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hi people is your travel vans were back on the mighty Red River here in Winnipeg Manitoba we're trying to catch some catfish, but we've had no success yet, but we are very excited because we're going to introduce the brand new 2017 unity corner bed of course once again for 2017 the unity corner bed is powered by the mercedes-benz 3500 series chassis v6 motor 3 liter 188 horsepower 325 foot-pounds of torque great fuel economy lots of power can tow up to 5,000 pounds fifteen thousand two hundred fifty pounds gcw R and 11 thousand and thirty pounds GVWR now let's have a look underneath the hood here v6 turbo easy access 220 amp alternator and of course this is a clean running diesel very green you've got the de F fill tank right here easy access into your oil at leisure travel vans we've ordered some really great safety features on all of our mercedes-benz chassis we have front fog lights we have light and rain sensors collision prevention assist laying densest high-beam assist we have a chrome front grille and of course we have the bi-xenon headlights acha j-- with the headlamp washing system and of course always the mercedes banz swivel base seats okay to work her way back people always ask me can you fold in two mirrors on the outside yes you can very simple as you of course they're power mirrors they're also heated look down here we've got our running board and of course we integrate that into the chassis and into the body design. So, it looks great plus a little light up top for getting in and out and then inside here diesel fill and of course that locks.

So, nobody can play with your diesel fuel, if you need storage space the unity corner bed has lots of exterior storage this one has the optional you lounge, but as you can see with the optional you lounge you pick up storage underneath the Yulan. So, lots of great storage here in this first compartment of course we've got our optional generator area. So, you can have a optional three point six kilowatt propane generator or an optional 3.2 kilowatt diesel generator and each generator is a little different for how you RV for some customers that are dry campers they like to have the diesel generator because you can run off the chassis you have 26 gallons of diesel fuel that you can run the average RV r who does not stay in one space for a long period of time would use the three point six kilowatt propane generator which has 15 gallons of propane that you can use.

So, all depends on how you RV and which generator you want on this side over here of course we've got some storage okay that's great storage area all galvanized shemail spray foam underneath and nice big storage bin and look at this beautiful compartment fiberglass compartment door see how it curves under the gives us that nice round look on our wall very attractive of course on the unity corner bed we've got a nice big slide-out box right here which we're going to show you in a second of course, but first we've got our sexy frameless glass windows we've got a slide topper awning we're going to show you the operation of that in a second this is a vacuum bonded wall vetro light exterior boxed welded aluminum framing two-pound density polystyrene insulation we have four different exterior colors for 2017 and this is the white suede and of course we go with five coats of paint three coats of colors and then two coats of clear fiberglass fender skirt and of course we work our way down here we've got the Alcoa optional aluminum wheels now we go with six rims that's very important six rims another great feature of the optional of Kola rims is of course you have valve extensions for the inside right here and of course underneath here we spray foam all this. So, that it prevents any rock damage road noise easy access right here to your 30 amp power connection for Shore power. So, that's very simple as you plugged it in we've also got a great option for a surge protector inside the coach so, if there's a problem with the power it'll shut the power down inside the coach until the power is safe we move our way down we've got our service module or service center here.

So, we've got our winterizing bypass valve we've got a quick connection here for a portable satellite dish we've also pre-wired for satellite dish up on the roof TV connection for cable and of course we've got our exterior shower this is a great little hot and cold running water, if you have pets or animals you can wash them outside you can even wash yourself outside which is great and then here we've got our water fill for filling up your freshwater tank as a me down we've got a turn off switch for our propane tank, if you're going on ferries or certain tunnels yep turn that off very simple to do over here we've got a black water flush valve. So, you can clean your black water flush now that's important you're going to do that make sure that you're plugged in to your sewer line before you decide to clean your block tank over on this side we've got our propane fill and of course easy access here for dumping your gray in your black water tank and of course here's your easy connection right here for connecting your hose and we've got two built-in hose container. So, very simple have your hose right here take it out and connect it in.

