilation there's a light for it as an LED light there's a new version of the bar all the cooktop ventilation and there is a vent louver that has to be open on the next year the trailer you want to make sure that's open to get proper airflow check out the design they built into this laminate here part of the Tommy Bahama look and feel and theme.

I like that's one of your accent walls it's another accent wall here next to the television and these cabinets are really deep this is some more of the stuff you get with the timing bahama a little coffee mugs these little wine glasses so, if you wanted to go to the store and pick them out and get the same set that's the model the th3 one three eight three we have ability to control lighting here. So, you could turn to accent light off and the spotlight over to countertop we could turn the inverter on and off you here. So, there's a remote control switch the inverter is actually underneath the head of the bed in a storage compartment, but instead of go reaching down there to turn it on or off you have a remote switch here this is your solar a display that shows your battery percentage remaining battery voltage now we're plugged into electricity.

So, it's going to show it's charging a 13.8 right now solar charging UPS which is gonna vary we're plugged in. So, not getting a true accurate reading and the solar amp-hours. So, you can control all that from this display here there's another GFCI protected electrical out this is not an inverter outlet.

So, you have to be plugged into electricity in order to use this one and then we also had the sea level 2 tank Monterey panel you can check your battery level freshwater level which is 0% right now because we're not plugged in battery was shown in voltage gray waste was your sink and shower waste at zero and the black waste which is toilet waste at 0%. So, you'll be able to monitor them see how much waste you have in those tanks and decide when it's time to empty ducted air conditioning system of course ducted air started in 2015 all 25 foot and up trailers in 2016 the 19 20 and 23 models received it it is very quiet compared to what was available for and it's very consistent. So, we could get the same temperature at this vent and this man and, if there's too much air flow through one you could kind of section it off.

So, less air comes through this man you could also spin it around so, if you didn't want the air on the back your neck when you're cooking you can spin it towards the wall here we have a smoke detector in a galley with nine volt battery want to make sure you check that every six months skylake galley machine this is a thermal break and there's an outside thick shell 14 by 14 fantastic fan this fantastic fan has a rain sensor rain sensor will shut the lid down, if it senses water over you open it once it dries you could hat change your speed you have a variable speed one two or three this is a fuse housing when the lid opens when you tell it to open this is the open lid, button you could have the fan off on idle. So, you could have the lid open and will still shut when it rains, but not have the fan spin. So, you can turn it on or off here once the lids open you can check you could set your speed at 1 2 or 3 and you can also set the temperature there's a little thermostat.

So, once the interior temperature gets above your desired height you hear a click that's our desired temperature once you hear to click there that's kind of where we are right now we could set it a little bit cooler. So, when the lid opens it will keep running until our temperature drops below what the setpoint was and you can manually override and open the lid using this dial here against the motor resistance and then there's a quick release for this screen here that you could pop it out and clean the blades occasionally. So, set your speed set your temperature hit open lid changed my speed and changed my temperature that's an awful font and when.

I'm done. I hit close lid these are the returns for the ducted air. So, there's filters in here that you have to check periodically and change it'll want them clogged it could burn out your air conditioning there's storage above the refrigerator now this doesn't go all the way back because there's a refrigerator ventilation system behind it there's the Dometic automatic 2-way refrigerators gas and electric native it's electric.

So, you turn it on you'll see a little dot that went from auto to LP well it's mainly on propane right now now on automatic mode that's your native mode it'll run on electricity. So, we're plugged in right now we're plugged into our electricity at this store. So, it's automatically gonna run on electricity now if.

I went outside and. I plug the power cord this would automatically switch over to LP and there's a battery spark ignition that will ignite the flame behind the refrigerator and, if for some reason. I didn't have propane there's an air pocket behind there it would actually flash the letters LP instead of the temperature which is 32 degrees it's really cold out today.

