19 popular 2017 Airstream Flying Cloud 30FB Bunk

hello and welcome back to colonial Airstream this is Patrick Botticelli. So, you have a family of six we are an empty empty nesters you need additional workspace or you want relatives to stay with you well a lot of the trailers have a convertible dinette or lounge for additional sleeping what, if you wanted a trailer that has to permanent beds maybe even three this is the all-new 2017 Airstream 30ft Flying Cloud bunk this has a lot to offer it's not just for kids although it does sleep kids very well miss trailer has a permanent 60 by 75 queen bed up front its own separate area and has a rear double bed 54 by 76 and then there's an upper bunk bed - those are permanent mattresses that are set up all the time makes a lot easier on a night after night you don't have to sit down or fold down a bed it's already set up you have your sheets your comforters on it let's go check it out this trailer is 30 foot 10 inches long that's from the center of the ball to the very back bumper the interior width is 8 foot 1 that's 4 warm wall inside thanks to your height that the top and air-conditioning is 9 foot 9 inches in the interior Headroom we have 6 foot 7 a half inches from the floor to the ceiling we have a 60 by 75 walk-around queen bad up front this bed lifts up for additional storage comes with plastic containers this door opens and detaches Premium hardware on board so, if you wanted to put a larger item in here you could do.

So, this is 3/4 inch plywood this is cabinet grade plywood with laminate. So, there's no particle board and an idiot construction and there's no vinyl sticker wrap this regular laminate and then in the corners here you can actually see the construction it's all pocket hole screws. So, there's no staples holding everything together you can imagine you you're driving across country going to put three to five thousand miles in your trailer the amount of vibration that the roads cause inside the trailer that staples and and tacks they're not going to hold up in the long run pocket hole screws will.

So, it's very important that the trailer is built from the ground up more robust, if you're going to do the extensive travel in the front of this compartment we can actually reach in, if we wanted to inside the truck. So, say, if you forgot an item and it was pouring rain outside you're going to walk outside and open up the trunk compartment you could reach in and grab it as long as it fits through the mattress this is 7 1/2 inches thick it's a pillow top memory foam mattress extremely comfortable. So, there's no need to purchase an Airstream and then go out and buy a brand-new mattress you can use the existing mattresses adhere the interior decor bar in is the new landmark decor and this is the wild honey interior there's two there's three choices wild honey Sandpiper and truffle truffles a dark chocolate brown ultra leather Sandpiper is a light tan ultra leather and wild honey is more of a honey tone ultra leather his overhead roof Locker over to bed these are spring adjusted.

So, they'll help lift the cysts and they actually close and stay closed when you're driving there's directional reading lights over to bed which of course are LED there's pockets on either side of the bed and inside the pocket there's a USB charge port on either side of the bed there's electrical outlets and left and right those outlets will be live when you are plugged into Shore power and a campground the front window opens with the handles inside, but there's a rock art on the exterior that protects the safety glass tinted windows and the curtains these are the new black male curtains that Airstream put in for 2017. So, you can really darken the interior, if you wish on the side of the bed there's some storage compartments you can hang shirts in here and you can put bulk items in so. I like to stack up the shoes and sneakers and boots inside here there's ocean air roller shades you can put it all the way down halfway all the way up just make sure when you're rolling it up they stood square this is also a mergency exit window.

So, you're going to pull two red handles twist lift and you can snap it into three different heights there's three different heights to choose from use your discretion on a windy day you want to make sure maybe leave it on the lower height and because there's an emergency exit window these handles are all red and the screen has a quick-release. So, you could pull this out screen will come out you could climb out of the trailer it's very important to make sure this is locked down before you tell the trailer and. I squeezed tight you make sure you lift with two hands not one you don't want to twist the glass there's a furnace duct down here on the floor in the bedroom there's a smoke detector in the bedroom and then on the ceiling we have some lights and we have ducks here.