So, that's how easy that is always dump your block first and then your gray because the gray cleans out the block we also have an optional macerator pump that you can get, if you want to have it already connected and it will pump it. So, okay here's how our slide out comes out very simple slide out operation it's electric once again the slide out box is built just like the Motorhome vacuum bonded walls vacuum bonded floor floor steel framed main floor of course in the motorhome is steel frames. So, you can see right here how simple it is there's your slide topper awning that's a great little feature that's standard.

So, that that will prevent any bird droppings or debris from going back into the motorhome we also run two bulb seals in a sweeper seal. So, you can see how it seals up real tight to the body. So, at the back of the unity now for 2017 ifs are beautiful fiberglass masts insulate on the inside easy to clean LED lights separate bumper from the fiberglass mouth that's a very important feature to have in case somebody were to hit the back bumper you could replace that without having to replace the entire mask and of course you've got our integrated backup camera LED light markers up top and of course we've got our five thousand-pound hitch at the back and of course our trailer plug easily connected of course our camp area side once again as.

I mentioned storage, if you need storage unity corner bed is a beauty look at the storage space you can actually remove this out and this is all storage my mother-in-law could sleep in there and a little bit more storage up front here. So, you've got our standard 1200 watt inverter built into all the unities for 2017 and one more little storage bin up front here. So, lots of great little storage bins keep your toolbox wherever you need to keep right here you we are very excited this brand new standard feature on all 2017 unity models true ma aqua go comfort plus instant hot water heater direct from Germany this is one great instant hot water heater.

I'm going to tell you why is it has a small reserve holding tank of hot water all the time. So, that when you turn on the hot water you've got hot water it's not behind the curve like most instant hot water heaters are and it's very simple you have two modes you can turn it to comfort on which keeps this little holding tank warm all the time or you can go on economy mode where it doesn't do that which you then have to wait for the hot water so, if you're driving down the road you can just leave it on the on and when you get to your campground put it on comfort on and you've got hot water great little feature we're very excited to have it and all standard on all unit ease for 2017 another nice little convenience features when you're plugged into Shore powers you've got a 110 outlet plug for plugging in a TV outside TV or anything you might want outside now the new feature for 2017 brand new handle for getting in and out of the motor home and you can see how it it's lit up plus we've also got a little 3-way switch so. I can turn on the outside LED light and of course the step automatically retracts when you close the door or you can leave it in camping mode and it stays open, but also quickly talked about the RV batteries, if they're built right underneath here this will just pop out and of course we've got all the access into our deep-cycle six volt batteries this unit also has optional solar panel and six volt batteries love to work with solar panels as a trickle charge up and trickle charge down they'll also charge off of being plugged into Shore power they'll also charge off of the 220 amp alternator as well when you're driving down the road and when the generator is running we've got our LED lights on the outside of the awning.

So, when the awning is in. I can still enjoy the light on plus of course it's a power awning it's a beautiful box awning the great thing about a box on is it can never get down when you're driving down the road because it encloses itself and this is how simple it is just quickly hold the, button and out she comes. So, this is great just over 12 feet in width and then in depth here comes seven feet out and we've got built-in arms or legs that just can either lock down right, if you're on a campground area you can tent tent peg goes in or you can lock it into the motorhome just block it in here get my desired height and then lock it down simple to do.

I would not recommend it, if it's a super windy day to have your awning. I would always be careful and you can see how simple that is locked in place great big beautiful awning enjoy the barbecue enjoy picnic table look how beautiful that is overlooking the muddy Red River how beautiful is that now that we've had a great look at the exterior on the beautiful unity motorhome come on inside let's have a look at the interior this is a great feature on the unity corner bed is it's very stealth look at this my slide-out is in, but look how much space. I have.

I can walk from the front to the back bathroom galley everything is fully functional. I can even have dinner. I still have my slide out in this is a transformer watch this when we push the slide-out out wow look at the space Wow seriously how cool is this now look at this big dance floor look how much room you have now with the slide-out out.

So, you have a slide-out in the motor home still fully functional slide-out. I have lots of living space this 2017 unity corner bed of course has got the optional you lounge you lounge is great because. I have a lot of different sitting areas inside Motorama also makes it a nice comfortable bed and of course we have a look up here we've got daytime line we also have nighttime blinds now the new little features we can lock the blind in place and that keeps the sunlight from coming into the Motorhome great little feature there plus of course we've got our awning style windows and as you can see we can open them up all the way and, if it's pouring rain outside.

