NEW 2017 Cedar Creek Champagne 38ERK

hello again Chris Anderson from Mount comfort RV today we're going to look at a 2017 Cedar Creek this is the champagne edition and it's the 38 er ki RK floorplan first time we've had the floor plan here and lots and lots and lots to show you on this so. I apologize in advance.

I got a lot of talking to do, but it's kind of what. I get paid to do. So, let's let's start with storage now obviously it's a nice slam door these are really thick doors not the thin stuff you see on lesser 5th wheels their struts in here there hold it up you don't have to use magnets on the side of the coach of the little chicken beaks that get broken off anyway this just stays up on its own all of this is finished off in here beautifully you can see the aluminum studs up underneath to support the bedroom area this is a fully wrapped underneath it doesn't just end two inches right here that goes all the way under and with Cedar Creek you're really looking at an extended season coaches this is something where they they put a piece of this thick plastic on the bottom and it's kind of corrugated and they they call it a four season coach yeah now that's that salesmanship what Cedar Creek does they enclose this with four by eight ABS sheets underneath.

I apologize to our cameraman. I got it working underneath we have these four by eight ABS plastic panels lots of individual panels instead of one big piece when you have just one big piece, if there's ever a water leak or something they need to work on or get up into your underbelly they have to cut a hole and then. I'm not going to sugarcoat it they tape it back together that's not what you want with this they're individual sheets the remove individual panels are removable, if you were to drop one of those down you see insulation like that style insulation on top of those abs plastic sheets that insulates your entire underbelly on that's where your water lines are it's where your holding tanks are and they're accessible yet it's a true insulation with Cedar Creek it's all about construction there's lots of great-looking 5th wheels out there, if you're only going to use this between you know April and August folks you probably don't need a Cedar Creek use you'll still want to see the creek which probably don't need one this is made for people spending longer term that might get in cold temperatures that might really need a well insulated box and they they don't want to spend 140 or 150 grand because the only things out there in the marketplace that are built like this run 140 or 150 grand this is the only one in this price point.

So, that's the great news about Cedar Creek secondly let's learn whether fiberglass they're fiberglass that they use is second to none this is the same stuff that is on my four hundred and five hundred thousand dollar motorhomes you don't see any of the the fibers that you see in other glass that is a true dyed gel Koch glass it's like this thick it's not stuff that gets rolled out like it's a piece of carpet. So, when you see the glass up close you can tell the difference. I doubt it comes through on the video very well, but.

I would be glad to show you this fiber glass compared to any other glass out there there this is absolutely second to none some neat things obviously a nice grab handle here everybody's got that, but we do have keyless entry that's nice frameless windows those are nice let's open this up what in the world have we got going on here before. I get to that which those are incredible. I want to.

I want to stop here they're storm door it actually has plastic inserts in the door now. I've seen some people do these upgrades themselves where they put these in their storm doors, but this comes from Cedar Creek with it and and it's a situation where this is the same stuff that they do the soft-top on a Jeep same material here. So, this is very tough you're not going to hurt it by poking at it unless an animal were to really go at it.

I don't think they would hurt it either so, if you want to use your storm door as a storm door have all that light coming in, but still have Mother Nature kept at bay you can do that the new steps these are incredible this is the best idea out there. I can't believe that RV steps really haven't evolved that much in the last 20 or 30 years somebody finally thought outside the box and came up with a different plan. So, you can see it just kind of Stowe's here in your doorway you turn the handle you let it down it is solid as a rock there's no bouncing up and down you know normally RV steps are just kind of always sponging these are not these are solid as a rock.

So, we'll come back to this when we go inside the coach let's continue our walk around the outside we talked about the frameless windows we do have a nice awning out here attached to the slide room that way you get the full extension even though you're you've got a big slide room that kind of encroaches in to your camp space you've got a nice awning attached to it as well as the regular awning your main awning that's on the coach. So, to power awnings they're both protected by the metal wrap on there so, if you get it into any tree limbs or anything like that it's not going to hurt anything we have a jensen television mounted right into the side wall this isn't whoa a lot of coaches you know hey you can bring your TV outside and you know hook it on this tether that's on the outside of your coach now this is just like our high-end motorhomes it's recessed back in there it's built in it's protected it's locked it's a good setup come on back one-piece molded cap it's amazing to me how many so-called high-end 5th wheels are out there and they just use that flat panel back on them that have the corners right here on the edge right where we see the leaks developing 5 10 years in not this this is a one-piece molded cap you can tell how much they crown the roof on these feeder creeks when you look up there that this one has the camera already built into it. So, this comes with a little monitor that you put inside your your tow vehicle and you can see just like a backup camera on a motor home you've got a backup camera on your on your fifth wheel we have an accessories hitch here, if you have anything like a bike rack or snow rack that you want to slide in that hitch it's already there for you fully walkable roof because everything on Cedar Creek is 16 inches on center you don't hear many manufacturers saying that 16 inch on center aluminum studs all the way around this coach floor roof ceiling all of it and and that is something that makes it completely walkable it gives you reinforcement where you need it most coaches depend on the lamination process the fact that they've glued many layers of things together for their strength this is built like a house this is residential construction it's a thicker wall there's absolutely more studs in this than anything else in the marketplace 16 inch on center all the way around my competition is not saying that on other brands now we have a power 50 amp cord reel anybody that's ever wrestled one of those 50 amp cords will appreciate that.