So, these are ducks for the ducted air conditioning and heat pump system you can spin them around you can shut certain ones off, if you're getting a little cold wire in bed you have speakers here there's speakers in the galley and there's a subwoofer as well these are intakes for your air conditioning. So, you want to make sure you check your field filters periodically and then, if you want a little bit of privacy while you're changing you could pull across the privacy curtain on this side we have matching storage on the right of the bed we have a similar window except it's a stacked window they raise the window up just a little bit Vizio your awning side there's a lot of activity so. I don't want you to bump your head on it.

So, it's a little bit higher. So, there's a porthole that does not open on the bottom you have bedroom lights which are dimmable and the bedroom television there's a lock mechanism that allows you to pull the TV out and swing it around for different viewing angles while laying in bed and then next to the television there is an inverter outlet or regular outlet. So, when you're plugged into electricity at camp around you want to use the regular outlet, if you're pulled over on the side of the road you're using your battery system you want to turn your inverter system on which is 1,000 Watts unplug the television from the regular outlet and plug it into the inverter outlet you have a few hours of viewing time to watch television even use your blu-ray player we have a 72-inch lounge this will shoot sleep one child or one adult for the ultraleather is the nude well ultra leather it's a textured ultra leather they as premium foam inside is extremely comfortable you can see the construction on how they make it the foam density on the inside the stitching here it's all top-notch there's two additional windows behind the sofa here in the overhead storage we have a DVD blu-ray player a CD player and stereo system and then we have a switch box because there's three televisions total standard on this trailer and then you have all the rest of your overhead roof lock or storage a whole bunch here you can put a lot of items inside you can give each child their own compartment, if you wish you can use food storage and most of them below the lounge we have a storage area here comes with a plastic bin.

So, you can take this out load their items in carried out to the trailer and its own storage this area here is where the furnace since it is a furnace return the 42 by seventy six inch lounge can sleep up the two adults two children and easily converts into a bed pull the release pin on the bottom of the table be able to slide it out also pull the releases on the table pedestal leg now allow to now collapse. I'm going to collapse it partially and then lift up the side cushion put it underneath lift up this cushion put it underneath put down slide it in and then lock it in place now. I could take the two extra pieces here assemble them in the middle and then you can remove the rest of the cushions it's easily a bit dinette is large enough to accommodate a four people and the tables adjustable.

So, you can slide it in or out also you can spin it. So, if. I wanted to get to the inside.

I could spin it out this way. I'll be able to come around and. I could pull the table in and you can actually sit a child mom could sit here you can have another child here and you can also put a chair on the outside which allow you to seat an additional person the dinette has storage underneath it as well.

So, this is a bullet area storage you could also lift up the cushion and lift up the lid to get the distort as well back on the wall we have key hook. So, you can hang all your keys up here there's a dry erase board with magnets or dry erase marker you write notes there's four coat hooks there's a little copy here for magazines or books and then we also have your ceiling light control from here there's a LED light strip underneath the awning that will come on you can dim that down, if it's too bright and you can turn on your porch light and your step light you can also hit the main battery disconnect. So, right now.

I'm not plugged into electricity this trailer actually has a solar charging system it's a 160 watt it's between 280 watt panels you also get upgraded batteries you go from lead-acid batteries to absorb glass mat they're grouped 24 series batteries in parallel giving you 12 volts DC, but if. I was leaving the trailer for today and had a couple lights on and maybe. I left something on now.

I want to kill that battery. I could actually come down here and hit the battery disconnect and it shuts everything off for me we want to make sure you leave this on when you're towing the trailer. So, your alternator charges the battery you also want to leave this on before you plug the trailer into electricity.

So, charges this is a great area to for family it's a lot of extra thought in this trailer for a family you could put your kids boots here and the slides and has his own place inside the trailer there's two 30-inch windows on your owning site. So, when you think about it when you go to a campground this is your neighbors side this is your side this is a side your big awning is on it really nice to be inside the trailer and have full view of what's going on on your side of the trailer you have a window in the bedroom you have two windows right here you can see everything on this side you do have enough windows on this side, but it's nice to have them on this side as well there's also Vista view windows up top and you close off, if you want to get a little bit less light inside the trailer 26 inch Samsung LED television in the galley area. So, the kids could gather family to gather and everybody has a seat to watch television together you have your comfort control center that's been controlled both air conditionings and heat pumps as well as you're forcing air propane furnace 8 cubic foot automatic two-way refrigerator it's plenty of room for a weeks-long food loader refrigerator we have your battery converter charger this converts AC to DC charges your battery and also when it does the conversion with AC to DC you have 12 volt fuses for your 12-volt items and lights water pumps stereo those items are run on 12 volts.