I don't have to close my window because no water is going to come pouring into the Motorhome it has also got our brand new putty leather color it ties into the dash of the chassis really beautiful it looks great with the cherry wood leather. So, the you lounge has got some really cool features as you can see here lots of storage space and of course we've got upper cabinets with our brand new concealed metal latches look at that look how beautiful it is lots of storage space and they lock solid in place fuck off a bob we've got LED light and of course the table will drop down to make into a bed let me show you how simple that is two latches clip down and in the middle of table pushes down lock your clamps back in and then you can make it into a bed there you go great little bed area you have extra company coming over you just sleep some grandchildren or children around you've got pretty good room here. I'm well over 6 feet tall and even.

I can sit on this bed you want to convert it back into a dining room area once again very simple to do release the latches slide the missions over and now. I'm right back to a dining room area tada the standard on a unity corner bed is a booth dinette brand new option for 2017 on the unit corner, but it is a new TV area up front. So, that.

I can watch TV right off the remote here another great feature. So, much easier to watch TV from the dining room area plus we still have the standard TV in the back plus another great little feature of course we didn't lose that hanging closet look at this big beautiful hanging closet need a little more storage up top here we've got our storage area back in here plus all your connections for your TV system and we've got a switcher for both TVs front and back a lot of the fact we've integrated our driver and passenger seats into the motorhome. So, it's a great little sitting area.

So, you could probably have one two three four five six people be sitting in the unity motorhome at any one time as we look up forward here of course we've got our beautiful doors. I love the hidden look of them all and this is kind of different these ones just push open. So, you got lots of storage right here pop this open more storage you can also put the optional safe option in here, if you'd like and of course we've got our DVD player CD player Bluetooth all right here all runs off a 12 volt.

So, you don't need your be plugged into 110 power to listen to music or watch a movie of course we haven't forgot we have our beautiful curved solid wood doors we have cherry maple and espresso stains and of course the European hidden hinges we also have our optional two solar panels up in the roof and here's your control center and there are a flat panel solar panel they lay flat on the roof this brand new optional front TV area it's got some other hidden features look at this storage back here. So, you can put DVDs CDs and look down here a shoe storage area this is very smart. So, you don't have your shoes in the step well you could fall over them and hurt yourself you can put your shoes away have a look at the roof line here of course we've got LED lights and of course they are on a dimmer main light.

So, you can turn them off and on of course we've got our ducted air conditioning through the entire roof 15,000 BTU air conditioner up on the roof with a heat pump. So, you can have heat coming down out or you of course air conditioning that's fully insulated almost five inches thick in the center core and that's a full fiberglass roof up on the top speakers for listening to music and your movies and of course we've got our beautiful opening skylight and. I like that that is simple here in Manitoba we have great big mosquitoes, but they can get me now they've of course super hot down in Texas Arizona might be too hot we can close this let the sunlight stop coming into our motorhome.

So, very smart as well. So, really cool roof line and a great skylight here's our service center we've got our switch for bringing our slide out in and out we've got optional stabilizer jacks we've got our control center for our batteries no which is how much power we have fresh water gray water block water and of course propane. I have 28% of propane in optional generator this has got a our meter and you can just easily turn it off and on right here and of course we've got our 1200 watt inverter switch to turn it off and on other little smart features when we have our door closed of course it's got a privacy blind to no light can come in in case somebody happens to be sleeping up front or you just don't want to have any sunlight coming into the coach this is great brand new totally redesigned galley in the unity corner bed of course we've got our lost look at the size of the storage in here lots of big storage area double shelf top and bottom.

So, you've got lots of room for your galley accessories and of course we've got our corian countertops and a little utensil drawer area there and look at these great big full drawers and of course we've got full water filtration system solid wood and lots of great storage area pots and pans and of course underneath the galley underneath the sink here curved door and of course easy access into our crew ma instant hot water heater which is standard for 2017 big deep stainless steel sink chrome faucet just looks great lots of room work to burner spark-ignition lots of heat and. I love how they've designed the stove flush-mounted now so. I can use it as a cutting board or put things on it.

