18 excellent 2017 Airstream Flying Cloud 20C Bambi Small Light Weight

this wheel lock which just sits in a little tiny cup there and just clamps these two bars together okay once you get it loose enough and will drop over, but you can see where it slips into a little cup there that clamps them tight up against the body always make sure your entry door is shut before you operate the awning you don't want to catch it on the way out oh this one's tight and you don't want to undo this wheel too much it could come off the threaded rod and then fall on the ground they need to climb back up there and put it back on now once you get it loose enough you could actually push in on the outer bar double release it for you twist this and then here's your strap in the middle you want to grab that with your morning tool oh look there's the LED light talked about that's dimmable once you get this close enough we could reach it with your hand drop the stick do you don't want this to slide out and fly up against the body once you have it out all the way you want to walk up to the awning holding it the whole entire time if. I let go this one is going up so.

I'm going to walk all the way down to the end holding it bracing it down what. I want to do that is grab the rafter arm that sits on a little perch here and bring it over to the end of the roller wheel snaps right on don't put it here, if you put it here you will damage your awning. I see it time and time again pictures online that will bend these bars.

So, once you have it here there's a little pin that sits in two little notches we're gonna collapse this piece over this piece it's all spring-loaded to load a good amount of pressure into this upper arm now this is a sturdy stiff rafter that's what's going to hold the awning in. So, when you lift it up you don't put too much stress in the bottom bar. So, now that.

I have the awning down. I can let go. I got my hands-free right now.

I could do this side separately you can see a little bit up close lock it in place now we have it locked and you don't want to ever forget that step now we can lift the awning up. So, there's a little pin here on a neural knob that sits it there's four notches one two three four somewhere in here you don't want to go past four because you could pull it on and completely out and it is sprung clocked and that could be dangerous. So, we're going to do is put your hand on the roller wheel and then pull out the neural knob and left and this straighter you keep it don't twist it, but straighter you keep it the easier it's going to be to glide in and out, if you start twisting these are two square tubes they're gonna bind and you always have to go up to number four by the door one two three four because when you open the door you don't want it to rub the awning we can do that on this side put my hand on the roller wheel and lift up.

I can tilt this side if. I wish so, if it's light rain. I'll have a puddle here instead of right in front of the door you want to get some gloves too because some of this stuff gets a lot of road grime on it when you're towing this rolls up nice and neat you can do that and tuck it into this little pouch here and then you swing open your entry door and it's fully set up.

I'll be enjoyed this video this is Patrick with colonial Airstream Lakewood New Jersey website is www.seannal.com.