So, you have fuses in here so, if you do have a problem with anything you maybe want to check here first bottom portion is a battery charger so, if you are plugged into electricity you might hear a fan kick on periodically that's just cooling down the battery charger next we have a propane leak detector bicode you are required to have propane detection on board because there is propane gas is heavier than air. So, it's going to be settling down towards the floor that's why this is on the floor these are very sensitive though so, if you spray anything aerosol by it it will set it off and it is hardwired to the battery. So, there's no batteries replace every six months there's a wardrobe for the family up here with a light inside wardrobe rod has notches built into it.

So, your clothes don't slide back and forth it's extremely deep compartment and there's four drawers they can give each person each member their own drawer for socks underwear accessories and then underneath the bed there's bulk storage comes with the bin right now it has some of the accessories that come with the tray like a welcome mat the remote controls the low pressure quick release propane line the stands that come with the televisions before they do take these off. So, they can put them on the wall and then this trailer has the optional wireless backup camera the camera is already installed, but the monitor this is what goes into your tow vehicle you plug it into the 12-volt lighter cigarette lighter 12-volt port inside your truck turn on your parking lights and that will activate the camera the rest there's a two more bins back there what else is used in this space well we have the wheel well the water heater a side storage compartment and we have a rear storage compartment the biz bed is 54 inches wide by 76 inches long same pillow top memory foam mattress up top we have a 30 by 76 bunk for a child weight limit is 150 pounds. I'm going to keep that in mind when there's no child's sleeping up there you can store extra blankets and goods up there there's even a step built-in.

So, the child could sign onto the bed put their foot in the step and climb up using the pole at the foot of the bed we have your light switch for the room there is a USB charge port you can utilize the charge portable electronic devices there's two one for the upper bunk one for the lower bunk and then there's a storage area with two bins. So, the kids have personal belongings they want to utilize and read books in bed they'll have their own place to put those items there's a porthole window at the bottom there's a Vista View window at the top the back window is also another emergency exit they could open a case of urgencies with a quick-release screen there's a directional LED reading light and then a television they could sit back relax in this nice cozy corner in the galley there's some pantry storage and you have another four drawers to utilize for whatever you would like back to a point. I made earlier it's not just for kids your in-laws want to come camping with you, but you want to fold the dinette down or fold the Lambs down every night this is a perfect size bed for two adults maybe you give them to your bed for that night you can sleep back here, but you'll have a more comfortable sleep on a real mattress versus a fold-down dinette three burner cooktop these are heavy-duty rates here for very large pant pots and pans at the gas oven this is standard there is an option to upgrade to a convection microwave this is a regular microwave when you do an operation convection microwave this becomes drawers.

So, you get a couple extra drawers so, if you decide you want some more storage in the galley and you're not going to utilize the oven you could do that option as well it's about a 50/50 split right now there's storage below the cooktop and oven there's silverware storage below the microwave another storage compartment it goes back about six inches wait wait a minute why doesn't this one go back all the way well the wheels cut into the body just like a bed of a pickup truck we like every possible it would just be easy to split a solid panel over this, but interesting feels that it's very important you always every inch possible. So, they spend extra money put the hardware the door the hinges the lock mechanism just to utilize this for stores. So, we like that about Airstream plenty of counter space for prep, if you're into juicing or chopping there's Anna generous amount of prep space and the sink everybody loves their sham sink there's a steel clean stainless steel sink Moen faucet is a high quality residential faucet so, if you use the force a lot the plastic forces the most RVs come with they do come apart they do crack they do discolor very quickly you won't get that with this Moen faucet also has a separate sprayer off to the side there's two porthole windows above the sink that are in a fixed position underneath the sink we have a trash panel that comes with its also they have a CNC machine at the factory when they make these actually route in a groove.

