16 popular NEW 2018 Heartland RV Terry Classic 21V Retro Trailer

hello. I'm Chris Anderson with mountain comfort RV today.

I've got a really exciting trailer. I've been doing this a lot of years more than. I like to think about and.

I will say. I've never seen a travel trailer like this so. I'm very excited we've been waiting on this to get here.

So, let's without further ado. I know you can see it in the background, if you're into that retro look this this ought to get your juices flowing this is a 2017 terry classic from heartland it is a kind of that very much retro look at the 21 foot trailer and back it measures just hundred 22 feet 21 feet 11 inches bumper to ball and weighs in at about 4,400 pounds. So, relatively lightweight, if you've got 5,000 pounds of towing or more you can certainly show this trailer.

So, let's let's walk around see some of the neat things obviously the look you see here is unlike any other almost looks like a houseboat this is shatter resistant glass in the front. I believe some sort of plexi if. I'm not mistaken, but they did make sure it's shatter resistant so, if a rock would kick up you're covered there you see all the that is one of the themes as we do this video is going to be all of the indirect LED lighting that's throughout this coach.

I went ahead and turned the marker lights on as well. So, that we could kind of get a look of how it will look going down the road very very very unique like. I said never seen anything like it a feature wise they have a power tongue jack up front this would be towed with your standard two and five sixteenths RV ball this is a type of frame, if you look down here at this a-frame.

I'll get over here closer to the camera a lot of trailers the the a-frame up front actually welds to the bottom of the main frame this goes through it cantilever through the frame and continues on that's just a much stronger way of doing things. So, that's one thing you want to look at right there. So, first of all we've got a good strong trailer underneath us.

I'll tell you what let's go down the bat the this off side of it first we'll work our way back around to the door we have a gas an electric water heater six gallons down here the stove vent actually vents all the way to the outside so, if dinner gets a little too done you can actually air out the trailer pretty quickly because that does vent to the outside we have frameless windows on this trailer nice light out here because sooner or later you'll have to dump tanks at night and that will help us do that you can see the determination point down there for the dump station easy access to that no big slide out here that's encroaching on us this is where you would fill your freshwater tank this is an outside shower with hot and cold water we have our city water connection here all of this is very very easy to get to aluminum wheels instead of steel wheels you know it's not only do those look better on a trailer like this you certainly want aluminum wheels, but, but the nice part about the aluminum wheels is actually run cooler going down the road because aluminum dissipates heat better than steel they'll never rust because it's aluminum. So, there's a lot there going on other than just looks really shiny and cool we've got hookups back here for cable and satellite ok. So, you can hook into the park cable with one of these and with the other one you can hook up your your own portable satellite dish, if television is an important thing for you we have the scissor style stabilizer jacks now a lot of people like the electric jacks they're nice, but.

I'll tell you what for my money. I actually prefer the scissor jacks, if you want them to be electric put a 3/4 inch socket on there on the end of your screw gun use your screw gun to run it down that's just you don't have motors exposed out in the elements all the time going down the road that's less wiring less switches and those scissor jacks will absolutely hold a whole lot more weight than your electric jacks well now they are stabilizers they are not leveling jacks a lot of times people call these leveling jacks when they try to physically level their trailer with it there built for that no jack on a travel trailer is, but these are nice stabilizers and they hold a lot of weight. So, once you get parked you run those down like.

I said use your power screw gun you're going to be very very stable takes all the wobble out of the camper. I don't know, if we got a good shot of the back yet or not we do have this option didn't with the spare tire you can see the LED tail lights it just looks sharp all over this red color you see on the outside is the only color. So, you can have any color you want as long as it's red, but it really they nailed it.

So, they thought they're going to keep it simple they're going to you know eliminate options this is how this trailer comes so, if you want one get in touch with me let's go around to the other side okay we'll start right up front here there's a storage compartment all trimmed in aluminum this has got a magnet on it that you see grabs rattle hole you don't have that little plastic piece to snap off nice rubber seal around the door to make it nice and watertight and then that goes all the way through and it's a lit we have a power awning. So, just press the, button and it goes out. So, that's that's about as easy as they come really interesting grab handle.

I have not seen this on anything else usually it's a very plain handle on motorhomes you get that clear one this is a nice aluminum handle and obviously we have light built in. So, that's nice over here looks like we have another cable hookup actually what that's for that's so, if you wanted to set up your TV take a little portable TV with you put a little table right here you can hook into your satellite or cable or antenna and plug in the TV right down here and you're good to go we have outdoor speakers out here as well. So, you can really annoy your neighbors, if you want to and.

I think that's about all. I see on the outside for now oh we do have the rain gutters up top that's nice. So, we have a beautiful trailer like this you don't want the water just running down the side there's a nice gutter track up there and then the little kind of like little downspouts, if you will to push the water away from the camper so.