So, that's your interior temperature in the refrigerator's probably it's colder inside the refrigerator then it's actually showing right now it's actually warming up because it was 19 degrees out when. I plugged the trailer in. So, the refrigerator is actually reading a much lower temperature.

So, now it's heating back up, but you could change your temperature setpoint right now it's on the max it doesn't need to be we could probably put on 2 today because it's. So, cold outside and this little device here slips over to handle and then you swing the door shut it keeps it open a little bit. So, you get some airflow you only utilize that when you're done camping when you're done using the trailer you put it back in stores it's gonna be damp inside here, if you close the door this is gonna mold out and get a lot of mildew.

So, you want to make sure you utilize these one for the top and one for the bottom. So, right now we're in Auto. I can manually putted the gas which were on before.

I could just leave it on auto because we're plugged into electricity and then we could shut it off when we're all done now the this refrigerator is designed. So, you don't necessarily need it on when you're towing the trailer you can actually turn this on to day before plug in and get it nice and cold put your items inside the refrigerator when it is cold before you hit the road you could come inside shut the refrigerator off shut your propane off you could drive for many many hours before this temperature gets to it this refrigerator gets to a dangerous temperature for your food. So, it's designed.

So, you don't need to leave it on when you're towing all those people do it's not necessarily safe to leave your propane on when you're driving with an open flame this is another one of the pieces for the handles to keep the door partially open this area is cut out here for a tall container there's little guards in the front here that prevent your items from sliding out. So, when you open the door you'll want to crash it out on you and there's little drawers little storage containers and lots of refrigerators on that light will come on when you open it door these are a little feet here that keep an item close and tight up against the door underneath the refrigerator is another storage compartment again the wheel well is behind this side. So, that's why.

I love that louvered door in the hallway for bathroom as well as the wardrobe and this wardrobe is lit it's got an LED light inside it's got plenty of space up top to store a lot of items the table and the table legs have to be put away when you're towing. So, the table once you lift up the bed and the bedroom slides into a pocket, but the legs what do you do is on snap stick the leg down snap it in that will keep your legs and storage when you're telling this bag. I opened up all items that comes with the trailer these are all the boxes in the bag for it, but that's inside the Wardrobe this boxed area here is for your shower faucet.

So, the shower faucet needs access for replacement or repair down the road 20 years from now someone might need to replace that faucet. So, this is an access panel to to it and then the wardrobe rod here has grooves in it. So, your hangers don't slide back and forth when you're towing and fall off helps grip them and then underneath the Wardrobe there's an access panel and you can see your tank heater.

So, this has a four set air tank this is hot this is really really hot is the hot air coming from the furnace that is heating the room here, but then there's a smaller duct that goes down to each one of the tank chamber. So, it's a polypropylene tank dropped into an insulated chamber the chamber is made out of metal and then this goes through the floor in the trailer and circulates that hot air around your tank that gives you about a seven to ten degree boost and temperature inside the tank. So, by no means is this meant to be a four season trailer or designed to withstand five degree weather, but, if you get an unexpected drop in temperatures as long as your furnace is on it's going to prevent that tank for freezing give you about 7 to 10 degree boost.

So, just keep a keep an eye on that, if it does get really cold this is your water pump. So, a service technician could gain access to it for winterization or repair or cleaning the filter and you can see the the flooring goes throughout so. I actually the floor is down in this trailer first it's a tongue and groove plywood floor with a marine anti wicking substance painted it to the whole perimeter and once they put the plywood floor they put the vinyl floor down and then all the furniture goes down on top now the marine anti waiting what does that do well Saints pouring rain you come in the trailer and you get a little bit of water that falls down on this vinyl floor well eventually it's going to want to go down and then under the floor and anti wicking subs actually repels that water and allows it to drain back out, if it didn't have that the plywood floor were then wick all that water and all the way to the middle and eventually right out the floor.

