17 awesome In Depth Review 2016 Spree 339RK

hi my name is Shawn Pollard at V ranks RV center were located in grand rapids michigan or even family owned and operated for 62 years today. I'm going to take you on a video walk round of the brand new 2016 spree by KZ 339 RK we do offer these videos to you as a free resource to be able to view some of the things you just can't quite see in these pictures.

I would encourage you at any point in this video, if you'd like additional information or especially, if you'd like to buy this trailer to give me a call direct my number is going to be rolling across the bottom of the screen for this entire video we are not the manufacturer we are a dealer and we do keep our business operating by selling and servicing RVs. So, it's very important to us that you give us a call and give us the opportunity to earn your business, if this is the trailer for you now let's get on with the show this rear kitchens free is unlike any other floor plane. I've ever seen in 10 years in this business it's very very cool you can see that we've gone with the rear kitchen along the back of the coach we do have the pulldown pleated shades throughout all of the windows we have our stainless steel fridge the pantry next to the fridge adore actually into the rear of the coach, but this island sink and then flip up table is definitely the focal point of this floor plan we've gone with a solid surface countertops a nice pull out faucet with sprayer stainless steel double-bowl sink, but this is really cool this is actually a three section tabletop with four individual barstools.

So, you can actually seat four people here, but you still get opposing slides with seating on both sides of the camper it's really really cool and when this table is not in use it actually just flips down and is held down by magnets on the bottom of this island. So, really functional addition to this space. So, actually going to show you how to put this table down while we're doing that.

I want to talk about a couple of things that are unique about the Spree product line this is a six side aluminum trailer. So, that means that your roof your floor the front and the back and the left and right sides are all going to be manufactured out of aluminum there's no wood using the predominant framing of this coach which means for a 33-foot triple slide camper it's going to be an ultra light coming in at 80 450 pounds which is really cool we've also gone with an upgraded installation package on this spree it's going to have a heated and enclosed underbelly and just a lot of features that you want in your high-end luxury trailer. So, after we remove this leaf and move our chairs the way we're going to get this ready to tow right we're done camping we're going to take it home.

So, you want to pick up this end. So, that this leg isn't dragging on the ground and just slide it in and then you take the leg there's just a little hinge in here you push in you lift it up lift the table leg up and then actually just sits down and you heard that quick the two magnets hold it down. So, you've got to actually give it a good pull to get it to open back up.

So, when you're actually traveling down you can take these chairs set them on the bed and a table folds right away it when you get there you don't have to set it up, if you want this big open entertaining area really really versatile piece one of the cool additions in the 16th freeze they've actually added LED rope lighting behind the trim pieces which looks really cool here in the trailer. So, we were talking about seating. So, this is actually a triple theater seating area which is really nice.

So, we can sit fourth the dinette and we can do another three here we do have cup holders here and then we have recliners on all three seats which is really nice, if it's a nice spring or fall day you have windows on either side that can open a lot of manufacturers cut corners here they don't add a window in the slide out you're not going to see that with kz and there's free you're going to get a lot of natural light a lot of nice ventilation and just give it a really cool entertaining feel. So, while you're sitting in your triple theater seats you can view the 50 inch television. I feel like those gals on the price is right this is actually really cool it's one of the first trailers.

I've ever seen that's going to offer a 50-inch TV and you're sitting an entertaining area. So, you can be the TV from the couch behind me the theater chairs across the way while you're prepping in the kitchen or while you're sitting here at the table which is really cool that's actually your radio controls where you can turn the speakers on for the inside or the outside what you actually see later that the speakers are actually built into the awnings which is really cool CD and DVD player there you can see we've got our fireplace going that's an electric fireplace that you can use with or without the heating function. So, you just turn it on for a little cool ambience or you can utilize it as a 5,000 BTU space heater which is awesome storage all around our living area and you can see as you look up how there's a gap above cabinets that's because spree does a natural crown here in their roof one of the few trailers that do that.

So, you get the height without adding the weight. So, behind me we have one of the coolest couches that. I've seen this couch you can actually sit as a normal couch you can flip it out as a trifold bed and it also has the ability to flip up and be used as a couch with a flip-up footrest and next to the couch we have a second additional pantry this pantry is about three feet deep or maybe even deeper it's huge the bathroom features a nice vanity large sync all your tank monitors a huge double sliding glass door shower and then.