I know what everybody really wants to see is what's inside of this camper. So, without further ado let's go check out the inside of the Terri all right here we go welcome home as you can see it's not just the outside of this camper that has a completely different look let's shut the door here the inside is very very unique as well this is unlike anything else. I love this view we have a huge wraparound dinette this does turn into an extra bed for two people to grow in size adults can sleep here as well look at all this seating for the entire family around here you're wrapped with the glass up front you've got storage up above look at the indirect lighting now, if you don't like any of this indirect lighting you can turn it off at any time.

I think it looks really neat we'll try to get some shots of this as well like, if we shut some of the lights off see which ones do out here there we go take a look at that. I just love that. I could see in the campground really enjoying you know you don't always want it that bright at night you might want to just sit back watch TV and have some of the indirect lighting on.

I'm going to turn some lights back on here our control panel is right here they did a nice job of locating it. So, it's easy to get to when you come in the door and turn on as many lights as you want this is where you would also check all your tanks to see how much fluid is in any of them you turn your water heater gas or electric on right here your water pump all of all of this is different lights located throughout the coach and they put it all in one one spot which is nice alright our air conditioners right here above our head nice part of a 21 foot trailer is you don't have to use one of the ducted units. I know people really like ducted air and they say why wouldn't you want one well the truth is all that ductwork actually slows the flow of air down this there's nothing to slow it down when you do a drop-in unit like this it will flat get this trailer cold.

I don't care how hot it is this is cool a 30-foot trailer just fine on a on a 21-footer it'll run you out of here. So, you'll be you'll be looking to turn that down even in the hottest of fourth of July camping weekend's television here looks like a 32-inch if. I'm not mistaken built in am/fm CD DVD player or getting some rip them some reflection there apparently storage above and below okay problem with these 21-foot trailers is it's hard for the cameraman and the person in front of the camera not tripping over each other.

So, we're doing our best here to stay out of each other's way your thermostat for your furnace is right here of course we have all the safety features there's a fire extinguisher by the door there's smoke detector and carbon monoxide detector there's an LP leak detector. So, your family is very safe up top here nice storage good spot you can put a coffee maker up here you put the blender up here, but whatever you want to store up here they lowered the refrigerator a lot of times they put these refrigerators another two feet off the ground on the problem with that is, if you're short you can't see what's in the freezer. So, nice part about this is anybody can see what's in here and get to it this is a six cubic foot Gas & Electric refrigerator from dramatic moving on nice residential microwave here three burner cooktop stove this is all trimmed in the stainless which just goes with our entire theme of this trailer nice little oven as well a lot of times on small campers you don't get the oven this is a solid surface countertop this stuff's heavy nice part about solid surface, if you ever would get a scratch or something on this it can actually be wet sanded and buffed out so, if you scratch a laminate countertop well you've just got a scratch countertop with this it can be wet painted left out we have a stainless sink pull out sink sprayer nice little window in the kitchen here alright we have storage drawers and it's storage above hide the booze from the kids up there okay now we're heading back into the bedroom bathroom area and this is a little use this is a unique floorplan how they did this.

So, we'll start right here at the vanity it's outside of the bathroom which. I've always liked. I know some people prefer it in the bathroom the problem with that is it crowds the bathroom and, if somebody is in there showering or otherwise nobody else can get near this and brush their teeth or even wash their hair and.

So, with this somebody can be outside you've got little countertop space here you've got the toothbrush holder built-in the soap dispenser the soap holder built-in the outlet is there we have our own built-in medicine cabinet not this is a nice wood medicine cabinet not some flimsy plastic thing they bought for ten dollars at Menards not that there's anything wrong with the nards our countertop throughout. I didn't really mention it, but it's actually lit it's backlit in here, if you don't like that again you can shut it off, but. I think it's cool as can be your your solid surface countertop actually glows Queen bad up front and there's a spot you can mount a TV at the foot of the bed on this wall there's a nice big wall for that and there is backing in that wall to hold the TV and all the hookups are there and, if you do do it that way you also have this feature we're going to press a, button like that and you can adjust such about whatever height you want there we go and.

So, you can sit there very comfortably and watch TV after the kids go to bed all the lighting in here is LED lighting look at the storage above we'll try to get out of each other's way. I'll open it now. I'll let him film it alright alright.

I'm getting out of the way take a look at all this bedroom storage for a small camper this is a ridiculous amount of bedroom storage alright just take a look at the shower decent-sized bathroom right give us a 21-foot camper a true 21-foot camper it's tough to have a huge bathroom, but this is a very adequate bathroom rather than what you get on a cruise ship you have a wraparound corner shower there's room around the toilet lighting fan everything you need all right and then when this door is open it kind of closes off from the front of the trailer that's by design. So, you have the bedroom bathroom area very private here that's kind let's see here. I think that about covers our cherry classic again this is a 2017 terry classic travel trailer unlike anything else in the marketplace you're going to love the price of this.

I'm not allowed to say it in the video because we're selling it for less than actually what their what they wanted advertised for, but, if you give us a call we'll be glad to discuss that with you and we're taking orders now hope to see you soon my name is Chris Anderson don't forget to ask me thanks for watching and didn't he you.

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