So, that's a very good feature to have that standard are all Airstream travel trailers there's a propane leak detector that constantly checks the air quality of the trailer, if there's propane leak or heavy air like you spray aerosol by that will alarm let's hope directly to the battery in the trailer. So, there's no disconnect for it. So, it's always on this is the battery charger there's a 50 amp service that's part of the second air conditioner upgrade you have all your electrical bracelet breakers just like you would at home they're all labeled here as well below that we have the 12-volt portion.

So, these are all your 12-volt fuses for multiple items in the trailer that's labeled you can check your owners manual to for the location each one of these fuses, if one of those circuits short-circuited there's an LED light that will light up next to each one of the fuses that that circuit had a problem with that will indicate that confuses blown the fan noise that you hear behind it while we're plugged into electricity and we have all the lights on. So, we're charging the battery right now. So, there is a computer fan built into the battery charger that will cool it down.

So, that fan will come on and off automatically we do get a lot of tech support calls here at Colonial about that noise that they hear in their trailer. So, we always make them check this first to identify, if that's what it is there's an accordion privacy curtain that sections off the split bath from this trailer you pull this across clip that in to line that up clip it in and now when you get out of the share and you want to get dressed you have privacy from the rest of trailer and you can still get to the bathroom area and you can still reach into your wardrobe here right in this whole hallway and then there's a privacy curtain here which is really cool this is all part of the Tommy Bahama look and feel, but that will then section off the bedroom. So, you have a generous amount of space here in the hallway to get changed and Taliban.

I always recommend put a little towel down on the floor when you get out of the shower sort of water that's on the door here doesn't leak until the hallway this is what this looks like from this side and when you pull this across there's a little funny hook for it that's what it looks like that's what the hallway looks like there's a skylight in the hall bath with shade. So, you get really dark in this area, if you wanted to once you bring this back across there's a lock mechanism to to keep that back. So, it doesn't roll around the shower door glass door magnetic strip here keeps the door shut there's a heavy-duty splash guard on the bottom of the door that prevents water from splashing into the hallway and there's a travel latch to LED light inside bad from fan just push up push the, button that exhaust air out when you're done push up push the, button off now you got to pull like that you gotta make sure that's down before you toe because you could get water in there there's a clothesline as well.

So, you unscrew this to loosen it hook it across lock this in place and now you get clomp hang light items. I wouldn't recommend hanging the towel or jeans from that just light items to dry them off like a bathing suit there's a two-piece fiberglass shower closure with a two inch overlap and cork seam the bottoms a lot thicker because you're just going to support your wheat drain plugs important on an RVs because we have a pea trap under here you could actually siphon the air out of the pea track and get tank odor inside the trailer. So, we have a drain plug here.

So, you could plug it before you tow to keep that water in the p-trap these are your Kohler fixtures and shower diverter that comes with the trailer and the wand is a girl we want excellent details. I'm in love with this trailer. I really am.

I'm really excited about. I seen the pictures. I heard the rumors it finally was released we got our first one.

I mean. I spent all morning setting it up so. I could show you guys check out this bedspread that comes with this is Tommy Bahama bedspread on top of our pillow top memory foam match is very thick match is very comfortable once the trailer is at room temperature it's very soft, if you ever jump in an Airstream trailer and a really cold day and sit in the mattress it's gonna feel like solid rock mattress these are some of the towels that come with the trailer there's a towel collection here you can control your bedroom ceiling lights here and dim them down your accent light and the cabinets you could control the polk audio system that's up there from in the bedroom you could also control the comfort control center and you could turn on and off the furnace we can change our temperature a little hot in here right now.

I can put it down to 66 degrees. I could also change that from Fahrenheit to Celsius. I could see our inside temp or 69 degrees.

I could set a clock and a program. I could have the air conditioning fan or the blower fan and the air conditioning come on when the furnace is on by just turning the fan on low medium or high yeah bypass step because we're only plugged in to 20 amp zone this has two zones so. I could set the zone in the galley and set the zone in the bedroom.