So, that rascal doesn't slide back and forth in the galley we can control our inverter on and off from here this has the optional solar charging system so. I could see how much battery percentage. I have remaining.

I've had almost all the lights on for over an hour now it's nice and sunny out today the battery's still at 100%. So, just shows you we're getting enough solar gain to maintain the lights for the amount of time we had this is a pretty good system you can also see your battery voltage we're at 13.8 which means we're under charge your solar charge ansar we're getting about 9.2 solar charge amps currently and we have 615 solar powers that's a lot you have a GFCI protect an electrical outlet in the galley there's a tank monitoring system as a sea level 2 we can see how much battery voltage we have freshwater capacity or zero we're empty right now. I don't have any water on board our gray waste and our black lace those will be in levels of percentage 10% 20% only up to 100% you can also turn on or off your water pump from here.

So, the water pump and we'll take water from your 54 gallon freshwater tank pressurize the system and shuts off its demand pump once it sees a drop in pressure the pump will come on to give you water pressure. So, when you turn on your faucet you'll have continuous flow of water there's no need to leave the pump on when you're towing. I would not recommend it there's no need to leave the pump on when you're hooked to city water connection at a campground it's the water pressure and other worry about your onboard water cooktop has the light over it LED light and also has a fan that ventilates outside there's also a vent louver and outside that you have to open in order for it to vent out properly why is there a louver and.

I keeps it closed well when you're towing on the road you know want to flap it around they don't wanna bring dust and debris inside the trailers very important to utilize that in the bathroom this is a private bath and what do. I say private bath well we have a lot of floor plans that have split bath. So, the showers on one side of the hallway and the toilets on the other side and there's a door that separates the toilet and then you just have the shower out in the hallway.

So, there's privacy curtains. I closed the whole hallway down. So, you have privacy in your shower, but, if you're camping and you have a family and the kids want their own privacy it's just two curtains that separate their privacy from you and also you close the middle of the trailer down while they're in the shower because you can't get to the bedroom well not with this bathroom this bathroom is all in the back corner everybody can go about their business inside the trailer while you're in here you can use a toilet in here you can shower makeup shave hairdryer everything you need to do in this one compartment before you exit it's a lot more private there's a fan inside the bathroom they push up on push the, button allows the exhaust stale air and excess moisture out light switch well.all LED there's a lot of them, if it's too bright for you in the morning you can actually manually shut some elements off, if you wish.

So, you don't have to have every single light Kalon there's an electric flush toilet actually you could fill up the bowl from over here there's a macerator pump in the bottom that discharges the waste out into the black tank and, if you notice toilet is a tourist in China thought it's a very high quality bullet a lot of manufacturers use a plastic toilet which is okay, but they do discolor over time they do scratch and they're very difficult to clean another moment philosophy at high quality sink you have a lot of storage underneath the countertop and the vanity here toilet paper holders on the inside it'll bump into it when you're coming in and out there's also a mirror on the wall with magnification five times or just regular got a towel bar GFCI protect an electrical outlet and the water heater this is XT series Atwood water heater it's a six gallon reservoir, but it gives you nine gallons continuous flow hot water and you decide whether you want electric or gas just flip the switch on and then 15 minutes you want hot water it's super heats the water. So, you're going to be careful not to scold yourself you can also use the gas element side, if you're not plugged into electricity just flip the switch up you'll see the red light flicker it will try to ignite, if it misfires the red light will come on and stay on you might be out of propane my about air in the lines could be something that prevented that water heater from igniting. So, red light on means you have a problem not that the water heater is physically on in the shower this is a two-piece fiberglass shower enclosure with a seam that overlaps.

So, you'll have to worry about caulking and maintaining that scene, but you do want to caulk and maintain the shower door periodically the wand hangs on the wall you have a regular diverter just like you would have in your house hot and cold water and you could take the wand off and hand wash yourself and you can pause it because you already have your desired temperature set lather up and then turn it back on to reach yourself off it's also a clothesline in here. So, you can pull across for light items like bathing suits. I wouldn't recommend putting towels on it it's not mate to support a lot of weight, but you could hang some items here to dry and it just locks in place the talib are in the shower and then everybody they love this shower door and that would be, if you're looking at it for first time it might seem a little flimsy, but don't let it looks for you this is a very durable shower curtain when you roll it back it squeegee itself off its mold and mildew resistant.

