NEW 2018 Newmar Bay Star 3401

hi pops Chris Anderson with mountain comfort army. I first of all apologize our sound quality for a couple videos we're doing this week is not going to be up to its normal high level of excellence our microphone died it's sad and the new one is on order and by later this week we'll have it, but for now we're just going with the live camera mic there will be a little more wind noise and stuff like that, if there's just not much we can do about it, but we can't wait to 2018 new bars are here are rolling in now we've got four or five of them.

I got to get some videos done again wait til two or three days for that microphone to come and we're excited about it sighs. I've shown to you. So, without further ado here's a 2018 Oh one good luck this is the full-blown based are not the based our sport.

So, this is a fully optioned in motorhome things like twenty two and a half inch aluminum wheels of course it's full body paint with the metal wrapped awning and frameless windows gorgeous paint job. I figure they always rename all the paint jobs and all the all paint screens and the interior colors it's six months park and remember them all when we go inside. I'll cheat knowledge mystical ability with it the name of this paint scheme is let me show you some features on the outside first of all new for 2018 that guy right there that's actually a flagpole Luthor there's a little accessory that slides down and there will hold your flagpole in the campground.

So, you're not drilling holes in your motorhome or tying it with zip ties to the ladder or something now we we've got an all integrated in that's a nice little feature from Newmark side cameras of course now. I'm going to have Tony move towards the front of the motor home a little bit because one of the things new for 2018 is the front and rear caps have been changed okay he's been completely redesigned you do this every few years to keep things fresh, but these are a completely redesigned front and rear cap we'll get the rear one in the back real as you can see and in 2018 this was just like the high-end new Mars now the windshield is actually automotive Li bonded in places not a rubber gasket anymore like some of the competitors are still using this is actually an automotive bonding so, but inside just put in just like your car windshield. So, that's a good thing won't have any leakage leakage with that as we go back.

I'm going to show you some of these compartments are occupied, but we do have some really good storage, but that's before towards the back okay in here. I see our converter in there our inverters in here as well guess. I've got some electronics here's a big storage and that's complete pasture up at the top there these are lighted compartments we have a sony television built into the wall not down below it where it's eaten up to basement storage and this TV is on a swing arm.

So, you can pull it out front on the back and then when you're done they're just really strong magnets that all different place. So, how we do that all right now we get in this compartment we have a little bit of storage there, but the main thing. I like to show here is how did your freshwater tank number one was time to drain the first water tank the valve to do that is very very easy to get to okay number two this compartment whatever your furnace is running they do pump a little bit of heat in here keep things nice warm furnace look as a hub that's convenient come back you can see to your gray your black tank that's probably your black tank there you do have accessory like accessory hookups out here for plugging in any 110 items you might want to plug it out here on your awning side of the coach and of course it is a power awning moving on back we have a generator this is a fifty five hundred watt that's the bigger one that's the own end that's big enough to run two air conditioners so, if this is a 50 amp service on this coach it's a fifty five hundred watt generator like all the newmars the slide rooms are recessed into the wall they're not a big piece of plastic that hides this it actually is flush being flush like that means no no wind noise no chance for water get there that type of thing alright and then here's some of our big outside storage for gas coats this is significant again it's a fully finished off compartments passed through and they are lighted as well okay go to the back you see our new front cap for the back will pan out and get a good view of that this goes will fill five thousand pounds a frameless window in the back looks really good this is built on the ford f53 chassis the f53 chassis of course you're going to have your v10 engine and your six-speed Automatic torque shift transmission alright let's take a quick look at the other side and then.

I'll get you where. I know you want to go which is on the inside that's what you want to see all right as you can see it is a 50 amp short power cord there's an extra floor tile for the tiles that are on the inside they like to give you extras of those more storage we have fuel fill and sewer hose storage. So, your sewer hose has its own little spot to stay in like sewer hoses mingling with other objects here's our grade tank and we have fresh water whole house water filter in here this is where we hook up to the city water connection hot and cold water out here to wash up with and a black tank bill or a black tank flush.

So, that's nice moving forward there's where we dump sewer exciting stuff there's our winterization goes for when we get ready to do our RV winterization step over here. I see a couple of things more storage. So, you see all around the scope does get out outside storage you don't see on gas coaches pull out battery trees okay we have four house batteries for 12 old house pounders and they're on a pull-out slide just like the high-end DS.

So, nice to be able to access your batteries for maintenance purposes propane pretty self-explanatory you need to get too easy to fill all right. I know we want to go see the inside of this coach let's go do that right now okay. I know people like to see these with helpful slides opened up at first.

So, this is how your motorhome looks going down the road we have a nice nice walkway through here plenty of plenty of width it's at least 18 inches wide all the way back through the only snug spot is right here okay. I do have to turn a little sideways, but it's not difficult. I'm not a small guy if.

I need to get into the bathroom that's easy certainly getting into the refrigerator is easy. I can get back to the bed and lay on the bed without too much effort. So, like.

I said this is about the only snug spot in the motorhome and. I guess every every motorhome has a little bit of a tight area in it. So, when it's opened up you'll see why they do it that way it makes for a very nice living room area and.