I could set that air conditioning temperature to 68 degrees and this one is 72 if. I wanted to. I could have this one on instead of that one you could control all that from the zone setting and then mode you got furnace mode fan only mode and the air conditioning off all the systems off cool which will be air conditioning Auto which will be air conditioning or heat pump whatever it needs to do to get to your temperature heat pump only which is electric heat pump which will work, if it's 45 degrees outside ambient temperature or warmer you can do all that from the comfort control center Cloney Eckstrom gives a very extensive hands-on orientation class after purchase you come to our dealership the trailer will be plugged in behind our showroom we've set a date and time where you'd have technician time to go through the trailer and learn everything about it hands on and then you're welcome to stay that evening, if you want to try everything out to make sure everything's perfect before you hit the road these are some of the additional pillows that come with the Tommy Bahama.

I set it up almost just like it was in the brochure as close as. I could get it the nightstand here has a USB charge port an electrical outlet next to it there's storage below this thirty inch window is emergency exit window. So, it opens just like the first window we've seen except has red handles and the screen is a quick release screen.

So, you could climb out TVs plugged into an inverter circuit outlet. So, you could use that when you're not plugged in as well down below on the floor we have another furnace duct these are the cool chairs that you get with Tommy Bahama take the little cover off you spread the chair out to go right underneath the oiling they're very large very comfortable. I had them out earlier.

I've really enjoyed sitting in it underneath the bed the bed lifts up a little props we have the storage area where you could slide the dinette table in for when you're towing we have storage here for socks and underwear, if you wish we could reach into the front trunk compartment which is insulated in leather sealed we can reach and grab the bins that are underneath the bed there's bulk storage here in a corner you can see now the pocket hole screws instruction this is a very durable rigid joint instead of staples which come loose when you're towing expansion contraction vibration pocket hole screws at very tight joints there's a tommy bahama cooler ice chest that comes with it it's got a little drain plug here on the side wooden handles the front has a little lock mechanism and there's a bottle opener built in and then a restream gives you a strap that you pull over the top of the cooler and loop it through the handles to prevent them from sliding forward when you're towing. So, this would go back in and then you're gonna loop it right through the handle or right around right to that other strap here on that side. I'll do that later.

I won't bore you with that detail another bin on this side this is where some of the loose stuff that comes with the trail like their owners manual or remote controls the backup camera option. I have all that stored in this compartment here towels roll away put them back above the bed we have your storage roof Locker two more speakers there's a subwoofer underneath the dinette to supplement the sound system we have your panoramic view in the bedroom. So, you can open up all the curtains just like this you want to pleat it nice and neat and then this velcro please here that hooks on to here when you roll it back just curl it back behind.

So, you get a nice neat look just like that there's a carbon dioxide detector in the bedroom with 9 volt battery make sure you check that every six months and a Tommy Bahama chair kit is there th three six two six six event chair they call it the relaxed logo there's more storage here on this side nightstand another USB charge port another electrical outlet this is a thirty inch stacked window stacked window has a porthole below thirty inch wide opening window up top bedroom TV is an articulating arm. So, you can swing that around and just the angle just like that hold down on the strap which is this that locking pin right there pretty simple design in the bathroom we've got a mirror on the back of the door residential hardware this has a laminate wallpaper type design you know in the brochure wasn't sure, but seen a person. I love it it's not it's not too much it's it's perfectly matches the whole look and feel the trailer some more towels that come with it additional storage up top another storage area here as well another fan this is one of your air conditioning ducts in the bathroom lights here LED lights the light switch here off to the side you could control your water heater on electric or gas you decide, if you have enough amperage and you're not running the air conditioning a microwave and TV and refrigerator you could flip that on this trailer is 50 amp service.

So, you should be able to do mostly everything except for both air conditioning at the same time and this. So, you decide you could also vote on. I guess, if you're running my gas and you flip the switch on and it could not ignite because there's your air bubble in the system air pocket the red light will come on and stay on to warn you to let you know the water heater could not ignite thick stainless steel bowl sink premium fixtures here chorion countertop in the bathroom GFCI protect an electrical outlet storage below the sink this is the water heater back of the water heater.

