22 lastest 2017 Keystone Summerland 3030BH Bunkhouse Kona

hi folks i'm ian baker the product specialist here in american RV and Grand Rapids Michigan today. I'm here to tell you all about the 2017 Keystone Summerland 2920 bh this is an awesome bunk model with a ton of outside storage let's go ahead and start up front here.

I'll make your way around then head on in power tongue jack to start the coach off this is great makes it nice and easy to raise and lower the tongue rather than having to do it yourself and wear out your arm behind that's your propane tank cover very easy to access the tanks you see you have two thumb screws here just undo those that will give you or that allow the door to lift up here and give you access to your 220-pound tanks right behind that our rails for your battery box there and coming up the front is black diamond plating to help protect the front end from rocks and debris that get thrown up from your tow vehicle. So, we come around to this side here you can see the front pass-through storage great space in there you'll see you have a light as well so, if you do have to access anything at night you can go ahead and do that power stabilizing Jack's on both the front and back of this coach again making setting up and tearing down camp just that much easier for you power awning on here as well. So, that way to touch a, button that rolls out same thing to roll back in and underneath the power awning is an LED light strip so, if you do want light at night you can go ahead and turn that on and you don't have to get up there and hang up your christmas lights getting into the coach is very easy you see you have three steps right here to climb right in this unit is does have the Arctic package on it.

So, it does have a fully enclosed and heated underbelly so, if you are camping into the later seasons camping into fall when it's getting a little bit colder at night you don't have to worry about anything freezing up on you as long as the furnace is running electrical outlet right here. So, you can go ahead and plug anything in and notice that is render Neath the awning which is great to outside speakers there as well so, if you do want to you know hook though or, if you want to listen to some music wire out here you can go ahead and do that those are controlled by your multimedia center inside make it our way back a little bit further here outside shower both hot cold access there. I like the fact it's on the camp side most of the time this is on your off door side or in the back of the camper, but.

I like having it right here because it is nice and convenient especially, if now you know the kids have sandy feet coming in from the beach and go ahead and spray them off real quick wash the dog whatever you need to do and then you can head right into the camper then as we come to the very back take a look at this now that you have the front pass through you also have a rear pass through and this is huge storage here you can see how wide the door is nice large door on both sides. So, you can easily fit larger items in here far too often the travel trailers today only have the front pass-through storage so. I love the fact they're able to bring the rear pass through storage back as well right back here, but attached to the bumper you can see you have a mount for a grill so, if you have a grill you want to slap on there you can easily do that right over here is your spare tire this is great you know nice and easy to get to riding right back here of course hopefully you never have to use it now you see this big door right here it is very easy to get into just pull a couple tens here whoops there you go to pull the pin then your tire will drop down like.

So, that gives you access to again another very large storage area right over here. So, this is awesome you do have a light in here too, if you you know great place to put zero-gravity chairs you can put pool noodles in here you can see over to the side you have an electrical outlet so, if you want to put tools back here you can have a toolbox you can go ahead and plug in let your battery's charge right there, but just an excellent extra storage space here on the outside, but okay. I know it's great on the outside let's go take a look at the inside let's go ahead and start off on the kitchen you can see you have some usable countertop space here both on the sides of the sink as well as space behind very large single bowl sink in here as well it's nice and deep makes it very usable and, if you have large pots and pans you can go ahead and set them down flat in here also high-rise pull out faucet makes washing dishes very easy going to take a look right up front here underneath the counter top you'll see you have some good storage to full extension doors right here as well as some extra storage there you have a couple controls up above there your slide your awning as well as the lights up top right here's a window.

So, as you're doing dishes you can take a look out at your campsite their electrical outlets on either side of it so, if you plug in a coffee maker or toaster you can go ahead and do that three burner at would cook top there the front one is high output and you have an oven underneath, if you want to do a little bit of baking you can see you have a cutout here and then storage underneath that and there is enough room there for a trashcan another cut out right here and then you also have another full extension drawer there. So, we move up top you see the fully functional hood here with the light and fan microwave there and additional pantry storage over here dometic fridge freezer combo this unit does run off both propane and electric and also has automatic switch over so, if you want to get off propane as soon as you plug it in to shore power it will automatically switch over to electric for you saving you on propane gas you take a look at the ceiling you will notice a couple things one it is ducted AC on there also you can see the speakers are in here is controlled by the multimedia Center. I'll show you in a little bit in this unit has a king jack antenna which is nice that's for your TV this replaces the old style where you have to crank it up and down with this one all you have to do is turn it to find the best signal big advantage of that is you don't have to remember to drop the antenna back down you're done camping because it doesn't move up and down.

