17 creative In Depth Review 2016 American Eagle 45A

hello my name is Shawn Pollard with Purex RV Center where we're located in Grand Rapids Michigan today we are gonna do a video review of the brand new 2016 American Eagle the interior of the all new 2016 eagle boasts a world of new decor. So, we've gone was still with the two-stage heated tile in the floor, but it's a completely different look than we've ever seen in the luxury diesel motorhome motorhome market a more modern look a more contemporary look for the newer customer we've also featured a rise up 4k curved Ultra HD TV no more of the standard flat screen 1080p s this is the next generation of technology behind me you can see the pilot and co-pilot seats this is one of the first motorhomes in the market to actually feature heated and cooled seats here for the driver and passenger.

So, when you combine that with American Eagles sgm - HVAC system that can give you a combined 90,000 BTUs of heat from the dashi and the defrost and 36,000 BTUs in air you're always going to be comfortable when you're riding in this coach the couch also features an adjustable headrest and a pullout air mattress for guests when you have them sleep over American coach has also rounded out the interior decor with new style sconce lights window balances and backsplashes and the shades are a lot different as well it's not the older style standard cream or white shade when you pull up the blackout blinds and do the actual shade it's a textured green that's very very good. So, here in the kitchen we're going to feature a few upgraded amenities first off the countertop extension and you pulled this out it's actually a flush solid surface countertop extension. So, you don't have that drop down also for all of our storage doors and drawers in this coach the American coach has still gone with a nice dovetail cabinetry which is a high quality build, but we've also gone with upgraded wood and nicer hardware and every single door and door on this coach features the automatic closing front.

So, you're not gonna have to worry about the cabinet swinging open while you're in transit very very cool the kitchen also features the new ranch style or barn style sink where it's a much deeper sink it's all stainless steel very very cool very contemporary designs we do also feature here in the kitchen two of these pull up power ports where you've got 110 outlets and USB outlets. So, you can plug in all of your kitchen appliances are truly cool obviously dishwasher one of the cool things that American coach did this year they actually turned the induction cooktop from being facing horizontally this way or vertically this way to horizontally right in front of you makes it easier to use the functionality of the dining room in the Eagle is going to feature the pull-out table where you can actually extend this out to sit for people we do have the to fold up chairs hidden in the closet in the back two more of our PowerPort stations a multiplex lighting touch panel over here as well. So, we can run our lights and blinds and then this whole area is loaded up with storage we have a very nice tall storage cabinet here again above the table you notice in some of the competitions coaches they actually have a channel that runs through the storage cabinet.

So, you don't get nearly as much storage you only get about five inches of headroom here we've got an almost an entire foot. So, a lot more storage up above and then again storage all along the dining room area which is very functional as part of the new upgraded electronics in the 2016 Eagle the coach does come with an iPad that you can actually control your blinds your lights your shades the TV a handful of things all from iPad control that does come standard with the coach now they actually have an upgraded where you can use that same system to control the aqua hot the generator your energy management system your heated tile floor and a handful of other things that you could do before which is very very cool they also have a built in network capability with this coach it does come with its own network so, if you're one of those tech savvy people you can actually get a 3G or 4G card from your cellphone provider and then you can turn this entire bus into a mobile hotspot driving down the road very very cool the 45 a floor plan that we're reviewing today does feature the large pull out pantry on the top and bottom here it does also feature the washer/dryer and then the spacious half bath across from you as well here in the bedroom they've still gone with a nice upgraded cabinetry the auto closing hinges the newer hardware they actually have also upgraded the 2016 Eagle to comfort bed where it has the fully adjustable head and footrest. So, you can change your position from flat elevated feet reclined back for reading really puts you in control and gives you a super comfortable very functional the bathroom of the new Eagle features the space just shower in the forty five a floor plan with actually a recessed soap and shampoo dish which is really cool it also features a teak wood drain in the floor and then a teak seat that you can fold down as well definitely one of the neatest features the American Eagle is the first motorhome to ever come out with this feature is actually it has a second exit door here in the bathroom there are three shelves that you can pull a lever and actually push out and it becomes a ladder to get out from the outside this is definitely designed to be a one-time use emergency exit type thing so, if you have a fire or some sort of chaotic thing happen in the coach you not only have an exit from the front, but here in the back there's an exit out of the bathroom as well.