So, we have a low point drain here we also have a bypass for winterization will teach you that an orientation class not a furnace duck toilet paper holder and this has the Dometic porcelain toilet bowl foot lever for flush. So, to fill the bowl you stick your foot on the pedal halfway it'll fill the bolts here desired height then when you're ready to flush you can push the foot lever down all the way the little ball valve will open to discharge your waste it's a little diagram in the back that shows you exactly that. So, this trailer exterior width is eight foot five and a half inches your interior width is eight foot once you inside you the whole width of this fateful one it's very generous amount of size space the exterior height with the air conditioning to the top of the air-conditioning's nine foot nine your interior height with AC.

So, from the ceiling to the floor is six foot seven and a half inches and the hitch weight with LP and batteries. So, assuming your propane tanks are full and including the batteries which are there already you're your hitch weight is 929 this weight one would weigh a little bit more because as the second air-conditioner up front does that we down force in the back your vehicle the unit base weight. So, before options it's about 63 96.

I think. I said 6,000 pounds earlier. So, this trailer say 64 hundred pounds plus the options you're about 67 68 hundred pounds dry weight and the dry weight that Airstream gives there including all the accessories that came with the Tommy Bahama package the maximum trailer weight is seventy six hundred pounds your net cargo capacity is twelve hundred four pounds of stuff you could put inside this trailer water tank freshwater tank is 39 gallons gray weighs tank is 37 black weighs tank is thirty nine and the sleeping capacity is up to four.

So, the dinette folds down to sleep two people and then you have the queen bed which is sixty by 75 queen bed in the bedroom all right we're gonna step outside. I'll go over some of the features on the exterior screen-door attaches from the main entry door swings around snaps in place this fills up the gap now you can see the Tommy Bahama logos here again the thick make sure aluminum structure for the door grip tape on the bottom. I want that door too.

I love the sound of that door nice sturdy hinges here - loom the hinges beautiful it's like each one's a piece of art these are all buck riveted nice and tight there's an extruded aluminum gutter rail protection on the top of the door you have your porch light which is a little minimum this model there's a window in the entry door and then there's a heavy-duty deadbolt lock and then the entry door handle has its own lock mechanism this is part of the Tommy Hama the big thick entry handle doorbell we talked about inside Airstream trailers are RV ia compliant for electrical plumbing heating fire safety that's an industry compliance airstreams also received recently - mo rating for the certified green program this has the aluminum entry step when you want to bring it up just collapse those stilts air lift then lift from the bottom swing it up now we only have one step, if you decide to do it that way and then you lift up on the front lock it in place and it's completely flush. So, it doesn't stick out to get it out just lift up make sure it locks in place make sure it's all the way out before you step on it and then, if you want to bring out the other extent chin spoiler flip it down bring the power awning in we're just going to hit close and it's lowering it and rolling the roller at the same time. So, there's three different motors that synchronize on this awning and.

I've been very satisfied with the performance of the awning since it first came out when the entry door is open there's a catch to keep it open prevent from flying around there's a stainless-steel compartment below which houses your power stabilizer jacks. So, you can extend and retract the jacks now this is not leveling this is just stabilizing takes that bounce out of your walk that's it. So, once it hits the ground.

I go up about a half an inch and. I'm done. So, you can control the back separately from the front and then retract them they'll come back up relatively quick matter, but underbelly of the Airstream trailer is completely enclosed insulated paus'd aluminum bumper with bumper caps.

So, you don't scuff yourself against the sharp edge there's hooks here. So, you have a dog you put the dog leash and attach it there attach other items open that hatch again it's either construction of the hatch the hardware of the hatch ocean air rollers che will pull down we're never gonna lock the hatch. So, once you close the door just spin the handle until it locks and then you can stick the key in and spin that 180 degrees and.