So, it makes the gallery area feel a lot bigger when you're preparing food. I think that all the chef's Ramsey and all those guys would just love to cook in a leisure travel van corner bed also brand-new from Dometic is our brand new control center for our air conditioner and our furnace and our heat pump and our fans very simple to use just hit the mode, button and move it to whichever you want air conditioner furnace of course it's got a beautiful blue display. So, you can see exactly what you're doing simple just like at home.

So, what unity motorhome wouldn't be complete without of course a beautiful full of pantry of course we got our awning style windows, but we've got an inverted plug so, if you've got a small little coffee maker that you want to run or a small kettle you're off the inverter you can plug into there and of course look at this a great big brand new huge galley window so. I'm looking into my campground area wow that looks beautiful there's the Red River looks great and of course we've also got the shade for privacy ok across from the galley area of course we have some important things we've got of course our convection microwave nice big convection microwave. So, you can cook and boil and bake bread and do anything you want with this type of a microwave and of course you've got our beautiful great big 6.7 cubic foot Dometic refrigerator separate freezer separate fridge and of course 3-way.

So, 12 volt 110 power and propane. So, you can, if you're dry camping you can do run it off dry camping, if you're plugged into shore power you can run a shorter power you can actually run it when you're driving down the road off the alternator through the battery system. So, through a fridge very important plus it has a camping mode lock.

So, flick that up when. I'm parked and. I'm camping.

I don't have to put my hand in and release the door it automatically releases how smart is that then of course if. I'm traveling. I put it back in the travel mode and now it locks nothing is going to fall out of the fridge and of course above the galley area where we're cooking of course we've got a nice big fantastic fan we've also got an optional rain sensor fans that you can get in both the bathroom and in the galley area so, if it's tart Narae note it would automatically close the lid this one is just the standard manual one, if one hanging closet our front wasn't enough second hanging closet beside the refrigerator and of course some more storage full drawer cinching glides solid wood and of course some more hidden storage down here.

So, lots of storage okay we're in the bathroom area and this is a great big bathroom which is great about the unicorn bed big bathroom big bed area lots of storage space, but look at the size of this we've increased the size of the shower 24 inches by 32 inches now for 2017 plus we've got the built in centers for your soap and all of your controls for your shower water all built in and recessed which gives us a lot more room inside the shower and that little place here for a towel which is cool and built in dental floss unlimited not exactly, but great for hanging up your bathing suits let them dry while you're driving down the road and of course built-in LED light, but. I love the handle here for getting in and out and look how much height there is. I'm well over 6 foot 1 as you can see even up my tippy toes.

I still don't touch the ceiling plus beautiful skylight for lots of natural light this is a great shower and you don't have to worry about spraying water all over the place because it's kind of built in the shower door ok. So, great little mirror as you can see Jenny Craig is still not working very well, but corian countertops sink separate sinks and of course full water filtration a little bit of storage underneath here we've got a little medicine cabinet up top and of course we've got a china toilet this is not a good day, but it is easy for cleaning the toilet very nice, if you look way up above of course you've got LED lights and we've got a fan bathroom fan which is important and here's the part that. I love the most look at this beautiful curved bathroom door.

I'm personally very excited about this feature because as you know. I'm kind of tall in-between 6 feet and 6 -. I'm still growing growing this way shrinking this way increase the bedside.

So, 76 inches long thank you design department this comes standard on all the corner beds is a beautiful bedspread and it's all surged stitched together, but look at the size of the set leather headboard this is good look at this. I'm way over on this side and. I am laying completely down oh this is great 55 inches wide this is perfect this is the best honeymoon suite there could be.

I can read nothing on my back here perfect nice big window area of course you've got the shades daytime nighttime and. I can lock them in place. So, no sunlight comes in if.