I would envision this becoming more common in motorhomes as time progressed, but for now the American Eagle is the only coach out there with this very important safety feature. So, definitely one of the coolest features of the new Eagle is that completely redesigned back they took a lot of this technology from the new mercedes-benz style cars they've gone with a first ever digital dash in a Motorhome here where you're gonna have your rpms or your fuel your onboard computer everything is all digitally displayed in front of you we've done with the dual 10-inch monitors on either side one of the cool things is that there are touchscreen which you can also access everything with the tactile, buttons on the side you can even set this camera where you can have the backup the left and right cameras on at the same time which is very cool it makes it easy to navigate your media radio your stereo everything change volume without having to rely on the touchscreen you can do push, buttons as well very very you can also see they've gone with actually hand Stitch the leather wrap here in the front which nobody else offers again just a really cool design and then also right here you've got a spot to hold your while you're traveling just a really cool integrated - it's very user friendly very easy to use again. I envision this being the future of motor humming, but right now American the exterior of the new Eagle is gonna be coated with axalta paint they also offer the Eagle it's pretty cool and both a traditional and contemporary paint design this is actually the contemporary design you can see instead of the swooshes and swirls you typically see in a coach it's more of just kind of a straight-line fade from front to front to back.

So, again gives you that more modern and contemporary look this coach is still on the custom Liberty chassis on the Freightliner xcm with the Liberty Bridge and it's gonna be powered by a 15 liter 600 horsepower Cummins engine it's gonna give you nearly 2,000 foot-pounds of torque 15,000 pounds of towing it's a big engine for a big motorhome and it's gonna give you plenty of power down the road we do also have all side hinge baggage doors on the new Eagle they are insulated they're very well built and one of the options you can actually do on the Eagle is the power slide trays which both of these Bay's have where you just take one, button that's right here on the door push it and it's gonna run your slide tray right out the American Eagle the new slide trays they've lined them with a rubber mats and the Citadel fiberglass composite material again no wood no outdoor carpet that's one of been one of the American coach's claims to fame over the last several years is they don't cut corners and just do outdoor carpet and wood that can roll mold right or mildew here in your basement. So, we've also featured one of the largest this is a 42 inch - exterior TV one of the largest exterior TVs and any coach and then again we've got our full length two-stage Girard awnings that a roof mount with our fiberglass roof and our LED light. So, really the new Eagle features a lot of high-end luxurious features that you would expect from American coach and they all work perfectly to allow very functional use for the owner of these coaches one of the really neat features on the new Eagle is what they call the.

I tag on the tag axle. So, it's actually an independent tag axle it's not just a standard following axe anymore. So, the eagle has had four years the independent front suspension which gives you the 60 to do the 60 degree wheel cut 315 tires all around.

So, a great ride and one of the sharpest turns in the industry this is really cool, if you actually are driving and you take your wheel and you cut it all the way to the right then these back tires will actually curve slightly to the left. So, it pushes the rear of the motor home as you're turning right pushes the rear to the left. So, it actually takes that 60-degree wheel cut and turns it into a 63 degree wheel cut by far the sharpest in the industry a very very cool feature this is brand-new from Freightliner and as of now it's exclusive on the American Eagle.

I expect that to change, but this is really really cool of the itag rear axle here on the new vulture again my name is Shawn Pollard thank you for joining me on this video review of the 2016 American Eagle for this review we used the 45 a floor plan with the espresso onyx exterior paint and interior decor and the chestnut wood, if you have any questions about this coach, if you want to take one for a test drive, if you curious how much they cost or, if you want to trade in your motorhome on one of these. I encourage you to give me a call we're the Midwest only American allegiance tradition and eagle dealer and we would love to earn your business on one of these coaches give me a call direct at six one six nine six five nine six zero three or shoot me an email it's my name's Sean se a n @ y rinks RV comm thanks again guys.

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