I think it's well worth the trade-off. So, give us a minute we'll get this open down okay we are inside of our 2018 basestar 3401 can't wait to show you some of the features one that was pretty jaw-dropping for me we'll get to that in a moment when we saw this introduced with the new more dealer meeting it's pretty impressive it just goes to show you this is the company that invented the slide out this is the company that invented the flat floor slide they never quit creating they never quit thinking outside the box. So, we love them and.

I think you're going to love some of the changes every year they just get a little bit better let me some of the changes on the inside let's start up at the front and the driver's compartment here it's a completely redesigned - the whole drivers area is laid out just a little bit differently went to this grey color accent in here. I apologize it's a little dark in the drivers area right now so. I hope you can see everything adequately, if we open the blinds the sunshine really messes with our camera.

So, we have to kind of just go off of the lighting that's in the coach, but nice little cup you here for popping the cellphone into while you're going down the road one of the things that don't know, if you can see this, but there's actually a dual USB port on this side of the dash over here so, if the diver needs to plug in is phone or is GPS or whatever little object he wants to charge you can certainly do that of course it has a full automatic leveling system that your cup holder up here as well controls to start the generator that type of thing right over here your front shade is a power shade as well and controls for that are here now the back up and side cameras are displayed on this monitor right here and then we have a Sony Sirius capable radio and it even has the Bluetooth microphone in it as well. So, you can sync your phone to this pull this down right here we actually have a 12 volt port okay and then the passenger has their own compartment over there as well let's show you some of that it's redesigned also a nice flat dashboard which is good for a few things sometimes people like to pop their feet up they're not a bad idea, but certainly you could do a tablet or a laptop up there also. I love this comes out how easy is that when you turn this on your station.

I try to see what we've got two USB ports right down here they're. So, easy to get to for the passenger you do have a 110 then you have a 12 volt port down there as well. So, what else could you need up and up in this area one nice thing that Newmar did kind of across the board for 2018 is make this cabinet smaller which is good because it's a head knocker particularly on the diesels this is a gaskets, but particularly on the diesel systems a head jaakor it's really not now.

So, they took this compartment you can still put in your audio-visual stuff up here like your satellite receiver and stuff like that, but. So, it doesn't have to have that huge Sony system in it the the sony home theater system which we loved, but it was just big this cabinet can be a little smaller which is great okay well. So, they they made these cabinets bigger of course we have a padded vinyl ceiling and on Newmar product and then lots of ductwork right down the middle now you've got two rows your left row and your right row your row on the right there the output ducts for your HP eprint your air conditioning the row on the left is actually your input ducts your return ducts most coaches just have one or maybe two return ducts for the entire coach new more puts as many returns in is they have outputs they did that for a couple reasons number one it's more efficient number two it actually gets the air conditioner out of the RV no more uses a really thick rough and with a really thick roof it's big enough they can actually get the air conditioned instead of it being a drop in you or it actually protrudes into the RV it's up on top of the roof where that's not an issue it's like the difference in noise level is the difference between having a window air conditioner running right next to you or having central air which do you prefer well same type of setup here.

So, new Mars cooling systems work. So, well and this it aren't quiet. So, this is kind of a new more standard here.

So, something to keep in mind as you're looking at the other brands we come over here this is our control center for the new Mart right above the door and whether we're opening or closing our awning or turning off our disconnects our tank levels are in here as well water heater controls whatever you want to do turn either of your inverters on there's an entertainment inverter and there's a refrigerator inverter even your heated tank pads are in here. So, whatever you're trying to accomplish in the coats the control sport are probably in here this is a new wood color. I believe they call this Calypso and this is new for 2008 tea good look they did away with the empire maple this is just a little bit more of a modern color here and.

I love to look at it you got great lighting across the top of the slide room built-in it looks really good with the Calypso woodwork there alright. I'm going to move back into the kitchen we'll go through that a little bit everybody likes to see the kitchen storage when we do these walk arounds on there. So, get a good look at your overhead cabinet there and the nice cabinet up here for like a flat pans like pizza pans or your rectangular pinions okay and with all kinds of storage here we'll start opening these vowels some water hose believer and.

I don't have a lot of drawer space take a look at this this one does. So, outstanding kitchen storage on this corian countertops that are made right there at Newmar they cut buff polish hands and all of this right there at the Newmar facility in Nappanee in. Indiana that make all their own back splashes as well that is also Coria we have a 30-inch residential microwave and this is a convection oven combination with a three burner propane cooktop which a residential refrigerator this year which is nice actually open up.

So, people can see this the residential refrigerators have been kind of trickling down the the RV line for a while now yeah. I saw him as far back as about 10 years ago and. I envy seal pushers, but it was the technology wasn't quite there yet batteries have gotten.

So, much better lately. I mean the electric car is actually becoming a viable option that's how much better batteries are and inverters have gotten the technology with the inverters that power these while you're going down the road has gotten. So, much better that it's truly become something where we're seeing a lot of different items with residential refrigerators you don't need the propane based refrigerator anymore you can go for a couple of days off this just running off of batteries and when you're going down the road you can go indefinitely because your engine charges your bank of batteries your bank of batteries powers your inverter your inverter powers your refrigerator it's very cyclical and you can go forever.