So, just hit the, button you retract it back in nice and easy that's what it's all about let's move on this just arrives there's a little bit of dirt on still, but this is the the six-way leveling system from level up this is not something that is unique to Cedar Creek this is something that a lot of companies have especially when you get up into this price point, but. I wanted to make sure that you do see that this has it what. I don't see are my night valves hanging down anywhere you know those blade valves to drain your tanks you don't see those hanging down anywhere because they're up in the enclosed underbelly up in that insulation that we talked about this is a tankless water heater.

So, you have hot water on demand you're not heating a tank of water all the time using up your propane when you don't need it you can see our knife valves the handles for them come out here where the it's protected in the enclosed area here's our tools for our central vacuum we'll get to that okay this is a little fiberglass panel this is an access point so. I can get back in here and get to my water pumps and water lines and stuff like that when. I need to when.

I don't this tucks away just like that out of sight out of mind. So, they made it easy to get to and yet out of sight all right our batteries are in this one up front here we have the trailer hitch this is a cushioned ride, if you pull the fifth wheel before and you're familiar with all that bucking this gets rid of that you actually drop this down on your truck and then you inflate this little Schrader valve right here until this piece meets that line then you know you have the proper amount of air in it for a smooth ride we've got storage up underneath the front nose as well, but. I know people are going to get antsy they want to see the inside let's go see the inside hi folks Chris Anderson mount Comfort RV we are inside of our 2017 Cedar Creek champagne edition 38 er K is the model number on that it's gorgeous.

I mean there's there's no other way of putting it this is a home this isn't an RV this is a home we have lazy boy furniture this isn't some RV division of lazy boy that they use by the way it's just lazy boy furniture you can go to the lay-z-boy store and buy it is extremely comfortable it's extremely well built you can talk for 10 minutes about lazy boy furniture. I'm not going to you'll be happy to hear these are recliners over here right that's a nice little love seat right there we're a rear kitchen model here now. I've always been fond of rear kitchen models for some reason a while back.

I think they kind of got a little bit of a bad name people would say oh you don't want to rear kitchen model because you know all your stuff bounces all over the place. I've got news for, if you pull a house down the road all of your stuff bounces all over the place you're not keeping your fine china back here typically. I don't think there's any more bouncing a rear kitchen then there isn't anything else over the years.

I've had tons of customers. I wouldn't have anything other than a rear kitchen and they'll tell you you know it's no worse than any other RV that they won't, but. I just thought.

I'd address that up front, if you like a kitchen that you can work in this gets you the biggest kitchen with the most amount of cabinets and the most amount of counter space this is just a very workable kitchen let's start we'll just start right here we'll start going through things we've got a beautifully lit pantry here with pullout shelves because what you want is always at the back there's even a little outlet back there so, if there's anything that needs to plug in in here you certainly could. I love with that we have a wine rack and a wine refrigerator down below nice-sized drawer pots and pans drawer whatever you want Polly these drawers are the self closing drawers - you get them close they pull themselves the rest of the way and that's handy for two reasons not only is it a nice kind of fancy thing to show customers, but also it they kind of pull themselves in. So, they kind of hold themselves in a little better going down the road that can help you know keep your stuff where it's supposed to be all right let me guess where we can get some camera shots here here we go lots of cabinet space we have a 30 inch residential microwave and it is a convection oven as well one thing they've done really well here is they put it at a great height a complaint that.

I've heard lots of times especially from ladies, if they're not really tall is. I can't even see what's in that microwave because it's way up here this is down here. I'm 510.

I'm not a particularly tall guy they've got this still taped shut from the factory, but this is this is really a good height. So, you'll like that induction cooktop, if you're not familiar with induction cooking love to explain it to you you'll love your induction cooktop. So, much easier and safer than gas it's faster than gas you'll love it solid surface countertops throughout solid surface backsplash this is such easy cleanup here not a bunch of little grooves and ridges this is just a quick wipe down and go on with your business and drawers cabinets with pull outs these are all Amish and Mennonite guys up in.

India and northern. Indiana that build these having they do cabinetry really really well and there's no surprise there. So, when you get this drawer closed it just pulls itself in huge huge residential refrigerator.