So, we'd be using it for many years and we rarely ever replace. I only think we've replaced one. I've been here 15 years snap it in place and then pull on it and release back and old water now sweet it off went down the drain and let's talk about the drink there's a drain pump that comes with the trailer now it's not fill up the bottom to give your dog a bath what it does is prevents the water from siphoning out of your p-trap.

So, you don't get tank odor while you're towing down the highway. So, it's very important to put that in and utilize it when you're in tell underneath the dinette there is electrical outlet in your vert or outlet and you have a skylight galley with shade and another fantastic fan inside this relish there's plenty of ventilation open up your side windows you can exhaust out that excess heat and humidity that you don't want inside the trailer easily with both fantastic fans take a walk outside we'll go around the outside features let's talk about the entry door this entry door takes one person that Airstream a whole entire day ship to manufacture. So, you think all the craftsmanship and love that goes into this door it is absolutely beautiful screen door detaches from the main door swings and locks in place it's all TIG welded stainless steel hinges six rivets on each hinge.

So, it's a tremendous amount of support for just one hinge and it snaps into this extruded aluminum structure for the door frame that's also TIG welded. So, this whole Thorat structures over engineered to withstand a lifetime of use for this trailer over 70% of the airstream is ever manufactured there's still the road and still in use today the bottom of the door has some grip tape on the extruded aluminum structure so, if you're on your way out you don't slip and then there's a 45 degree cleat here it allows you easily sweep interior out and this is one sheet of vinyl on the floor inside and what's nice about is we leave your door open as raining and a little bit of water gets on top of this vinyl and happens to sneak and go down below to the plywood floor we have an anti wicking sub dissipated that a whole perimeter apply wood for that prevents the water to wick all the end inside with prevents floor rot. So, it's very important a lot of people think oh it's just for leaks well it's not water could get here you could have wet feet and the water will travel underneath the floor that repels it allows you to drain straight out the door everybody loves the hardware on the door heavy-duty lock mechanism that beautiful sound when it closes heavy-duty deadbolt lock it's all clad on aluminum insulated weather sealed you can see the hand riveted window frames mixer aluminum gutter rail that goes over the top to prevent sheathing rain from coming down beautiful polished aluminum grab handle and the hinges, but each hinge is work apart each hinge is handcrafted machine crafted and is a woman with a clear coat on it very heavy duty hitch the underbelly of the trailer is clean completely enclosed and insolent it's all enclosed an aluminum riveted screw it in place there's an air gap between the floor and the belly pan with some insulation on board and it allows it to breathe, but also prevents rodents from getting inside as well as water coming up and hitting the floor subfloor when you're towing down the highway has a lower rubber oil protection a Center bail line protection the catch for the entry door when it comes around there's running lights on the side which are LED running lights in the front and rear are also LED this is the step light we spoke about earlier the porch light is in the middle that's also LED this says the GU year marathon 225 75 are 15 load range d tires these are special trailer tires aluminum rims has never Lube hub hubs which are you don't have to worry about repacking the wheel bearings like you used to and it has an ever adjust braking system.

So, they're self adjusting brakes you do still have to do a brake inspection annually and you also do, if you ever remove the tire you have to do your lug nut to work every 10 25 and 50 miles very important to check your lug the torque and tire pressure 65 psi is your recommended tire pressure not a wouldn't run anything over that and. I wouldn't run too much lower than that. So, make sure you check that before you ever toe it.

So, once you hitch up come check each tire check your tire pressure there's a rubber torsion axle system. So, there's no moving parts that allows the trailer to literally hug the road each wheel has its own shotguns over all the way around. So, there's for shock is overs total this vent here is for your refrigerator allows fresh air in and exhaust is up top on the roof very important never to store anything in this compartment it is sealed from the elements.