So, makes it very very nice these are the that's the way of the future in RVs okay we have a double bowl stainless steel sink good look at that wow thanks play makes life easy when you're filling up those pans might be too big to fit into the sink now over here we have a dream dinette the dream dinette is simply a nice booth it's a really comfortable booth, but it actually is easy to make into a bed because you can drop this table down just by releasing that. I get those cushions under there obviously, but makes it very very easy as compared to in years past you had two poles and you had to get the poles. I'd lift the table.

I'll pull the poles. I'll find the place to stow the poles pain in the back this is. So, much easier as you can see with the window treatments that we have here we actually have the MCD style shades here this is during the day you can still kind of see out, but nobody can see in and at night there's actually a darker shade you can fill out just like that and you can have complete privacy.

So, those are wonderful compared to day/night shades or or certainly any other type of blinds out there is that they're using these are a big hit people love these all right without further ado. I think. I have to show you my favorite feature of 2018 from the Newmar lineup and and.

I didn't see this one coming sometimes there's those little things that boy. I think they should do this or something like that this one. I never thought of it totally took me by surprise.

So, bear with me, but. I want to show how easy this is okay so. I know you're expecting you know he's going to fold out that the height of it now it's a little different you didn't see that coming did you all right what are we doing here we actually have bunk beds in a sofa so, if you've got kids that don't need to sleep together you don't want to put them on a regular high debate you can order this sofa in as an option this is really a slick setup comes up a little ladder for going into they go out to the top here and then this that top that same thing here next to these flips over absolutely comes for your whoever your top bunk occupant is this actually becomes their little protector.

So, they don't fall out of bed a little stand up like that how about that okay this is available exclusively from Newmar they it's made by Flexsteel Newmar helped flex steel design and build this and mock it up and their reward for that is they get exclusivity so, if you want this you can't find this on any other brand of motorhome nobody it's not out there this is available exclusively for new more. So, it is really a slick setup, if you want more of a traditional high to bed you can still do that, but, if you've got to end it by the way this will hold 300 pounds on the top bunk and whatever you want to put on the bottom bunk. So, this isn't for kids it's a long sofa.

I can sleep up there certainly. I can sleep down there completely different set up. So, place it look all right moving on.

I love that feature check out that pantry pullout drawers ball bearing drawer glides or full extension these are adjustable in height look how wonderful our entertainment center is kind of feels like a living room got a nice TV on the angle of course we have a fireplace you can turn that fireplace on just for ambience or you can turn that fireplace on to create heat your choice, but they did this straight across from the sofa. So, it's very very comfortable whether you're sitting at the booth, if you're sitting at the drivers or passenger seats and have them rotated around or you're sitting on the sofa you had a great little living room area here at TV big enough to see it this is new for 2018. I told you they did away with the big Sony system above the head that we would use for years it was just big well thankfully electronics are getting smarter and smaller this is bluetooth capable it certainly plays when you do TVs or DVDs your sound all comes through here this is a nice little system and it's Bose.

So, you know. I don't have to tell you it sounds incredible you'll love that what we like most about though is that it's small you're just not dealing with those behemoths of systems anymore again that's the way the future new Mars pushing the bar this bathroom is a lot bigger than you would think good countertop space good storage throughout the bathroom big meal angle shower. I'm not going to get in there to show that it's big that's not that big for me and a cameraman all right as we work back we have a nice wardrobe.

I linen closet, if you want to call it that this is the ton block ok nice hanging space there drawers below. So, look at all this storage for a longer term RVing and we haven't even made it to the bedroom yet and we've got old wardrobe we've got a linen closet and we have two drawers okay now once we go back into the bedroom we have two more wardrobes those are let and spot up here for another DVD player. So, you have a separate DVD player for the front the rear of the coach six more drawers lots of chorion and that's real chorion that's not the imitation stuff and, if we look over here on the nightstands those are new for this year last year those were just kind of shelves now they actually have this cabinet down below some more storage there are outlets on either side of the bed and by the way it's a game times men's a 34-foot Motorhome that's pretty cool all LED lighting throughout the coach.

So, how slick is that all right we'll get a shot up from the back going forwards here. I'm gonna check my cheat sheet to make sure. I told you about all the 2018 features.

I want to tell you if. I only get teleprompter we were not that high-tech yet forgot one forgot one, but if. I tell you now Sony doesn't have to edit the video later.

So, right this way for years Newmar has done the the elevators in the in the RVs this one does not have eight elevator okay, but what they've done on the 2 2018 base ours is on the unit's add a do have the televator that goes up and down they used to have the switch right next to it the televator now they put it on the opposite wall with the seating yes. So, it actually makes more sense that way. So, hope that answers all your questions on the 2018, if it doesn't please call me my name is Chris Anderson.

I'm at mouth comfort RV and. I'll be right back. So, this looks more new ones thank you Oh.

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