I'm sleeping in in the morning that's smart reading lights built-in 110 power over here 110 power over here inverted sleep apnea machine right there plugs in runs off of your house batteries at night with the inverter on USB plugs so. I can charge my phones i ipads all built right in here and little place to store it we've got dimmer switches now in the bedroom area so. I can dim switch and of course we've got the beautiful cabinets look at the size of this cabinet huge and they're metal latches not plastic that's important when that locks in place it's not open when you're bouncing down the road more storage up over here great amount of storage this is just one beautiful little bed area in the corner bed and of course you've got an LED TV in the bedroom standard plus the optional TV up front so, if you like TV one can be watching TV back here someone can be watching TV up front so, if it's on a beautiful swivel.

So, if. I don't order the optional front TV. I can turn swivel the TV completely forward optional front TV or standard TV with a swivel mount another important thing is that both TVs are inverted.

So, right now. I'm dry camping. I'm not plugged in to power.

I got my solar panel on and. I'm running my TV my electronics off my inverter. So, as you can see the TV is running off the inverter which is great and then of course we've got our beautiful privacy curtain that comes across and somebody wants to stay in bed and sleep in there we go their sleep we don't have that great big air-conditioner vent in the middle of roof.

So, it's much quieter too big 15,000 BTU air conditioner running what you need because it's going to be hot outside you want to be as cool as you can of course ducted all the way into the bedroom look at this cool air in the bed area we're going to talk about this beautiful ultra leather we do it in all the seating areas this is a fabulous product doesn't get hot doesn't get cold doesn't crack doesn't mildew leisure travel Venza is a French stitching and all that we have three different colors we've got fog we've got sand and of course we've got the brand-new putty color and of course we always use the mercedes-benz soles because there's no swivel at swivels like a Mercedes Benz. So, another great feature on all 2017 unities of course we've got roadside assist from leisure travel vans which includes a tolling tire assist lockout assist we've got RV mechanics we've got dealer locators for you a toll-free number comes free for two years 1-800 number, if you have a problem anywhere you can dial that number and they get you serviced as soon as we can. So, in the Sprinter cutaway 3500 series chassis we run a mercedes benz stereo system with the Becker GPS system and of course it's got the backup camera which was integrated into the rear mask and it's in full color as you can see and we can see exactly what's behind us, if you have a tow vehicle you can also leave that on and see what your tow vehicle is doing when you're going down the road when you put it in reverse it will automatically come on as well.

So, we have a fair amount of sunlight coming in off the front glass and you can see how it's recessed and. I can actually see what's behind me of course cruise control there's a multifunctional steering wheel we have the instrument cluster with the pixel matrix display we have heated and power adjustable side mirrors we have the windshield with the filter band we have the overhead control center with two reading lights this is our control center for our front collision impact Assist Lane Assist we take all those great safety features that we order from mercedes-benz on all of our Sprinter jassi's are very important to our customers that's why they are standard on all 2017 unity models. So, we've also got bluetooth for our phone system you've also got a USB plug up front here and a plug here, if you want to plug in a CD play air or something off you can write on there we've also got our climate control systems here for our air conditioner and of course our heating we've also got our lock switch for our chassis for putting locks off and on and of course we've got a 12-volt plug here and you open up here you can also use that as a 12-volt plug.

So, you've got two up front coffee holder here we've also got coffee holders built up into the - one on the left one on the right and then down below two more so, if you have a Slurpee cup it will fit right in there that's perfect. I love that one of the great things about this cab area is how much room you have. I'm a pretty big guy you can see.

I can walk front to back. I don't even bump my head which is great look at this panoramic. I can see everything up front also lots of hidden storage storage up above both sides.

I really love these seats are very very comfortable to sit in you can bring them up or bring them down you've also got support here and you can also move the seat back and forward, but look at this. I'm pretty tall 34 inch inseam. I actually got to bring the seat forward to drive look how far back it goes that's crazy you could be about seven feet tall and still drive this thing thank you very much for watching our 2017 unity video on the corner bed you can take a virtual tour of this beautiful 2017 unity corner bed by downloading our leisure app or you can go and see one directly at your closest leisure travel van dealer and take one home.

I'm kind of waiting for my ship to come in it hasn't come in yet, but you don't have to get down to your local leisure dealer and take one of these beauties out for a spin that you are going to love it Dean from leisure travel van.

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