I wouldn't recommend hosing it out and there's a drain tube for refrigerator. So, when it defrost the water could drain outside and there's all extra aluminum structure here there's also a mesh screen on the inside prevent bugs from getting it outside GFCI protected electrical outlet any a lot regular Alex inside the trailer won't work and less the trailers plugged into electricity except for your few inverter outlets one of the dinette next to the blu-ray player next each TV is the water heater we spoke about inside this is not a storage compartment, but allows you to drain the water heater down when you're not using the trailer or the trailer of winterized when you flip the switch inside on gas the gas valve opens allows gas to flow through mix with a combustible air ignite excess heat and exhaust comes out of the top there's also a pressure relief valve built-in, if in case the pressure gets too high inside the tank behind that we have a storage compartment which is insulated weather sealed lockable. So, you lock it and these compartment locks are actually they squeeze the door shut very tight.

So, you don't have to worry about water getting inside this is where the 50 amp power cords stored we also give you a 50 the 30 amp adapter. So, you can plug it into a 30 amp campground just know that you're not gonna be able to run both air conditioners at the same time colonial-era also gives you a premium 30 to 15 amp adapter. So, you can plug in at home for charging inside this compartment is diamond plated and there's a hole cut out which gives you access to get the water heater to bypass them for winterization there's stabilizer jacks all four corners there's a tool that comes with the trailer you manually crank down your jacks that is just to take the bounce out of your wok it's not to level the trailer it's just to stabilize it you can also use a cordless drill with a 3/4 inch socket there zipping down, if you wish and there's jack points on the trailer because the trailer comes with a full sized spare tire where is the jack well the Jackson your tow vehicle think about it you already have a jack you have a vehicle that has truck tires on it what you should be able to jack up one point of this trailer.

So, what you do is you put your electric hitch jack post down hit the ground first and there's specific locations underneath the trailer that you could put a floor jack from your vehicle and they're labeled with a sticker with a metal playing on them. So, you know exactly where the frame is you don't want to put the jack anywhere because you could just punch right through the belly pan there's a specific location. So, once you Jack it up you're going to use all your tools from your truck remove the tire and put the spare tire on, but there's one here and there's one on other side those your two jack locations for this trailer beautiful Flying Cloud medallion this is all aluminum milled painted back of the trailer love these handcrafted machine castle metallic housings of LED lights Alcoa finish the next year very low maintenance.

I'd recommend wash you get the buzz off keep away from road salt and wax it once here you're not buffing this it's already clear Cody you're just protecting it and sealing it these curved panels here are stretched formed over machines of the same aluminum that they use on the side they actually take it on machine and stretch form it over a mold think about your knee and stretching a piece a rubber balloon over your knee that's exactly what they do, but it's aluminum polished aluminum rear bumper with guards on the side these are scuff guards the corner of the woman can be sharp, if you're pulling your power cord around. So, that protects your cord and yourself there's another rear trunk compartment back here which is lit just like the side one it gives you plenty of storage for additional items at the campsite rear bumper lid lifts up with additional storage it's also diamond plated there's a license plate bracket with illumination this is your rear zip the awning there's also Sunbrella material just like the main awning it's very very durable for outside use you do have to clean it periodically, but. I see trailers from the 60s that come with original awning Lavoie they look fantastic with that sunbrella material pull down to release it swing these over storm on their perches and let it roll up and when it's up its protected in aluminum guard here there's no lock on the rerunning, but there's locks for the side warnings back here we have your cable and television satellite hookup.

So, this is cable TV and satellite you can put a portable dish outside bring your receive from your house hook it in where to switch boxes inside the trailer you might need a few extra adapters, if you go to a campgrounds cable great you can plug it right into their park cable, if you don't have either there is an antenna it's an omnidirectional antenna on the roof of the trailer you do have to turn antenna booster which is inside the trailer on which gives 12-volt signal to the antenna to boost the signal for the televisions you just go through your automatic program on the television to see what stations come in with your trailer in that position this window wanting rolls up just like the back except it doesn't have that extra hardware because it actually straps in place when it's up you make sure you lock it in place before you tow a trailer away now that awning tool that comes into the trailer you can usually Zack to twist it. I was able to reach it by hand this is the waste management system this allows you to discharge your gray and black tanks. So, what do we have we have your main tank and your auxiliary wash Oh doesn't it say black and gray well.