I'll lock the door for you the waste gates this has a black tank and grey tank these are tethers to keep the handle from sliding out when you're towing. So, once you take the tap off and then you attach your waste hose onto the trailer. I think the caps frozen on there we go a little bit of antifreeze coming out this is RV non-toxic antifreeze by the way snap your waste hose on hook it into the campgrounds connection and then you always empty your black tank first so.

I'm going to pull the handle out and that will discharge your black tank or toilet tank waste through the waste hose when you're done you can close that up and then follow through open your auxilary wash which is your gray waste that will clean out the waste open any debris that was in the black tank that's stuck in your hose to close that up and then when you're all done okay you're gonna pack up you're gonna bring it home put it in storage you can open the black tank and hook up to the wastes connection don't ever get these confused this is the soar flusher look at the garden hose to this connection and then turn the water on leave the valve open inside the tank there's one under pressure that will spray down the inside of the tank chamber to keep the tank motor down and clean it out for you and, if you're doing a test night there's an LED light to illuminate this area this is a stainless steel rat protectors these are also called rock guards. So, it's on a hinge because it's gapped from the body to allow some of the flexion things get stuck back here. So, you can take three nuts off and swing it out and clean leaves and debris out from behind it it also has a reflector down on the bottom stainless steel is heavier and thicker than the aluminum body.

So, it's gonna protect you when you tell them with the Super Duty truck these are called solar stone guards three-piece solar stone guards and the middle one can act as an awning and you can open the window you could twist the knurl knob on either side to get your desired height and the side ones protect that expensive curved glass window it's a safety glass window which is also tinted you can take a screwdriver philips head screwdriver turn it turn it a quarter turn and this will pop all off and hinge out and then it's actually on a slip hinge you can lift it off and you can clean the glass of any dust or dirt that gets behind there never tow the trailer with those off you want to make sure they're on, if you're ever going to tow anywhere and then make sure you put your tethers on before you ever towed the trailer even in storage on a windy day this thing could flip up, if you want to make sure you leave them on these are the batteries we talked about inside the Lifeline group 24 series absorbed glass mat batteries part of the solar upgrade they're 12 volts each and they're in parallel they're not in series this is the insulated lockable weather sealed compartment on the exterior stick the key in turn it a quarter turn lift and twist same on the other side now you can see the thickness of the insulated compartment the weather seal the diamond plating and inside the light on the other side, but manual have arrived for a power stabilizer Jack's the awning tool and then the big 30 50 amp power cord that comes with it and the adapter that's included as well this is a dry compartment. So, you can put items in here and they'll keep them out of the weather and you can lock it to keep them safe from walking away on you also included with the trailer is a propane quick disconnect for a low pressure grill. So, this is after the regulator on the trailer.

So, it provides you with low pressure just snap the hose right in turn it on and you have a capacity you have propane externally this has 230 pound tanks Colonia will fill them for you and there's no extra fee for our prep this wingnut tightens the bottle cover down against the bottles which has a clamp that keep the bottles tight down and then there's a regulator here, but you can switch from less left bottle to right bottle and then when that particular bottle that is pointing to is empty, if the other ones on and bled out it will automatically switch over, but also indicate a red instead of a green, if that bottle is empty. So, you indicate that you need to get it filled this has amp quick disconnect for a portable external solar panel you take the cap off you buy zamp solar panel you can plug it right in the portable panels will have their own charge controller built into them. So, it's not relying on the interior solar charging system it's a separate system and then the spare tire you pull this pin out slide this one across grab the handle let's swing it down you can take the tire out it's in a cradle it's not bolted in this is Patrick with colonial Airstream in Lakewood New Jersey our website is you can find me on Facebook its colonial Patrick our hashtag is my colonial Airstream and my email address is packed that colonial Airstream com, if you're interested in persons this trailer or one like it please call me.

I'll be more than happy to give you a hand please like this video comment share subscribe. I love it. I'll see you soon.

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