I really like this you have an oversized linen closet this is actually too deep there's three shelves in here lots of storage for towels porcelain commode and then one additional linen closet as well lots of storage in the bathroom this is a 50 amp coach it's equipped to put another second air here in the bedroom, if you'd like we didn't option it that way, but it is wired, if you want to add a second one. So, we've gone with a king bed here in the bedroom with Windows on either side for nice ventilation and lots of sleeping space here we've also gone with bifold closet doors here in the front one here it's mirrored on the other side and then deep drawers and storage up above here with our bed on the side we have our entire front camp here for storage which is really nice and you can see we've also gone with a nice four drawer wardrobe as well plenty of room for clothes plenty of room for food this thing has tons of storage for everything the focal point of the exterior has to be the two awnings not only have we given you the stereotypical one awning here on the front we've added a second coming to the rear a couple really neat things about these awnings one they both feature the LED light strips to this is a new feature for this year both awnings actually have speakers built into the arms of the awnings which means you could enjoy your radio on the outside and you're not blaring that sound to your neighbor you can keep it focused right here on your own patio which is really really cool another thing is that these awnings are actually a have come with a OneTouch easy adjust system you can grab one of the arms and you just pull it down and let go and it automatically gives you a tilt adjustment so, if you have rain coming you know that you're going to be safe with the rain and to put it back you just push it up and there you go very simple very effective very very cool patio nearly everything on this coach is going to be power we're going to equip it with a power tongue jack with a light here on the front so, if you're hitching up at night you're going to be able to see what's going on you're not gonna have to tire yourself out by cranking that thing up and down when you're hitching or unhitching we also give you 230 pound tanks with a cover and they have an automatic changeover. So, as long as both tanks are open, if one runs a dose switch to the other one automatically which is way more convenient for you we've gone with an all painted fiberglass front cap a couple really cool things about this one since this is paint it's going to give it a really sharp look when you're going down the road we also have equipped with LED lights and this is going to give it a more aerodynamic toe than just the standard front cap.

So, you're going to save fuel economy that's going to look sharp and it's going to give you that really touch of class you want with a luxury trailer like the Spree we've equipped the trailer with pastor storage on the front and all of the baggage doors on this coach are going to feature their easy catch system there's actually a magnet on the bottom you push it up magda holds the door open now you don't have to mess with opening those clips holding it up holding that little bar way easier again we have full pastor we've equipped it with a light on both sides and there's actually a battery disconnect right in here. So, when you put the camper away for a while you turn it off your battery's not going to be drained when you come back to use it next time we also have all power stabilizing Jack's on the front and the rear again no cranking on this coach very cool they've also added a plumbed LP line here at the bottom so, if you want to hook up an exterior grill you're ready to go really really neat feature and we've also added the easy lift grab handle you can push up and fold away when you're not using it, but this is going to make it a lot easier and more convenient to get in and out of the trailer then those little bitty ones this is a really cool feature this trailer actually has two doors one here and one in the rear and both doors have these soft blue LED lights here in the steps so, if you're coming in and out at night you're going to be able to see the steps without being too bright to know your neighbor, but it's a really important safety feature for everybody. So, this coach doesn't come equipped with a spare tire all of the tires on this coach do feature aluminum rims.

So, they're not going to rust like a cheaper steel rim you don't want that on your luxury trailer we. I've also equipped it with this storage / bike rack on the rear you pull these two pens this rack actually flips down and you could use it as a storage area for a coat a generator anything like that or there's a little bar that actually flips up then you can use this to carry your bikes around which is really cool on the other side of the trailer it does also feature black tank flush system which makes dumping and cleaning out your black tank a lot easier an exterior shower and it's got an LED light right above your sewer hookup so, if you ever dumping or hooking up sewer at night you're going to be able to have a clear picture of what's going on you definitely don't want any mess-ups there in that area of the camper again my name is Shawn Pollard with drinks RV center and thank you for taking a look at our 2016 spree 339 RK while we were filming we actually found an additional leaf for this table and we wanted to show you that. So, you can do to Leafs or no leaf save a lot of flexibility here with this table which is really cool, if you found the information this video helpful please give me a call especially, if you're looking to buy one of these trailers again we our dealership we do stay in business and we do earn our paychecks by selling and servicing these coaches so, if you're interested please give me the opportunity to earn your business.

I get my name is Shawn Pollard 6169 659 603 gets here at veering service center we want you to go rving with us are you looking for a luxury travel trailer ultralight rear entertainment fantastic upgrades at a great price point. I'm Joel Tucker it's our Kodiak 291 resl by dutchman click the link below for more information or see us at Barings RV com are you looking for a quality 5th wheel they can use to do some extended camping with it some colder temperatures while not breaking the bank then. I have the perfect fifth wheel for you my name is Parker and.

I'm with veering starter vcenter check out my video on this brand-new 2016 kz durango 325 r LT gives you lots of extra room for extra storage and look at this even realize it's another leaf that's crazy.

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