I'll just know that your main tank is always going to be your black tank what you're going to do is hook on the premium waste hose that colonial Airstream gives you it stores in its own storage tube up front going to take that take the elbow out of storage and you're going to use a rubber doughnut and hook into the camp ground connection nice and solid take this cap off snap on the waste hose once you're secure you're going to release the tethers and pull the waste gate all the way out that'll allow the black tank your toilet waste to discharge through your tube down into the campgrounds Waystation when you're done with that when you hear don't hear any flow anymore you close that put your tethers on and open up your gray tank which is your exhilarate wash that will then clean out this discharge tube and your waste those with the shower soapy water in the sink water and that will help help you clean out. So, that's why we label that auxiliary wash to take it a step further Airstream gives you a high-pressure black tank fritz. So, what you do is you get a regular garden hose not the nice water hose that clone the other stream gives you hook that up to the campgrounds water connection hook that into here it's clearly labeled tank flush, but they want your black tank open first.

So, after you enter your black tank you're going to be done you're going to bring it home you're going to put it back in storage you might want to rinse it out coat the garden hose up before you turn it on open up the waste gate have your waste hose hook them turn the water on inside the tank there's one under pressure that sprays the walls of the tank down and cleans out the tank and all that residual waste let that run for five to ten minutes turn it off and then you're good to go now make sure when you're in tow that these tethers are secured and your cap is on and your waste hose is properly put away there's a light outside that illuminates this area at night it's an LED light above the waste connection we have your city water connection. So, we have a 54 gallon freshwater tank that has a separate fill this is the supply water to the whole entire trailer under their water pressure. So, it's not filling your tank there's check valve built to the water pump that just allows this water to supply to all your faucets take the little cap off put on your your fresh water hose turn on the water at the campground you're good and even, if their water pressures super super high this is regulator 55 psi to protect your plumbing next to that we have your 50 amp power cord connection caps lifts up there's a metal cap on this trailer take your power cord snap it in twist and put the weather seal lock on and you're good to go here's the cooktop ventilation system we spoke about inside there's the two little tabs here that keep it shut when you're telling you can open it up when you're at the campground just make sure you close it down when you're done water compartments lockable is there potable water compartment this allows you to fill the freshwater tank up with water uses a 751 key take the cap off stick the hose in loose turn the water on low and let the excess air you'll hear that gurgling hear that's the air we're leaving out out out of the tank take a little while until 54 gallon tank most people aren't going to tow the trailer around with the 54 gallon tank full either they'll put enough water inside.

So, they can flush the toilet use it to sink while they're on the road the drainage system down there's a drain valve between the axles here they twist the top lever on and allow you to your tape tank of gravity drain also in front of that there's some low point drains that's for winterization we'll go over that with you in your hands-on orientation when you come to pick up at Colonial is outside utility shower which use the same 7:51 cake and the one comes out it hangs up you have hot and cold water. So, you could hose down maybe your kids your dog, but really what it's for is all the things you have on the ground with campground before you put them away they might be muddy they might be dirty could hose everything off and dry it off before you put it away side window warning goes for all these windows here just shave the whole side of the trailer almost roll it up store it and you're towing put the lock on this is the furnace exhaust it's got a aluminum piece on it that Airstream modifies to match the look of the trailers as an outside vendor don't ever put this we park the trailer next to a pile leaves and that turn the furnace on because you have a lot of heat coming off the furnace. So, you want to keep any combustibles far enough away from it there's the waste those stores tube we talked about earlier you store that waste tows it goes almost all the way through the trailer some of the deluxe fittings and doughnuts that go on the end you're going to be stored elsewhere is just for the waste hose itself and then you might have might see some water dripping out a trail, if you have any air conditionings on there's a pans inside of net collect water that come down a condensate tube there's one here and there's one there.