I mean residential refrigerator becoming commonplace in high-end RVs, but, but not this size this is this is a behemoth all right moving right along looky here we have a lazy susan spice rack little looks like a magazine racket suppose we could put recipes or whatever you want to put in there, but lots of storage in here and again it's lit eleven drawers a place for your trash can what a novel idea. So, many RVs you have no place to put the trash can the other one. I hear is there's no place for my coffee maker how about right here great place for coffee maker blender margarita maker whatever floats your boat will get shot at the backside of this island this is a huge island as well four drawers there we got a little pullout here more storage with another pullout drawer down there it's just a ridiculous amount of storage folks we haven't gone anywhere, but the kitchen all right let's move out of the kitchen you're going to love the kitchen, if you're a kitchen person enough said dinette over here two percent a nice little two-person dinette with a flip leaf of course we have the MCD style shades the pulldown shades the roller blinds now that is a TV this is a samsung not some off-brand Oh 55 60 inch that's huge not your typical RV television there either Jennsen sound system you're right here with the sound bar fireplace okay now you can't tell anybody.

I showed you this, but there's a secret here we even have a secret hiding place back here. So, many valuables or anything you might have that you don't want people to know about as long as they're not watching my videos your secret is safe all right this does pull out into a little height of bed as well. So, you do have some extra sleeping here well, if it was me.

I'd probably just crash on the little recliner the theater furniture, if you will all right look at this stairway this does not look like an RV it's gorgeous here's all our controls we're pre-wired for solar. So, you can help you can have solar power helping offset the discharge in your batter here's all your lights which is your tank controls all of that is in here our thermostat and our fan controller out here this little guy right here this is a little remote that controls a lot of the punches of the coach slide rooms there's even little troubleshooting in here that's pretty slick all right our central vac is located right here all you do is kick that little, button and it comes on you sweep your dirt right into there you can also hook your attachment your hoses up right here and go on about your business we've got nice wooden treads on these stairs instead of carpet that always gets worn come on up this is a side aisle bathroom lay the size of this bathroom two sinks molded into the solid surface countertop that's very high-end residential look our water heater control is right here big mirror lots of storage big shower it's a one-piece molded shower with a seat a lot of times people ask me where am. I supposed to put my towels and stuff like that well how about a little linen closet very well lit which as well of course there's a LED lighting everywhere which you would expect for big drawers below look at that aw nice nice little partitions in there that was a great idea here's some of your Amish workmanship they do the little cutout here to go around the drain of the sink.

So, you still get the full size drawer a lot of times you'll see they just do a real shallow drawer to stay away from the plumbing they just notched out where they needed to and you still have a great spot outlets on both sides all right moving on come on into the bedroom look at the storage in here we have a king bed first and foremost nice carpet with cedar creek to actually use high-end carpet and they put a pad under the carpet like a residence on nice thick residential pad you're. I'm stunned at how many RVs we go up to the factories all the time and you see them putting carpet down with either no pad or you know quarter inch of pad underneath them you can tell when it reminded me of this fact when. I walked in here that hey this is different this is this feels homey this is nice.

So, another huge Jensen TV for the bedroom look at this chest of drawers it's it's own little slide-out eight nine drawers we have a little heater here the little cadet heater. I'm sure you notice there's a fireplace downstairs there's a cadet heater upstairs, if we're plugged into a 50 amp service there's probably not too many circumstances where you can't heat this coach off of the combination of our little built-in electric heater here and our fireplace down there would have to get pretty cold for you to have to use the furnace you see your creature very very well insulated coaches and, if you're plugged into a 15 amp service you might as well use their electricity as opposed to your propane so. I think you'll like the fact that hey.

I'm heating with electric here that. I'm not even paying for that's paid for is part of my campsite in most cases. So, nice options to have and also.

I love the fact that the redundancy comes into play there, if your furnace dies you've got other options or, if your electric heater dies you've got a furnace to back itself up you know you live in these like homes stuff happens and and you know just like at home an appliance can die you know how many times, if a water heater died would you be happy, if you had a second water heater well that's kind of what we have here with furnaces your furnace dies now you've got other options to keep on living comfortably. So, that's good try to get some shots of the closet here this is big. I'm going to get out of the way.

I'll narrate well a cameraman gets in position shoes shelves everywhere big enough to put a laundry basket on as you can see we have two spare chairs here for the for the dinette hanging space all the way across with a big support rod in the middle. I'm stunned at how many closets you can't even hang a shirt the normal way because they don't give you enough closet depth the shirts actually end up hanging at an angle which which takes away a ton of space this is a solid rod it's supported in the middle and then let's see over here, if this opened up up they got a box in my way, but. I'll see if.

I can move that we've got hookups for washer/dryer and more and more shelves so, if you do have a washer/dryer you can put a stackable unit right here and you lose maybe a third of your closet to do the stackable washer/dryer all the hookups are here, if you don't want that that's okay just take the storage space so. I think that about covers the fifth wheel. I hope you enjoy it let me know how we can help my name is Chris Anderson please call me please ask for me.

I'm al comfort RV thanks for watching you.

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