So, it won't break off on you right over here is the bathroom take a look right down there is your foot flush lover toilet there you can see your sink top and vanity good amount of countertop space there as well as a cubby hole underneath a little bit of storage under the sink to the electrical outlet over to the side up top is your mirrored medicine cabinet there and over to this side here's your tub shower. I like the fact it's a tub when you have a bunkhouse case you have smaller kids you can see some shelves their hand wand and then your skylight right up top. So, we'll go ahead and close this and that in the back here is our bunk room, if we can take a look here.

So, you have two large bunks 300 pound weight limit on air which is nice they're cool thing about the the bunks is right here. I mean whether you want this to be the foot or the headboard, but both the top and bottom bunks have a little foot locker like this which is really cool. So, you have some extra storage built right into the beds.

I like that they went ahead and did that and you still have about six foot of space here as well. So, even, if the kids are taller they can go ahead and still comfortably sleep here electrical outlet up top case you need to plug anything in their TV hookups right over here you can see your TV hookup there they did put a sticker on here. So, you know where the mounting bracket location is for the TV in the back couple windows there skylight up top and then right over here you will see you actually have some wardrobe hanging space which is awesome.

So, that way you know, if you need to hang the kids clothes up you can easily do. So, as we come back out over to the side this is our super slide you can see the dinette right here this table does drop down into a bed. I have to do is remove the two legs out of the flanges in the floor and in the table here as well the table then sits along these rails take the cushions put it on top of the table here and then that will essentially create that extra sleeping space also write down over to the side you'll see an electrical outlet so, if you need to plug in a laptop or tablet you can go ahead and do that as well, if you have cell phones you want to plug in you will see right here are two USB ports as well and then over to the side here is our jackknife sofa.

So, the cool thing about a jackknife as you can see all the storage you get underneath. So, great spot for bedding very easy to access there. I didn't think.

I like about this jackknife sofa is you actually have an armrest that folds down right here just kind of cool and you have some cupholders built-in right there now. I'm storage up top got to mention that. So, you can see the storage right there and that as we make our way over here we get into our entertainment area.

So, your TV hookups right here multimedia center right here underneath you can see you have good storage there as well for DVDs multimedia Center his bluetooth capable, but capable by the way if. I didn't mention that right up top here you can see some additional storage there same thing over here then this is something. I really like they did you can see they have a designated spot for your coats right here and they even have a built-in shoe rack.

I think that is awesome you know far too often when you come in the campers you have to kind of makeshift areas to where do you put your shoes and this is definitely a dedicated spot right there you know even, if you want to sit down here can take you know go ahead and put your shoes on gives you a nice little seat there as well so. I think it's really cool that they did that let's come on up into the bedroom here. I will take a look you can see you have your queen bed right here this does have storage underneath so, if you need to store some items underneath the bed you can do that over to the side you will notice how you have kind of like a nightstand on both sides you have big space there and you have electrical outlet.

So, the nice thing about that is, if you need to charge a cell phone or, if you have a CPAP machine you do have enough space to put that on either side of the bed and of course you can plug it in there as well you can see your wardrobe hanging space here you have that on both sides to for any clothes you want to hang up shelf across the top there also for dirty clothes you'll see you do have a clothes hamper right here go ahead and put a basket or something underneath there. So, you just toss your clothes right down in there which is gotten very convenient this is a really cool travel trailer in the fact it has a ton of storage you saw the two pastors of both the front and back outside as well as the storage in the back when you come in the kids get their own space the TV in the back you have the foot lockers there which are pretty nice and you have hanging space in the bunk room which you don't see very often, if you are interested in this unit you'd like price and availability you can give myself ian baker a call here at American RV or you can take a look at our website which is American Art vcom for the most up-to-date information also, if you enjoyed this walkthrough be sure to join our YouTube channel that will be one of the first to see the latest and greatest from us here American RV thanks again for watching i'm ian baker and i can't wait to see you on the road to freedom.