So, we do a lot of tech support calls from first-timers that might have forgot to an orientation that there are drip tubes there. So, it's not your plumbing leaking, if it's a very humid day and you have the air conditioning on expect to see a steady drip of water up front here allows you to identify your trailer the model the VIN number the tire size and the tire pressure very important information here, if you ever get pulled over and. So, need to check something in regards to trailer this is your information center stainless steel rod protectors are very heavy duty, if you had any debris in the road that comes up into the trail like tire retread that comes off of a 18-wheeler it's going to hit this to flex in a little bit it should bounce back out that's why we leave a gap between the stainless steel rod protectors and aluminum body there's a gap here that allows some deflection because there's a gap things get stuck back there leaves and debris right.

So, there's a piano hinge or a gear and there's three nuts. So, you could take off and knees swing out. So, you can clean leaves and debris out from behind very important upgrade.

I recommend is the solar stone guard upgrade it's about a thousand dollars, but it's worth every penny standard every year extreme Flying Cloud 30 FB just comes with a square front window this one does too, but. I paid a little bit extra to protect my customers investments by getting the curved pieces. So, there's only aluminum back here, but, if you look at every other trailer run a lot they all have that curved panoramic windows with the solar stone guards.

So, this one we checked your body of your trailer and it actually then matches and looks like the rest of the pack of air streams there's 230 pound bottles that come with the trailer colonial-era stream fill them an average customer last my whole season these bottles can be released out of the cover here by sending the nut and once you get that off you can lift the bottle cover completely off and you can take your bottles and undo them and get them filled you can also manually and there's a sight gauge and let you know, if the bottles empty or have some propane in turn on this side we have a propane quick disconnect system that allows you to take the propane that's on board on the trailer and hook up the little hose that's inside to a low pressure grill. So, it's not going to be a weber grill or deluxe grill will be one of the small little camping grills you can hook that in, if you have a more premium type grill you can just take one of your propane bottles out and hook it directly up to the grill there's also your 7-way power connection. I all like storing this on the ground and put it over to frame this is what goes in the back your vehicle which allow the trailer to charge, if you have a charged Lea hooked up your blinkers turn signals brake lights and your brake controller feet all goes through the 7-way in the storage compartment underneath the bag saw a little bit from inside there's the largest of the storage compartments there's a light inside of it as well, but there's two latches to keep it very tight prevent water from getting inside because this has a solar charging system this has the premium battery upgrade to absorbed glass mat batteries the rock guard the solar stone guard the middle piece lifts up you can lock it in place with a little neural knob on both sides and you can lift your window the corners, if you want to clean the body the trailer clean leaves and debris out from behind just take a Phillips head screwdriver turn a quarter turn this swings out and lifts off there's also examp quick disconnect port here for a portable panel, if you decide you want to use a portable panel with its own controller built in you plug that right in and then we have your spare tire there's a pin that releases the arm there's another pin this will drop down you raise your lecture catch jack up and you can gain access to the tire it's on a steel will.

So, it's not the same aluminum wheel that's on the trailer. So, you want to check your owner's manual because there's a different torque lugnut torque specification electric hitch jack has a manual overrides either socket or hand crank that comes with it there's a light that illuminates this area at night and you could extend it lower or explain the jack to bring it up off your vehicle the coupler slide it forward and lift up never released a 2 and 5/16 inch ball and it has 11,000 pounds safety chains and. I recommend criss crossing, if there's too much slack you could actually twist them take some of the slack out.

So, there are dragon on the ground then you have a trailer breakaway cable that will go over with you how to set it up and what not to do on the roof of the trailer we have a radio antenna we have your bedroom air conditioning we have one of your solar panels the skylight in the galley with the shade another solar panel behind that we have your main 15,000 BTU air conditioner your refrigerator vent and then we also have your bathroom fan well this is Patrik Botticelli with colonial Airstream. I hope you enjoyed this video please like this video comment share subscribe. I love it.

I'll see you soon and just check us out on the web ww-will Airstream comm telephone number is 802-528-2229 it's wait that's the amount of force that's applied to the rear of your vehicle and the front of the trailer is eight hundred and eighty-five pounds you.

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